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Hm, you guys are awfully quiet over here!

CSI:Miami .. Cooper/Ryan. Squee! They are so doing it! I mean they act like a cute cuddly couple and I love it!

CSI:LV read a fic which was Brass/Nick, ooh my I loved that pairing! Something new to read ..

What else .. ohh, after this last episode of CSI:NY I'm all about daddy!kink fics with Mac and Danny. ;) Or even Jealous!Mac because of the way Danny and Lindsay are getting along lately, little flirtatious comments and glances. ;)
i don't actually have much to contribute here, just a question. does anyone know of any good 'the sheild' slash? 'cause i could totally go for some of that
Hm, haven't ever seen the show but I'll look and see if I can find some for you.

Lately I've been into 'The Sentinel' fic .. despite the fac I've never watched the show.
WWoMB has some ..
The Shield, slash/het/gen

The Slash Recommendation Database has other slash reqs if ya'll are interested. It's not the best site in the world but has some gems. It does list one for 'The Shield' but it's a bad link - sorry!
OK - I'm all about Criminal Minds lately .. I'm such a sucker for the older man/younger innocent .. *sighs*
Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the link to the Shield slash, Taligator...

OK - the powers that be are really screwing with my head in this seasons finales.

CSI:NY - I'm a hardcore Danny/Mac shipper but now, I totally want Mac/Flack, especially after that finale.

I could go on but don't want to be spoilery for anyone who hasn't seen the shows.

Yeesh .. but I'm in serious need of some good hurt/comfort fic.

I need to find some 4400 fic too .. the men are beautiful and their anguish is deep, what a combo.
Fic lately has been pretty disappointing. I don't know what to do about it. I'm reading, for some strange reason, a lot of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis fic. It's appealing right now, perhaps it's because it's comforting fic. It's the first fandom I read and I tend to gravitate back to it after I've been away awhile. I've also found a bunch of long fics which I enjoy and so that makes it even better.

I've been watching a lot of tv lately and wishing I had some good slash to go along with it.

Here's my wishlists for fics, if you know of any .. please share:

Criminal Minds - Gideon/Reid preferred but Hotchner/Reid is good for me - threesomes are fun too!

4400 -- anything really .. just slashed

Any SG1/SGA, CSI, NCIS, WaT ..

Just give me anything please!! *whines piteously*
New addition to the Conundrum 'verse, more Gil/Greg: dc2dd79bb

Tali, I'm digging the Nicky/Flack slash. Nicky bails on LV after the Gordons & hooks up with Flack while Mac/Messer figure it out. There is a cross fic with NCIS where they help Tony/Jethro come together. SWEET!
Thought I'd pass along this list of slash books. These are all normal novels which have gay relationships in them. If you've got an LJ and have some to add to the list please do, I'm sure the poster would like to see them.
Ahhh .. soo glad to see this new forum. It'll be even easier to keep on top of my favorite threads.

Anyway, here's a couple yummy bits.

Numb3rs-R: Scroll 1 - (1/1) NC18 (D/C, D/C) - posted on The Tenth Muse yahoo group (dark muse)- it's not yet up on her website. For those who are a fan of the Romanology series here's her latest attempt and it's a gorgeous beginning piece with the drool worthy characters of Numb3rs.

Nancy has been on a roll lately so I highly recommend a trip to her site and see the updates she made on the 4th.

She also did a Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift story featuring Dom and Sean. Quite a great read .. very nicely done.

I don't think I've posted these before ..

Jean Pool (part 1 and part 2) by Mystic. These are SG1 fanfic with a pairing of Jack and Daniel. Excellent read though .. all the stuff that Mystic writers is good, at least to me. It's more on the story front and less on the smut though those bits are good too.

I haven't really read a lot of smut lately .. how are you guys doing?

A few months back I was hit by the urge to write a fic about CSI's Warrick Brown and Jim Brass. I wrote it and had a good response from other fans. It was such a good response that I began a sequel and never finished it. Last week I was approached to post the first part in an archive and it motivated me to finish the sequel.

