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Full Version: Getting to the "bottom" of the matter -- all things about anal sex.
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early morning, crept in while my fwb was sleeping and wonderful anal, long and slow---such a nice way to start the day, with good thoughts occupying my mind all the rest of the day. hmm. which do i prefer??
Hi! I haven't posted in a while, but I wanted to come in and ask a question since all you ladies are so knowledgeable (and I don't feel judged if I ask maybe a dumb question!).

So the other night my partner and I had (or attempted) anal for the first time. It was incredibly painful and I had to have him pull out (though it was probably an issue of lube and nervousness on my part)

Anyways in the few days afterwards I've felt kind of constipated. Is this normal? Or should I check it out with a doctor? Sorry if I seem a little naive asking this, but I just wanted to see if this was a normal reaction or maybe whether it had nothing to do with the sex.
It seems to be a common theme that some people get plugged up after having anal.
I miss me some anal BAD. Hmmmmm, will have to demand some after my placebo week is over. *Ah, anal dreams*
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