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freckle, they are so cuuuuute!! Aww, I love puppies, they're just so adorable.
is it wrong I want to cuddle my computer screen after seeing those, freckle? aww, so cute...
not at all mornington! laugh.gif
they are actually (believe - it-or-not) Cuter than what you see in the pix!

took them to the Vet for their 1st series of shots and the little buggers weigh 7 lbs each- when we expected 3 !

healthy eaters they are tongue.gif !

but seriously, they are not a replacement for our sweet Lucky, bc they are each tiny little people in their own rights and we do honestly love them a little bit more every single day now.
this puppy-family bonding is intense and wonderful.

thank you all for adoring my wee babes too! smile.gif
Oh, they're so cute! Little (or not so little, after the vet trip!) furballs! What kind are they? Any idea how big they'll get?



::scurries out of thread:::

cocl, if you've got a little space, go for it. they're the bestest. except when they wake you at four in the morning because they want to pee. and then cuddle
I'm goo-goo-ing over all the doggie pictures. I wish I had one of my own.

I am dogsitting this week. Luna is a lovely, gentle, snuggly doggie.

Here is a picture of her:

Luna Luna Loonie-Pie
freckle, cute puppies!!

mornington, your pup has such a sweet face! (BTW, love the pink hair!!)

puppykitty, luna is adorable, it will me hard to give her back I am sure.

We have this old stuffed animal that my hound has always been fond of, I call it his wookie. Anyway my hubby found it shoved in a drawer today and pulled it out. And my hound went crazy. I had been playing fetch with him, but as soon as he saw it he dropped the ball, and ran to his wookie. Then started mouthing the toy, it was too cute.
aw, thanks for the loan, mornington. unfortch, i don't have the space, but i like dreaming smile.gif
Mornington, the rubber chicken toy is freakin awesome!!!!

What a great pic.
Blue & Bella are growing outrageously fast now!
at their most recent shot appt (tues) they weighed in at 19 & 19.4 lbs, up from a mere 7 lbs One Month Ago. - 12 lbs gain in a short month! the Vet tech looked at their paws and said solemly " these are going to be some very-BIG-dogs." and they are only 10 weeks as of yesterday.
they are so *w*i*l*d*, Blue has discovered he can jump on the sofa's and so does so at every possible opportunity to show off, which makes Bella whine; but Bella has developed a toe fetish and so we all have exceptionally Clean feet now.

have to take Blue to our regular civilian vet bc he's got a swollen spot on his ear; the post vet said it was not a big deal and to get it drained (they only do basic services on post) if it got any bigger, which it has, so off we go.

it's going to be a little hard to go back to that vet... but know they will give him very good care as they did Lucky. but the memories of my boy, and how loved he was there, will no doubt be strong.
I'm also nervous that this ear thing might Not be so simple, in light of what has already happened.

Blue has a hematoma.

it's not life-threatening, but it does need to be taken care of, and by that, the vet said surgery.
$400** worth of surgery as a matter of fact.

and I was wrong.
it wasn't 'hard' to go back there today, it was horrific.
after I got home I cried so hard I threw up and am going to change vet's after this.

the mr didn't help by being a total ass about it either, when I asked if he could drop Blue off there on the morning of the surgery, so I didn't have to go through that again, and he played the ' but I have to work' card on me.

must be nice to let somone else always handle all the dirty stuff constantly. mad.gif

= going to hug my puppies=
ok, changed Vets & broke up w/ our old vet, who totally understood.

our new vet (found by referral of friends) is totally wonderful; and it's an all female practice as well, a younger & older woman, which is cooincidental but very cool all the same. that it's in this adorable pink victorian gingerbread house is only a plus to me. biggrin.gif

new vet is against performing surgery on pupp's as young as the babies are bc of risk of anesthesia, so instead we have drained Blue's ear several times and need to do so again, but she also said & showed us how to do it ourselves to both save an appt & money too bc the hematoma will reappear many times for awhile before it should naturally go away on it's own.
that I like. it was common sense and showed that she also wasn't just out for money, which is sometimes how it's easy to feel. I also appreciate learning how to do simple things like that for my babies, like animal husbandry.

