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Full Version: friendship by degrees--a myspace and friendster thread
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Does anybody else's number of friends fluctuate? I'll get on in the morning & have two fewer friends, get on again at night & they are back & vice versa. What gives?
yeah, and lately i can't access my own profile page. c'est le poup. but i know it must be driving you NUTS.
Oh, WORD! It's driving me crazy. Just when I get it to a good number, it slips up or down. I keep adding people in hopes of getting a magic number, but now I see it is pointless. And I've been having some drama with my profile page, too.
Hey all, just letting you know I went on a wee bit of a Facebook friend-adding spree this evening, so don't be surprised to see a friend request from me!
Most of us have migrated to facebook, we're doing our own thing there. If you want in on our club, please PM me your deets then I'll get you set up.
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