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The puppers is almost two.

Today, at the dog park, she was playing with her border collie friend Coco, and it was turning into a border collie stand off. They were seeing who could outwit who. It was rather adorable, and she actually let Coco chase her, and vice versa, it was great, the entire walk they were border collies in cahoots.

Now she is passed out next to me in bed.
The dog park near where we live is $90 per season. blink.gif They actually have someone sitting there from 7am-9pm to check for passes...lame.

BUT, I don't take my pupper to the public dog park - much like polly, turbo doesn't like ALL dogs, and particularly playful puppies...its just not safe for turbo. We DO take him to a pretty much abandoned tennis court in our 'hood, a couple times a week, where we know all the other dogs, and if its not the right mix of dogs there for turbo we just don't go in.

Turbo's been attacked, so I'm pretty cautious about what kinds of dogs he hangs with now, and going to the big public parks, I just don't feel comfortable with not knowing all the other dogs. That, and turbo got a NASTY staph infection from the big dog beach a couple years ago...naaaasty.
The nice thing about the dog park near my house is that those of us who go every day and are the die hards (we are out come hell or high water. There was a thunder storm one say, severe in nature, which started about half way through the walk and the three of us just kept on going. Yesterday, pouring rain, but still took the hound out) and we all know each other, the aggressive dogs and their owners get run out, unacceptable behaviour.

The park is pretty low key, and if I don't know who is there, I keep on walking. The weekends are usually like that, but during the week, it's usually 4 or 5 people.

as for infections, as we know all the regulars, no worries, but I still do get Emily all sorts of shots to ensure that she doesn't get anything. Especially the shot for kennel cough. I don't need any of that in her.

she used to be very scared, now, because of the really great dogs and their owners, she has her group of puppy friends.

And them charging you is a little silly. Here there are no private parks, everything is owned by the city, and because taxes are pretty darned high here, that's why we don't need to pay. If they even suggested that, it would be a nightmare and public outcry.
that sucks about having to pay. I'd love the idea of a dedicated dog park, but if I had to pay for it... maybe not. Part of the reason I moved here was that it's close to the park.

yay culture and emily! It's so good when they start to come out of thier shells.

Indigo has recently started crying a lot just as I go to bed. I can't figure out what's wrong - he's got food, water, the bunnies are in a separate room so they don't bother him, he's just been out... all that changes is I turn the lights out. He doesn't do it for more than an hour or so, and not constantly, but it's driving me insane. He also seems really excitable, like he thinks he's going out for a walk - but I've never walked him in the evening as he's too jumpy (and I don't like the park at night). Any ideas on what it might be? Or even better, how to stop it?
Does Indigo sleep with you or in a kennel? If Indigo is not actually with you while sleeping I'd say that it was seperation anxiety.

There isn't much you can do to stop it. Dogs get over it. I could suggest that if Indigo is sleeping in a kennel you bring the kennel in your room. Emily sleeps next to me or on the floor under my bed.
I second what CH said- they go through phases, just like kids and Tana has separation issues on and off, for a few days at a time. He's not much into playing fetch or anything, but one tip I've heard is to try to play with them before bed so they get tired. Of course, also like a kid, that could also get them wound up more.
oh, he sleeps on the bed with me. his bed is at the end of mine as it is. It's just odd because he only does it at night, just as I'm going to bed. He's spent the day asleep on the bed, completly ignoring me - and now he's come in and is curled up next to me on the sofa. And he never seems bothered when I go out - I don't get him hurling himself at me, and my neighbours haven't said anything about him crying then. He's an odd one.

Indigo's not much into playing - he'll do it briefly, but even on his own he doesn't play for more than a few minutes a day. I'll see if that helps.
mornington, how is Indigo doing? Better hopefully.

You know how some grandparents try to buy thier grandchild with toys and stuff? I swear to god my crazy mother in law tries to do that with our dogs. Whenever she wants a favor or whatnot, she brings something to my house for the dogs. It's just bizzare. A couple of weeks ago she wanted me to do her homework for her so she brought rawhides and bones over for the pups. The other day she wanted my hubby to do something so she brought them tennis balls for fetch. I think the woman is just nuts, thankfully we don't have children.... She also tells me how I do everything wrong, like one my pups collars is to small(she says), or she tells me I'm using the wrong shampoo or dog food....drives me insane!

