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Full Version: Getting to the "bottom" of the matter -- all things about anal sex.
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I have to write that I had anal for the first time last weekend. It was something I always swore I wouldn't do -- that my ass was an exit only.

However, with a partner I felt 100% comfortable with and trusted, lots of lube, and waiting until after orgasm through vaginal intercourse, we tired it.

Fingers first then he went really slow, communicating with me the entire time. I focused on being and staying relaxed.

There was no pain and it was actually very hot! A success!
I'm so glad that I tried it because now it just opened the door to a whole new area (pun intended) of exploration.
*applause for ericamamerica*

Sounds like a great first experience! May you have many more like it.
butt plugs: Are they usually inserted during intercourse? Left alone or manipulated? Are they used differently for men and women?
I am a total beginner in the world of anal play!
There are three basic kinds of butt toys:

1. Butt plugs -- designed to be inserted (before, after or during intercourse - doesn't really matter when) and left in place for a "filling" feeling

2. Anal beads/ripply toys -- designed to be inserted, then removed just before or during orgasm. The sphincter muscles clench around each of the beads or ripples as the toy is removed, adding to the muscle contractions of orgasm

3. Dildos -- smooth, usually slimmer toys that are designed to be thrust in and out (worn in a harness by your partner, or something like that).

Any toy that goes into the anus should definitely, definitely have a flared base. Otherwise it can get "sucked up" into the body, end up in the colon, and require a trip to the emergency room and some nasty, major surgery to remove. Always always always use toys with flared bases!

Men and women generally use anal toys in the same way - insert, remove, repeat. However, lots of men enjoy toys with a slight curve, so they're more likely to stimulate the prostate.

(I work at a sexuality resource center; there's a great article about anal toys and getting started with anal play here: w_to_choose_anal_toys.html)

Have fun!!!

Butt plugs are also good for self-experimentation and preparing yourself for anal intercourse. Always ALWAYS use lube -- that's a given, and a butt plug with a flared base as theredhead said).

Before you have anal intercourse for the first time I recommend experimenting with a butt plug by yourself first. That way you can be totally calm and in a pressure-free situation and learn what is comfortable and what you like on your own first.

If you are not relaxed, nothin' is going in there! It can be enjoyable!
oh, i had the BEST dream the other day about a little back door action, and then i had another dream about it this morning right before i woke up. oh, my heavens, what is the deal? what a thing to dream of when i'm not getting ANY at all! so unfair.
oh, MY! can't believe that this thread has sunk to the bottom!

no one out there has hot ass fucking action that they want to share?
princess evangeline
voodoo princess here <

just wondering if there is a difference between this thread and the "Getting to the Bottom of it All" thread? both appear to be about the same thing? just wondering......
nope, tes bumped it on accident. post in the other one.
It seems that the long-standing anal thread has disappeared, so this will have to do-unless someone can magically find it : )
Btw, I only have one other post under this name, but I'll mention again that I'm really a long time Bustie who is choosing to remain even more anonymous with this topic because of the Busties I know IRL. Thanks for understanding.

so..I had successful anal sex for the first time last night. I'd only tried anal play a few times over the last 7 years, and hadn't had any pleasant experiences. I know it's because it wasn't done correctly, but I was so turned off that I stopped pursuing it.

But I was fortunate to fall into bed with an experienced and patient guy last night. I'm on my period right now, but it was clear that things were not going to be cut short because of that. and, well..he seduced my ass basically. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was so gentle, patient and communicative, and before I knew it, he's says 'I'm all the way in'. It was really very enjoyable and trusting. This is a new guy--actually the very first time we've gotten intimate in any way, and oh my god-regardless of the pleasant anal experience, he's practically a professional sexually; dirty talk has never done much for me, but he was so natural and confident with it. And incredibly skilled with his hands-it's hard for me to get off when I'm menstruating, but I had multiples last night. I'm just in awe. Can't wait to stop bleeding to find out what he can do with my vadge!