today I am taking both pupp's to the post vet for their 3/3rd shots ( & microchipping) so we can Finally now take them out & about w/out fear of parvo.
Bella has never been in the car w/out being in a crate, and the last time Blue was, he threw up.
they will be leash-seatbelted in the backseat, and I already have one of their blankies & some toys back there but am way super apprehensive about this all the same. they HATE the leash & fight like fish on a line still. very BIG Fish. have No Idea how this going to go, besides potentially very un-goodly. the mr has as date w/ a plane to jump out of, but if it gets canceled, he's going to try to meet us up there to help.
I am estimating they are both about 30-35 lbs now weight wise & scary smart, esp when they work together against us.

all good Busty thoughts for today to go well would be most welcome ~

Ps: it went Great ! the mr was able to meet us up there, and as soon as they saw him, they settled right down (little farts- I'm their MAMA ) and they were great in the car ride up there too, even tho Bella threw up on the way home, she was very neat about it and only got it on the blanket.
they are now fully immunized & we can take them out & about finally!!!

and also, got a flier for a low-cost spay/neutering program, thinking it's country-wide US?
just go to the Programs button on the right & punch in your zip code. fortunately, our new Vet participates so that's something at least.
= cross posting in the kitty thread as well.
Have any of you BUSTies had the unfortunate experience of having to have one of your furbaby's put to sleep?

My Sashie is very sick and seems to be going downhill rather fast. I took her in to the vet last week and they couldn't find any visible signs of illness. But then I noticed that she looked as if she'd dropped quite a bit of weight suddenly and had something going on with her nose, so I took her in yesterday to be checked out. She'd dropped 3lbs in the past week, and she only weighed 18lbs. to begin with. Then while doing the exam the vet noticed that all of her lymph nodes are very swollen and hard. They did a fine needle aspirate to make a certain diagnosis, but he pretty much told me to prepare for the fact that it's lymphoma given that all of them are inflamed and she has sudden weightloss. We won't have the results back until Monday, but meanwhile I am noticing her ribs sticking out, her back bone is more prominent, and I thought I felt a lump in her tummy but she pulled away quickly so I didn't get to really feel it. She's very tired and very, very clingy to all of us but she is still eating fine, drinking plenty, and sometimes even being playful. She isn't yelping or in any obvious pain, but damn is she thinning out and it's obvious she is really sick. I don't want to be selfish and allow her to suffer, but I am having a hard time knowing what's appropriate. And of course selfishly I just don't feel ready to say goodbye to her. But there is no way I can let her waste away and suffer. I've read that most dogs don't present with any real symptoms other than the swollen gland(s) until it's already too late, and that the average life expectancy for a dog diagnosed with lymphoma is 4-8 weeks after diagnosis. Of course there is talk of chemotherapy being a viable option for some dogs, but given her age it isn't an option. Not to mention I couldn't afford it anyway. I guess I am just frustrated and sad and I just don't know if I am being selfish by waiting to see what happens or if it's okay as long as I don't allow her to visibly suffer. sad.gif
Ms Yuefie-

we just went through that with our Golden, Lucky, in November.
I posted quite a lot about it all here, bc it was heartbreaking, and sadly, we lost him w/in a week or so of first taking him in to the Vet after we'd noticed he's stopped eating and then a lump under his chin.
we ended up letting him go after it seemed the end was emminent anyway and he'd gotten super weak, bc like you said, we absolutely did NOT want him to suffer, and chemo, minus the expense even, was not likely to do much beyond extend his life in a painful way. that's not the kind of Boy he was... he had great dignity and humor and joy in everything he did and our Vet was adamant about us understanding that it was the greatest, most loving gift we could give him, to let him go when it was best for him rather than us.

I am so sorry and I totally understand where you're at. please feel free to PM me if you want.

QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Apr 5 2008, 02:26 PM) *
Ms Yuefie-

we just went through that with our Golden, Lucky, in November.
I posted quite a lot about it all here, bc it was heartbreaking, and sadly, we lost him w/in a week or so of first taking him in to the Vet after we'd noticed he's stopped eating and then a lump under his chin.
we ended up letting him go after it seemed the end was emminent anyway and he'd gotten super weak, bc like you said, we absolutely did NOT want him to suffer, and chemo, minus the expense even, was not likely to do much beyond extend his life in a painful way. that's not the kind of Boy he was... he had great dignity and humor and joy in everything he did and our Vet was adamant about us understanding that it was the greatest, most loving gift we could give him, to let him go when it was best for him rather than us.

