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Anytime, Freckle! I just think they (pitbulls) are such happy dogs when theyr'e raised right. You'll have to let us know if you end up getting her!

Why is your mister saying no about the dog? Is it because he's not ready for another dog, or is it her breed?

I know what you mean about wanting another pup. I have a chihuahua and 3 cats, and that's about all the mister and I can handle at this point. Especially since we're renting our house. But I would really like another dog, especially since I think it would be good for my pup to have someone to play with besides the cats. I think if we weren't renting I'd be more inclined to go for it, but I don't know if I'll end up in a smaller space down the road. I'm trying to be responsible, but its hard! tongue.gif

Also: did you know that there is a poem by Wallace Stevens called "The Man with the Blue Guitar?" Its about that painting, which I always thought was cool. laugh.gif
my mr is saying NO bc he always says NO, bc I have this tendancy.. this some might even say habit.. of taking in strays, be they human or otherwise.
Lucky our golden is in fact, the 4th dog that has passed through our sanctum, only in his case, he (I believe this positively) was coming HOME. (was a stray who wandererd into the open garage one afternoon)
and as for cats..periodically we have several stray/neighborhood (as none of them take care of them right imo! mad.gif ) "kids" hanging around for weeks at a time. we'll give them food & water, and often new names more fitting, and when they are ready they move along. sometimes they come back, sometimes not.
I feel they come to us bc they know this is a safe place for them, and that's both humbling and amazing at the same time.

and my mr, bc I am Always wanting to keep all of them, tries his very best to discourage me.
probably rightfully so, bc if it was up to me, we'd have a dozen or more of everyone!
I love the babies. that's what they (dogs & cats, sometimes squirrels and birds too) are to me.

I don't think the mr has any idea that baby Roxy is a pit.
he's still steamed that I abandoned him to go over and talk to the girl & ended up coddeling Roxy, instead of helping him w/ yardwork once he finally got me out there.

if Roxy is meant to be ours, to join our crazi menagerie (which in truth only consists of a nuclear 5, it just usually seems like much much more!) then it'll happen.
the girl that has her is good.
I don't know her very well, but she seems kind & loving and that's what's most important in a lot of ways, bc she will then probably do the right thing ( & find her a good home) if she gets to be too much for her later on.

thanks again & yes, I will keep you posted on this, I am glad that for now, Roxy is in a better place than she had been.

I think its awesome that you take in strays like that! I took in a stray kitty when I was in school, and the mister's cat (who is now our cat) was also a stray. I don't understand how people can just not take care of their animals. It breaks my heart. I agree, animals are just furry babies.

I'm glad to hear that Roxy has a good owner, but its also good that you're ready to swoop in and help if the need arises.

Slightly off topic - last night I was laying in bed when I heard a rucus on the roof. I knew immediatly that the racoons were back. They had been hanging around the house last spring, but I hadn't seem them for most of the summer. We have a skylight in our bedroom, and sure enough, pretty soon I saw little racoon hands and a little racoon face peering in at me through the skylight! I was worried that they were trying to find a way into the house to set up a nest for the fall/winter, so I got up to close the skylight (there's a screen, but I didn't want them getting in) and as I was closing it the racoon just sat there and watched me, like Hey! What do you think you're doing? I know I should probably tell the landlord that they're hanging around, but I'm concerned that he would have them killed, and I just can't stand the thought of that.
I just want to add my two cents about pit bulls--if they are given good care, they are as sweet and loving and happy as any creature can be. In my experience, they can have a lot of energy and need some good exercise every day to keep from getting too rambunctious. But pits are extra loving and so darned happy (when they are cared for). they truly do get a bad rap.

I'm feeling very discouraged right now because my bf and I are having a hard time finding a rental that will accept us and bf's dog. The dog is a Staffordshire terrier/American bulldog mix. I have never been a big fan of pets or animals before, but this dog has changed all that. He is so much fun and so lovable. Wish I could post some pictures of him. I'm just crazy about him. And I am so frustrated with places that accept dogs, but not pits/Staffies.
(cross-posting in the cat thread, too)

I need some advice on introducing a cat into my dog household.

For those that haven't heard the story, LeBoy has a history of cat allergy-induced asthma. He wasn't allergic his whole life, then about 6 or 7 years ago, was suddenly triggered by one cat. Since then, he's had reactions to varying degrees (usually a full-blown asthma attack) to the cats of friends and family. Well, he thinks that it seems to be going away and that maybe he'll be okay now (your body does change its chemistry every 7 years or so, so allergies can come and go, and the timing would be about right.)