For your pleasure, I thought I'd share the smut .. err .. story with you.

Alone in a Crowd, parts one and two. Adult content *yay* and I don't own any of the characters, more's the pity, and it's pretty much just smut. It was also an experiment in writing style for me as well but don't hate me for it.

Let me know what you think ..
taligator...fab---just fab....making me hungry for more,.....

how is you?
I'm good, just searching for more good fic to read. I feel like I've read and re-read every good thing out there - though I know that isn't true.

I think I'm going to go find some 'aliens made me do it' Stargate SG-1 fics ... that ought to satisfy my needs. wink.gif - thanks - I'm rather happy with the piece too, that second part was the most drawn out and detailed sex scene I've ever written. smile.gif
NCIS - Gibbs/DiNozzo - Myths and Revelations - Gibbs as a Centaur. It's not nearly as strange as it sounds and it's well-written. I'm enjoying it quite a lot.

HP - Snape/Harry - Fall Into Charybdis - Summary: A tale of the further woes of the Boy Who Lived -- who, having escaped the monster Scylla, has fallen into Charybdis (Charybdis being he of the hooked nose and greasy hair). Which is all a terribly pretentious way of saying out of the frying pan, into the fire.

HP - Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Tom, Harry/Voldemort/Snape - The Semblance of Peace - Summary: Voldemort is finally dead, or so the wizarding world believes. Unfortunately, Harry knows better.

HP/Firefly - Brown Coat, Green Eyes - Summary: Two years have passed since the secret of the planet Miranda got broadcast across the whole ‘verse in 2518. The crew of Serenity finally hires a new pilot, but he’s a bit peculiar.
Those who know me know that I have a strange fascination/enjoyment for the Fast and the Furious movies. Yes, I've seen Tokyo Drift twice in the theatre now .. *gasp*

Anyway, I thought I'd share one of the most brilliant vids I've seen .. it's The Fast and the Curious.

That's what Fast and the Furious is all about! All three of them .. yes yes yes.
Ahh TheTenthMuse kills me .. she really does. She did a series of 'Lap Time & Cuddle' stories in the following fandoms:

Firefly, Supernatural, NCIS, Hellboy, Lost, CSI:NY and Blade the Series

Ohhh man ... I love the Firefly one, I'm not generally into Jayne/Simon but this just hit my buttons. smile.gif

She also did some updates to the CSI Romanology and a new AU CSI:NY fic which was excellent.
I haven't been reading much fanfic lately - no idea why. I need to start though .. I'm having serious doubts about TV lately and the way the people are taking it, I must retreat into the world of GOOD!

taligator, MANY thanks for the Fall into Charybdis link. YUM. i'd been missing snarry, i had!
This is easily one of the best fics I've read in a long time (HP fandom).

It's The Semblance of Peace by maeglinyedi.

It's an interesting pairing, Harry/Voldemort and Harry/Snape/Voldemort .. very very very well-written and HOT. OMG some of the scenes are just too hot for words, imagine Harry Potter, a mirror and masterbation .. yup .. it's hot.

Let me see .. what have I been reading lately, strangely I've been reading gen fics because I wanted some that were long and plotty. I hate gen fics, though, let me tell you I keep waiting for one of the characters to stop and bugger the others and it's annoying when it doesn't happen.

Ah yes, my favorite story right now is Resistance by Creed Cascade and MajorBrat. This is a Firefly story with a Mal/Simon pairing. It is complete but not posted in its entirety yet. They will post part 4 this weekend but the first three are good.

My new favorite TV show is Torchwood - it has such pretty boys to slash. There is a Torchwood slash group on Yahoo but it's just been started. TheTenthMuse (ya'll have got to be sick of my rec'ing this author) has done a couple of stories on her DarkMuse yahoo group.

The story Paradigmatic Praxis was also enjoyable .. Harry Potter and Severus Snape. It's more plot than porn but still worth reading. Ghost of a Memory is also a good read - again, HP.