I am so sorry and I totally understand where you're at. please feel free to PM me if you want.


I am a VT and I have to agree although I have seen how extremely painful it is for the owner to make that choice . It really is the most loving gift you can give. Sending out lots of love to you in your time of need.
Thank you ladies for the encouragement. I know it's what I need to do and I plan to do it, regardless of how hard it is for me. As much as I would like to have more time with her, I really could never be selfish enough to let her suffer. I just am having a hard time knowing how soon it needs to be. Obviously I will get some idea from the doctor on Monday. If she wasn't still eating and happy enough to wag her tail and play with me, I would have done it yesterday.

I knew this day was coming, she is a little old lady after all, but it doesn't make it any easier. I've had her for 11 years now and she was full grown when I got her, so we guess that she is around 14. I know I have given her a wonderful life and all, but honestly I think I've been the luckier one. I've loved all of my pets, but she has been the most like a family member. I've been calling all of our family and friends to let them know and it's been nothing but tears and plans for them to come and say goodbye. I have one friend who admittedly doesn't care much for dogs, particularly small ones, and he is driving down here Sunday night to see her one last time. And this is after he has already driven 9 hours to get home. My boyfriend has only been around for 3 1/2 months and he can hardly hold back the tears. And god, my poor sister, I had to tell her while she is on vacation in Hawaii. I tried not to say anything thinking I would wait until she got back, but she could tell something was wrong and knew that I'd taken her to the vet. And her daughter is with me, so I have been trying to hold it together for her sake. My other niece, who is about to turn 18, was actually with me the day I got Sashie from the pound. When I told her she cried so hard she had to hand the phone to her mom. I know that this is going to be hard to do, but I know that I have to do it. And I just feel fortunate to have been this special little puppers furmama for this long.
Okay, so my sweet Sashie girl crossed the rainbow bridge on Monday around 4:50 pm. My boyfriend, my sister and I were all there petting her as she laid on her favorite fluffy rug. It was so hard, but I know it was peaceful and quick, so that helps. She is being cremated and returned to me in a cedar box. Sunday we took her on a drive all around town to see friends and family and then a drive up the coast so she could sniff the ocean air she loved so much one last time. It was bittersweet to watch her ears flapping in the breeze. But I know she was happy and relieved that we finally understood she was ill, because she was so much more relaxed than she had been for weeks. And she did get to see all of her favorite people to say goodbye.

Do you think it's too soon for me to start looking at doggies? I really want to rescue one. I know that there will never be a replacement for my girl and I am not trying to replace her by any means. I feel like I would be okay to give a good home to another doggie in need and I think she would want me to do exactly what I did for her for another furbaby. But I've had a few people suggest I wait a while first. I appreciate concern and all that, but I really don't see how it would be bad for me to begin looking in to rescuing another furkid so soon. Anybody have any insight?
we lost our sweet Sugar Boy in November, and then adopted the "twins" in late January.
the mr had been deployed when we lost Lucky, so it was a sort of delayed or incomplete mourning at the time, but he returned mid jan and we started looking and then brought them home shortly after.

- was it too soon?
we didn't think it was going to be either, but the first few days we had them, the very first night esp, was so bittersweet; it brought Lucky back to us in ways we hadn't anticipated and we all three cried at the longing and missing of him in the face of these two sweet and innocent little babies.
it's the whole cycle of life thing I think.

for all the same reasons we were going to rescue a baby (I call all animals that, regardless of age) too, bc it's the right thing to do and also, bc Luck was a rescue, but in the end, we found our lovebugs from an add in the paper. that they were born exactly one month to the day we lost him I took as a sign of his blessing and sometimes I swear Bella channels him bc she has a lot of the same quirky expressions and personality bits, and I love every single minute of it. like he's still letting us know
' hey ma, I'm ok & yah- the kids are cool!'

