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The other day while my pups were chilling in the back yard, I heard thier angry bark and went to check things out. There was this giant St. Bernard mix stray outside. So I rushed them in, but they ran through the house to bark at it, and our screendoor wasn't latched so to my horror, my little pup managed to get out. She has no clue that she only weighs like 12lbs so she goes barrelling after the 100lb dog which luckily appeared to be a bit of a coward b/c it ran like hell when she growled after it.

Why do little dogs have big dog syndrome? I am so affraid she is going to get hurt, someday.
Its so true, about the little dogs! Yesterday morning, when we were out on our stroll, we got accosted by our neighbors and their pack of 3 snarling mexican chihuahuas - turbo was terrified!! And one of the little buggers nipped his heels too! Good thing turbo's afraid of them, and doesn't realize that he could have them as a snack if he wanted. Of course they were on retractable leashes and running every which way, uncontrolled, and the boys (their owners) were just like "haha, aren't they cute." Uh no, they could get hurt, dumbass.

My friends' pugs are the same way - fierce little monkeys, and when they get angry, it just sounds so funny, I can't help but laugh!
Ahhh little dog syndrome. They have to make up for their lack of size. they have to try and intimidate somehow. Big dogs have thier size to intimidate. Little dog just bark like crazy. My dog is terrified of barking dogs.
fierce little monkeys, heehee, that's exactly how they act.

The other day my hubby was giving our cattledog some table scraps and the pup was way over zealous and accidently bit the shit out of my hubby. He drew a little blood. Our cattle dog was a rescue and came from an abused home, when we got him 4 years ago he was underwieght and malnurished. Even though he gets as much food as he wants now, he is still really greedy gretchen when it comes to food. I thought he would grow out of it with time. He often swallows things whole also instead of chewing, even really large treats or scraps. Personally when I give him treats I always put them in my palm, so he has to slow down and not accidently maul me. But do ladies have any other advice on breaking him of this habit? Or is just something he will always do?
gk, could you try saying "don't snatch" before you give a treat. He then gets praised/another when he takes it gently. The palm thing is really good, though. but after four years... you might not get far, and have to just be mindful of his teeth.

on the little dog thing... big dogs growl, and that's usually enough. the little dogs are more inclined to bite without warning. I've seen more damage done by little dogs that a big rottie. Indigo's scared of little dogs too - he doesn't like it when they get under his belly.
We do tell him, careful or easy when we give him treats. I am thinking it may just be something we have to live with.

My little Dachshund/Chihuahua mix, we call her Dachihuahua, she is love child not a designer dog or anything. We just think it sounds funny. Anyway she growled at some little kids on bikes, today when I was walking the pups. They seemed like they were frightened of dogs and I swear she sensed that, and went ape shit mad. She is so small she is easy control though, our two bigger dogs just ignored the kids.
indigo ran away from a little boy who wanted to stroke him today. he's such a coward. i felt so bad, because the kid asked politely and everything.

gk... i guess if you know he snatches, you can at least be prepared, and warn other people if they want to give him snacks.
random pic of dog I took this weekend

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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
I'm finding that ALL the dogs in our 'hood are a little ruffled with the onset of spring here. Its taking some time for everyone to get socialized again, after the quiet winter where we don't go out for playtime nearly as much. Turbo is definitely disturbed by all the child ruckus in the neighborhood, but he'll be used to that and ignoring it once more in a week or two, and he's growled at many of his long-time buddies when they get too frisky and up in his bizness...I'm just hoping the crabby pants can mind his manners this weekend, as we have a new greyhound in the 'hood coming to stay with us for the weekend.
Why Small Dogs are Small
I bought some packets of powdered gravy (for humans) today at the grocery. $.45 each.

the mr (who is home soon) likes to mix Lucky's dry food w/ a packet of soft ( & thinks I am terrible & neglectful for only feeding him dry while he's been away), but in light of all the crazi re-calls, I thought this might be better?
to mix up a whole packet, keep it in the fridge, and then mix or pour it over his dry food.

have any of you started making your dog's food there at home?
and if so, how/what do you use for it?

and interestingly enough, Lucky (at about 73 lbs) doesn't react to little dogs the same way he does to dogs closer his size. it's like he knows they are smaller and either not a threat to him or that he needs to be careful, bc even w/ other males, he still stays gentle. maybe it's bc we have a small cat come to think of it?
I like to think it's bc he's just so smart! biggrin.gif
polly, that article reminds me of a special on PBS that I watched years ago, all about the evolution offrom wolf to dog. It focused a lot on how big floppy eared hounds had been bred, and how breeders attain the traits that are desirable in a given breed. Very intricate and facsinating process.

freckle, I was just reading an article about people prefering to make thier pups food from scratch since the big recall. It mentions a book called Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets: the Healthful Alternative , that seems like a great resource. Here's a link:

freckle, indigo gets gravy over his dry, because tins are expensive and tend to give him an upset stomach. He gets about 1/2 pint per bowlful, and he loves it. Although i still give him dry every day, he frequently gets leftovers in his bowl as well, but only at dinner-time. Cous-cous is a favourite.