I volunteer at a shelter and there's a cat that I've bonded with and I'd like to try to bring her home. The shelter is cool with me doing a test run over a few days (assuming LeBoy makes it that long) before we go through the adoption process.

My plan is to keep her in our office with her food, water, litter box, bed, etc. and keep a baby gate across the door so she can see the rest of the house but it's a barrier between her and the dog (and also so she doesn't contaminate the whole house, if LeBoy indeed has a reaction.)

I'm debating if I should send Tana away for the first night so she gets used to it, then bring him back the next day and introduce them, or if he should be there from the beginning. I have no idea how the cat will react to the dog, but my dog was raised with a myriad of cats with his former owners and doesn't bother them unless they run and knows to get the hell away when they smack your nose (and this cat has front claws, so it's even more effective.) I don't want to make Tana feel threatened, but I also don't want chaos in my house. I've introduced cats to cats before, but never a cat to a dog.

Any advice?
polly, have you got some neutral territory somewhere? A garden or a porch? If you can put both Tana and Jenny on leashes, and one of you hold her... let Tana sniff her, let her sniff him... that way they can sniff each other under tight control. Then once they're both settled in (I'd keep tana away from her for about 24hours) let her out while you watch them both. If you're still not sure of Tana, keep him leashed (but not in his crate) while Jenny explores. If he's used to cats, it should be easier.

Also... feed them at the same time. The thing I'd worry about is Tana feeling territorial (over both the house and you) so increase the cat's space gradually. But if you can let them see each other as much as possible that might help them get used to each other's scent.
My dogs killed a possum in our back yard last night, when my hubby let them out before we went to bed.. It was so gross, and they were so proud of themselves. My cattledog decided to roll on it. We had to give all three of them baths, and I brushed thier teeth. I know it's thier natural instinct, but all the same it was disgusting.
Porn Star
QUOTE(ginger_kitty @ Oct 9 2007, 04:35 PM) *
My dogs killed a possum in our back yard last night, when my hubby let them out before we went to bed.. It was so gross, and they were so proud of themselves. My cattledog decided to roll on it. We had to give all three of them baths, and I brushed thier teeth. I know it's thier natural instinct, but all the same it was disgusting.

That's right but you have to admit that they are very lovely and we forget all bad things that they do.
Puppy Porn!

My BGP, who gave us our dog, finally got me some pictures of him as a puppy, so here he is in 1998:

And here's a picture taken this past summer:
Tooooo cute Polly!

I had doggie overload last night. I live in a small town outside of Ottawa and there was the Ottawa Kennel Club (or something) show at our community centre. It wasn't huge (no Westminster) but we had fun watching.

Oh, and for you Canadians out there - Rick Mercer was there filming a piece for his show and showing a Shiz-tsu - it looks like it will be funny!

Rick Mercer is a lot shorter in person!
= long=

I know I hardly ever post here, but my puppy (ok so he's 3 1/2) is *really* sick and I most desperately need all the good and healing bustie vibes you can spare.

Lucky is a Golden Retriever, a big sweet sloppy happy ox pony of a boy; he has hip dysplasia and chronic ear trouble, but is otherwise extremely healthy & happy.

last thursday frecklette and I noticed he wasn't eating, which we initally thought was him just being stubborn as he is known to do if he doesn't like what is in his dish. so we waited... another day went by and I bought him some better food to tempt him but no... 'nother day..
finally, by this Monday I was starting to get more seriously worried, thinking he has a bad tooth or had eaten something he shouldn't have and it maybe got stuck, so called the vet, making an appt for weds Am. but by tues afternoon, in the span of 2.5 hours when I left him to go to an appt, when I came home I noticed his jaw looked swollen and he had been wheezing when he laid on his side.

