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I'm totally with maimy on this one.
Oh, maimstress, right again

curiouskat, in case you don't know DTMFA! means: Dump the motherfucker already!

And yeah, DTMFA.
All of those thoughts that you guys posted sound ligitimate but here is what I did on Wednesday before we went out again. He called me and I told him that I was sorry about hurting him, he said I had nothing to be sorry about, no big deal. I told him that he is not allowed to tease anymore about sex or anything related (having to do with touching his balls, etc.) He may sound like a complete ass and believe me he knows that he can be one and knows when he is acting like one, but since we talked about that night he has gone through with the listening and doesn't pressure me.

He wants what is best for me, he wants me to be comfotable and if I dont want to touch his ding dong then I dont have to touch his ding dong, from now on I have to completely want to do stuff in order for them to be done, no ifs ands or buts!!

So I'm not going to dump him, he is the best thing that has happened to me this year, he came around when I had given up on looking for a guy. It was the beer talking and taking over when we were together that Tuesday night, I dont think he is gonna get that shitfaced again, it was bad!!
I have to tell you, Curious, a guy so weak his beverages speak for him is weak enough to drink 'em again and let them do by far worse for him.

I know you don't want to listen, and feel you know this guy better than we ever possibly could. But consider for a moment - I'm nearly 39 years old. I've been IN your shoes, I've worn them around several blocks, and I've found them not worth continuing to try to get anywhere in. It might seem like someone as old as I am is out of touch and forgets what "love" is like, and doesn't even know you to begin with.

But I know very well what love is like. I'm suffering for it still. Acutely. Daily. I've sacrificed four years of my life now, for a relationship which to the people around me could not possibly be "worth it". But I look at the relationship, and the man I'm in it with, with a lot more honesty that I ever would have allowed myself in the days when I had to call a penis a ding-dong to be able to talk about it. I see my flaws, and I see his, and I hate them ... and in some ways, I embrace them.

The man I am waiting for, who lives four thousand miles from me, would never excuse himself from abusing me by saying it was the fault of alcohol, or a bad mood, or anything else. The man I am waiting for would (and does) communicate with me as if we were both grownups. The man I am waiting for is an adult in every way, in his approach to sex and to me. He is dignity incarnate.

And I have not accepted anything LESS than that since I was twenty years old. This isn't new for me. This isn't just because I'm halfway through my life. It is a standard adopted because I respect myself, and nobody but nobody gets away with giving me less.

I still believe your guy is giving you less respect than you deserve, and you are giving him slack which could just keep on growing and growing, until you find you have nothing left of yourself, having given it all to him.

That is not worth doing. Believe me when I say that.

I understand why you probably would not choose to listen to this advice. But I'm hoping you understand the context and spirit in which it is given.

Sometimes, you don't get the answers you want when you bring something up. But the answers here are 100% sincere.

Which, I believe you may find, is more than we can say is true of your guy there.

Really, are you a writer? If you’re not then you missed your calling. I am totally in agreement with you. I’m not going to comment cause I can’t say it as nicely as you. I just agree with every point made and being younger myself (24) I can say that it pays to listen to someone who has been IN those shoes and worn them around several blocks, and found them not worth continuing to try to get anywhere in anymore. Many of my personal regrets in life could have been avoided had I just listened to someone a little older and wiser. Just wanted to say thank you for your post even though it wasn’t directed to me. Sharing your experiences and advice does help so many here.



I hope you took your time when reading Maimy’s responses. Her comments and suggestions are very true. DTMFA
Aw, Pugs - gosh, you totally made my evening, and it's been a pretty great day already, so that's saying something. Actually (and my apologies to all for the continuing thread drift!), I am a writer, and my goal was to hit 200 pages on my historical novel by New Year's Eve. I hit 207 today, and that was with some very detailed research work going on. So thank you very, very much for the compliment; I take BUSTie praise as very high praise indeed. *Grin*

In celebration, I will try to drag myself back onto the actual topic here. I haven't actually HAD sex in a year, eight months, 18 and days, and about seven hours (not that that is really and truly the number ... not that I can literally count each moment ... no, never that), but am hoping the next week will reveal an imminent change in fortunes. (My financial advice to all on the boards - buy your stock in Ocean Spray now, I'll be stocking up to keep pH balances in order!)

That said, I do hope to be spicing up both this thread and the Getting to the Bottom thread with True Tales of Rapture soon, so let's try a practice run, shall we?

I think I have said before, my own ejaculation trigger is for some reason best hit during anal. I've never ejaculated during oral or digital, and can't even quite imagine how there'd be room for it to "go" during vaginal (though I am open to any experience with kog3100!). I think the sensations I experience are very much as everyone else describes; the analagous urge that is similar to the urge to urination, the physical heat, the radiant sensation. In my case, it seems to be the intensity of pressure that anal involves that "forces" the ejacuation.