Lucky's a labrador, isn't he? we used to feed our lab homemade meals (this was in india, where actual dog food was both expensive and impossible to come by) - rice, cauliflower, potatoes, chopped carrots, cabbage, cooked with bones/stock, and the meat from those... and gravy. she loved it, and we could make it in huge batches and freeze it.
Has anyone ever tried adding oil to their dog's food to make their coat better? I gave Tana a good, all-over scratch last night and there were so many flakes. Basenji's are naturally prone to that (in dog shows, the handler will keep something to wipe them with when they're on the floor because they "flake out" when they get stressed), and his previous owners said it was the case with all the dogs that came from his breeder; just a bad line or something. I think they said they used to pop open fish oil capsules and squeeze it into his food, but it smells terrible. I don't care too much about the smell, but if there's something else I can give him that won't smell, that would be great.
Yep, polly, greyhounds are exactly the same way with dandruff, and especially in stressful situations. In the dry, winter months, I feed turbo 2 fish oil capsules everyday - I just open his mouth and drop them at the back of his throat to force him to swallow - its really helped alot. And then he gets a treat. Its such a pavlovian response now that even when I go for my vitamins in the morning - just the sounds of vitamin bottles makes him run up and drool on the spot, in hopes that he'll get his pills and a tasty treat!
That's not a bad idea, turbo.

My own trick for getting pills into Tana (maybe I've shared this before)- hold the treat up first so he knows it's there, open his mouth and shove the pills in. Hold his mouth shut so he can't spit them out (he's VERY pill-resistant and will fight me off!), but hold the treat in front of his nose so he can smell it and salivate, forcing him to swallow. Once I'm sure he's choked down the pills, I let go of his snout and give him the treat. Works every time! For a 30 lb. dog, would 2 pills be too much? I don't know how potent those things are.
Oh yeah, I forgot about the size thing - one would probably be prefect for tana - 2 would probably give you some soft poo. I do have to hold turbo's mouth shut too - but his mouth is pretty big, so dropping them in works pretty well most of the time here.

I've got a guest greyhound this weekend, and he's a snuggler - I like it. smile.gif
turbo, do you just use fish oil from the health food store? Indigo has dreadful dandruff (he already gets omega oils, but maybe I'll switch, as it's not doing anything 'cept making him shiny and flaky). He's moulting at the moment (ah, spring) so it's worse.
Our Great Dane used to get very dry, flaky skin on his rear end, and the vet gave us something called Clovite to sprinkle in his food. It looked like some kind of dried plant. I don't know exactly what it is, but I guess it is used for horses to make their coats shiny. We only fed him about a teaspoon a day, I think (maybe more - I don't remember), but it was very effective. Zeus's flakes disappeared, and he was so sleek and shiny.

It was nice because he didn't even know he was eating it because it was such a small amount, and it was in flakes. Have you guys ever heard of this stuff?
Hhmmm, I haven't heard of Clovite, PK, but thanks for the tip!

Yep, mornington, I just use fish oil from the health food store - 2 capsules everyday. I also really need to give turbo a bath, that helps with some of the worst scales - the worst of turbo's dandruff is around his rear leg-pits, as he incessantly licks there all the time, and I think it dries his skin out more. But, yeah, spring is the worst season for it. I would think that if you're already giving him omega oils, changing to fish oil isn't going to do anything remarkably different.
My hound gets flaky skin when his alergies act up, I use a shampoo with Omega-3 that seems to help him and leaves is coat super shiny.

Poor guy, his allergies are bad right now, I keep finding him rubbing his muzzle in the cracks between the couch cushions. It's adorable but I feel bad for him.
ooh, cheers PK! I might have to see if i can find some of that.

Indigo's got very little fur on his belly - sometimes he looks like someone's actually shaved him. So the dandruff shows up terribly. I'm trying the fish oil (although he refused to swallow, so i had to fight with him and squeeze them down his throat) and the omega, and i may well decide to give him a bath in the stuff too. He currently gets baby shampoo, which does lovely things to his fur. Seriously, it was the first time i've ever actually willingly taken a big sniff of him. He then proceeded to spend the next two days gassing everyone (i had to give him an egg, and then on easter sunday he got so excited by the chocolate eggs he couldn't touch, he had his own boiled proper egg)

After that, we'll head to the vets. It doesn't seem to itch much - although he loves it when i scratch the worst patches - it's just he looks like he's been in his own personal snowstorm.

mama and boy wonder (the brother) have both gone home now - they were staying with me over the easter break. Indigo's been mourning; he loves them both so much. We're going up to my grandparents tomorrow for a few days as they've been asking to see him (BW is only at his dad's so the buns will be fed) so hopefully a little rigourous spoiling will make him feel better.
Awwww....I'm sure Indigo will soak up all the spoiling this weekend!! Turbo is definitely in need of a little extra love and skritchies this week, after putting up with the guest greyhound over the weekend, which he did *not* appreciate at all...he's definitely more comfortable as an only dog.

