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raisin, last I heard aural was looking for new digs (and/or contemplating moving in with her guy). She had such a rough year I'm hoping she's okay and will post again sometime....
Hi guys!
I doubt anyon was wondering where i was but Im back now.
I was working at a place where they all of a sudden blocked the bust site and I couldnt get in.
But I switched jobs and I am BACK!

Missed you all! Hi everyone!
welcome back, daisy!
Hi Daisy! I have always loved your icon.
Hey daisy! I'm such a rebel right now cause my work is on high-alert with forums, blogs, etc.
But I'll have a new computer soon... and not have to rely on my work's server.... and I'll have a new job!
SO.. i'll be back full force again, I hope.

I love your icon too Daisy! So cute.... it's like one of those pics from! I mean, is it?
I am just wondering around, catchin up. I used to post on this board quite often... but has been years and a lifetime ago. I recognize a few names.. mine has changed, it was Sage before. It has been a good 3 years, I think, since I posted last. So, some serious MIA. I am gonna try to reaclimate a bit before i go crazy posting, but nice to be back. tongue.gif
where's girlygirlgag been? Was there a flounce that I'm not remembering?
Going back a bit... does anyone know what happened to jalia??
GGG has been abloggin' on MySpace, where is THE Aural Poison?!?
where's kel been lately? i've managed to rack up a surprising number of people who need to be neck-punched in the last couple days.
I've not seen Kel in a looooong time. I just went to her profile, she hasn't been active since August 28th. I hope she's okay.
I've been asking the same thing about Auralpoison, Jem - I'm worried about her, actually - haven't had a PM from her in ages, and she's nowhere to be seen.

I know moonpieluv said she'd be back soon, but it's been almost 3 weeks! I miss her! come back!
Aw, jeez. I'm feeling all shitty now for bouncing for a bit. Big ups to Bunnyb, Culturehandy, Sukouyant, Raisingirl, Sixelacat, Jem, Zoya, Mornington, Stargazer, et al for having my back. I'm shady & wack. Mad sads.
AP, it's great to see you here, I hope that you are doing as well as you can.

princess evangeline
"voodoo princess" here...... just thought i'd drop by and give a hello!
WOW, sukouant--- thank you for that blast from the past-- i miss so many of those people--junglista, mojojosie, sevarian, cerebrate, jilliec, artimis27, musicfit, strangeness, aslan, lysistrada, designermedusa, dinaofdoom,! suds, wickedone, lelu, oh--- glowlita & funjules! toto and ofcourse my beloved ven, and ones i've met irl, greentea, spit kitten & pennycentury...

god... i lurve busties...
Glowlita is back as gluelita. I remember many of those busties, too!
gt, jilliec is now vesicapisces, I'm sure, and designermedusa is a regular poster in kvetch and lelu and funjules have shown up recently in there too.
did i miss this? are maimy and tes gone forever? i see northpole around everyonce in a while and doxy too but all the other men folk have up and gone as well? too bad, some spice is gone from the mix...
From what I understand, Maims is gone for good. Who knows if she shall return? I hope she does cos I miss her.

I haven't talked to Dox in months, but I plan on rectifying that soon. I miss the hell out of that boy.
tes isn't gone, just really busy. doxy posted in ATWT a few days ago.
I miss boblink. He's hasn't posted since June 1st. His posts always seemed to contribute a lot of relevent useful information. His posts were funny, tasteful and just well written. I liked him a lot. Miss him.

pepper - i agree. i always liked the guys who posted. it's was a nice change in perspective. smile.gif
Maybe I'm just legally blind, but is Snaf still around? Snaf made me laff.