The Road to Nevada by lamardeuse is a wonderful Stargate Atlantis fic. It's a Shepperd/McKay pairing (is there anything else) and it's an AU fic set in past sometime, don't have exact date, but John Shepperd is a pilot and he goes up to Canada to fly Rodney's plane and off they go on an adventure. It's a fun read .. not terribly sexed up but still good. lamardeuse also wrote an amazing Harry Potter crossover with Queer as Folk (don't look at me like that!) called A Taste of Liberty which I think I've mentioned here before.

What are you guys reading? Anything good?
hi tailgator...i loved all of those that you listed....i really like the HP fan fic.....dunno why...

is playwitch putting out any new stuff?
I don't know if Playwitch is still being put out. I enjoy looking at it when someone reminds me but I don't actually keep up with it.

I'm just looking for new fics myself.
playwitch. hmmmm.

i used to subscribe to it but then i moved and i hardly ever look at the old email addy any more. it had gotten so spam clogged that it is just as well.

HOWEVER. *hem, hem*

i think that the last issue that i saw was issue 3 or 4. so yes, they are most likely still "putting out".

i should go check. they usually have some amazing art -- esp by marquise.
okay, i know that i am stuck on the harry potter slash, but i think that is because i know the characters. i don't really know the other shows so well, (except for lotr), and i've found some really GOOD writers out there in the potterverse.

i've mentioned this woman before, but this H/D - in the future - after The War -- has harry as a BELIEVEABLE premise for a rentboy!harry. the dialog is wonderful, there are lots of things that brought smiles and laughs, because they are SO in character, and the sex is .... well, the sex is just HOTT. just my cup of tea.

she HATES to have people hot link. so, go to livejournal. go to communities, and look for mirabellafic. in her memories section (the link with the heart), there is a link to the story, which is called Negotiations and......


now, if we could get another chapter of Shadow of His Wings......that's what *tes* wants for yule!!!
I've read a lot of Harry Potter fanfic...and this story is my favourite:
The sex is great, but it also has good characters and plot.
Snarry, with a random premise that works perfectly: Seven years after Harry defeats Voldemort, all the magic is almost drained out of him. He seeks out Snape for help and finds him working the grill in a diner in Arizona. And I'm serious when I say that this is one of the best stories I've ever read.

You'll need to log on to to be able to read it, though.

Snape: The Home Fries Nazi
muito thank you, slyjinks and the geiger! i've been needing a fix of harry potter slash! (sigh. will shadow of his wings EVER be finished??? i can't WAIT for more draco/harry sex goodness!!!)

okay, i was looking at the new stuff in the restricted section and one of the new stories listed "lemon" as one of the kinks. anyone know what that means? all i can think of is The Lemon Song .... early, (and i mean EARLY!!!) hard rock..... Squeeze me babe, until the juice runs down my leg....come on and squeeze me babe, until the juice runs down my leggggg....

the way you squeeze my lemon, i i i i'm gonna fall right out of bed!!!

anyone know? (in the slash context?)

is it a hand job?
"The term 'no lemon' is sometimes used to indicate slash stories without sexual content. Anything with explicit content may be labeled 'lemon'. The terms 'lemon' and 'lime' arose from the anime/yaoi fandoms. 'Lemon' refers to a hentai anime series, Cream Lemon. 'Lime' is sometimes used to indicate that the story contains only mild sexual content, similar to a PG-13 film."

I haven't read any of these but: Snarry Olympics fics
Here's something good to start your day off right: Heroes, Peter/Claude, sex in public.

well it's been a long time since I've poked around in these forums .. I think I'd forgotten them entirely! Oh noes!

Anyway, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack .. with a few fic rec's.

Harry Potter:

Incurable -- H/D (complete) AU story where there is no magic. It's an interesting story and while I haven't finished it, there are some downright naughty scenes which I adore in it. *G*

Black Truth - another H/D Fic (complete), this time Draco is a magical creature and Harry is his mate. It's a cliche of sorts but done very well and very realistic. I enjoyed it.

ab epistulis -- H/D (complete) post-war fic. Harry runs and orphanage and Draco runs a muggle bookstore, when two worlds collide .. It was a very well written story. There's little to no smut in it at all but it's a good plot filled story that I enjoyed so much I've read it a few times. *G*

I'll see if I can find some more later on ... I went through a phase where I read a lot of Doctor Who and Torchwood slash fics. I'm also slowly getting into Supernatural.