= emergency trip to the vet=

initally they thought it was Mast Cell Growth (cancer) and did a needle biopsy, but the results came back on weds 'inconclusive but w/ a concern for cancer.' his blood count was very low, he is anemic and they did not fully expect him to even make it through the night, so we had to take him to an Urgent Animal clinic that night (tues), where they could monitor his blood levels, and even had a transfusion dog standing by.

he made it through that night though, only needing some Iv fluids.

weds we did a much more invasive (deep) Cell Biospsy surgery on him, to test for lymphoma, which we are still waiting for the test results to come back on.
they discovered his lymph nodes are ALL swollen and bruised (like a car accident, just Awful) all over his body.. his shoulders, his groin area, they even found some masses in his belly, which made him cry out.
also his blood wasn't clotting as it shoudl, and his count had dropped yet again, so even having the surgery was a big risk.
frecklette & I have now said , well, you know, to him several times bc we were so afraid we were going to lose him.

the dr started him right away on Prednasolne, and then the 2nd day on Doxycycline, which is what is used to treat tick disease, which the vet asked us if he'd evern been exposed to.

sinse starting that, Lucky has continued to improved w/ his appetite back, his eyes shiny and a bit of perk to his step again. when we had his blood tested again friday his count was going back up again too and the vet seems pleased with his continued improvement.

I did some research online and there are 4 types of tick borne disease, and 1 of them is sometimes confused for lymphoma, as they share some similar symptoms, but that is just me playing amature Pet Dr online; our dr has not mentioned ticks sinse that 1st time.

we should *hopefully* get the results back tomorrow or tuesday.

please bustie friends here, send healing thoughts to my boy?

I am so afraid to get my hopes up that he might be ok after all right now.. I keep trying to remind frecklette and the mr (who is still deployed but got to see Lucky in a video teleconference yesterday, even though Lucky never would turn around to see his Dad's face on the huge screen behind him) that we are FAR from out of the woods yet and we could still loose him, but my heart just doesn't accept that now.
he's doing too much better, eyeballing the cat and begging for food on the downlow. (he always for some reason seems to target Me.)

I am sleeping downstairs with him for now.. keeping him leashed whenever he goes out to potty, staying with him (w/ frecklette taking turns when she is home) 24 /7 as he cannot be left alone right now, and he is on 2 Presc meds and 3 OTC's.

again, any good thoughts for our boy, who is the heart of our family please. I so believe in the magic and power of bustie wishes,


ps: polly- almost illegal Cuteness!!!!
polly, that's a beautiful dog!

missjoy, that sounds funny, I love Rick Mercer!

((((freckleface and Lucky)))) I hope that Lucky pulls through this. It's good that you have someone with him all the time, I'm sure he knows just how much you all love him.

more vibes for your wonderful dog (((Lucky)))

I had originally posted this in the Say Cheese thread but obviously it belongs here:

I know it's a bit early for Christmas stuff but I just had to share this picture of my dog from a few years ago when he was completely unimpressed that we had put a santa hat on him. This is Toby, who hates hats. tongue.gif I showed this pic to one of my friends who said that the caption should be "I do not approve of this tomfoolery!"

thank you so much for your thoughts candycane girl.. it means a lot.
it's been a good day w/ him so far, and when we got back from dropping frecklette off a party & got out of the car at home, he even wanted to go for a walk so we did, but just a short one a few doors down our street and back again, but he had almost his normal skippy dog bounce to his step he was so happy.
- amazing the small things you often take for granted and then are so incredibly Greatful for later on.

I have a wickedbad picture of Luck w/ glowy eyes sporting reindeer horns we affectionately call
' Satandeer' but do not know how to get it from saved pictures to here unsure.gif
((((freckle)))) & ((((lucky))))) hoping he pulls through!

polly, that's too cute!

aww, poor toby!

right... must go walk hound. The new place doesn't have a garden, so we have to go for an evening walk. And this morning his lordship decided that he needed to pee at half four. And then had gas dry.gif
((freckle-family & Lucky)) my thoughts are with all of you- keep us updated!
we lost him tonight.

he took a serious decline this afternoon, held on till frecklette came home from school, we rushed him to the vet, did some xrays and saw that there wa a fluid all in his chest that they didn't know what it was.
as the biopsy result still wasn't in, they said they knew it was A Cancer, just didn't know what kind and it was only a matter of time.

so we did the most loving thing and held him and loved him and he went very very fast and gently.

I'm.... ok. frecklette is doing pretty good too. our hearts are broekn but we know in them that this was the only choice that could have been made; he wasn't yet feeling horrible pain, but was in a sort of 1/2 awareness.


don't think I'll check back here for awhile all the same though, so much Much love to all,

((freckle & family)) I'm so sorry. You did the right, responsible thing.
((((((frecklefamily)))))) I'm so sorry.
(((((freckle & family))))) I'm so sorry
freckleface - I am so sorry. Our pets are so much a part of our families and it never seems fair when they leave us. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
Much love and hugs.