I was a little worried because a few days ago I was a bit constipated and I was straining hard..and of course sprung a hemorrhoid that hasn't healed yet. It was irritated a little bit during last night, but actually hurts less this morning..maybe the play last night helped it somehow. I think my ass just needed to be loved wub.gif

Anyway, I'm really coming in here just to swoon a little over finally enjoying this and I'll promise to not to talk it down again : ) yay! Can't wait for when I stop bleeding, and that damned hemorrhoid is gone so everything down there isn't such a wretched mess! Can't wait to pick up where we left off : )
Me and my boyfriend have been together for ten months now and we decided that we are up for a little more excitement in the bedroom; we're trying to do anal sex. It's been some time now since we decided that we wanted to do that. It's just that whenever we want to do it, I get a little scared and for some odd reason back up and I always end up stopping him. sad.gif I really want to do anal with him and try it. It feels incredibly good for me whenever he put his finger(s) in it, I cum a lot when it happens too! Oh my Gosh, I just love it. I feel like I'm ready, but I get worried that I might hurt him too, since my whole is still tight. unsure.gif I'm not so sure. One more thing is that what if I make a mess! Oh, I'd feel so bad. He already reassured me that he won't mind the mess since we're both very comfortable around each other. It's just the thought of it. Any advice please?
It's really too bad that the other anal sex thread has gone and disappeared, it had so much useful information in it.

Couple of things about anal,

Is it going to hurt? not if you do it right. You have to take is slow, always start playing with fingers and use lube. Communication, if it hurts, he has to stop, don't just grin and bear it.

You aren't going to have a mess, fecal matter is there when you have to use the washroom, not just because. It doesn't just lurk about in your rectum.

Use Lube, and just when you think you have enough, use more. I've had my fair share of anal sex, and I still make my partner go slowly, you can't just rush into anal sex, it's an undertaking. You can't rush because your bum can tear, as compared to a vagina.

Oh, and use condoms, and do NOT double dip, one can get a nasty infection from going ass to pussy.
Thanks. That helped smile.gif
J Gal
Oh God! You guys. I have been having anal (greek) with my man for over 2 1/2 years now, and I must say it is the best thing I have ever done. I mean, those orgasms are primo! They are hot and long and I am smiling all the time.

I find that it is (of course) a great way not to have any fucking kids, too!

I don't need them. I hate em, actually.

Sorry, I just don't want em.

I feel freer, happier, and I am with the a 6 1/2" dick man. His dick is thick, and we don't even always use lube.

I never thought it would be this good. I swear!

I tried it so long ago with this black guy, and I mean, I just wish others would try it. I am also 40, and I am having the best sex of my entire life!!!!!

I just really wanted to tell ya'll that.

Wheeeewwww finally


J Gal
Welcome to the lounge, J Gal. We ask if newbies can introduce themselves in the Newbie Thread before posting in the Lounge. Thanks!
You know what, I am SICK TO FUCKING DEATH of london escorts posting and whoring their agnecy out (no pun intended).

If you're new introduce yourself.
hi ladies,

i'm so happy this thread exists!!

culturehandy i read what you just said about a mess and i'm relieved that that's so. i have only had anal sex once and i loved it but there was a mess and that stopped me from doing it again altho i want to. so perhaps it was just bad timing and that wont happen again???

also whats the word on him cumming back there? is that cool or no?

thanks for the advice in advance
hey archegonia, I know some busties have spoken of giving themselves an emena before hand.

are you going to have fecal matter? Yah sometimes, but that comes with the territory. I wouldn't be too concerned about it. I've had a fair bit of anal sex, and never had any disasters thus far.