A new guy joined the other day. I sent him a PM welcoming him to Bust cos I was in a good mood. He wrote me back asking how to me ladies with ginormous boobies in his area. Tool.
I saw Tes yesterday. She has not abandoned Bust! She has just been super busy at work. Same goes for her best friend, Plat. They don't have time to play on the internet lately, but they'll be back as soon as they do.
i miss speedy. does anyone have any news about him and/or his whereabouts?
Does girlbomb ever post here anymore? A friend of mine just read an advanced copy of her new book and thought it was really great. I can't wait to borrow it from her!
What ever happened to antiotter? I know he was in the he doing that somewhere?
Ya, what happened to Spit kitten? I found her book the other day in my bookcase.
Missing Phobia's posts in the Fun with Floggers Thread. I know she'd have some interesting points to add to the recent discussions. She hasn't posted since the October flamewar (if you can call it that). Hope she comes back.
i dunno. spitkitten and i would hang out (she was doing burlesque) but she and a mutual friend had a falling out and i lost touch.... this was a few years ago, but far as i know she's still in the pacific northwest....
Whatever happened to Herculesgirl? She wanted to have my intarwebs babies . . .
girlbomb just posted recently; this week, i think.

antiotter got out of the military, was in school in the PNW, went back into the military, received some additional training, did a tour in a war zone.....

he's on live journal. there is a community of busties there.
I know she hasn't been around in a very long time, but is there any word on Lot49?

How 'bout Tyger?
Whoa. I can't get over how fancy this lounge is.

Um. Hi.

'member me?

It's been a wild past few years.

I'm in a good place. I have a job I love, a man I love even more. My daughter is doing about as well as I could expect from a girl on the brink of adolescence.

I hope all of you are well. I just started lurking for the first time in like two years. I'm glad to see some familiar faces!


holy fucking shit.

i totally remember you, aslan.


welcome back!
Aslan!!! Great to see you and to hear all is going well.

I'm currently living with my guy and his teenage daughter. My guy is the same guy I probably ranted about in 'we're not dating butt' back in the day. Things are much better now. So far adolescence hasn't turned his kid (who is mostly lovely) into the demon from The Exorcist, but there's still time... maybe we can trade coping strategies?

Nice to see you. Stick around!
Thanks Zoya and Sybarite! I'm happy to report that I think I'm finally cured of my addiction to long-distance relationships. Glad to hear you're making it work with your guy. I imagine it's much harder to be the not-quite-step-parent, though. At least I have memories of a cute little girl to keep me going through the tough spots.

But with a hormonal early-teenage girl is certainly a practice in patience and probably a good dose of karma thrown in. I need all the coping strategies I can find!
Tyger. Whatever happened to Tyger? She dropped out a couple months back . . .
Jem? what happened to Jem? And Lysistrata? Has everybody defected to LJ?
AP, Jem is about on myspace; she keeps in good contact with yuefie.

puppykitty, I miss Lot49 too. Sniff.

I'm so glad to see damona back, I meeced her.
i always ask this every once in a while, but are superscience and bunnyfluf ever lurking? i still listen to their mix cd's, and they make me all happy
Has anyone seen Grrrlyouwant lately?
ASLAN!!!!!!! OMG! HI!!!

where is girl bomb? she was here for a second, then gone....
Wow... I googled my username to see what remnants of me are left up on the internet, and here I find out I'm missed! I feel so warm and snuggly inside now!

QUOTE(sukouyant @ Aug 13 2007, 08:08 AM) *
so many old names. remember that kid's show where the host would look through her magic mirror and "see" kids out in teevee land? through my magic mirror, i miss maple, i miss aslan, i miss venetia, i miss mutley, i miss strangegrrl, junglista, commanderbeth, and far too many more.

Where's Tes been lately??
I was wondering that myself. And Speedy. I wanted to post something about WLP, but it's not as fun without Speedy busting my chops.
OMG - I just had a Moonpieluv sighting in the lounge!!! I was wondering what had happened to her!!!
Oh, & Oreosmom.
oh... superscience, junglista, and i always miss ven. she's my heart... sniff. i miss some of the other pac nw busties i hung out with irl, like spitkitten and greentea...
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