I am so sorry. Losing pets can be so very hard. My thoughts are with you.

I'm so sorry. I hope you and your family are doing alright.
many hugs for you


I've never posted in this thread before but when I read yours it broke my heart. I'll be thinking about you at this really sad time. Just know, you did the most loving thing.
Sorry to hear about your loss ((freckle)), losing an animal is just like losing a family member my thoughts are with you!
((freckle)) I am so, so sorry.

Sweetie, I'm so sorry. I know what you are going through. We are here for you.
it's been a little over 2 weeks now and I'm... better? not so some times.
as long as I am busy, it's better, but even simple things like decorating the house for the holidays, or VACCUMING, oh heck no, (I might vaccume up some of his fur), is ridiculously hard still.
sometimes it absolutely Floors Me All Over Again that he is gone.
I know it'll get better, but for right now, if I don't fight it, it's still pretty crushing.
my boy, my beautiful sweet sweet boy.

incidentally, I tried to change my avatar picture to what it shows now some weeks ago, but the site didn't show it till recently and now I cannot bring myself to change it, nor do I really want to.
I just don't want anyone to think I was really weird by it showing up like that.
Lucky & I were "signing a greeting card to send to Daddy in Iraq" and he was SO Not Cooperating, and it was cracking me up bc he's such a big goob. and I love memories like that, bc he was just so amazing and beautiful and unbelievably deeply Loving. it makes me smile to remember.

we got him back a day after my birthday, and it's a very nice small rosewood like wooden box (urn) w/ a plaque engraved on it, and then they gave us a small ring box w/ a tuft of fur.
we have it placed on the fireplace.

it doesn't feel like him, and I know it's not, but I still talk to it somtimes all the same.
the house feels desolately empty right now, but I know his heart and love are still with us.

frecklette is doing much better than I am with this.
the mr, eyyyy. he realises that being so far away still the reality has not begun to sink in yet.
he'll be back a few weeks after Xmas and has written that he knows we'll have to mourn Luck together as Parents once he is home. and I appreciate that, bc I have felt as if I was carrying a part of the sadness for him too, and won't be able to fully let go untill he is home and we can address it together.
I still feel this very deep primal need to cry it out, but in the saftey of being with my mr.

that said, we have also decided to definately adopt another fur-baby (we're even thinking little puppy) once we are ready.
maybe even 2 (or 3 says the Mama wink.gif ), but we're not in a rush.
Lucky was such an amazing boy.. maybe one of those once in a lifetime people that comes along if you're well, Lucky. it would be unfair to the next someone if we adopt before we are really ready.

as afraid as I am of having this happen again, we cannot imagine not having that kind of love in our lives again, and Luck would want us to be happy. we gave him the best home imaginable, and know we have that to offer and so-much-love, but in time.

and now, while I am already sounding like a complete lunatic, I ordered a book by the psychic sylvia browne called 'animals in the afterlife' and it's about what happens to them when their souls leave here.
it might sound kind of desperate, but I need to know he's still out there.

I really really appreciate everyone's kind words.

love on all your fur babies extra extra please,

much love,
Freckle, we all have different ways of coping. Puppers are members of our family.

We had to put our first dog down, and his ashes are in a nice urn in the living room. I've had two dogs since, one that my useless ex has and the current furry black bandit.

Animals enrich our lives, and I also cannot imagine not having a dog around. I've had them all my life. Things like this happen, but why bypass years of love and great times out of fear of loss?

((((freckle)))) It's not desperate or lunatic-ish, it's completely normal. Pets are part of the family, and losing them is devastating.

But it gets better. Slowly but surely, it'll get better.
(((freckle))) Sorry for your loss. It'll just take time....I lost a parrot a few years ago, and still get upset sometimes when I think about her. But like with people I think about funny stuff she did, and times she cracked me up, and that helps a lot.