I still miss him so terribly much....... and the babies are Not a substitution for him bc they are their own unique and amazing little (or not so now, lol) beings, but he really opened all our hearts to the crazi vast possibilities for love in the universe and taught us immeasureable lessons about living in the moment.
you'll know when the time is right to open your heart and home to a new love yuefie, be it tomorrow or a year from now.

many many gentle hugs~
I rescued a stray dog yesterday afternoon, thinking (based on how pretty & healthy & well kept she appeared) it was a simple case of her getting loose & her family would soonly be looking for her- they'd reunite- all would live happily ever after.

no so far.
after getting her wanded at our vet this morning, while she did have a microchip, the # listed doesn't work and animal control is NO Help Whatsoever.
there is a no kill shelter nearby that IF they are accepting dogs right now (iffy at best) it'll be near $100 or more to surrender her there; but if we take her to Animal Control, it's Free but they'll keep her for 10 Days (bc she has a chip; 3 w/out any tags) and then temperment test her, and if she's good she MAY go out for adoption, but maybe not. and if she tests bad...
so hell.

she's a lovely & sweet natured husky, dainty manners, pretty as anything but w/ the puppies it's really difficult keeping her bc while she seems ok w/ them for the most part, I don't want to risk leaving her outside alone w/ them & we're not taking her inside. (tho you can tell she is an inside dog as she keeps trying to come in.)

any idea's beyond posting adds, calling all the shelters and talking to any/everyone we see?

That's so sad, freckle. People just don't think to get the microchip information updated. Did the vet do the scan on the chip? I don't know exactly what information they're able to get off of those, but if it's possible to find out the service the chip is through (different companies sell them and they keep their own databases), maybe you can contact the company directly and see if you can get a name of the owner?

Otherwise, maybe there's a husky rescue group around that could come get her.

That is the frustrating thing about some no kill shelters is that they charge you to surrender them. There's just too many people who take advantage of them and are so irresponsible that not only did they get an animal they can't take care of, but then won't even take financial responsibility for them either, so they lie and say they found the animal.

we found a home for her, a friend of frecklette's that lives a few streets over, but it's on the contention that if her real family surfaces, they do the right thing.
however, if the real family surfaces & are scum bags, they do whatever needed to keep her safe.
I also told them that if it doesn't work out, we'd take her back from them.

I contacted Home Again, the maker of the micro chip, and they were able to tell me she'd been surrendered to Animal Control last month, but then thought she'd probly been re-adopted out already, but weren't 100% sure. no name or owner info, I guess bc I wasn't the owner??

anyway, it's a lot of cat & mouse of who will or Can tell you what, greatly frustrating when you're simply trying to do the right thing!

frecklette is furious w/ me & the mr right now, and the mr had (in his head) already begun to assume we'd keep her.

<shakes head>

thanks polly~
freckle, i'm glad you found a home for her so quickly. The paying to surrender thing... surely it just encourages people to abandon dogs rather than admit they can't handle him/her? gah. I will never understand people though...

certainly with your pups keeping her might have been difficult, as apart from anything you couldn't know what she was carrying - i'm thinking in terms of worms, ticks etc - and how she'd be in the long-run. At least if she's with people close-by you can still see her. It's really easy to form bonds in these situations, I know I would have been tempted (hell, I've been tempted to take dogs off people I've seen treating them badly and keep them)
I'm glad it was a happy ending ( far!) Make sure the new family registers their information with that company now!!

Our cat is microchipped; it's included in the adoption fee from the shelter and they also gave us a tag to put on his collar that has the ID number, the website and phone number of the microchipping company. That way, if someone finds him, they don't even have to go to a vet to get his information. So he has that tag and a tag with my cell phone number on his collar.
she is now back w/ her Authenic real family;
the family we'd given her to took her for a walk last night & shortly after a woman yelled out "hey that's my dog!" and was able to identify her markings from a distance.
seems the dog had tunneled out 3 x's already lately, and just that morning had she realised she was gone again. (but yah I know- how do you Not notice something like that??)

the new family did the right thing and gave her back, and then came home & called me, and I spent this morning calling all the places I had contacted.

we're going to take a stroll over there in the next day or so to give her the chew bone of Lucky's I'd given her, and ok yes to see what kind of home she is in now.
I won't be totally relieved she is back there till I know it's a good one.