as for men cumming? Yah, I've had a few come in my ass, not a big deal, you should be going to the washroom after sex anyways, so you can flush out your bladder and urethra so to avoid a bladder infection.
just want to chime in far as cumming in the CAN spread aids that way. Obviously you can't get preggers, but you can spread aids. Always practice safe sex if you don't know your partner's history...whether it be anal sex or regular.
Queen Bull
ive personally have never been a huge fan of anal, that is until i really started having it. haha. that being said, i only like it after like the first inch, forgive my forwardness, but before that it just hurts like hell, no matter how much lube is present. WIll that ever go away?! it has turned into something that both me and my boyfriend enjoy, i just hate feeling like im being ripped in half. sad.gif
As they say practice makes perfect. Do it enough and it'll be as easy as riding bike. Eventually that pain will go away, of couse it does depend on the person.
QUOTE(Queen Bull @ Jun 19 2009, 07:21 PM) *
ive personally have never been a huge fan of anal, that is until i really started having it. haha. that being said, i only like it after like the first inch, forgive my forwardness, but before that it just hurts like hell, no matter how much lube is present. WIll that ever go away?! it has turned into something that both me and my boyfriend enjoy, i just hate feeling like im being ripped in half. sad.gif sounds like you are having trouble relaxing, a bit. I have found that sometimes bearing down slightly (as if you have to poo) can help. Make sure you don't really have to poo!
Yea I can admit I was uneasy with the idea of anal but after practicing it-so to speak- I enjoy it a lot more and the last time I did it there was no discomfort at all. It's so much easier for me to get into it now but the scary thing about it is doing it too much and putting my hole at risk unsure.gif Its kind of in the back of my mind that I'm stretching it out..? thats true right? I mean I don't do it that often but I've heard of it happening...
During foreplay last night he was- as he's been lately- playing around my ass, and I didn't flinch/jump/whatever so he proceeded with his finger while finger f***ing me at the same time, and while I wasn't hurting (as I thought I might), it did nothing for me. I have a really hard time ever relaxing enough to orgasm, and I don't know that this would help or not...
I guess what I'm asking/getting to, does it just not turn some people on? I've never wanted his cock- or anyone's cock- in my ass, and I don't think he actually wants to do that, he just wants to play... But I'm just not 'helped' by it. I told him he could do that, but it wasn't doing anything for me...
I'm so blunt. Might have turned him off doing things.... Idk.
You can't really go straight to sticking anything up one's bum and have it feel good. There has to be some preparation beforehand, verbally and/or touching, so that you relax, and your asshole softens. For you, sagey, if you want to let the boy keep playing in the backyard, I'd say let him know his lubed finger rimming you would feel best. After doing that for a bit, it should feel better when his finger goes in a little farther.

And yeah, I think you're actually in the majority when you say ass play doesn't entice you.

Maybe he's acting out something he'd like for himself... hope this helps.
Well he didn't just shove it up there smile.gif
He was playing for a while, and because I didn't react as I have in the past, because I thought, ok, why not try it and see? (Truly it has never once enticed me...) he then decided to proceed.
So he was being gentle and all, and playing more than anything, bubt yeah, I think he's acting on ...something. He has yet to say anything, when asked or otherwise, about me doing this to him... So I don't know.
I'd agree with Flanker, I think the majority of folks view the backdoor as an "exit only" venue. If you don't dig it, you don't. No biggie. It sounds like he's only going to do what you are comfortable with.

If he's wanting a little pspot play, I wrote a most excellent boy-ass tutorial & it's around here somewheres. Informative without being too graphic.
Last night I had my first ever anal sex experience! Very very succesfull and totally painless! Even today I feel no pain whatsoever. Mr Zorro was so patient and gentle with me. It took a while to get at the right angle and I ended up on top so that I could control the pace and depth. I think I may have even orgasmed!
Okay, so I really want to try anal with cc_boy. I've done anal only twice before but every time cc_boy plays around my back door I feel uncomfortable. I don't know how to say this without sounding disgusting but the few times he has fingered me I've felt like I could end up shitting all over him. Obviously I don't want that to happen. So I'm wondering if maybe before our first anal session (I'd rather have it planned out than just happen spontaneously) I should try to clear things out. Like maybe take some laxatives the night before or something. I'm just frustrated because I've done anal successfully in the past but with him it seems a bit more difficult.

