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Full Version: friendship by degrees--a myspace and friendster thread
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I'm on facebook. PM me if you want my name to add me.

Pugs, I sent you a PM!
If anybody wants to add my as a Myspace friend here is the address smile.gif
bump for futura
Many thanks Stargazer!

So yeah, i'm on facebook. It seems to work like totally different than myspace. If someone would like to friend PM me. I'm a bit more cautious about my Bust-handle now.
Is anyone here on Twitter?

Here is me:

um... ok, i have to admit, i'm glad i'm on crackbook. i didn't think i could love busties anymore. i was wrong. very, very wrong. i love the stuffing out of busties <3
Oh noes! Not my stuffing....okay, there's plenty to go around- take some!

Anyone have an opinion on this new Facebook terms & service they want us to vote on? I skimmed it, but I'm not sure what to do.
polly: ditto. I skimmed it also & didn't much get it & was pretty much just going to copy whatever someone else did who was more tech-savy than myself, lol.
I'll throw my vote either way if someone kindly directs me! (on this anyway !)

GT: toldyaso! tongue.gif

pugs, pm is en route !
I think the biggest issue had to do with ownership of user content. So, Facebook could have ownership to use pictures from your page without your consent if I understood the newer proposed document. Unless I misunderstood it.
Reposted just b/c I check everysooften:

Anyone here on Goodreads?
the new TOS on Facebook isn't really much different. If you followed what went down in Feb they changed the TOS (which says they can change it whenever they want WITHOUT telling you )so that if you deleted content they could still own it and do what they want with it. The have reverted to the old terms of service so if you delete content you have revoked their right to that content. Their use of your content is subject to your privacy settings. They have just made this more explicit. I feel like it is more a publicity stunt then anything else. I highly highly suggest you do your best to manage your privacy setting and don't post anything that you are not comfortable giving away for free , for ever.

This is a great link that discusses how to manage your privacy setting in facewank.

ps. I just spent my day presenting about this to teachers and school officials

you didn't misunderstand it star, that's still the same as it has been in terms of ownership of your content.
Here is another link about terms of service
here is wikisummary about the TOS
Thanks MissLadyJ! I'm surprised how many people voted for the newer proposal seeing how your content is no longer yours according to what I read.
So, the new TOS gives you less rights to your stuff, unless you set up your privacy settings correctly?
facebook has ALWAYS had the rights to use your content.That bit hasn't changed. Now they are just being clear that their use of it is subject to your privacy settings.
QUOTE(olivarria @ Apr 20 2009, 03:53 PM) *
Is anyone here on Twitter?

Here is me:

I'm on twitter, I'm foryoursplendor on there as well. I'll add you.
Just a heads-up- I had a security breach on my Facebook account today and couldn't log-in (it just kept saying that my email and password didn't match. Facebook sent me a message before I could contact them saying they detected the breach and asked me to reset my password.

The other weird thing is that I got a message from a friend that was sent to a bunch of his other friends (but not our one mutual friend, who I know him through) and it just says " - best shop!" it's not a hyperlink, just the text. It seemed like a weird thing for him to send me, especially since he didn't send it to our mutual friend. I didn't copy and paste it, so I have no idea what it is, but I'm pretty sure he's got some sort of malware that is sending this message to people in his friends list.

For a laugh- Craigslist Server Contracts HPV
QUOTE(missladyj @ Apr 22 2009, 06:34 PM) *
facebook has ALWAYS had the rights to use your content.That bit hasn't changed. Now they are just being clear that their use of it is subject to your privacy settings.

Does anyone know if it's the same on this forum, (Bust has rights to use any content?) I'm thinking yes?

QUOTE(kittenb @ Apr 21 2009, 01:34 PM) *
Reposted just b/c I check everysooften:

Anyone here on Goodreads?

wow. I'm joining
Thanks ForYourSplendor! I followed you back.

Also, I always love more BUSTie here to add me on Facebook.

This is me on Goodreads.
Did everyone see that"" target="_blank">notice that starting this Friday, you'll be able to pick a username for the URL of your Facebook page?