= mixed feelings all around = unsure.gif

polly that is a really good idea, putting the chip # on the collar w/ the phone # too;
we haven't had tags made for the puppy's yet, but think I will do the same.

I hope this stupid woman at least updates the chip info so if/when she escapes again it won't be such a fiasco; that she was collarless is the worse- how many people would have just called animal control to pick her up & been done w/ it & assume she'd be ok?

the more time I spend w/ people, the more I love & cherish my fur kids.
Did you ever go talk to that woman, freckle? Tell her to update the damn microchip information so this doesn't happen again, and do something to stop the dog from tunneling?

I'm a bad dog mom. We fed Tana the last of his food last night. I was going to get more on the way home from work, then was reminded during the day that LeBoy and I had promised to babysit his two nephews tonight, so I totally forgot about the dog food. Until I went to give him his pill and feed him before going to bed. Oh crap.

There's no place open that sells his food, he has a sensitive stomach that limits our options and i don't want to let him go hungry until tomorrow after work (though he's a little chubby and could probably stand to go a couple days!)

I ended up mixing a little of the cat's dry food and some of his treats. In terms of quantity, it's about half of a normal portion, but the treats are somewhat nutritious and according to some places I found online, you shouldn't feed dogs cat food for a long period of time because it's much too high in fat and protein for dogs. So a small amount of it should be enough to get him to tomorrow afternoon, but hopefully not enough to make him sick.

*crossing fingers this doesn't wreak havoc on his digestive system* unsure.gif
polly, I've done that... I usually end up mixing plain boiled rice with a little gravy or tinned fish or whatever food there is left.

does anyone have any advice on constipated dogs? Even though the problem appears to have cleared up, I think I need something in reserve in case.
Yeah, I didn't have any rice on hand and no food that wouldn't give him explosive diarrhea. Maybe I'll mix up some rice and ground beef and stick it in the freezer in single serving bags so it's always on hand whether it's because I run out of food or he's sick. LeBoy said his poop was pretty normal this morning, so I hope it stays that way!

I dunno, morn- can you feed dogs prunes? laugh.gif

I think you've said you're already giving him fish oil capsules, right? I know that too much of that can loosen things up a bit- maybe just double his dose when there's a problem?
I admit, I have not gone to talk to Blaze/Emily's owner. I suck. sad.gif I'm just afraid of what I will find and either not have the balls to call her/them out on it, or the legal ability to change anything w/in the confines of what is considered 'abuse' by the aspca. (it's pretty wide) & then if I need to stage a rescue later on, making myself the prime suspect altho I'm not sure they'd even bother to look for her based on past behaviour.

however~ we did meet a wonderful Newfoundland and her Mama yesterday (they often walk by our house & I always think what a great dog she is; her Mama walks in front of her & she sort of meanders at her own pace on the leash behind her, it's funny to see) and it turns out they live on the same cul de sac as Blaze/Emily & gave me some background to the situation (most of it not so good) but did say she thought they were taking care of her a little better lately.
and then when asked she promised to let me know if she noticed anything alarming and I'd do whatever was needed.
I feel better now in that regard, bc other people are watching them too.

people are so damn callus when it comes to animals... like they don't realise they are Little Souls in their own rights and deserve respect and care too!

on a funnier note: my wee babes meeting the Newfoundland thru the fence was something else to see. laugh.gif
they are so full of full of Big Dog Syndrom, which they will be, are well on their way to becoming (maybe 40 lbs now at 5 mo's come monday) but are not anywhere Near close to the 150 lbs of their new 2 yr old friend... priceless.
fortunately, our new friend is incredibly gentle and sweet and we're going to set up a playdate to get together, which will be really good for them.

just busting in to share some of my cute with you guys
Ooo, I want to nibble those ears!!!

Good news- no negative repercussions from the improvised meal. He's fine. I've started giving him one benadryl a day to help with his allergies- he was constantly sneezing and water eyes, snorky breathing. The vet said to do 2-3 a day but I want to start with one.

We're making a 6 hour drive with him 4th of July weekend. I've never gone more than a 45 minute ride with him. He's not real fond of it. Actually, on that 45 minute ride it wasn't bad because my mom sat in the back with him. This is going to be just LeBoy and I and he shouldn't have to sit in back with him for 6 hours. I bought some treats that are supposed to calm him down....I dunno, though- the last time I had treats that had supposedly had calming effects, it made him pee in the house within 5 minutes. I'm wondering if I should get some real drugs from the vet.