I am so glad you are considering adopting. I know it's so hard for you right now, and probably hard to think of opening up your heart after your loss. I adopted my pup 2 years ago this February. Right around Feb, there are so many people who impulsively bought puppies for Christmas that realize they can't handle it and put their pups up for adoption. Maybe by then, you'll be ready. xo

we are def going to adopt in the future, it's not a question of If, it's a When.
I had not stopped to think about the holiday's and stoopid people kayla, very good point.
I did better yeterday and finally vacuumed (cleaned) the downstairs, which means a lot of his fur, but it's ok. it felt ok.

writing it all out here has helped SO much, so I really can't thank all of you enough for being so sweet and kind.
(((((((((busty doggy mama's))))))))))))))
((((((freckle))))) thinking of you
thanks so much mornington, hugs right back at ya.

we took Bubie's (Lucky) food up to the no kill shelter where we had originally gotten one of our past girl cats from years ago.
they were very kind and happy to accept it, and gentle when we explained this was in honor of our Boy who had been a rescue from the streets.
and I asked about adoptions, and if they had any puppies, but as soon as I asked, I knew it was too soon yet.
(((((freckle))))) sorry to hear about your loss, freckle. my gf lost her dog 2 years ago, so i remember how it is. :/ i am so sorry...
(((((freckle))))) I'm glad that you're doing better. It will take time but you'll get through it. I'm glad that the writing about it has helped, it's really good to just get it all out. And eventually, you'll be ready to get a new pup that needs a home.
I hope this is the right place to put this.
My best friend's family dog passed away yesterday. Her name was Pucci (short for Amerigo Vespucci) and she was an 18 year old rat terrier. She was prissy, opinionated, and impeccably groomed, just like J in many ways.
I've known J and Pucci for 15 years, and Pucci was really a member of their family. I'm sure that now that both girls are out of the house, J's mom was really enjoying Pucci's companionship. J is upset because the semester just started and she can't go home. I am trying to think of something I can do to convey my sympathy.
Is it appropriate for me to send her mother a card or flowers? If I were home I'd bring her a pie, but I don't want to mail one. I just want to send her some support from her fourth (after Pucci, of course) daughter.

(((freckle))) - I'm sorry for your loss
I think a sympathy card would be a great idea.
we got one both from Lucky's Vet (which I admit upset me initally, but then was touched by) as well as from a super pet-loving friend. it's a sweet gesture that convey's that they are not alone in feeling the loss.
Calling your friend's mom and letting her talk (as I've done here) is also a great thing too.

if you wanted to Do-Something, I think a small donation to maybe a shelter or a breeder place or program or something like that would be nice.
I now kind of see canine-lymphoma research as Our Cause to support, bc unfortunately now know it's much more common than I'd have ever thought.

I am very sorry for your friend/family's loss.
(((((((((((((crinoline's friend J & Family )))))))))

we're doing o k.
the mr is back now & we're 'not talking about it' except I am, which means he is too.
I had a big meltdown a few days ago and he was sweet and held me,but is otherwise keeping it close to the vest and that's fine. I think he's still processing it and coming to terms.

beyond that, we're also talking PUPPIES (!!!!) which fills my heart w/ anticipatory wiggly giggly joy that I know Luck would be All for and do not allow myself to feel sad for it.
A card would be nice, crinoline.

My hound has really started to show his age lately, which saddens me. He is only seven but his muzzle turning gray, and I can tell he has slowed down a bit.
Mr Pugs
On a lighter note,
Here's my new favorite screen cleaner....

we're officially Puppy searching now.
I still have mixed feelings about it, but I know nothing is going to bring my boy back, and we have such a great home and so much love so why Not look now.

we went to Pets Mart today, bc on weekends they allow a large no-kill shelter to hold adoption fairs.
- it was like feeding time at the shark tank!
swarms and swarms of people, mostly rubbernecking (rather than there to seriously adopt at the puppy's I'd wager), and we were So discouraged. it was so crowded I had mini panick attacks from being pushed so much.
and we didn't see anyone that jumped out at us.
or, frecklette & I did, but we ALWAYS feel that way around most animals, and concede that perhaps we cannot be objective.

anyway so, we came away heartbroken and discouraged, but then bought a local paper and tomorrow night have an appointment to see a litter of Husky/Lab mixes.
they are only currently 5-weeks -old! (available for release 01 Feb)
I explained to the woman that we had lost our Golden a few months ago and were just beginning to search for a baby, so please understand if we opt Not to get one, bc it's really important to us to find the right fit. she was cool and understood. the mr is very interested in german shepards too.
however- I admit I am pretty psyched! I looked up pictures of what they may look like and Awwwww!
but we'll see.
they are asking $150** for them - is that a lot if neither of their parents are AKC?
- it is ok to ask them if we can take the puppy to our Vet to get checked out 1st? I don't think I could go forward w/ it if we didn't, even though I know there are no guarantee's.
what else do we ask?