In a way, I don't think of the gush as an orgasm itself, or as a different kind of orgasm - I always have the gush when I am having a "familar" O - but as an attendant, parallel experience. It is amazing in every way, but it isn't centered on relentless, unbearable pleasure the same way, the direct way, an orgasm itself is. It seems, for me, like an accessory. I can have an orgasm without gushing, but I can't gush without orgasm.

Also, "catching air" with a stream of ejaculate fluid, while being anally pounded, as we're both watching the fountain rise and then splash down between us, is possibly the hottest single thing I have ever seen in my life that is not an image of kog3100 alone ...
Congratulations, Maimy,

Your 51,000 words while holding a job and keeping an eye on this forum is impressive.

When your book tour comes to Tennessee, lemme know. In my literary preferences, historical novels rank somewhere above science fiction, but for you I'll make an exception. I want to be first in line for an autographed copy.

maimy, my maimstress! i concur with both lmpugs and boblink....

and i will gladly let boblink be the first in line if i can have the keys to your back stage dressing room on said tour!


all the best for you and kog in the new yeara , tes
Aw, thanks, y'all. (It's actually 61k words, though.) I'm very reticent about connecting my real life to my online persona, though, so don't expect a lot of shilling if I do get published. Fortunately, I am not destined for the bestseller list with what I am creating - I have happy dreams of midlist mediocrity - so no dressing rooms or trips to Oprah for me. Thank Maud ...

(I wish I had something relevent to the thread to say, but still no news on the Return of the kog.)
Okay, so I have a question about this female ejaculation thing. So I've never been able to do it so far. I think I'm misinformed actually. Does this liquid come out of your vagina or your urethra? On porn (I know, I know) it looks like it comes out of the vagina. However, after doing some reading online it says it comes out of your urethra. This is where pee comes out but this isn't supposed to be pee right? I'm confused.

Also, do you have to have g-spot stimulation in order for this to happen? Mr. Pug bought me a Hitachi Magic Wand for Christmas and it is very, very powerful. Yesterday and today I was using it on my clit. Sorry to get into to much detail but I'm trying to relay what's happening. I basically start with it on Med (only two speeds med and high) and I put it on my clit and then when things really start to feel good I switch it to high. This thing does not take long at all. Usually after the first one I take it off immediately because I'm sensitive. However, yesterday when I reached my second orgasm I left it on my clit and fought through the sensitivity and I was pushing down I guess and this small gush of fluid came out. It was very warm and didn't smell like urine. It was just a clear fluid. Did I do it? Is this is? It felt incredible. Today when it happened it was much more fluid then yesterday and it came much easier. I left a rather large spot on the bed and had to change the sheets (must remember a towel next time smile.gif ). I think I did it. The only thing is that it was all clitoral and not g-spot. Whenever I try to do the g-spot way I suck my vagina muscles in and I can't push out like I did with the clitoral orgasm. I think I'm doing it just not through the g-spot or am I just peeing myself? Help please.

P.S. reading the previous few posts really makes me miss maimy!! *sigh* loved her so much!!!
Well hey hey, didn't know this thread existed. I'd posted a question about female ejaculation last week I think. I think I can do it, but it takes alot of time and lots of lube. I was telling the other girls that I wish I could do it all the time, but I can't yet. I find myself drawn to those types of flixx too. Girl-girl and squirting. Its awesome I think! I don't get that intense, whole body quaking thing when I do it though, so maybe i'm just peeing LOL I dont know. It doesnt smell like pee though. So, hmmmm I really don't have a clue if I'm doing it or not. but it feels good either way!
Well, I really, really did it last night. It was incredible.

When Mr. pug and I got home we went to bed. He asked if I tried it again during the day and I told him yes and that I thought it happened again but it was a small amount and I just wasn't sure if I was coming or peeing. So he asked if we could try it now together and he'd watch and see what happens. I told him we could try but I was nervous about the pressure to perform. He said there was no pressure at all and that if it happened it happened if not we could try again another time.

So I lay down and he sort of sat between my legs. He gently rubbed my legs and feet (love my feet touched during sex). I was using the Hitachi. After my third clitoral orgasm I was pretty much wiped out, frustrated and ready to give up, but my body felt like it wanted to come and it just wasn't there yet. So I said lets try one more time. So there I was vibrating again. Mr. pug lubed his fingers, slid two in and gently, and I mean gently rubbed my g-spot. Well, this was a whole new sensation. I felt a very strong urge to pee. I know this is normal and to just go with it. He needed to be gentle because by then I was so sensitive and my g-spot felt huge. It didn't take long. A minute or two and I told him to pull his fingers out because the pressure was ungodly. Then POW. It’s kind of dribbled then spray then dribble. It felt amazing. He was so turned on he climbed right on top of me, rock hard without me having to do a thing and fucked me. I kind of missed the towel we had down. Neither one of us was expecting the velocity it had. It was really something.