Any advice? Unless someone's going to be back there with him, he has to stay in his kennel. He gets really anxious and stands the whole time. I can't imagine him standing for 6 hours, but you never know what to expect with a basenji. rolleyes.gif
I might try some rescue remedy. You can find it at most natural health food stores and it can be used safely on pets. It's just a herbal blend to help with stress and anxiety. It also might be a good idea to try it out at home a little before.
here's a link:
Oh yeah, I forgot about that stuff. It's a little pricey...says it lasts months, though, and comes with an empty bottle to make a "stock solution"- any idea what that means?

Maybe I'll go for that. Like I mentioned before, I had some "all natural, homeopathic, crunchy granola, herbal, calming" treats before that had lavender or something in them and they seemed to make him more anxious and he would always pee in the house within a few minutes after taking them. So, I'm a little wary of these herbal supplements. Not that I have full faith in regular medicine, either, but spending $23 on something that could cause other problems makes me nervous. Maybe I need some Rescue Remedy tongue.gif You can use it on humans, right? Maybe I'll start putting it in LeBoy's food. You think I'm kidding.....
Polly, I wish I had seen this message before I left work - my bottle of rescue remedy is sitting on my desk at work (yeah, my job is THAT bad), and I would have brought it for you to try. Oddly enough, our neighbors with the greyhounds use a combo of rescue remedy and rubbing a lavender dryer sheet on their dogs' fur...they say it really helps, because when they get anxious, static builds in their hair? I'll ask them what brand of sheet they get - I know they get 'em at whole foods.

Oh, and for rescue remedy, I just take a full dropperful and dump it in turbo's (or my) mouth - you'd probably need less for your pupper.
Oh, no problem, jenn- I think my mom's going to go in a bottle with me- I want to test it a few times before the trip and I don't want to deprive you of it for that time and use it up. smile.gif

That's so weird with the dryer sheet- I've never heard of that. Tana "flakes out" when he gets nervous- he just spontaneously has a severe dandruff problem whenever we take him to the vet, in the car, run the vacuum, etc. rolleyes.gif I guess it's common in basenji's- I've heard it's a real problem for handlers when they're in dog shows.
scary stuff:
Bella & Bluey (now 5.5 mo's & about 45 lbs each) were play wrestling on the living room floor yesterday when Bella's jaw teeth got caught in Blue's metal collar.
she started screaming, he was growling, I was just Freaking the Hell Out; I pushed them over at one point trying to untangle them (didn't work) and Finally was able to get them to sit still long enought to slip his collar over his head & off to free them both.

= $#@*())_!
scary beyond words, I was afraid it was going to rip her jaw off.

then I put Bluey in his crate to settle down, sat on the floor and Bella came & crawled right up & into my lap for some Mama Love Time, bc you could see in her eyes how scared she was too.

le sigh.

I would have never imagined before this that something like that could happen, but in retrospect w/ how rough they play it almost seems inevitable and feel kind of stupid.

we now have a House Rule of No Collars Worn Inside. :/
Gah, freckle- I don't know what's scarier- that tussle or that they're 45lbs. and not even 6 months old yet.!! Glad to hear Bella's okay!

OMG, cutest puppy ever on Cute Overload today!!
so. instantly.

I'm almost afraid to look at more at that site for fear of cuteness overload! tongue.gif

and yah Polly- tell Us about it!
we knew they'd be big, but didn't expect them to be this big already!
they are now considered "puppy Teens" and that is exactly right, bc they are reverting back to some behaviors that we know, and They know, and they know we know, that they are So Not Supposed To Do Now but do it anyway! really pushing the limits and envelopes and then shredding all evidence & playing w/ it and then swollowing it if at all possible.
absolute darling little STINKERS!

ps: I think I have the new a/c up to high, bc when I came home this morning, Bella had her crate blanket wrapped Over her shoulders like a shaw, laying there looking at me like ' what ma? I'm cold!'. my castle for a camera right at that moment!
eeek, freckle! glad bella's ok though. and 45lbs, that's... big. half an indigo... Have you got any more pictures of them?

