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probably cos you have a busy, fulfilling, exciting life outside the lounge? tongue.gif

nice to see you around, though smile.gif
Antiotter is another one of those Busties who is on LJ.
ohmygosh i have no clue if anyone remembers me, but hello! i'm back at bust! yay! xx
I just went through the old confessions thread to, I'm wondering what ever happened to

1) Erin_jane

2) Gardnerella

3) Whammy_Bar

Geez, then going through here, it seems that there are so many people not around anymore.

*deep sigh*
erin_jane is now erinjane, and whammybar is girlygirlgag, and they both still post regularly.
Well now i feel like an idiot, not because of you sixelacat! But I can't believe it was that obvious.

*cheecks turn red with embarassment*
Is GGG whammy_bar? I remember GGG took a different name for a while after a dingo attack but I didn't think those two were the same person.
suds, is that really you?!?! welcome back!

i thought whammybar was wombat now?

I can only remember ggg being ggg.
ooh, thanks for missing me! Yes, whammy_bar is indeed wombat.

girly girl gag I think has always been herself. And that is all good, she's awesome smile.gif

funny, I came in here to say that I miss pherber.
Oops, sorry wombat, I knew that! I was hypnotised by GGG's avatar..... blink.gif
i miss pherber too, where'd she go?
What about glowlita, was there a name switch with glowlita as well?

Jeez, I feel so out of the loop.
Yeah, I had to change my name due to the last dingo.

Sucked to be a "n00b"!!
I think fina speaks to weedy IRL; not sure if she's on LJ.
glowlita is still posting on live journal.

weedy WAS on live journal, but has been gone now for several months. she wants to focus on real life. i miss her.

I MISS WEEDY! Fina, you better be taking notes for all of us who want to pass on a hello to her... cool.gif
I miss Oreo'smom (spelling?). She hasn't been back since she posted the news about her father passing away. I hope she is ok. I send her PM's occasionally. She was very nice. Anyone talk to her?
where is cloverbee?
Unfortunately, cloverbee, has been gone for quite awhile. I had forgotten a few weeks ago, or so, but someone reminded me she disappeared when we got the new lounge. sad.gif

Where is Oreo's mom? She was a great new bustie!

Hey, and where is go kayte? Long time no see....
I also miss oreo's mom, bklynhermit too.
lowredmoon disappeared too.
Oreo's Mom hasn't been back since she shared that her father passed away in the write a letter you'll never send thread. I miss her a lot. We pm'd quite a bit. I try to send them to her now but she never responds.

*sigh" sad.gif
QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Mar 21 2007, 08:55 AM) *

Oreo's Mom hasn't been back since she shared that her father passed away in the write a letter you'll never send thread. I miss her a lot. We pm'd quite a bit. I try to send them to her now but she never responds.

*sigh" sad.gif

I am back : )
To everyone that has sent me a pm and posted messages on the board regarding my father, thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.

I am officially back on the boards and I will try to post as often as I can.
(((oreosmum))) it's really good to see you back and I hope you and oreo are doing okay.

Welcome back! I hope that all is going as well as it can!
*runs into room jumping around screaming*


*looks around and reads posts from Oreo's mom*

AWW MAN! I wanted to be the first to tell everyone...

*pouts and then smiles happily*

No matter! I'm glad your back sweetie!
Welcome back, oreo's mom!! Sorry for your loss.
where's wombat been lately?
I think she took the hint.


Sorry. Bad Polly, bad!
*tries not snicker*
::snickering enough to make up for both of you::
I ain't saying nothing.

Whatever happened to Taligator? She's not been 'round since the first of the year.
Came in to ask about the BUSTie directly below - anyone heard from auralpoison? I miss her.

Crassy_mcnasty hasn't been around lately either sad.gif.
Last time I saw AP was in the crush thread, and there was some shit going down. That must've been about two months ago.





Doesn't look like she's posted since late April???
I miss aural too.