Sorry for the tiny rant....
he's doing better on the whining - he stopped right after I posted. Foolish creature.

although he skinned his hindleg yesterday, he slipped on the steps up from the kitchen, he must have been running or something, and oh so much crying! but he's better now, still milking it for extra attention, but he's fine. We'll go for a proper walk tomorrow, as I didn't want him stretching the wound (which is nearly two inches long, but just the top skin, no tendon showing) or having it licked by another dog. I've put some antiseptic cream on it, which he doesn't mind, but it doesn't last long as he keeps licking it. I check it regularly, and it should heal nicely.

he's also learnt a new trick. He picks up figs from the garden and brings them in as presents - he chews them a bit, then leaves them somewhere. *sigh* crazy dog.
I was just outside playing fetch with my puppers and it totally made my day. The littlest one was running around the yard with a tennis ball jammed in her mouth. And it was way to big for her, so she was making all these ridiculously adorable snorting noises trying to pant, but not let go of the ball.
Shamus puked the other day. That in itself is not weird, but what he puked up was. He yacked up a strap to a black flip-flop. No one in the house owns a pair of flip-flops like the one he apparently ate. I am confused as to where is came from. He seems fine but I have been looking all ove the house for a half eaten flip-flop!
Mornington, that is hilarious that your dog brings in figs from the garden. A little treat for you, eh?

Bettie, geez, the strap from a flip flop?! I saw your earlier post about grooming dogs. Mr K & I attempted to do that this weekend too with one of our dogs. We tried to use clippers made for humans. Didn't go so well. So we went to the pet shop to look at "dog" clippers. They all looked the same as the ones we already had. Hmm. Anyone got any input on this? I'd like to do it myself, since now I have 2 dogs that need shaving down in the summer. If we can't though, guess we'll just keep taking them to PetSmart & paying $60 and $80 a pop. Ouch.

I can't take Yuki to the dog park, she doesn't like other dogs. I think Paco would probably like it though. We may try taking him.

Does anyone else have problems with unleashed dogs roaming around their neighborhoods? I am about at my wit's end with it. Last week a pit bull mix ran up & attacked Yuki. Thank goodness mr K & I were both out with the dogs, had I been alone it could have been bad. A neighbor who knew the dog had to run out & hold him so we could leave. It really pissed me off. I want to call animal control, but I want to make sure they go by when the dog is likely to be out loose, say in the evenings.
kari, I looked at the"dog clippers" too and you're right they look exactly the same as people clippers! it is Crazy how much it costs to groom a dog. I dont think his haircut should cost more than my hair cut does!

We had a problem with one or two loose dogs. They kept doing their business in our backyard, the landlord doesnt like our dog to do that so he made a big deal about it. I dont know what happened, one day the dogs just weren't there anymore.
I agree, I think pup clippers are pretty much the same. But have you tried small grooming shops instead of Petsmart? A girl I know grooms dogs for like $25-30 depending on what you have done. But then, maybe prices vary depending on where you are....I don't know.
ginger, I haven't, but you know, that is a really good idea. I may call around to some places. Thanks!

I read some reviews online about the clippers, and it seems that you need to buy the "professional" ones for them to do anything. I saw some, they are around $140. I wouldn't mind spending the money on them if they worked, b/c like I said I currently spend that just for a grooming for each dog. Hmmm.
So I was at the park yesterday and I was with a friend and her two dogs, my dog saw a cyclist on the path and kind of stood there so the cyclist had to drive around here, and he made a comment, I didn't here what, but dude seriously, it's not like I had a two ton rhino running around the park! Moron.
Thought I would give a shout out about my new grooming tool. I bought it at PetSmart, quite expensive (about $45 Canadian) and it is called the "Furminator". It quite effectively brushes out the undercoat of my dog when no other brushes would. It is kept away from the other grooming tools (in my store anyway) and looks almost like clippers but without actually clipping (that is what the teeth and shape looked like).

