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Thanks gals!

Bailey is still in the hospital and in the oxygen tank, but he's eating and drinking. I know I shouldn't have done this but I was curious about the amount of money we had spent on him. It's basically our wedding budget! I know it's not about the money, but the hospital visits are basically breaking us. Mcgeek is depressed because I'm pretty sure this is his first dog that's been sick. I have no idea how long dogs have when in heart failure, and he's been dealing with this since April. I l know he's part of the family, but I so wish there was universal healthcare for animals too! We can't get insurance b/c of his pre-existing condition. sad.gif We should be able to pick him up hopefully by tomorrow.

Well, my dog's mysterious ailment seems to have flared up again. Not as bad as the last time, thankfully, but she's slow and unsteady and appears to be dizzy. She's not wimpering or showing any signs of pain, but my mom gives her painkillers as soon as she starts showing symptoms and it seems to help, which leads us to believe that, as much as it looks like a neurological problem, it must be something else. We're going to take her to an animal chiropractor to see if they can help us. This is also the first flareup since the spring, which means it could also be irritated by cold weather - could it be as simple as arthritis?

((((Sassy & Bailey))))
epi, how old is your dog?

Mine is 13 and he definitely has arthritis. I got really upset back in the summer because there was an incident where his hind legs gave out and he just could not get up. We got him x-rayed and sure enough, he has arthritis in his right hind leg. It's kind of strange in that a lot of the times he'll seem okay, in fact he'll still go running down the stairs of our deck to chase after birds or squirrels. But then sometimes it's like he just doesn't want to move. He'll go for a walk but he can't seem to handle going any further than once around the block.

We give him glucosamine for his joints and if he ever seems like he's in pain my mom gives him Tylenol, which we've been told is okay for him. I hope your dog is okay.
I hate to post something like this, but I want to make sure all animal lovers are aware of this awful style of dog fighting known as "trunking". The dogs are thrown into the trunk of a large car and then the car radio is cranked up high to cover the dog fighting noise. Often the car is driven around for twenty minutes or so and nobody has a clue it is a cover for dog fighting. This is very difficult for police to stop (or even notice). It's up to us to call the police if we suspect someone of this.
Oh my god! That is disgusting. Wtf is wrong with people? I mean, really, I just don't even know what to say. That his horrible and cruel.
ugh, i don't even get it.

i'm on the search for a Cocker Spaniel to rescue. no luck yet, but how pathetic is this.....i just bought a squeaky toy for a Xmas present for my imaginary dog.
ok that's just disgusting that people would do that. They need hanging up by their privates!

Nick - ha it doesn't end there. We went camping in our RV and I was waking up every couple of hours to check on the dogs. Making sure they were warm enough etc. I swear it's a good job we're not having kids, I'd be that overbearing mother always hovering, lol. You're either a dog person, or you're not, and clearly you are smile.gif
oh i'm totally one of those Halloween costume for my dog, Xmas card with pix with my dog, everyone look at my cute puppy wuppy kinda people! spot-on, yours is super cute!
I swear once you have one it's like a sickness, lol. We have two and get them halloween/holiday outfits etc. Soon be time to change the avatar to reindeer dogs smile.gif
God, I hate to be a big bummer on this thread again, but I just watched this short video on a dog rescued from dog-fighters. SHe is a sweet, beautiful dog and still has faith in people even though the dog fighters treated her injured lips by cutting them off. Yep, her lips were mangled in a dog fight and her "caretakers" just cut her lips off. I HATE HATE dog fighters so much; I think of them the same way I think of child molesters. I live in a poor urban neighborhood where being "hard" is seen as a virtue and I see even young children tormenting stray cats for sport. I'm thinking of signing up to go into the public schools for the Humane Society and putting on a program for elementary kids to deter them from seeing animal abuse as "cool". The humane society will send free activist packets and information for anyone who wants to fight animal cruelty in their neighborhood; they have lots of good ways to deter the younger generation away from dog fighting. If anyone else is interested, look under HSUS (Humane Society of the U.S.). I was really impressed with their on-line resources and petitions.
Ok that's just sick! I am on the same agreement with you I equate animal abusers with child molesters, both should be strung up. Sorry that's not PC and all but that's how I feel.
I often wish I could have just five minutes alone with creeps like that; just me and my trusty chainsaw....

What can you do with animal abusers and child few of them are ever reformed. Animal abusers often go on to be serial killers; our society should really take the issue more seriously.
meet Dexter our new Cocker Spaniel! he's the sweetest fuzziest thing ever!
Awww, he's beautiful...those sweet eyes and silky ears. I just wanna pick him up right out of the pics and snuggle him! smile.gif
thanks! he wuvs snuggles.
awww cute!
thanks! so he did well through neuter surgery last week and is recovering just fine smile.gif i thought it might help his marking problem tho. he never has accidents at home but he pees when we visit a house where another dog lives. i guess because he's already 3 years old. we haven't tried any doggie visitors to our house yet. any suggestions? someone told me about some strap that velcroes around his body so he literally can't pee, but that seems uncomfortable to say the least. another friend diapers her dogs. i treat him like a baby enough already... that seems ridic.
(((toto and totopup)))
hope he continues to do well, toto.
know what I used to do with my dog? She eventually got wise to the medication being hidden in food and would spit it out...then I started giving her "treats" in groups of threes. (She liked Velveeta cheese). So I'd give her a little chunk of cheese with no pill. I'd have her shake hands or something for the first one. Then a second one, she'd just get, another one with no pill, but no trick to "earn" it. Then I'd slip the mickey into the third one. Heh. Worked every time.