I came in here to post these treasures that I found on the wayback machine the other day




so many old names. remember that kid's show where the host would look through her magic mirror and "see" kids out in teevee land? through my magic mirror, i miss maple, i miss aslan, i miss venetia, i miss mutley, i miss strangegrrl, junglista, commanderbeth, and far too many more.
Holy Shit, Sukouyant -

where did you find those?

and does this mean that somewhere, buried deep in wherever you found those, is AP's long lost Manifesto of Fuck????!!!

where?!! where?!!

Alas no!
It seems like only a very few of the links are still 'active' and stored -- they were over at
If it were stored I would have liked to get a good look at the muppet sex thread. Oh also Ode to Dan, The Crapweasel, of course.

oh lovemypugs, i think that maddy left in disgrace a little bit ago.
where to then, sukouyant?

The third page is only from a couple of years ago as there's a lot of familiar users.

Some great thread names/discussions and it saddens me that The Writer's Block sees so little action to what it did years ago (sukouyant, it was you who restarted it, yes? I should really post in there.)

pugs, maddy majorly slated the lounge on another website; the link to it should still be in the porn thread in the f-word.

yeah! i started that one! i remember wondering whether i put the apostrophe in the right place.

in the search field i typed in which pulled up a list of records, then i clicked a few to see which ones worked. That site stores screen shots with many duplicates.

if you click on show topics in one of the links i posted, (i don't remember which one), it'll lead you to the thread titles from back then. i noticed that the topics busties used to discuss in the f-word section were a lot more diverse and active in the past.
I should be posting in the Writers Block as well.

I TOTALLY miss Strangegrrl, too.

Aslan has a blog (For the sake of privacy, I won't post a link here, but PM me for details).

Junglista is on LJ (And again for the sake of privacy, I won't post a link here), but she de-friended me a while back -- I think it's because now she'll only add or keep people on her f-list who she knows or has met in person.
*blink blink* um, hi, y'all! smile.gif It sure is a lot different since I was here last! biggrin.gif

What'd I miss? smile.gif *snicker*

Awww... I can't believe how many names I remember (and how many I have postcards from from years ago). I miss Monstergrrrl. She took me out one night with her and her friends and it was a great time! I recall having breakfast at Fran's Diner in Toronto at about 2:30 in the a.m.
QUOTE(sukouyant @ Aug 13 2007, 05:24 PM) *
oh lovemypugs, i think that maddy left in disgrace a little bit ago.

QUOTE(bunnyb @ Aug 13 2007, 05:39 PM) *
pugs, maddy majorly slated the lounge on another website; the link to it should still be in the porn thread in the f-word.

So sorry to bring up old shit but WOW! Just went and read back in the porn thread to see what Maddy had to say on that other website. Boy oh boy did she just throw the BDSMers under the bus or what?!?! After all that shit about...I'm just in here trying to understand, learn and ask questions....blah, blah, blah. What an asshole. Glad she is gone. I wasn't missing her just wondering where she'd gone. Now I know and like I said before...I'm glad she is gone!!! Oh..gotta go...the patriarchy is calling me...he'd like some sex before we go to bed.

*slumps off*

Okay...if I have to...

*twists arm behind back*

God another orgasm...three in one day is just awful...why me?

*chanting to self*

Don't arch your back when you cum, don't arch your back when you cum...

P.S. Does anyone else think it's funny when a woman calls another woman an asshole? Mr. Pug thinks that is the funniest thing and so do all his friends. I prefer it to bitch personally.
Oh I remember that whole BDSM fiasco, we started a thread called take it outside because of her, which then got really ugly.

I never read the porn thread, but did go and read the comments, but fuck, that was completely uncalled for. I guess because women take control of their sexuality it's a bad thing! *rolls eyes*
Missjoy, Monstergrrl is on LJ pretty much daily! I'd be happy to pass along your contact info to her!
Has anyone heard from Auralpoison recently? Looks like she hasn't been here since mid-June. I hope she's okay.

And GGG! I miss her as well. Aw shucks.
Ive been gone for quite a few years....I think I was Britarchivalist, and some other name, but have forgotten all of the passwords fo rthose so had to re register.
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