Anyway, I'm very fond of it so far.
I'm currently working on socializing my pup with other dogs. He's a 3 year old chihuahua, I've had him since he was a puppy, but I was living in CA with him when he was young, and I didn't know anyone there who had a dog, and so I didn't introduce him to as many other dogs as I should have. He's good with people, but he gets really agressive wtih other dogs, especially big dogs. I think its because he's intimidated, and then he becomes agressive. And I'm worried about him biting someone's dog. He's better with small dogs. A friend of mine recently got a chihuahua and jack russel mix puppy, and we've been doing "puppy play dates" and he's gotten to the point where he really loves the puppy. Which is awesome! So what do you all think? Should I just work on the small dog socialization? Or maybe try big dog socilaization with a really laid back big dog? Or just keep him away from other dogs entirely? Thanks for the input (says the Bustie Newbie wink.gif )
kiteye, have you got any puppy classes or dog parks in your area? you could take him along, which is what I did with my greyhound, simply to get him used to seeing dogs of all sizes (he used to be terrified of small dogs). Also, the people running the puppy class might know of a social group you can take him too - the same goes for your vet. If you're worried about him nipping, you could muzzle him while meeting a larger dog - the cloth band muzzles come in tiny sizes (I wouldn't recommend a basket muzzle, they make sniffing difficult). It does sound like a fear problem, rather than aggression. But yes, a laid-back big dog would be good, maybe something that's used to smaller dogs (or cats)

kari, the furminator is the shit if you've got a long-haired dog. I've got several friends who use the smallest size on thier bunnies, so it must be good laugh.gif (you have not seen shedding until you've met a bunny in spring. I hoover every other day)

we have one loose dog in the area, a jack russel mix. There's an alsatian guard-dog on the corner shop, but he's not aggressive - just amorous! blink.gif . But I know where he lives, so I just collar him and take him home (and they've taken to tying him up outside, because while I know he's an angel, my neighbours hate him hanging around and threatened to shoot him!). The j.r. is a pain in the arse, though, because he doesn't even listen to his owner.
Ooh, thanks for the info on the furminator! I'll try anything! We got Paco shaved down this weekend, so we are a low shed household for a little bit at least. I think he feels much better, he seems to want to stay outside longer than before.

Kiteye-I think I'd stick to small dogs for a while, til he got pretty comfortable, then maybe you can slowly move up in size. ?
Kari and Mornington; thanks for the advice! There is a Petco up the street from where I live, I could check with them re: classes. We have dog parks in our area, but they are off leash and I'm concerned that a dog might come rushing up and freak him out. When he gets upset, he turns into a whirling chihuahua dervish and I don't want his fear/agression to set off another larger dog who is off leash. My mom has a very patient, laid back border collie, so I might see if we can get them together. I'm thinking that checking with our vet is also a good idea - they may know of some group who works with doggie socialization.

That sucks regarding the loose dogs in the neighborhood. The family across the street from us owns a very sweet pit bull who is an escape artist. The first time I saw her out of her yard, she came tearing across the street and jumped up on me, planting her muddy paws right on my butt. She was trying to be friendly, but I was a little annoyed that I had to go back inside and change before leaving again. Another time I saw her I was walking home from work, and she saw me and came running up the sidewalk at full speed, and then when she reached me she stuck her head under my skirt! I always kind of hope that she doesn't do this kind of stuff to anyone that's afraid of dogs, because even I was taken aback and I like doggies.
I found a knock off, generic verison of the furminator, that works exactly the same, and just as well for around $9 somewhere, crap I can't remember where. But check around, the only differnce is the handle. And it's just as awesome.

Kiteye, definately don't give up on socializing your pup, it's really important.

I hate it when people consider shooting stray or loose dogs. How anyone could even think about it is beyond me.
We have someone in my neighbourhood that lets their dog wander loose. I hate it, especially when I'm walking my dog because it kind of slinks after us and my dog freaks out (trying to get at it). They also live near a little parkette with a children's play area and the dog goes there to poop and then no one picks up after it.

I called animal control and left a message about it. I've seen it out since, but not as often.
Missjoy, ugh, that is the worst! I hate it when people don't pick up after their dogs.

