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Full Version: friendship by degrees--a myspace and friendster thread
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facebook is addicting. i think because it is easy gratification. freckle and mouse, feel free to add me here.
ok star, I tried to, but it only took me to my own page?
such a newbie- please enlighten me?
oooooomyyyyyyygooooosh: I am so addicted to crackbook that I've actually drug the mr's heavy-ass comfy mushroom chair across the office to the computer desk- ironically to be better for my back while I sit here like a junkie w/ an open line in my vein.
new level of low. dry.gif
Here's my myspace if anyone is interested. I think it's on private, so just lemme know who you are first and I'll add you.

I think I found the cure for crack:
I went to the page for our 20th reunion and it was alllll the Super Popular Kids. 60+ pictures of THEM.
don't get me wrong, I didn't 'hate hate' them, I just didn't particularly Like Them either.
I had an enormous group of friends my Sr year & was by most standard's Very Popular, but it was something of an unspoken point of pride in my large & multicultural actvitied group that we did not have one-single-cheerleader or football player in our midst in a school where football was King.

seeing all their pictures of their golden year really made me want to vomit.

I pm'd you tank
ouch, freckle. Pictures of my 10th are probably up by now, from Saturday. I'll peruse them later.

Anyone know how to block an application on facebook? Some of them have the option right on their main page, but this one doesn't. One called "Owned!" I'm getting notifications from people I don't even know and I just want it to go away. But I can't seem to get out of it. Grr. mad.gif
when someone sends you an application, there is usually a button that says ignore or no thanks. does it have that polly?
It didn't- I had to open one of the notifications and report it as spam to get it to block it. How annoying. And what a creepy application. I know it's just a game but I didn't like getting notifications from people I don't know saying that they'd bid a dollar on me and owned me. Very creepy.
Polly, I blocked that application ages ago. I agree on the creepiness of it. that and are you interested.

I must admit that I like growing gifts and hatching eggs, very cute.
My mom keeps sending my these "Lil Green Patch" plants...I was annoyed with them at first, but now they're kind of cute. Supposedly they buy up rainforest land or regular forests or something. Who knows?
Sooooooooooo who else is on crackbook that I can add?

If you don't want to post yer info, PM me!

I'm going on another friend adding bender and I want more busite-tastic friends!
I am on crackbook.
Sqeee! Eddie Izzard finally got a myspace page! I am a member of his o-fficial fansite & found out about it yesterday & promptly tried to friend him. He (His minion, natch.) accepted. Now I can count Jemaine's alter ego & Le Izzard as my friends!
QUOTE(damona @ Sep 26 2008, 02:36 PM) *
do any of the myspace busties play the mobsters app? i try not to pester people with stupid games and apps unless i know they are interested...

I don't, but my husband unfortunately DOES. He's been on it for less than a week and is a "Level 15" "tycoon." I hope the excitement quickly fizzles out, no offense! You should join his mob, or ring, or fight him, or whatever it is you mobsters do! I think he goes by "Don Haski" in the game, not sure if this is helpful!
I got busted by somone from hs that I don't particularly want to re-unite with and was ignorning her friend requests at facebook; she called me today and I had to lie and say my computer is old I never recieved the requests. now apparently, I am stuck. dry.gif
Freckle, just change your privacy settings so she can't request you.
I feel your pain, freckle. I posted about this in kvetch, but the small amount of nostalgia I have for elementary school (it was as bad as jr. high & high school, just without the puberty) clouded my judgment and I joined an alumni group. Only after which I realized that a couple of my tormentors were already members. I'd like to believe that people change and maybe they're nice now, but I seriously, seriously doubt it. These girls were vicious and it was hardwired into them. Poor damona got it even worse than I did from them.

I've already started my daily affirmations ("I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.") and rehearsing my replies to any nastiness. Eh, they probably don't even read the group anyway.

At least dealing with trollies on here has given me a lot of tongue sharpening.
there was an article in the globe and mail a while ago about the same thing. Your tormentors or enemies friending you. Well, the person writing the article went into how her bully friended her and it got into a back a forth thing with her tormentor resorting the same crap from high school.

aha here's the article.

Polly, have you also considered changing your settings so they can't get in touch with you at all?