Indigo is refusing to go out for walks sometimes, particularly if it's not his "usual" time and I've woken him up. He's also learnt how to twist out of his collar... no accidents as yet, but i'm worried he's going to think i'm a pushover because i don't force the issue (although i figure him pulling out of his collar and curling up in his bed is a pretty emphatic "no, I don't want to go out before you go, I'll be fine until one")
They're about 50% bigger than Tana. i know you told us before, freckle, but what breed are they?

I don't think the shredding and swallowing ever ends. We tried putting a rag rug in Tana's kennel because he was starting to get callouses on his elbows. About a week later, I noticed it was being chewed. I hoped he was just chewing, but no, he was eating too...a couple days later I had to pull strips of fabric out of the dog....and not his front end blink.gif We pulled the rug out, as that could cause MAJOR problems.

Now what to do about his elbows? sad.gif
they are Husky/Black lab mixes, but Blue looks definitively Lab, whereas Bella is still a wolfy mutt. her coloring is continuing to change, minus the dark grey around her face, like a mask.

mornington, tons of new pixs, but damned if I remember what I listed them on the last time to show you all?

Bella was/is sick.
hopefully just something she ate out in the yard that will pass.. but frecklette said she had to drag her outside this morning, thinking she was just tired. then when I went in the kitchen, I discovered that in reality, Bella had gotten urpy sick ALL over her crate last night.. blankets, toys, everywhere.
she is laying quietly & letting me love on her, and passing horrendous GAS! blink.gif
( & polly? Bella once had a small soft stick w/ leaves still on it, hanging out of her you know what/not her front end either. I didn't know what to do, bc she kept hopping around like a spastic bunny and evntually she got it out on her own.)

Blue on the other hand.. what a fathead (said w/ love). soooo jealous!
he's like the bratty little brother, pestering nonstop for attention every time I'd go to pet Bella, so I finally had to drag his skippy ass to his crate so he'd stop bothering both of us. and yes I loved on him, several times, reassured him that yes mama loves him too and he's still my baby boy, but he needs to let me tend to sister. (yes we do really talk that way to them smile.gif )

so very much like having twins that the other day when the a/c man asked me ' you don't work?' and I replied ' no, I stay home with Them. '

could you possibly put some sort of natural, non-toxic lotion on Tana's elbows? just a tiny bit??
My pup Lucy (10 weeks) is really doing good with housetraining, like 20% accidents I guess by now. BUT, the one thing I know dogs don't do is soil their bed. She peed in her bed (not crate, donut bed) this morning. She just walked right over to it and peed in it. So weird. Maybe she thinks she can't get in trouble for it because she knows its hers?
tankgirl, it might be a territorial peeing, marking "this is mine", although she might be a bit young for that.

puppy gas is horriffic. Indigo knows he's killing us when he lets one off, I swear.

((((bella)))) poor baby. and ((((blue)))) so he's not left out wink.gif

polly, I'd try rubbing oil or maybe a little moisturiser into tana's elbows, but just before you do something with him so he's not going to be sitting around licking it off! Thankfully indigo only shreds paper; the bunnies shred mats and blankets after about a week.
(((bella)))) hope she feels better, freckle.

(((Blue and Indigo and Tana and Lucy and Turbo and all the other doggies))))

I think rescue remedy is fantastic. I also used to use these Homeopathic drops made by HomeoPet for Sashie's vet visits.

Man, I miss my Sashie girl so damn much it hurts. I think it's time for a new doggie, but I just haven't found one yet. I know that the right one will come along when it really is time, but it doesn't stop me from be jealous of all the lucky furparents I see out and about with their furkids.
So we just got a puppy (weird set of circumstances), he's a two month old chihuhua. However we've never taken care of or had a dog (more a cat person). Anyways I was just wondering on any advice on what I need to do to raise a healthy, well behaved pup.
So I just came back from the vet. Lucys first ever appointment was $130 which included her first exam and tests and booster. Her appointment today cost $65 just to get a shot. The shot was $25 which is fine but the doc checkup was $40. I don't ever remeber my last dogs shots including a $40 vet charge. I know prices vary by state, vets office etc, but I kinda feel like I got ripped off. BTW this is a new state and new pup from my past experiences. Does this seem normal to you guys, or should I find another vet? I really don't want to do that but if it isn't normal to have such a high vet charge for just getting a shot then I may have to. All the vet did was check her weight, give her a shot then give her a cookie. It wasn't like a full long exam or anything.
your vet didn't even look in her ears or feel around her tummy or look at her hips or anything else and charged you That much?
that does seem high to me, but I'm no expert on Vets.
- maybe ask around to other local pet owners you encounter? (like at petsmart or even the dogfood ilse at the grocery)

