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Full Version: "Have You Seen Me?" MIA Busties
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I know she is on the FB, haven't seen her 'round these parts, though.
I sent amilita a note on FB to find you, Doodle.
There are so many gone. *sniff*
AP, you're one of the few OG busties who stuck around.
The lounge just ain't the Lounge anymore. sad.gif

*tiptoes in*

wow. it's so quiet around here. what the hell happened to the lounge? this is downright scary, y'all. i see a few familiar names, but, damn...

i missed you guys.

*tiptoes out*
yeah, it's a bummer. After the last tr**l invasion and subsequent shitstorm, a lot of the long time busties gravitated to the FB group. I, for one, don't dig posting there. I have no desire to post some of the private thoughts I do here, under my own name and identity. I like the anonymity of the lounge. Plus I've been here so long, I don't want to give up on it. So I'm holding out. I lurk more than I post these days, but I do post now and then, and I am most definitely here.

so stick around, damona!!!
I stepped out due to internet issues before the big explosion happened so I don't know what went down. It does seem so quiet around here these days though. Sad, this used to be such a vibrant place full of awesome women (a few cool dudes too!). Oh well, I still have internet issues so I don't spend a lot of time online at all anymore.

Did Tesao leave us for good? She was such fun...
Me too, Zoya. Not that I ever post much, but I feel more comfortable posting here. And I like that it's open to new people, whereas the FB group will presumably stay fairly static.
Seems like a lot of folks have left for good. I used to come on everyday and read through 3 pages of active topics. Now I'm lucky if there's half a page and most of it is in threads I don't frequent.

I accidentally rejected the invite to the FB group and can't be invited a second time and despite emails and phone calls to facebook no one ever got back to me, but I prefer the anonymity of the lounge too. I'll probably be a die hard here as well.
I'm one of the few that still posts regularly. We're lucky if we get twenty posts a day anymore. The only threads that seem to get reg action are the small boobies thread, the craft thread, the confessions thread, the pregnancy/CNBC threads, & the single word association thread.

I did get a message from Konphusion the other day & she is doing well, but is mostly too busy to be fartin' around here anymore.

I am not wild about the FB page, either. The only thing I like about it is that nobody seems to have extended an invite to the asshole, so I don't have to fuck with it over there.
Damona, I'm still here as well. Stick around! smile.gif
Ditto. I prefer the relative anonymity here too... also, as zoya said, I don't want to give up on the lounge. I am sad it's quieter around here.
well, i'm back, and hopefully sticking around this time! *knocks on wood*

let's keep this party rockin! lol. but, seriously. anonymity is good. it's much nicer to fess up to stuff when only one or two people even know your real name or what you look like, etc.

we had a real community going here, let's see if we can't get it back, hey?

thank you, thank you, this has been your daily cheerleader message from damona. tongue.gif
It's funny. I just read something on Jezebel yesterday about women & social media that actually quoted Debbie, she "compared Facebook to 'passing notes, a girlish form,' she said. She's not the only one who sees it that way."

This was a response from a Bustie of yore: "Reading this it strikes me as ironic that the last- and maybe only- time in my life when I felt part of an actual community of feminist women was on the Bust magazine forum about ten years ago; a gaggle of hardcore, whipsmart women who taught me more about what my feminism meant to me than Debbie Stoller's actual magazine has ever managed, and it makes me sad to think that Stoller hasn't a clue how important that internet arm of her magazine was, and maybe still is, to hundreds of young feminists. (I would be astonished if there are no old- skool Busties on these boards, for that matter. If there are, hobeanas better holla!)"

I must admit, I really do miss the old Lounge. I'll keep plugging away, though. Busties! Too Tough To DIE!
see, I actually feel safer in our Facebook group-because you have to be invited and here in the Lounge, the tr*ll could pop up at any time. There are things/aspects of my job that make it pretty hard to be anonymous if I share anything of significance about work. And I like talking about work. I do still lurk here from time to time, but it's become more infrequent.
I only started coming here and it seems like everyone's leaving! Was it something I said?

Anyways, in a week I'm leaving for a place far, far from internet access and will be gone for 3 months. I didn't know where the best place to post this news is, or whether anyone cares, but there it is. I hope the place is still around when I get back, or I'll really miss it!
We will miss you, angie_21! I really appreciate your posts.
Take care angie!
Ditto what SG said angie: I always find your posts interesting/insightful. I'd say we'll still be here in 3 months so check back then!
Aww thanks guys smile.gif Seems like I was in a blue state of mind when I posted that, I think I'm more than a little stressed out about leaving. I will definitely be back in September, since I've really loved meeting you all and getting involved in discussions here. It's a great place to be and I've always found everyone here to be so supportive, thoughtful, and fun to talk to. (I think I might also be posting a lot in the next week before leaving as part of my way of dealing with the stress!)

Also, I agree with those of you who prefer the anonymity of posting here rather than getting invovled on facebook. There's just too many security issues on facebook already, and I'm not a fan of the possibility of mixing up my personal life and bustie life, especially since I live too far away to meet anyone here in person. The same anonymity that allows trolls to occasionally wreak havoc here, also protects me! And the trolls seem to always be temporary.
Aw, angie, I'll miss your comments here too.
AP, thanks for posting that most excellent comment from that ol' skool bustie. i love it! wish i knew who wrote it. i have my suspicions ...
Welcome back Mando. I missed you.
awww, thanks!
its not the same without culturehandy and her wisdom. and shinyx3. miss em!!
I know she was only a member here for a few months before she left us with the Great Bustie Exodus, but SevenSeconds was a born Bustie and a hell of a writer. I miss her vivid, articulate posts.
You now gots the hookup, Epi.
Hello, hello lovelies. Happy new year!!! My how I have missed you all! Not much has changed with my situation. The mr is still lacking in the romance, hygeine, and intimacy departments. But im still alive and well. Hope you all are too. I have just decided not to give a shit anymore lol not worth my energy. Im trying to be a good girl and not take advantage of the naughty opportunities that I have been offered. We will see how long that lasts! Take care busties!
I think I may have just seen COCL! I did! I did!

Glad you are well, Kon!
*rubs eyes*

OMG! Hi Kon! *waves* Visit us again when you can. smile.gif
*waves, winks at AP*
Holy shit! I just saw her again! ::jumps up & down:: HI! HI HI HI HI HI! Missed you! HI!
You can take the Bustie out of the Lounge, but can't take the Lounge out tha Bustie. I miss ya'll too! See you all in October wink.gif
Hi I just new here, but love your guys, find many cute people here.
QUOTE(pinkpoodle @ Oct 16 2009, 03:33 PM) *
Crackbook...heh...I only have 5 bustie friends in FB: turbo, minx, mox, falljackets, and tallulah. There's mr. FJ, too, but he's more of a troll. wink.gif LOL

Is there a post-exodus Bustie group anywhere? on Facebook? It's been quite a few years since I posted. I was Plynn and remember so many of these names. New jobs, new kids, etc made me drop off, and them I tried to come back but everyone was gone!
QUOTE(generate @ May 15 2013, 02:50 PM) *
Is there a post-exodus Bustie group anywhere? on Facebook? It's been quite a few years since I posted. I was Plynn and remember so many of these names. New jobs, new kids, etc made me drop off, and them I tried to come back but everyone was gone!

Ah, yes. The Great Bustie Exodus of '09 pretty much killed the Lounge dead. No need to fret, however, please PM me & I will see if I can't give you the hookup for our latest digs!
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