How did everyone's dogs do with the fireworks yesterday (if you live where there were fireworks)? My pup did surprisingly well; we're living in a more residential neighborhood this year, and there was lots o' celebrating going on last night - it was pretty noisy. But the pup just ignored the whole thing. Which surprised me, since he runs to the window and barks whenever he hears anything out of the ordinary outside. Silly dog.
My puppers did pretty well on the 4th. They were a little uneasy, but not to bad. There were a ton of fireworks going off in my area. My cattledog looked like his eyes were going to bulge out of his head, but I let him cuddle up with me on the couch and he chilled some.

p.s. missjoy, I love your avatar...basset hounds are awesome.
I've bitched about my neighbour before - he's an unpleasant character, and a bully. If I hear him making any more threats, I'm going to call the police (it's illegal to own guns here). His main problem is that the alsatien pees on the gatepost, and he once found poo on the pavement outside the house (and there are plenty of people who don't pick up after thier dogs round here, so it could have been anyone). Yes, the poo annoys me, but once is not a good reason to shoot the dog.

Indigo isn't that bothered by fireworks, which is odd. He doesn't like them, but he doesn't freak unless they're in the street outside. He's the same with thunder - I think having the tube run under the house helps, as you can hear it when it goes by, and it sounds like far-off thunder; he doesn't notice it now, won't even lift his head. He just freaks out when my neighbour opens the shared front door.

I have to show off indigo's new bed. all hail ikea - he loves it. and yes, I did make him lie there with all his toys (and my sock, which counts as a toy). The rat is his new favourite - and the squeaky ball, which he uses to wake me up
Mornington, I had to look very closely to see the dog in that photo. He is dog-bed colored! And very cute.
Awww... awesome bed. Maggie seems to like to tear her beds up - she's getting away from it now, and doesn't seem to do it to anything else (pillows or blankets). Perhaps she figures since it is her she can destroy it if she wants to?!?

Okay, the basset hound in the pic isn't mine, but my dog is a sweet little basset. It's so funny taking her out because *everyone* wants to pet her. My mom was sitting with her while I was in a store and said there wasn't one kid who came by who didn't want to pet her. One woman was trying to teach her small child how to approach a dog with Maggie and my mom said she kept shreaking buy Maggie just lay there and stared at her. The woman said Maggie should be a therapy dog.

However, I had her on her short leash on the sidewalk waiting for my mom to park the car when woman walks along holding bother her kids by the hands, she walks like 5 feet away and on to the street to avoid Maggie. Maggie didn't even notice them - plus the woman basically pushed my sister out of the way as my sis was standing on the other side of the sidwalk to leave room. Some people are odd? I can understand being wary of dogs - but geeze - my well behaved basset on a leash isn't worth pushing someone out of the way to avoid!
missJoy, what was up with that lady? That's weird.

Indigo is so pretty! Love the new dog bed! I'm with Kel, I had to look for a minute to see him.

Paco did Ok with the fireworks. I think he was mainly confused. Mr K had taken Yuki out of town for the week, which was good. She usually gets really freaked out by fireworks and also thunder.

Morington, that is the cutest picture! And Indigo does blend right in.

Sometimes I miss my pupp while I'm at work. I wish we could bring our dogs in, if they are well behaved. I'm sure he would be fine hanging out under my desk in his bed - he's small, after all.
I'm bringing my dog to the vet on Friday to talk about anti-anxiety meds. He's just getting worse and worse, and as selfish as this sounds, we just put in wood laminate floors and I can't having him peeing on them.

We've tried monitoring his water intake, we've tried taking him out every 45 minutes, we've been giving him more attention and it doesn't seem to make a difference. This dog is like the "sullen teenager" of dogs- he's not interested in playing (like fetch) for more than a few minutes, maybe once a week. He seems indifferent to spending time with us; he just doesn't want to be locked in the kennel. We've done every test to make sure it isn't a medical problem. They've determined it is behavioral and until this year, it seemed to be a seasonal thing during the winter, but it hasn't gotten better since winter.

