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Sound Of Vision
Oh yes, please!! That sounds interesting!!

I'm personally fan of these categories: fluff, crackfic, pwp (porn-without-plot, haha), ewe (epilogue-what-epilogue tongue.gif), drama, action, some kinks, some bdsm an au. I don't like death fics and those too depressive and dark. Slash is for personal relaxation. wink.gif

I recently read one hilarious fic and I can link you if you want, called 'Freudian Slip'. I know bunch of crackish H/D which made me rotfl. biggrin.gif
A quick run through of fics I've collected, I'll list out what each is. I've rec'd a lot of them before so, apologies for the repeats. I'm too lazy to look at what I'd already rec'd.


Higher Education by Resonant
Breakfast Club fandom, yes, I said Breakfast Club. Read it, I swear you'll be happy.

Myths and Revelations by Nix
NCIS Fandom - Gibbs is a Centaur (really it's good)

The Things I Cannot Change by Dark Emerald
Firefly Fandom with a crossover with Smallville - don't look at me that way, it's great!

Black Magic by Moonlight by Beren
Harry Potter crossover with Anita Blake Vampire Hunter -- one the best fics of its type, and HD smile.gif

Browncoat Green Eyes by nonjon
Harry Potter crossover with Firefly

Favorite Authors:

Creed Cascade

The Tenth Muse

Kat Reitz, tsigane, perryvic, etc (ask for recs here specifically if you want them)

Sound Of Vision
I'll check them out for sure, just it's going to be weird reading fics with characters I know nothing about, you know? (beside NCIS, but I don't like that show >.<)

And Yay!! Resonant!! Did you read her Transfigurations (H/D)?! I was re-reading it just yesterday!!

Post #21

ab epistulis is the Harry as an author fic ...

Sound Of Vision
Oops, me again...I just didn't tick the option for replies, so I didn't see any...sad.gif


I love Resonant! Her fic Transfigurations is one of my faves...and damn, what details she puts in her fics, real literature!!

Thanks for those recs!!!!! Uni classes are over so I'll read few to celebrate! tongue.gif

I might put up some recs here to share smile.gif

I've been re-reading all the fic's (hah, typed fix originally .. that's pretty much what it is!):

I love:

Outside the Lines, Same Coin, Coming Home, Courtship Rituals .. they are all good. wink.gif
Sound Of Vision
Wait, those are your fics?! This last link? You wrote for Smutmas and painless_j? biggrin.gif Aww, I didn't get chance to write for Smutmas, I wish they reopen it...
QUOTE(Sound Of Vision @ Jun 6 2008, 09:31 AM) *
Wait, those are your fics?! This last link? You wrote for Smutmas and painless_j? biggrin.gif Aww, I didn't get chance to write for Smutmas, I wish they reopen it...

No, those are Meri's fics, not mine. I've posted some of mine before (on, same username) but haven't updated any of them in forever.
Sound Of Vision
Aaaa, I thought you were re-reading fics and fixing them, like typos and so updated them. haha

Anyways, right now I'm reading (finishing)

Seeker To Seeker
H/D with lots of Snape involved, haha. It's crack, humor, angst and a bit of violence and kinks tongue.gif
I'm a good writer, I just have a short attention span and get distracted by the next shiny story that pops into my mind.

My first story I wrote, I *made* myself finish it before I could start the next one. I should have stuck to doing that. wink.gif

That said, as much as I love my first story .. it really sucks. wink.gif
Sound Of Vision
Haha, tell me about it. I wrote drabble so far, and that wasn't easy! BUT I have bunch of notes with ideas that just pop into my mind tongue.gif And sometimes I have some 'serious' ideas, drama and angst for example, but while developing the story and writing it down it somehow turns into crack, lol. Can't help myself to make a comedy of everything biggrin.gif tongue.gif

But I'll try to participate in this summer's hd_holidays, that will MAKE me write it down finally! biggrin.gif
Hey, Tali, there's a new Caffiends Gil/Greg & it's a new relationship story just the way you like 'em. Although, they suddenly have taken on a Brit tone ("Flats" "reckon" & the like.) that's kinda distracting; it's absent in their other fics. Instead of only Nicky getting nabbed in GD, they nabbed poor Greggo, too.
I think perryvic is a brit, which might be why that happened. I may have to send them a note and tell them that it's distracting. wink.gif

But, new fic!! Ooooh!

I'm actually reading 'The Love Song of Bastard and Idiot' which is an SS/HP fic, it's a bit slow going but .. I don't think I've read it before. I hit upon a couple of pages of rec's from different authors so I'm reading and re-reading massive amounts of fics lately.

I need to start writing again.
So I'm late to the slash train until Bust . . . this new Star Trek? I can't stop thinking about dirty Kirk/Spock yumminess. Chris Pine & those eyes & Hero's guy with his Vulcan ears . . . nom nom nom nom nom.
I'm with you on that one .. they don't call that pairing Kock for nothing wink.gif


OMG, AP - from the very first trailer I saw for the new Star Trek film, all I could think about was "this looks like Kirk/Spock slash come to life" They're just too damn pretty. Needless to say when it comes out, I'll be right there watching. And by all accounts, the film is really really good.

Hey SoV, I love HP fics set post DH, so everyone is an adult (kid fics are too icky). I'm a straight Ron-Hermione fanatic, but for slash I like George/Lee., I kind of forgot this thread was here...
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