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Full Version: friendship by degrees--a myspace and friendster thread
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myspace has been blocked here at work! help! i'm on a stranded island!
cool polly!

sorry nickclick. sad.gif
help! I'm desperate for a cheese icon myspace code - can anyone tell me where I can find one? I've googled and looked at most of the main code sites but no luck sad.gif. It shouldn't be so hard to find a pic of cheese.
Hey everyone!

I'm also a MySpace addict! Add me HERE if you'd like.

Here's the LINK to the MySpace page for my online t-shirt company, The Tee Party. I'd love it if you'd add yourself as a friend!
*bump* for dancingbarefoot.

msmornington on there. I feel the need to flaunt it tongue.gif ... oh, and add my bunny too... he's an attention seeker.
as is this bunny smile.gif.
Oh, thanks mornington!

I'm on myspace:

I do have a friendster but I haven't been on it in ages, don't even know the address to my profile right now. If anyone is really interested I can find it for you.

Oh yeah, my myspace page is in the process of being renovated also. Does anyone else wish there were some other interest categories you could fill in? Like, favorite artists. Things you want to do but have never done. Places you have visited. Places you want to visit. Political views. Things you like to do in your free time.

I like lists, can't you tell? Any categories you wish were on myspace profiles? Oh, I also wish I could fill in pastafarian in the religion section. ~giggles~

Anyway, I love meeting fellow Busties! I do ask that if you can, please drop me a message and let me know who you are when you friend me.

Look forward to seeing you!
Don't be affraid, I went on an adding binge. I am becoming quite the attention whore, lately. wink.gif
i've just added and re sorted the lot of ya...i think....
all i can say is thank goodness for myspace while the Lounge was down.
I know, stargazer! I'd come on here and see the "domain expired" thing, panic, then head straight to the bust group on myspace. lol

Imdancingbarefoot, the "pastafarian" thing is genius, I say! Damn! I wish it let people put in whatever they wanted.

So...the other day I was renovating my page, and I was looking for a cool picture to go on the background. I ended up finding one of what I thought was a Barbie sinking in a huge pile of blonde hair (in my defense, that's all that was showing on the picture when I found it). I'm not really a Barbie type of gal, but it looked kind of cool so I was like, to hell with it. I put it up, and since I added new everything, I posted a bulletin about it. Next day all I found in my inbox were comments along the lines of "EWWWW! Why do you have a vagina on your page?!" Sure enough, the bottom half of the Barbie picture had materialized, revealing barbie "sinking" into some girl's vagina, blonde hair and all. huh.gif rolleyes.gif laugh.gif It was really embarassing, yet quite funny at the same time. I can't believe I did that. And I honestly didn't know! Needless to say, my background has now changed yet again.
Oh yeah, btw, you can put extra content boxes in! I've added 2 in mine and I'm still working on more (i, too, love lists!). Try adding the code at the bottom of this post into any of your sections. So for instance, if you add it at the bottom of your "Music" box, it'll come out between "Music" and "Movies." Just change the "ADD TITLE HERE" text in the code to whatever you want to call it. Then you just type whatever you want in that section underneath the code.

<td valign="top" align="left" width="100" bgcolor="b1d0f0">
<span class="lightbluetext8">ADD TITLE HERE:</span></td>
<td style="WORD-WRAP: break-word" width="175" bgcolor="d5e8fb">

P.S. - If anyone want to add me as a friend it's cool, just drop me a line saying you're a Bustie! I feel a rush of power in rejecting strangers. (Not really, I just like actually knowing who the people on my friends list are! wink.gif)
cheers faerietails!

does anyone know how to stop it turning interests etc into search links?