Can't help you with the hypo though-sorry. can you mix it with beef broth or something?
toto, sorry to hear. please update us after his visit to the oncologist. cavaliers are so sweet! and i'm sure Ozz is no exception.

Dexter had a 2nd 'shaking episode' this week in a little over a month. i'm reluctant to call it a seizure because i'm not sure. we go to the vet on thursday too. his back legs start shaking and buckling, he lays down, his head starts shaking, a minute or two later i hear a tummy gurgle, and then he stops shaking and resumes puppy-like playfulness. then i take him out and he makes a doody. not especially loose. the first time i thought he had to go so bad that he was having a panic attack about going in the house. but this 2nd time i had just let him in from the backyard. i didn't notice if he pooed or not, but he's usually good about doing what he's gotta do when he's outside. has anyone else seen anything like this?
Toto, I'm so sorry. Oh, I use those pill pockets to hide the medicine.
Nickclick, I haven't heard anything like that with the exception of seizures.

Ugh. I had to have the bad talk with our vet last week, and the next time Bailey gets sick we're going to have put him to sleep. He's been suffering from heart failure since July. We've had to put him in the hospital about 6-7 times, and now he's getting worse between visits. Right now, he's on at least 7-8 medicines. I've never actually had to deal with a very sick dog. The dogs I had growing up were sick near the end of their lives, but I wasn't there to take care of them. It's so damn depressing.

Our other dog Zoe has some social issues that we're working through. Maybe working with the trainer on a weekly basis seems to be helping. She's just a bit of a shy thing.

At least my cat is still healthy and kicking. It's been a bad couple of years pet wise for us. I'd really love for Miles (cat) to have a friend, but I don't think Mcgeek will allow it.

(((sassy and bailey)))
Bailey died this afternoon. Horrible horrible day. He died in Mcgeek's lap which made it harder.
(((((sassy and mcgeek)))))
Thanks. Having never put an animal to sleep was really hard. I don't think I've ever seen Mcgeek cry that much. Poor guy. As it was really his dog, and not mine. I only have to keep reminding myself that he's no longer in pain. We also did above and beyond what most clients would do (according to our vet).

I still feel like shit though, and the house is very quiet. Bailey barked a lot. Zoe doesn't much. It just feels a little spooky.
oh i'm so sorry to hear. it sounds like you gave him buckets of love during his sickness, which is all a dog really wants.
has anyone had a pet with epilepsy? Dexter's had the 3rd seizure (that we know of) yesterday. they don't seem too severe, but scary nonetheless. the vet is waiting for a few more in order to gather a history. he spoke of a couple medications - Phenobarbitol and Potassium bromide. i'm wondering if anyone has experience with this. thanks.
I haven't had a dog with epilepsy, but when I was a kid, my cousins did. They had to give their dog phenobarbitol. They'd put it in a glob of cream cheese, and oh boy, did he love that! I wasn't with him regularly on a daily basis, but we'd house sit for them when they went out of town, and while we were there I think he had a seizure maybe once.

Sorry, that's all I got.
Um, my mom's old dog was epileptic & on the phenobarbitol. The seizures were scary as fuck, I must say & there's not much you could do about them once they started. He'd start acting restless & weird, would seize, & then be sooooo disoriented. You can't really comfort them when they do seize because frankly, they are pretty much clueless about what's happening. We'd basically make sure he couldn't hurt himself & be down there with him until it was over. After that he needed all the love & support we could give. Imagine if you had a seizure & didn't know what the fuck it was, but that you felt all funky & ill at ease.
(((nickclick & dexter))) One of our dogs had seizures. I think our vet discovered that he was having some issues with his spine. I think. He got medicine which seemed to help him. Just like AP said, we would just make sure nothing was in the way for him when he seized and comforted him after the seizure.

Let us know what the doc says!

*~*healing vibes for dexter*~*

As much as it still hurts not to have Bailey around, it did feel good to go to dog training yesterday with Zoe. Someone brought out that their dog had just died (had the same name as Zoe), so we talked about dealing with the process.
Although she was a stranger it did feel nice to talk to someone about having to make that hard decision. We also got a very sweet note in the mail from our vet about Bailey.
thanks for your responses. glad to hear the phenobarbitol is the common prescription. sassy, glad to hear you're healing.
Bye Ozz,

You were the bestest little doggie that ever was. I am glad it was quick. Thanks for being my buddy. I miss you.
(((((((((( totomoto & Ozz)))))))))))
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