I’m glad I was finally able to do it. I’ve wanted to for a long time. I just felt like this unachievable task. I’m a very sexual person and want to experience everything and this was one thing that was just frustrating the hell out of me. I was so tired afterwards I just wanted to lay in bed and rest. Well, that's a lie. At first I wanted to come here and post about it but once I laid down for a bit I really was exhausted. I want to try it again soon, maybe sometime over the weekend.

I’m also glad that my first real time ejaculating was with Mr. Pug. As much as I like to try something out for the first time alone I love sharing new experiences with him even more. Hopefully, he’ll post something about it too.
I find it so interesting to come on here and read about everyone's experiences with female ejaculation. Personally I never aspired to ejaculate. I knew that it was possible but I just thought that it was one of those rare occurrences that doesn't happen to everyday people. I was really surprised the first time it happened.

What's been really cool is that every guy I've talked to about it says that it's a huuuuge turn on for them. I notice it too with the latest guy (the one that makes me squirt every single time). He gets so turned on and just wants to make me cum again and again. It gets messy but I love that I have all of this natural lubrication and I love how it feels when he hits my spot.
It seems like a lot of people are just learning how to do this recently. I was with a partner about a month ago who i think may have brought me close to this. I've never felt close to having an orgasm from intercourse alone, but with this guy, something about the way we had sex just felt amazing, but different than I usually feel when I'm about to come. I could never quite get there, and things ended between us pretty fast, but now I'm itching to start experimenting by myself. I think I need to invest in a toy that's more powerful though, because my rabbit has just about had it.
Pugs, that is so awesome! Congratulations. I'm definitely jealous, but I feel like there may be hope for me yet. I may have to get myself a Hitachi!
sex toys are definitely useful for that ........
Pugs that is great!! Good for you!

With me it totally depends on the mood and whatnot. I recall with my PR boy, that I had a gspot orgasm and it got everywhere, but it wasn't the same intensity as a clitoral orgams.

With the cop, when he fucks me up the ass, then I have gspot orgasms, again not as intense, but still lovely.
I want to squirt, I have gotten extremely wet, but I don't think I have ever done that....actually I know that I have never done that before.... unsure.gif
i have done lots of sexual explicit hings in my short life but i dont think i have done this
i know lots of guys that say it turns them on n i would like to do it but dont know where to begin
(probably with puttin our kids to sleep-lol)

and im not sure??
is it urine or cum??

fill me in??
I think i might have done it last week...but I'm still not sure...there was definitely a lot of wetness that definitely didn't smell like pee, and i had 3 orgasms in two minutes which has never happened before. But I can't do it again!
Hello All. I have spit twice, each time, the boy said it was like a door had opened and she threw a couple buckets of water out and it went up his nose. laugh.gif

The only thing I can add is that when this happened the orgasm was so intense I kept saying "Oh shit, Oh shit, Oh shit" and then I tried to scramble away from him because I just couldn't take it. tongue.gif
hi! i'm new!
i know that i squirt when my boy gives me oral (EVERY time), i can feel it rushing out and he nearly drowns...
but when we're fucking (he is um, well, BIG, and i'm tight) i can't feel it until its already happened and we're DRENCHED, maybe because of the intense feeling of penetration? maybe too many feelings at once?
regardless, it's always amazing!
you know your having amazing mind blowin' sex when your vag starts spittin'. that is all.
ellie, the same thing happens to me. I've gotten better at figuring out when it's going to happen but usually it's like "oh lordy, I'm wet all over".
Oh, I'm so excited! (haha!)

I was just having some fun with myself and I decided to try something a little different. I always try and totally relax when i cum but this time I decided to push a little, and oh my god, I definitely squirted, like, a lot. And then I was like...well, I've got to make sure this is what I think it I start going at it again...this time with a towel under me, a mistake I made the first time, and oh my god, I squirted again! It didn't feel a whole lot different from a regular orgasm, but I felt more of a ...release.
I finally figured it out. So when I got that feeling like I was going to pee, I just let it out. Then...omg. The initial release was good, but AFTER the initial "squirting," there was....the orgasms that FOLLOWED that. Super intense and definitely worth the work.

So I think when you feel you have to pee, wrap your brain around letting yourself. See if you don't have MORE orgasmic waves that follow that. WOW...just...WOW!

Unfortunately, I went thru a short phase of intense feeling- like I had to go pee, and, uh, I really did. I caught myself and I was with my boy whom loved me and all that, but he was pissed! laugh.gif Play it safe, cause you do not want to pee on someone that you are not seriously intimately involved with.
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