Anybody watch the show 'Traveler'? It was on ABC (I think) last year. It only had one season. It was very slashable and the whole show was great. If you haven't seen it and would like to .. let me know and I'll point you in the direction you can go to watch the episodes. The pilot and finale are both on ABC's website though I wouldn't recommend watching the finale without all the episodes in between.
EEEEEK! I'm Happeh!

HP Fanfiction is my favorite thing ever. Especially slash. I don't know that I've ever been able to write a straight fic that I actually liked the outcome of.

I'm really secretive about it, though. *laughs*

I'll go look through my favorites and post some really good fics for you all. smile.gif
*grins* I've tried writing het fic's too and it just does not want to work. The first novel I wrote (original, not fanfic) was meant to be het and yet the two male characters kept intruding. I had to stop writing the fic, take time to go get the boys some exercise, just so I could finish writing the fic. I later decided to add all those naughty scenes into the book and make it slashy as I wanted it to be. smile.gif

I'm very fortunate, I don't have to hide my tastes. In fact, there are very few people in my life who don't know that I like to read and write slash. It's very openly accepted at my job too smile.gif
That's awesome, tailgator. I just realized this will be my one hundredth post!

There's this chick named StarRose on Youtube who makes awesome slash Fanflicks. My absolute favorite one is to "I touch myself" by the Divinyls. It's Drary. "I Touch Myself" Drary- Starrose

There's also the song Draco and Harry, by the Whomping Willows, I do believe. Here's a link to the song. It's on a fanvid though, lol.

"Draco and Harry" fanflick. SevSaraSnape
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Jun 10 2006, 04:04 AM) *
New addition to the Conundrum 'verse, more Gil/Greg: <BR> <BR> dc2dd79bb:// dc2dd79bb <BR> <BR>Tali, I'm digging the Nicky/Flack slash. Nicky bails on LV after the Gordons & hooks up with Flack while Mac/Messer figure it out. There is a cross fic with NCIS where they help Tony/Jethro come together. SWEET!

Sound's like a neat fic. Do you have the addy?
I thought I'd share something I've written, it was quite awhile ago but it's a Snape/Harry fic and it's called Garner -- I wrote this for a friend of mine as a birthday present. smile.gif It's not perfect but it's fun ...

Need more slash!!


I'll find some later to post here ...
Holy shit! That's Taligator! I thought you'd gone the way of the dodo love!
*sound of crickets chirping*

Awfully quiet these days.

I came in to mention that I recently read an article in Off Our Backs called "Confessions of a Lesbian Feminist Slasher". It's short, but interesting. What I simply thought of as gay smut born from too much tv/movies/comics/media, is actually much deeper & more complex than I ever thought.
Sound Of Vision
[sorry, double post]
Sound Of Vision

Slash thread!!!! (sorry I'm new, and i just saw it!!)

How many of you are H/D shippers?!

*fangirls* tongue.gif
Sorry, but this thread is practically dead.

We were pretty well split between CSIers & Harry Potter people. H/D gives me the squicks. I know Tes was down with the Potter, though.

I dunno if you do Caffiends, but they've got good writing for both 'verses.
Sound Of Vision
Aww, too bad. sad.gif I just saw how old messages are...

Caffiends? What's that? huh.gif

What squicks you out in HP? tongue.gif
Yeah, me, Tes, & Tali tried to keep it going, but no go.

I get creeped by HP because I'm always going to think of him as a boy. And sex with boys, even consenting boys, is just plain wrong to my brain. There's fourteen year old nubile & eighteen year old nubile. is a small community of slash writers. They do great work. I'm fond of their SGA, CSI, & Smallville fics. They get really creative & often AU. Lotta kink, too.