*toddles off to go play*
I think you just put <Z> anywhere inside the box and it takes the link feature away, if I recall correctly. smile.gif
which indeed it says at the top of the page. I spent an aaage looking for that. cheers faerietails

ooh, and can I put a call out for myspace busties to post in the "who are you?" discussion in the BUSTie group? I keep getting confused...
thanks mornington smile.gif. I'm titled bunnyb but my url is bunnyboyler (which I am on LJ) and I'll post in BUST group too just to clarify - although it does come up as bunnyb there.

morn, we have easy knowing who we are! yuefie and pixiedust too.
Faerietails, you are my hero and you rock so super hard. I was going to go to sleep but now I think I may be going to do some myspace playing! Woo-hoo!

Also, I need to go and add you as a friend, if that is ok.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Faerietails, you are my hero and you rock so super hard. I was going to go to sleep but now I think I may be going to do some myspace playing! Woo-hoo!

Also, I need to go and add you as a friend, if that is ok.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I just sent add requests to a whole bunch of y'all, but anyone I missed, do feel free to add me!

i added you!

i am now seeing how many new categories i can fit on my profile... ooh.
Yes! I am so so pleased with this adding categories thing! I want to add more!
heh, not only am i pretty new to the lounge, but I am pretty new to myspace, too. I'd love to have new myspace friends!

My personal myspace is right here:

I also have one for my handmade items shops here if anyone is interested:
Hey, I want some new MySpace friends, too!

Me three!

If you get any friend requests from Jina, that's me!

K, I just went on an adding spree, and I'm tired. Gotta work on it more later! tongue.gif
a-ha! biggrin.gif
Don't be a loser like me, kids! Always send a message saying who you are on bust with your friend request! biggrin.gif
go ahead and add me, let me know if you're from bust!
i'll add you whether or not you message me..
but it's nice to know who's nifty enough to know about me through here.
ooooh, anyone wanna be my friend? look me up on the Bust message board, or under!
Here's mine... No surveys asking if I get along with my parents, please.
i went on an adding spree again....

but mrfj, the surveys are the *best* fun rolleyes.gif
This is me

Hey ladies, here's a myspace politics question: I just recently found my best friend from high school on myspace and I requested her and it was denied... I KNOW she remembers me, we were attached at the hip... I don't want to violate her space by sending a message and I know online crap should never be taken too seriously but it made me sad.. I'm not sure how to take it. I've been racking my brain trying to remember anything I might have done to upset her the last time I saw her and I have no idea... So help me decide: Send her a message or let it go?
dude, fuck it. send her a message.
if she writes back and it's nasty or she doesn't at all, write her another message telling her what a cunt she is, and how if she's gonna be all high school again, so are you.


Add me if you wanna!
add meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

go_k, i agree, send her a message. myspace is a perfect place to show the people you went to high school with how much better your life turned out than their's.

nick & catlady,
Ok, I think I can work up the nerve to do it. She doesn't even live in this state anymore so I don't know what I'm worried about.
Hi folks!

So, I haven't really been around the lounge a whole lot lately and I see some new myspace folks here! I love Bustie friends on my myspace so please, feel free to add me!

If you do the livejournal thing I am: theogferret there

And now, I'm going on a Bustie adding binge! :-)

Oh, Kayte, definitely go for it!
yo, wanting more Busties please!

add me at

ophelia~i got an email via myspace and wasn't able to reply...
I've just gone on an adding spree! If I've missed you out and you want me as a friend, I'm here:
Bumping for qwiksilver . . . wait, ok, I guess it didn't need to be bumped.

Ummm . . . hihi!

x_polaris That's me! Say Hello tongue.gif

IPB Image
Hi, I just subscribed to the magazine and joined the forum. Here's my
url at MySpace.
just started up a livejournal blog . befriend me!

isn't there a blog thread around here?
I'll friend you in bit, I'm theogferret on livejournal. There is a blog thread, I'll go find it and give it a bump for ya!
I just made a profile on Myspace:

Who wants to be my friend?
I put in a request to add you, sonik!
me too!
me three!

/friend whore
yeah for sonik!!
*jumps on the adding bandwagon*

Sonik, sent you a request also.
yeah, i keep having trouble too. myspace is so finicky. i don't think it is just you.
So who else has been sucked into facebook and can I add you?
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