He's only 9 and we enjoy him otherwise, so there's no reason to put him down or give him away- I don't break up with animals. But there's that Tom Cruise voice in my head telling me I should feel bad for putting my dog on meds. unsure.gif
polly, don't feel bad about medicating your dog. It might really help. You know it's the same with people that have anxiety, some feel guilty for having problems and needing medince, but seriously if it makes a person feel better, why feel bad? I hope it works for your pup.
Polly, I'm with ginger. I don't think not wanting him to mess up your new floors is selfish at all. Surely your dog would be more comfortable if his anxiety was better. I believe that pet owners have to find solutions that work for both them & the pet. You know? In any case, I hope your dog gets to feeling better. And like you allude to in your post...some people wouldn't even attempt to fix the problem, they'd just get rid of the dog.
Very well said, Kari and Ginger. Medication might make him a happier dog - its certainly worth a try. Good luck Polly, you'll have to let us know how it goes!

Well, my dog news is that I've found a very reputable local trainer who offers "growly dog" classes, which are for dogs like mine who don't get along with other dogs. The classes are very small, and each week one person brings their dog in to work with the trainer and class. Its supposed to work really well, and they use positive reinforcement only, which is important to me. Its pretty expensive though; $195 for 6 classes. I think I might enroll him though, since I really do want to work on his issues with other dogs.
ooh, Kiteye, that sounds really interesting & good. Let us know how it goes. My cattledog mix has issues with other dogs.
That does sound like a good class, kit. My dogs issue with other dogs is mostly his hunting instinct to go after smaller dogs (he prefers little white fluffy ones!) so we really avoid those. The only dog we trust him around is the beagle he grew up with.

So, my dog is now on Elavil, a.k.a. amitriptyline. He'll start on it on Monday or so- my vet knows of a pharmacy that will turn it into dog treats (like the heartworm meds) so it takes them a few days to do it. We'll see how it works!
polly, i don't think it's selfish to put tana on meds. it wouldn't be selfish to give him car-sickness pills, or to be selfish to give a kid sea-sickness meds. Good luck, and I hope things improve for both him and you. As he's getting older, he might be having problems with his vision/hearing which is increasing his anxiety.

kiteye, that sounds like a great course. And if it's causing problems, it has to be worth it.

it's been raining and raining and raining here; indigo hasn't been getting the long walks he usually does (we're at my grandparents in the countryside) because neither of us are keen on the rain. Also, the grandparents have frogs in thier garden, and he keeps trying to find them. I get paranoid he'll catch one and eat it...

Slight snag- the pharmacy the vet uses no longer makes the treats. They suggested using a topical application that I'd rub into his ears. They said I'd have to wear gloves, or else I'd absorb it too. laugh.gif Some for me, some for the dog! I need to call the vet today, and see what our other options are. I guess I could do pills if I have to- I have a method for those that takes advantage of the Pavlovian response. Excellent!
Hi everyone!

Polly, did you get the doggie meds all worked out? Mornington, this is a bit off topic, but since you mentioned frogs... we were camping over the weekend, and when we took our tent down we found a tiny little frog had been hiding under it. It immediatly started looking hot and miserable in the sun, so we rescued it and put it under the leaky hose spigot in some damp, long grass. laugh.gif He looked much happier there. Are frogs bad for dogs to eat?

I am excited about the growly dogs class, and have decided that as soon as I get paid I will enroll my pup. I'll let you all know how it goes!
Maggie has eaten a dead frog - pretty gross. It was around the time I was supposed to be feeding her nothing but her hypoallergenic food so we could find out if she had a food allergy. I mentioned it to the vet and he said he had never heard of a dog being allergic to frogs.

He thought it was kind of amusing. And, if our dogs were running around on a farm or something they would have access to thinks like frogs then - so there is only so much you can do to protect them.
hi, i am new to this thread but i am looking for some advice/thoughts. let me give a little sum up of the dogs in my life. i have a pug, Hirosake(this is clear from my av) who is just a totally adorable, lovable, and mildly neurotic. he for the most part is pretty well trained accept when he is upset/scared then he will poop without warning. this fortunatly happens very seldom and we simply know to keep him mellow. i also have (husbands) a very sweet yellow lab/retreiver mut, female, fixed named emma. we are under construction here at our home with contractors in and out because we are having the basement finished. Emma has bee house broken for longer than i have known her and aside from being a little over exuberant is a very good dog. We live in the woods and neither dog is confined very often. (no fence) Emma likes to run around the property and visit the neibors and to the creek and such, which for the most part is ok. i do sometimes get a call from someone who doesn't know her and have to go get her but this is not a big deal. Sake stays home. but lately if i leave her inside while i am gone for a few hours (3-5hrs) she has been peeing on the drop cloth down stairs. she acts like she knows this is bad. i know she can hold it for longer then that from prior experience. i am sure to let her have plenty of outside time before leaving her inside. she seems to like the generneral contractor because he talks to her and pets her and it is his drop cloth she pees on. so . . . what to do? I am trying to figure out what is up and i am having a hard time thinking like a daog here to come up with an answer. any thoughts?
*bumping the thread*

