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Yay! Somebody remembered me and missed me! Awww, I feel like crying happymaking tears!Walkingbitch, Lysistrata, Raisin, Maimy, Alligator... I haven't been on BUST in many years, due to the fact that I'm hopelessly addicted to myspace and lj.. I still kick it in San Francisco (I still have the postcards you all sent me)... I've mellowed out considerably.. Am much less punk and much more hippy now. I meditate and have a guru and am planning a trip to Southern India in a year so that i can study Sanskrit and Hatha Yoga and chill out in an ashram for awhile.
SAKTII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you, you fab thing you??


I have all my postcards, too.
i just moved and found teeshirts i was supposed to mail you and then got very upset with myself for being a total spazz.
are you still same address?
(oh, this is glowlita btw...i have a new stickier alter-ego)
Does anyone know whatever happened to Gaigin? She was an American teaching english in Japan.
glue, i love that! i have an address. maybe it's the same one but prolly not. i'll pm you.

woman on top top, yeah!
I've wondered about Gaigingirl (sp?), too. I don't know what happened to her. But we all seem to come back at some point, don't we?! :-)
Am I the only one who got turned on when Saktii said "ashram?"
(Possible - but not likely, G ...)
my guru's ashram not very sexy, I'm afraid. They don't even let you eat meat there (yes, I'm a baaaad baaaad Hindu. I can't give up the meat).. Now, that was possibly quite more suggestive than saying "ashram"
where is mouse?
No meat in the ashram, eh?
mouse?? as in me? i am quite suprised my absence was noticed :P
i stopped having internet in my house for several months, but i've recently moved and it's back. and so am i. :-)
ok, i missed your sassy self you bad girl. welcome back.
welcome back, mouse ... i meeced you too!
Maybe it's just a temporary MIA, but where has my little sister Lysistrata been? Does anyone know? I hope everything's okay with her and she's just off celebrating the end of the semester.
aw shucks :-)
Hey Mouse! I noticed you were gone too. What's up girl?
whatever happened to lelu?
hmm, yeah, she had problems with her partner and was getting out of that (with her kids, right?)...she posted to say she was okay, and then we never heard from her. Ooo, I hope she's okay.
lelu's on LJ sporadically. last i saw, she was doing ok.
ok, where is Tes?
and Princess La La was wondering about puppykitty too?
anybuddy got an idear?
tes is in mozambique and has very sporadic updates here. last i heard there was an earthquake but she is totally fine, and i think she adopted a cat.

puppykitty moved to some desert and was around last week. she's pastry-cheffing and waitressing, and doesn't have internet at her apartment, but i think she will soon

no idea 'bout princess lala, though, sorry
no, no. princess was asking about puppykitty, not me asking about princess. that would be funny since she was at my house at the time. ha.
good to hear tes is fine. she's such a hoot, it's too quiet 'round here without her.
ok, where are 1) heylady, billybonka, and fina? Lys has been a little sporadic over in el j land...
billybonka just posted in kvetch up and I think fina's been there recently, too.
Where has Speedy been? Seems like he hasn't made any posts in the new Lounge. Come back, Speedy!
where's lot49 these days? She was due to marry wasn't she? I miss her and want to discuss TV and Holocaust literature! Please hurry back!
where the hell is my adopted little sister tyger?! she posted in the Okay thread looking for me a couple months ago, and now i came back and she's gone!
tyger sighting in okay, lowredmoon!

hopefully she'll return and post lots cos the buffy quote game is dying without her input.

still no lot49 sad.gif.
Where is lot? Comeback, we miss you!
Seriously, yo, WHERE IS SPEEDY?! Miss him.
I'm wondering where Sassygrrl is???
yeah, we're all missing you sassygrrl - come back sooooooon!!!
i was looking for this thread the otehr day and couldn't find it.......and i even did the drop-down 30 days thing too!

where the hell is zillahgirl?

i'm missing some of the people i swapped cd's with way back
I was re-reading the Confessions thread from all the way back to when it first started, to find a confession I had made. There's a bunch of people who posted in there who aren't around anymore....anyone seen Voodoo Princess? She had some good posts that really stuck out for me.
dolly lo is exclusively posting in El Jay. i met her the last time i was in New York. she ROCKS. she is without a doubt one of the best writers i have ever known.

speedy is around some. not much, but he *is* here.

have not seen meerkat in about a year. but who knows? a lot of people changed their names when the new lounge format happened. no way to tell. i miss him, too.

seven mile? jane jackson? pirate grrl? doxy?
Voodoo Princess is around, but under a new name because her old names keep getting eaten! She is Princess Evangeline now.

I miss QSpice. I know where else to find her on The Internets, but that doesn't change the fact that I miss having her around the Lounge.

And I miss Lelu and FunJules, too. Come back, my darlings!!!!
Oh, then I have seen her around. I forget who's changed their name to what.
Where is Chinichin?
Just stumbled into this thread for the first time. I'm not on any mission to find a particular MIA bustie, but I do want to say this:

This thread is so fucking cute! I can feel the love...

(And I second the call for speedy to come around more.)
Hey! Just came in to say Hi, and lookit it is my buddy G3 saying hello to me too smile.gif

I miss you guys! Baby is keeping me busy - she just started to WALK, HELLO, SLOW DOWNNNNNN - and doesn't like me sitting at the computer. Life is different but good.

has anyone seen venetia?
chini chin chin!!!!

*flings self at chini and knocks her to the ground*

you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO meeeeced!! we thought the evil wolf had taken you away from us! instead it is adorable walking bustie baybeeeeeee!

ven is on live journal. she has at least two there. i've been awol from my journal there for way too long. it is easier to bust, i can lurk, if i post it can be quick. i really like to think and write and take my time in my journal. there are a lot of busties over there that don't post here anymore. sad.gif
hi tesao.
i used to be butta,buttacup, etc...

well, that's poop. i run around and come back here always hoping that i will see all the busties i used to know. but that is a bit much to ask. *sigh* well i guess i get to meet new peeps, huh? that'll be fun!
Butta and Chini!!!!

*Dies of happiness*
maimy, you are always such a doll!!!
I just realized I haven't seen a post from cloverbee in a while. sad.gif
Where's faerietails? She hasn't been around in a month or so.

ETA: I went through the archives of the movie thread to get some ideas for my Netflix list, and also realized antiotter hasn't been around....I know he was in the military- did he get shipped out? I'm having a mental block!! I hope he's okay.

Yeah, and where's cloverbee- I miss her in the CBC thread!

I'm here! I've just been dreadfully lax in checking the Lounge.

(I can't believe anyone asked! !!!)
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