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Full Version: friendship by degrees--a myspace and friendster thread
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I love myspace. I can't deny it. I love that there are people here in SF who i was able to become friends with (i tend to be shy at first in person) by sending them a myspace and getting to know them.
It makes it soooo much easier when i'm out and about to approach that person.
why do i get more weird responses from friends when i tell them that i'm going to meet a girl-friend i met on, than i do when i say that i found a date on ?
Is everyone who's on MySpace part of the BUST group?

I just went and posted my Bust alias in the group convo. It was interesting to see everyone's real-lie non-Bust names/pics/etc.
i think i just did, but i'm confused. is it the bust magazine group, or is there a different bust lounge group? didn't see the bust name convo...
i just added a load of ya to don't be scared..i don't bite....kitty does...
Alright, I am on MySpace. How do I become part of the Bust group?
Okay, i joined the Bust group too... This is me on Myspace in case any of you are interesed...
Does anybody know anythign about a myspace radio you can download ?
Oh! This is exciting. I'm
Oh. I don't know how to do the hyperlink thing.
I think I joined the wrong group. Lowredmoon, will you join me in the group? I want to be in the Exclusive Super Cool one.
Allrighty ladies, in LowRedMoon's stead I link you to BUSTiesSpace

And here I am if any of ya fine chicas wanna friend me :-)
Here's my url if ya wanna friend me:
Yay! This is great!

Love the Simpsons quote on your profile, Aqua! I love Simpsons and Daily Show too, but I guess that isn't too unique because they are hilarious shows. :-)
i am on there too ladies.

i'm here to support the busties...
I just started a myspace account, I am gonna add you ladies to my friends. here's mine:
I've gone on a adding binge & added all of you - so don't be scared!

Why is it that getting myspace friends becomes so addictive?
Wow. Am I the youngest?! Haha I'm 20 :D
My myspace:
hi everyone--
i was in the land of no internet access for a couple days, so i didn't get to add you all to the BUST group until a few minutes ago. sorry bout that!
Thanks for the add ladies! :-)
Hey guys - I just tried to join the Bustie group and it said I need approval. Oh - I hope I hope I hope I make it.

stargazer! I found your page and reached out for your friendship!

I just opened a myspace account, too.

Yay! Some of you know me - so be my friends!
Hi New Friends, and those who haven't Friended me yet,
Check out my recap of POSEIDON on my page!
I'm new to Myspace....add me!

ETA: when on myspace please dont call me greenbean, just so I can keep my "Bust" life private ;)
i just wanna say it's been cool adding alot of busties! keep it up ladies!
buon giorno busties! i just tried to join the super-elite bust group. I'm still waiting for my acceptance.
I have been getting a lot of spam since I started my myspace account is that common? Like 11 or 12 messages are ending up in my bulk mail a daily basis.
I just realized that you live in the Bay Area too. I remember, when I used to come onto BUST years and years ago, I was the ONLY Bay Area bustie.
I am LOVING THE SHIT out of my new Bustie MySpace friends. xoxoxoheartsoxoxoxo
(PM me if anyone else wants to share the joy that is MySpace/Bustie lurve)

hi....please add me:-)
Are there two different Bust groups on MySpace?
Hey ladies! If any of you friend me, can you please shoot me a note and let me know you're a bustie? I ususally will friend deny if I have no idea who the person is.
My apologies to any Busties whose friend request I turned down. Friend me again!
Hi everybody! I'm Jenni, and I'm new, and I have a MySpace. And a Friendster, but screw Friendster.
Hey everyone! Here's mine
hi! i'm also kinda new (haven't posted much in awhile), and have a myspace:

i'll add you too...oh, and if you have any must-hear local bands that you love, let me know! i *heart* discovering new bands.
I'm a myspace girl, although it sorta disgusts me. just a bit. too much like high school.
I succumbed to the myspace monster. I haven't put up any info yet (still deciding how much I want to disclose) but here's my URL:

I'm with you, solitary, it is still kinda creepy and high school-y. I found the 80 or so people I went to high school with who are on there and I'd be interested in talking to some of them, but it's just weird still.

Check back in a couple of weeks, maybe I'll have gotten around to doing something with it. I'd be interested in joining the Bust group, though- how do I do that?
same name, Ophelia as my regular, opheliathemuse as my url. =) I've just joined the bust group.
polly, I can't add you as I need your email or real name.

msmornington is my url - and I'm in the bust group, there's a linky in my profile, or it's here.

myspace is not only immensley childish, it's distracting and addictive. I love it and hate it all at once.
Oh, I forgot about that option I set up. I'll PM you!
done! added. woo! more friends!

(I'm sorry, like I said, myspace is hopelessly addictive)
i'm obsessed with myspace! Unfortunately, they recently blocked it at work and I'm lost without it. :-( is my page, I think...if that doesn't work, I'll have to repost it. :-\
i just added you cstars124.
Hey I just added some of you ladies. If I forgot anyone just add me:

Woohoo! Two friends!

How do I join the Bust group?
oops...i think i might have declined some of you guys as friends not knowing who you were. Sorry! If you send me another request, I'll add you!
psst, if anyone tries to add me, just think a bit.
I added you, cstars and ophelia.

polly, the bust group is here - just click on "join group" and lowredmoon will sort you out.

I'm mornington on myspace too if anyone wants to add me.
Thanks, mornington- I sent it through now!
I just tried to join the group and I'm waiting for my approval! YAY!
I havent posted in a while, but i am glad to see that there are other busties addicted to myspace! I am in the Bust Group and have them as my friend. If you want to look me up, my profile is set to private right now, but send me a message and i will add you!
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