The only HP story I ever read was on Lucius wants to have sex with Draco, but since incest is wrong, he casts a spell over one of the other students & has sex with him only to be busted by H/D looking for a safe place to shag.

Have you tried WWoMB?
I'm still here ... I just got tired of talking to myslf in this thread. Not many others were posting so it was just me posting my fave fics and I do talk to myself a lot but I try not to let others know!

I haven't read a whole lot of fanfic lately because I'm so busy with work.

That said .. I opened up Gay Authors the other day and am reading stuff from there:

There is some fanfic too.

Right now my interests are: Doctor Who, Torchwood, and still the CSI, BtVS, and HP that I adore. I mostly re-read fics as I find it challenging to find new good stuff.

I read a lot of The Tenth Muse and re-read stuff on Caffeinds.

Sound Of Vision
QUOTE(auralpoison @ May 2 2008, 04:30 AM) *
Yeah, me, Tes, & Tali tried to keep it going, but no go.

I get creeped by HP because I'm always going to think of him as a boy. And sex with boys, even consenting boys, is just plain wrong to my brain. There's fourteen year old nubile & eighteen year old nubile. is a small community of slash writers. They do great work. I'm fond of their SGA, CSI, & Smallville fics. They get really creative & often AU. Lotta kink, too.

The only HP story I ever read was on Lucius wants to have sex with Draco, but since incest is wrong, he casts a spell over one of the other students & has sex with him only to be busted by H/D looking for a safe place to shag.

Have you tried WWoMB?

People don't know good stuff tongue.gif

I thought you would say that would creep you out - now when I read some older fics, written 4 years ago, let's say, I find it silly that two 15-16 yrs old boys fall so deeply in love, in some serious relationship and have some serious problems blah blah blah. But you know, it's fiction. Did you try to read some adult!H/D? Since the last book was out, there were lots of 'fast forward' fics (them as adults). And it all depends on category - dark, non-con, fluff...

LOL, Lucius is always some pervy, kinky, BDSM, incestuous guy, I always giggle at that! tongue.gif

I went to WWoMB several times, but it seems they are having some server problems. Hmmm

Anyway, primary mean of getting my dose of slash is Livejournal. Fandom practically owns it biggrin.gif

I'm getting interested in Heroes slash lately. tongue.gif

And taligator, I will check that page out!! Also, there is community at Livejournal for gay fiction (original) so if you want to check it out...

Come on, let's revive this thread! laugh.gif
Me personally, I don't read H/D. I find the pairing near impossible to imagine.

I am a hardcore HP/SS slasher though which somehow is easier for me to imagine as a pairing because they have the similarities. That said, I haven't read the last book and I'm pretending that it doesn't really exist. wink.gif

I like Smallville slash too .. Lex & Clark forever! I stopped watching the tv show after the third season because the rift was growing between them and I didn't want to watch it. I just read fics that pretend it never happened. wink.gif

I should read some fanfic ... *digs out some favorites and reads*
Sound Of Vision
I like how opposites draw each other. tongue.gif They are completely different but have some mutual things. There are fics that make it look so natural to happen. biggrin.gif

Actually, I was reading HP/SS before I discovered H/D. But all those fics seemed almost same. unsure.gif

I tried watching Smallville, but got irritated by it very soon. Too much of a teen serial, like Buffy. OMG now I remembered Oz!!! I must find some good fics with Toby & Keller. Mmmmm

There is hd_worldcup on LJ at the moment, so I'm enjoying lots of new fics. But I didn't read slash for a very long time just because of the book. I was practically boycotting it. tongue.gif And too many pairings after book 7 came in fandom, and I was a little bit lost, some switch happened. But you should read the book, maybe you find some slashy imagination material in Snape's story. tongue.gif
I have read a few good HD fics ..

One in which they are adults and Harry has written a book which Draco adores, but doesn't know Harry wrote it. Through a series of letters they get reacquainted and eventually end up together. I do not recall the name but it's a good story.

I'll have to dig some out of my archives for you. wink.gif
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