I did that to one of my friend's g/f's because she's insane.
Well, I have my settings so that they can't see anything beyond my basic info and I don't really care too much about that. It's more the anticipation that's making me anxious. After we started high school and they were little fish in a big sea and there were more people like me that I became friends with, they weren't much of a threat. No, I had a different nemesis in high school. She was Damona's boyfriend's ex. F-ing psycho. Now she's friends of friends and I still don't trust her farther than I could throw her, but I manage to grit my teeth and get through the occasional gathering with her.
Is there a way on Facebook to still be friends with someone, but not receive updates on groups they join, photos they comment on, etc.?

I have someone who is in a group with me who also sent me a friend request. I accepted and there's nothing about her that's offensive, it's just the only thing we have in common is this group and she seems a little vacuous, so I don't need to know about every dippy comment she makes or whatever. But I don't want to offend her either and unfriend her.
Ok, I found my answer- in News Feed, down at the bottom, there are options. You can go in and adjust how much content you want of each type of posted items (status updates, photos, relationships, etc.) and you can also pick and choose specific people you want to see more stuff from or less stuff from. I added this person to my "less stuff" list. Hooray!
ok I gotta say.. this whole -add a friend- thing has become a bigger fish than I think I care to fry right now.
my b-i-l, whom I do not like, has now sent me a request (which I am Ignoring) but how rude will that seem to him? he knows I am on there so it's not like I can block him w/out him figuring it out ?
I have also removed a few friends that I already have a myspace- thinking I don't need the duplication- only to have them re-send the request again. and that woman who called me when I had repeatedly ignored her request, has yet to- re-send an invite, which is more than fine, but how bizzare? was she just trying to make a point by calling ??
the politics of facebook may be beyond me.

ps: thank you for reminding me of that option on the Newsfeed Polly.
wow. luckily, i haven't had any weird facebook/myspace requests. the one thing i read about in the APA monitor was the fact that some people added former and/or current clients to their facebook/myspace. that is just ethically wrong to me. and i'm sure it is with the APA and/or other legislature.

i refuse to add colleagues to my myspace/facebook. that just seems too weird to me. i want the freedom to be my nasty, sexual innuedo self. it does feel like with the interwebs that alot of boundary crossings are happening. kinda weirds me out. like, i won't add this high school teacher of mine as a friend on facebook. maybe cause i know he ran off (leaving his wife) for a former student. ew.
my rule of thumb is that everyone who I friend on myspace or facebook (although I hate facebook and hardly ever am on my page) are people who I actually know in real life and have some sort of actual relationship with. Even if we just chat once in awhile, I actually know them on a current, real life basis in some way. I could care crap all if I block someone or deny someone's request, etc. IT'S NOT REAL LIFE. I think that people take that stuff way too personally - myself included, sometimes, when i know I'm dealing with someone who takes that stuff seriously. So I just remind myself that it's not real. The way I see it, is if I let it be too real to people that I don't know that well or interact with that much, then they'll treat it as such, and get bummed if I turn them down, etc. With the people i have as friends on my page, it's just a fun addition to our real life friendship, a good place to let people see photos, read my writing, etc.

I've been in the middle of myspace drama, about 4 years ago, and I just won't go there anymore. Luckily all the people I know now feel the same way as me and are cool and supportive and just have fun with it, and use it to actually communicate or give positive strokes with comments, etc.

anyway, just my .02 cents. I could care crap all about facebook or myspace politics. it's a fucking website.

ps - freckle, the above wasn't directed at you, just hearing the shit you're dealing with always gets my bloodpressure up!!! smile.gif

I didn't take it that way at all and feel much the same way.
it's been a novelty to re connect w/ people I'd lost touch with after graduation, and yes, satisfy some curiosity, but at this point, I'd much rather have real friends on there vs just anyone who happened to be in my graduating class to up my #'s. I don't care about that. I Care about genunine Relationships.

the mr & I have a joint myspace page, for the purpose of finding lost friends from the Army. I only have a few of soley My friends there bc we want to keep it fair & balanced. facebook is for me alone (the mr has his own too) and I don't see the neccessity of having the Same People at Both Sites.

I also get annoyed at the 'gifting' of things at crackbook and always ignore them. if you are thinking about me- send me a short note?

maybe I really am too old for this sort of thing.
Yeah, my mom is always sending me plants and karma and celtic knots and.......I've come to just ignore them. I like the SuperPoke thing because it's got some cute, silly stuff and it can just be a random "throw a sheep at someone" and you don't feel like you have to reciprocate. The Halloween treat thing is cute, because it lets me celebrate Halloween with people I wish I could in real life.