Not sure what the point is, but whatever....anyway, they talk about how you'll be able to pick a username for "pages you administer" they mean groups? I administer a couple of sock monkey pages, so I want to make sure I do it right!
wow, i just noticed that the title of the thread has "friendster" in it. does anyone even belong to that anymore?

anyway, i have a question. i have a particularly annoying "friend" (i.e., my bff when i was 9, and haven't seen/talked to in 20 years) who updates her facebook status every hour or so with STUPID FUCKING BULLSHIT about her STUPID FUCKING KIDS and her STUPID FUCKING LAME ASS WIFEY DUTIES.

to wit:
"enjoyed doing a research focus group this evening...2 whole hours of adult conversation and they paid me to give my opinion..verrrry nice...haha...oh and they gave me candy! wink.gif"

and other priceless gems as (the ellipses are hers):

"library class a little much for the two year old crowd...Julianne wanted to take off her shoes and pull books off the shelves while others pulled movies...haha...good idea, wrong activities for the young ones...afterwards I rented "Shalom Sesame" which I completely missed b/c I thought it said "Alphabet" and it really said "Aleph bet"'s Monday!"

HOW do I block these status updates? I'm about to defriend her. Clearly, 20 years has led us on very different paths, i.e. YOU SUCK.

i am so stabby today.
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Jun 23 2009, 11:20 PM) *
HOW do I block these status updates?

Um, when you look at your profile, there should be a "hidden" link at the far right to ignore that shit. I've done dropped many a bizznatch that way.
there should be a "hidden" link at the far right to ignore that shit.


may the gods smile down on you today, ap
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Jun 23 2009, 10:20 PM) *
wow, i just noticed that the title of the thread has "friendster" in it. does anyone even belong to that anymore?

Reminds me of this article in the Onion from a few weeks ago. laugh.gif

Why do people still pay for stuff like that when there's Facebook, or even MySpace?
PM me if you want my name for facebook...thanks
I have a question about Facebook and relationship status. If two people have Facebook then it'll say like, Person A is in a relationship with Person B.

However, if they break up, do they both have to change their relationship status for it to show up? For instance, if Person A changes his status to single does Person B also have to change their status?

I know this might sound like a totally random question but it's just that my brother broke up with his girlfriend over a week ago and yet it still says that they're in a relationship.
I think it will still say person b is in a relationship, but it won't say person a's name; it will just say "in a relationship".

i'm finally on facebook. feel free to add me - please remind me who you are on bust ohmy.gif)
Ugh. I'm encountering my first level of awkwardness with colleagues and social networking sites. One of the professional organizations I belong to has a facebook group page. I joined because I want to join the discussions on the board, but, I don't want to add any of my colleagues as "friends." I want my own space to do what I want, you know. I don't want to have to worry about the ramifications of what I post will have for me. Has anyone else encountered this? I have no problem telling people no, but, eh, I guess it is just a level of awkwardness and some guilt about telling people no.
you can change your name via fb, (hence my moniker) and then join with another emails for your proper name.
Oh snap! You so smart GT. Damn. Why didn't I think of that?!? rolleyes.gif I already asked to be invited to the group. I guess I could still do it. I panicked and just figured, "I'll manage." Eh, I think it is another time of putting my big girl panties on and just setting limits. Nothing wrong with that.

Thanks GT! smile.gif
I hardly ever use my personal facebook page cause I just can't get into it, but the Evil Slut Clique is on there.

And on twitter:

I was just having a conversation the other day about when Friendster first got really popular and it spawned copycat sites for pets, like Dogster and Catster.
Oh I forgot about this thread! This is my new blog, My blog. If you have a blogspot and think I should add you let me know alright?

Also check out my blog at: and Myspace at:

Detroit native and spoken word artist Lisa Vicious is "a loser", "a real piece of work", "a genius" -"If Nick Cave and Leadbelly fucked a baby into Lydia Lunch, she'd be Lisa Vicious"! Love her or hate her, you'll feel her punch when she speaks on love, loss, abuse, seduction, and addiction. A definate vicious Aries, Lisa is a force of nature destroying to create one storm at a time.

Hi ladies. I was looking back at the Confessions posts about organizing your friends on Facebook and while I was able to create a new group of friends I don't know how to make it so that this group of people won't see my updates. Can someone help me with this?
Oh, that's a good questions cc_girl! Unfortunately, I don't have the answer for you. sad.gif

My questions for fellow facebookers is if after you limit who can see wall posts on your wall...does it go into effect once you click on this setting or does all your wall posts disappear for the selected viewers. I tried doing this action for 1 friend, but, when I try to see what my wall looks like for this person...all of my wall posts show. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. unsure.gif



there's drop down menus for parts of your profile. choose "custom". choose "some friends", then select the group (you have to type in the name of your group) you want to see that particular part of your profile.