mr puggs: that link didn't work?



we adopted and Brought Home 2 puppies tonight!!!

we were going "just to look" but they were so adorable....... and the family said that actually, as they were born 19 Dec and had been on softened puppy chow for a day or so now & were weaned from their mama, we could take them tonight and when the mr then said " we'll take 2 ." you could have knocked frecklette & I over with a feather!

there is a girl, a sort of sandy silver brown who looks very Husky, and she has a sweet and docile personality til she gets fired up and then watch out! we are conflicted about her name but I am leaning towards maybe Dixie (tho I don't think she really looks like one,, I just always liked it) or maybe Liberty but it's too early to know for sure;
and then there is a jet black boy w/ bits of white that looks like a fluffy black Lab who is a partyboy bruiser.
I'm liking 'Thor' or maybe 'Hooligan' for him, both of which would suit him well but the mr is saying HE wants to name them, and I do want their names to match somewhat.

anyway, they are both somewhere around 3 lbs right now and have not had any of their shots or anything, so they took $20** off the cost of each for that.

we can gets shots & micro chipping done at the Army base Vet Clinic for about 1/4th the cost of a regular civilian Vet (but that's all they do, no other regular Vet services like spaying) so that's my 1st call in the morning.

we are ....... HAPPY, but it's a bit bittersweet at the same time too.
we were all 3 thinking a lot of our beloved SugarBoy tonight, but know that he'd be right in the thick of all the happy chaos and would be loving every minute of it and I do really feel he's still here w/ us.

will get pics soon ~

a hoping for sleep but not really expecting it,
freckle (who is going to sneak downstairs for 1 last peek at them tonight! smile.gif )
Mr Pugs
Sorry about the link...Apparantly there was too much traffic and the servers crashed...
This is the best I could do babe:

Clean Your Computer Screen 1

Clean Your Computer Screen 2
omg, that is too cute!!

I love pugs cause they have such crazy googly eyes.

I miss my baby Toby (okay, he's not a baby but still) sooooo much! I'm not going home until Easter and it feels like it will be forever until I see him. He's getting older now and I just want to spend time with him. I hate noticing that some of his beautiful blonde fur is going gray and noticing how sometimes it takes him a minute longer to get up. I want to spoil him with walks and treats when I go home again.
can someone please tell me how to post pictures here?
I have some adorable shots of the new fur-babies, that we have tentatively named Blue & Bella. smile.gif
Yes, we want pictures!

Ok, you have the pictures in some sort of digital format, no? Either uploaded from the camera or scanned in from prints?

You need a URL for the picture. Do you have an online photo album, like flickr, photobucket, etc? If you do, use the URL assigned to each picture and skip to the "Anyway, now come back to Bust..." paragraph below. ....if you don't, try This site will let you upload a picture and it assigns a URL to it (don't worry, it still stays on your computer and everything).

Just go there, click the Browse button. Select your image (one at a time) and click the Host It! button. It takes a few seconds, then they'll give you a bunch of different URL's pre-formatted for posting them on other websites (MySpace, Facebook, etc.)...scroll down to the one that says "Direct link to image" and copy the URL they gave you. If you copy and paste that into another browser window, *poof* there's your picture!

Anyway, now come back to Bust, open up a reply window. If you're using the pink martini mode (as opposed to the work safe skin), click the "New Reply" button (not the "Fast Reply" button). Type whatever you want; to post the picture, click on the icon that looks like a little framed picture (between the green arrow and envelope with the plus sign). A window will pop up, ask you for that URL. Paste it in the box. Click OK and voila! Your picture is in your post!

You can do this as many times in a post as you want, but you have to upload them to imageshack individually. Don't forget to save those URL's that imageshack created, too- you can paste them in emails to family and friends. I like it better than online photo albums because you can pick and choose what pictures you want to share with whom, there's no passwords necessary, no waiting for annoying albums and slideshows to load.

This will be a lot easier once you've done it a few times. And you'd better do it a few times- we want lots of pictures of the little cuddlewumps!
thank you thank you polly!

here we go....
My Babies !

ps: checking back.. I am not at all sure I uploaded anything right, and had trouble editing the print & graphics, so excuse me if some have that stupid money/Pound symbol, it wouldn't let me take it off w/ out deleting the whole photo.
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