your avatar says you are in NC.. so am I; if by any great chance we were close, I'd do what I can to help you more. feel free to PM me.
how old is Lucy? and is this the first of her 1st year shots?

Congrats LilPink!!!!!!!
have you named him yet?
I think I can speak for all of us here... we demand pictures asap!

Bella is doing better now, but I swear the 2 little shizers are determined to get belly aches;
we have an old apple tree in the backyard and the other day I caught her straining and reaching up to snag an apple off a low-hanging branch.
adorable picture when we catch her in the act & have the camera handy yes- but it's Begging for trouble as they are not edible apples.

we ordered the certificates from the Low Cost Spay/Neuter website & as soon as they arrive will be making their appointments to get fixed. Bella will def be going first bc they said a female will go into her first heat at about 8 mo's, and Bella is 5.5 right now.
their behavior is getting progressively sexual so the sooner the better as it's totally & completely disconcerting to say the least!
lilpink, my first thought would be to take her to a vet, get her checked out - wormed, weighed and what have you. Then, and your vet or shelter will know this, find a puppy training and social class - she needs to get used to people and other dogs, and the people running the classes will be able to help with any problems. Chis can be bossy and even aggressive if you let them, so socialisation and training is best started young - they're smart and can cope, and it'll make your life much, much easier. He'll (?) need to be on small bite puppy kibble until he's a year old - most pet shops will sell a variation; make sure it says "complete". You can then feed him tinned food on top, but complete kibble will make sure he's getting everything (and it has to be puppy-specific, they have different dietary requirements).

and after that, tell us his name and show pictures! laugh.gif

I'm leaving Indigo with G while I visit zoya and bunny this weekend. I know it's only for a night, and he'll be fine, but I feel worse than leaving him with a sitter...
Thanks for all the advice! His name is Lux and he's two months old and about as big as my hand, it's sort of fun carrying him around in my bag, it makes me feel cliche but he enjoys it. Yeah word on the socialization, but he's actually quite friendly and we try to introduce him to a lot of people.

One question though...would you guys recommend crating a puppy at night? He cries quite a lot but am unsure whether it'd be good for him or not.

Also...sorry to seem a bit dumb but what hosting site do I use to show pictures?
Lucy is 11 weeks and it was her second appointment, second shot of 3 puppy shots. The vet felt her legs and belly but didn't look in her ears, throat or anything else for that matter. They counted it as her annual exam, which I'm pretty sure her first one was her "annual exam" too. He spent about 30 sec checking her out then asked if we had any questions, compared to the 10 minutes during her first visit. I'm all for getting my pup the best possible care, but paying for nothing really erks me.

Lilpink: Yah make sure you get her to the vet quickly to start her shots, deworming her is really important because ALL puppys are born with worms. It took Lucy 4 times to get rid of hers! If you are planning on crating him at all, at night would be a good idea. It would cut down on accidents and keep him out of trouble while you are asleep. We haven't been crating with Lucy and she peed in the bed a few times, wakes up to play every few hours etc. She adapted fairly well so far w/o a crate but I'm sorta wishing now we had one for those first few weeks at least. Whether he cries a lot or not, it isn't hurting him, or unnessarily scaring him. Pretty much all puppies cry at everything. Lucy even cries while we are taking a walk and she is wagging her tail.

I also agree with Mornington, esp if you have't had a pup before, take some puppy classes. A lot of vets offer them, also I know both Petsmart and Petco do as well depending on if you have either near by. You can't go wrong with a puppy class it's just a basic introduction, socization with other dogs and puppys, and you can chat with the trainer as well as other puppy parents.
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