shiny sorry I hadn't realized this thread disappeared. Have you considered crate training your dog while you are away? It may seriously cut down on the accidents in the house. But keep in mind accidents do happen from time to time. I'd worry about letting Emma wonder freely. Sometimes boundries are a good thing.
we are having trouble keeping her home. she climbs over the gate! we are working on a dog run, which is sooo not an easy task because we hav extreemly rocky soil that is almost imposiblt to put fence posts into.
where are you going to put your dog run? under the porch? You could put a run line from your porch, the length of the front of your house. would buddy stay home if emma stayed home? hunting season is coming up. i'd hate for someone to mistake her for a deer.
Hi sweeties,
I don't mean to change the subject, but gotta ask:
Is it a problem if my gorgeous English Bulldog, Daisy Louise eats cat poo?
Good lord, I've seen her poop cat litter!
I am taking precautions, so she doesn't anymore, but, in the meantime...any harm done?
substandard english usage

First of all, wholly CRAP is your dog freaking cute. I mean. Seriously. Jesus.

Second of all, I have yet to personally meet a hound who can resist the wily charms of "sno caps." I'm sure a steady diet of litter box leavins' would certainly be bad, but an incident or two--while totally gross--won't do anything. Upset tummy, maybe. I'd keep an eye out for her wanting to go outside more, or for feel pukey.

It's never done any of my dogs any lasting harm, although it has been known to give me the dry heaves.
sillygrrl, your pupper is really adorable!! The only concern I would have is maybe your girl getting worms from eating the poo. (maybe?)

My poor hound was ravaged by mosquitoes a couple days. I think he may be allergic, b/c the bites swelled, and looked huge! So I gave him a benedryl, and he seemed better. Poor guy though, I felt awful for him.

does anyone here know anything about pitt bull puppies?

our neighbors adult (but young 20's/don't live at home) daughters rescued a wee small baby girl this past weekend and I have a strong hunch they are soon to discover she is a lot more work than they anticipated and so I'm thinking I may seen an opportunity , or need, however you want to look at it . smile.gif

we have an older cat & a happy go Lucky golden retriever, who is about as sweet as they get and I do not forsee any problems w/ him adapting to the puppy.
my Big question is..

w/ pitt bulls & the bad rap they get.. is it Nature or Nuture ?

I mean, if she is raised in a kind and loving home, is there any worry she might " turn on us" at some later point in time?
Hi Freckleface,

My mom adopted a pit bull puppy, and she has been the sweetest dog - she's about 7 now. She's never shown the slightest tendency towards agression. My mom has spoiled her for her entire life, so she's never had any harsh treatment. She is just an awesome dog, but people are often afraid of her just because she is a pit bull. She would never hurt a fly, imo.

Also, my boyfriend's sister has a pitbull, and that dog is also a sweet, loving dog who gets along with a household of two cats, two other dogs, a bird, and a turtle. I think its all in how you raise them - give 'em lots of love and treat them as part of the family and they turn out to be great dogs.
kiteye, I really appreciate the info on that.
I spoke to the the daughter who has her ('Roxy the baby pit') and she seems pretty enamoured of her so far.. but it's still only been less than 48 hours and I can be patient! tongue.gif

the fact that my mr is saying a definitive NO really has very little impact on my hopes to bring her into our home. she's such a sweet little baby girl though, and while I don't want any more human children, I am longing for the pitter patter of tiny furry little feet. (my golden more or less usually gallops like a horse!)

if it's meant to be, it'll happen.

thanks again smile.gif

and ps: I love your Old Guitarist avatar!
I used to stand in front of that at the museum in amazement and wonder if there really is another painting underneath it.
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