& star, i'm not positive, but i think it goes into effect after you change the settings, leaving old posts/"pre-restriction" up.
thanks cocl! I just wish I could view my page as one of those people. Does that make sense? I'd like to know for sure what they see if they go to my page.
cc_g, you can!


at the top, it says "See how a friend sees your profile:" with a box to "start typing friend's name"

thanks cocl! It is just really 1 person I want to restrict seeing the content of my wall posts. I did it this way

settings==>on my profile wall

And then under the "who can see this" and I clicked the "only friends" option and then clicked on this person's name under the "except these people" option. Does that sound right? When I checked what it would look like from her point of still showed a post I made today. I guess I just don't want to have every friend on my list under the "some friends" option since it is only 1 person I don't want to see the contents of my wall posts.
star, if you changed your settings and THEN posted, and she still could see it, then i don't know what to tell you :-/

you could always just put all your friends minus her in a group ("people who don't suck") and then put all the settings to "only the PWDS group" can see....
star, I tried to do the same thing! I made a group of certain people but when I checked what my profile looks like for them it still included my posts.
cocl, I sucked it up and made friends lists. So, we'll see if it changes after the last post I made. If not, well, I don't post anything too bad. I added my friend's daughter (she's 12) so I was just concerned with the wall post stuff with her. Thanks cocl for your help!
i think it sucks that fb's settings aren't more straightforward. the one thing i noticed is that things like "cocl is now friends with___" still shows up on restricted people's profile....

i was thinking about this today. i was thinking about how i have restrictions on mostly high school people. if they were really "friends", then 1. why am i restricting them? and 2. if i feel the need to restrict them, then why are we "friends"? then my head exploded.

I think I would like it better if I could just restrict certain wall posts that I make. For example, I wanted to jokingly post "who wants to go to the fetish fair" but I really don't want my 12 year old cousin to see that.

It's bugging me even more that after making a specific group of people that I want to post to and trying to change the settings that it still doesn't seem to be working.
cocl, you are too funny! yeah, i only added people i wanted to stay in touch with using the fb. professional colleagues i keep to linkedin. although, i know alot of colleagues are on fb. if the security settings for wall posts do work, then i might consider adding them on fb. but, for now, hells no.

cc_girl, fb definitely seems to be the more mainstream of social networks. i mean, EVERYONE i know is on it. it seems more family oriented to me for some reason.
I have created different "groups" of friends (the groups are completely invisible to everyone but you) one for family and one for work people. Then in privacy settings > profile you can customize who can see what. So, you can block an entire group from seeing your status updates or just an individual person. It doesn't help if you just want to block them from seeing a single post, but it's a start. It seems to be working fine when I test it in the "see how a friend sees your profile."
That's what I tried to do. It says something like, let everyone see my status except these people and it still didn't work. So then I tried to do the opposite and create one group of all the people I want to see my status and only put that group in my settings and that also didn't work.
ok. i'm not the brightest one sometimes. i figured out how limit who sees my status updates and link. i gave the info to cc_girl and it is working for her too. for those wondering or as equally clueless as me, just go to setting->privacy->profile->status updates and links. Then, just enter your list of friends who you want access to this information.

If I want just exclude one person from being able to see status updates, wall posts, photos, etc., or at least disable them from commenting, how do I do that?

I tried Settings > Privacy/Manage > Profile > Photos Tagged of You (and also did it for Wall Posts and Status & Links) > Customize. I have "Only Friends" as the regular setting, but added a "Except These People" down at the bottom. I entered the name, said OK on that pop-up window and Save Changes on the regular window. But when I view it as that person, it's all still there.

I don't want to have to create a group of everyone BUT her, because then everytime I add a friend I have to remember to add them.

Grr. I want to disable my aunt from seeing my shit because she always makes these obnoxious, critical comments and she's 80 years old, so she doesn't get half the stuff I'm talking about. Cantankerous old woman. Someday I'll be just like her.
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