This is the one reason why I am so glad my mom knows absolutely nothing about computers or technology.
Ooo, that block feature is fun. I pre-emptively blocked some people. I tried blocking one of those aforementioned grade school tormentors, but when I searched for her name it didn't come up. I double checked the spelling through that group we're both members of, and I noticed that the option by her name on the group to "View Friends" isn't there- could she have some setting on her account that makes her unsearchable?
Under your privacy settings, you can set it up so that no one but your friends can find you in a search.
today after a 2nd friend request at crackbook from my brother in law, this time w/ a friendly ' Anyone Home? ' note with it - I Blocked him.

sorry self-centered little prick wants to know me NOW - after I've been married to his brother 16 years and the last time he visited he looked positvely Constipated w/ the desire to Leave ?

you're all right, the Block feature is great ! (bc I don't care if he realises I've blocked him now! laugh.gif )
So, I experimented with the blocking feature to see how it worked- it's so freaking cool!!

I deleted myself from LeBoy's friends list and blocked myself. Then I went into his friends list and I wasn't there. Then from my account, I checked some mutual friends lists to see if I could still see him in existence on FB- nope, like he didn't exist- I'd have no idea anyone was friends with him when I was blocked. Yes, I did remember to unblock and re-add myself. The only thing I didn't check was how it changed our relationship status. I'd imagine it just changes to "In a relationship" without anyone listed.
Well, this is infuriating.

And of course, there's a group against it. (if that link doesn't work, anyone who knows me on FB can look at my profile to link to it....and if you don't know me on FB, PM me here and I'll give you my name!)
I joined that group. The FB powers are being puritanical bastards.
if you read the terms of a greement , Facebook gets to decide what is obscene and what isn't, not the users. by posting your profile you are actually agreeing to give them this power. While I disagree with their decision, and I get it thanks for asking, people need to understand the terms of agreement. Facebook can also sell your info to who ever they want and own all photos you put up. IF you dislike the terms don't join.

most people don't really read the terms or know what they are agreeing to.
so, i drank the facebook kool-aid, and i've found a couple of my friends on there, but i'm still poking around. but i know there's groups and stuff too, so tell me, where are all the cool kids hanging out? what's there to really to do on facebook?
Have we had the Twitter discussion yet? I resisted it forever, but now Lilith and I have one for our blog and I'm obsessed. (Temporarily, I'm sure, cause there will probably be a new social networking trend in about five minutes.) if anyone wants to follow.
How freaky is this... in the "people you may know" section of facebook I saw somebody and clicked on their profile to see our mutual friends and we didn't have any. facebook was only saying I may know him because we belong to the same network city. HOWEVER, I do know him! He's just joined and isn't friends yet with any of my friends but we do have mutual friends and we do know each other and I think it's all a little uncanny.
After getting much shit from Culturehandy, I am now on the crackbook. Should you wish to find me, let me know. I probably won't be very helpful as I am not sure how this newfangled thing works.
I basically use facebook as an address book and periodic check-in to see what's going on with people I don't see on a regular basis or don't live in my neck of the woods. I hate all the gifting and gaming apps and don't participate in them any more. I got sucked into it during my first few months on facebook, but I really didn't see the point so I stopped. I guess I'm the sullen girl in the sandbox.

...Which reminds me... I gotta change my facebook status as I'm going back to work next week. Ugh.
cool AP! i pm'd you. i will send busties your way.

also, treehugger is on there. i suggested busties for her. it's good to be able to socialize with busties in another capacity! biggrin.gif
I friended a whole bunch of y'all on face book.
Due to overwhelming pressure I finally joined...... this is me on Crackbook. Feel free to friend me!
I just added you as a friend!
Y'all are more than welcome to add me too!


me three! here i am at myspace.
Here is a link about the new terms of service for facebook

but then people froke out ( in case you didn't know froke is the past tense of freak as in I told him not to freak, but he froke)

please be aware of the terms of service and make sure you understand what you are agreeing to when you use this site!!!
Um, as far as I know, there is no such word as "froke". The past tense of "freak" is "freaked". It may be used as slang, but is not a legitimate word.
AP, of course it's not a legit word, that's why I love it so.

Here is some usefull info about managing your privacy settings in facewank

Olivarria, I accepted your friend request.
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