Is it extreme to want to really clean myself out (I've even considered giving myself an enema) before anal? Am I just being paranoid?
Why don't you try giving yourself an enema? I don't think that's crazy at all. Porn stars do it all the time. Check out this tutorial from the blog. It's a little silly, but I thought it was helpful. I've never actually done it myself, but I think I'd be open to it if I ever decided to. It just might increase your comfort level and help you get over the mental block.
Thanks! That vid was actually really helpful. I'm still a bit nervous about doing it but (and this might sound strange) I have a feeling that I would really like the sensation of the water. I just realized that I'm going to be on my period soon though, so it's going to be a while until I try it.
Ahhhh, anal. Two thumbs up. My favorite.

Has anyone here tried anal beads? I never have, but always thought it might be distracting.. like, ok, I have to remember to pull those out at exactly the right time.. Idk. Feedback on experiences, anyone?
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Sep 10 2009, 01:32 PM) *
I just realized that I'm going to be on my period soon though, so it's going to be a while until I try it.

I'm confused. How does having your period effect your wanting to get an enema/try anal? Does your sex drive diminish during that time?

Personally, I much prefer anal when I'm surfing the crimson wave simply because it squicks me out more to see my lovah's cock covered in blood & tissue than it does to give myself a good enema to save us both any Santorum.

And I truly believe the bottle bag is the way to go because when you use the little store bought bottles you may have to do it two-three times to make sure you're cleaned out. Plus, the bottle bag does double duty as a hot water bottle & is awesome when you have cramps or are sleeping in a cold bed at night. Mine came with a soft little cover for exactly such purposes.
aural, when I'm on my period it causes issues with my bowels. I tend to feel a bit backed up and then end up with a slight case of the runs (I guess I get the best of both worlds). The last thing I want is to feel that physical pressure inside of me.

My sex drive, however, definitely does not diminish. I usually don't want sex in the first two days but after that I'm ready to pounce on cc_boy.
Huh. And here I thought it was just me. I generally have the trots for a couple days before my flow, but it usually lets up once I start. Y' live, y'learn.
I need to come in here to express my deep love of rimming, both giving and recieving. Something about doing it on a man, yes please!!!!
I'm into it, too, culture. My BF absolutely loves it, and I love the noises I can get out of him when I'm licking his ass and stroking his dick at the same time. He gets super stoked when I use my tongue to make one long lick all the way up from his ass to the tip of his dick. When we had a threesome, it was also awesome to lick his ass while she was fucking him or sucking his dick. Too bad our sex life has gone to shit and we hardly ever have sex anymore. sad.gif
dayglow, that sounds HOT!

yes, I have one partner who's really into anything anal, him doing to me or me doing to him. Although, I've yet to use a strap on him, which I would love to do. We'll build to that, I hope.
CH. Your Posts on Anal sex have freed me to fully enjoy it all and what a wonderful afternoon of lotion. Tongues and cock in my ass. Way better than shopping all day!!
I totally agree Jade!!! There is still a bit of a taboo about anal sex, it's out there, but there is still this thing about it.

i think its way more common than people will acknowledge--because it feels so fucking good.
Oh I totally agree.
I love anal. It's my favorite thing ever. If I can find a guy who likes it as much as me, I'm set for life.
I had to beg my ex for it and he wasn't so game with it. I'd love to do it more with the cop, but honestly, he's got a really thick cock, and it's work for him to get it in my pussy.

now PR Boy and I, on the other hand, engage in all matter of anal. we have anal sex, we play with each others asses, licking, fingers, all that fun stuff. Oh how divine it is.
I'm a member of this fan club, too. smile.gif
Ha! We should make shirts or something... with some clever anal comment on it. Any ideas?
I saw a shirt once that said ass, the other vagina. Hee hee.
Oh good idea. I love it two to one over the leading brand.
so nice to see my fave thread still here! PROMISE to come back and post some time when i am not expected at work momentarily!

*blows kisses at culturehandy* still with the cop, hmmmm? you rock it, dude!
Tesssssssssssss! Good to see your post! smile.gif
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