I'm not really concerned about turbo's dandruff, I guess - all the other greyhounds in the 'hood have the same issue - they're just not oily dogs, and in springtime when they're losing what little coat they have, it does seem to be worse...the vet hasn't seemed concerned by it, so I just stick to the fish you said, it doesn't seem to bother him at all, and some of it does seem to be worse in his favored licking spots.
Is this the CUTEST baby ever, or what?! (Unfortunately, he's not mine!)

I'm constantly looking around on pit bull rescue sites because as soon as I move out of here and into a place that allows pets, I want to get into bullie rescue myself. That won't be until July at the earliest, though. *sigh*

Just thought I'd spread the cuteness!
As long as we're posting pictures of our favorite shelter dogs, I volunteered at the local shelter with my mom over the weekend, and these two are just the sweetest things.

Those pictures do not do them justice- they're sisters, miniature Australian Shepard mixes, the white one is blind and the other is her seeing eye dog. They are so gentle, so sweet together. I can't wait for them to find the perfect home, and unfortunately, it can't be mine sad.gif I don't think they do trades. laugh.gif
*overwhelmed by cute puppy pics* smile.gif

faerietails, I have often considered getting a staffie some day. I think pits are adorable. Right now, my hands are full with the three dogs I have though.

polly, sometimes I search petfinder, and try to talk people I know into adopting cute pups I find.
Oh, polly, you are breaking my heart! Orchid and Peony are SOOOOOoooooo sweet! I love that one takes care of the other...doggies are so smart and compassionate!
too many cute pups! Part of me would love a staffie, because there are hundreds round here (and far too many in the rescues) but they're just too rambunctious for Indigo. plus, i don't have room for another hound

The addition of the cod liver oil capsules seems to be helping; he's not so flaky. And thankfully it's not so warm right now, so we'll be able to walk more - he gets so overheated, and there are so many people in the park at the weekend.

eta: i've just met an italian greyhound in the park. i want one. and they're tiiiny.
Aren't the italians hilarious, mornington?! I love how they prance everywhere they go...but they are neurotic little creatures, very difficult to potty train with their wee little bladders...oh and the matchstick legs that break easily. My friend who's a vet says that at least one comes in every week to her hospital with a broken leg from jumping off the couch or whatever. But, aside from that, yeah, I would love to have one - there's quite a few in our neighborhood, and turbo loves meeting them - he definitely recognizes them as a greyhound.
rant ahead...

indigo has problems walking on the lino in the kitchen. So we got a hall carpet runner, so he can walk/stand in the kitchen easily. We got a mouse deterrent that's dog safe. He'll walk through. He'll hang about when the snacks are being handed out... will he eat his dinner in the kitchen, where it's easier to clean? Will he fuck. He's crying, and I feel dreadful, because he's hungry, but he throws food everywhere, and when he has fish the place stinks... and i don't want to sleep in a fishy bedroom, thank you. mad.gif

He made friends today with a lurcher. His walker was scared that he was a bit aggressive towards others - i think he was just protective and a little nervy - but they chased each other far and wide. If I see her again, I might suggest she muzzles him - i don't think he's nasty, just not well socialised.

We saw the italian greyhound again, but his friend - a mongrel - was snappish towards everyone, especially a sweetheart ten-month boxer, who wanted to be friends with indigo and the grey and ollie the spaniel. I think he was older, and over-protective. So we just hung out with the boxer, who I adored. It was hilarious watching her try to sniff the italian; she was one of those bulky boxers, and her head was the same size as this italian's body! She was quite gentle, though.
Just need to vent.

I love my 10 month old basset hound very much, she's my first dog, but I'm soooo frustrated with her health issues. She's the sweetest little dog but she has been on medication 4 times so far and I think we may be headed for a fifth. After a few weeks of having her we took her to get her shots (rabies, etc.) - we got her at 4-5 months. Then a few weeks later she got a skin infection and was itching like crazy and had open sores. She went on antibiotics for two weeks and it cleared up. She was spayed after that and then the cut looked red so we were back on antibiotics for 2 weeks. Around that time we wondered why her immune system wasn't fighting off these probs, so we got her tested and she had roundworm, so we got rid of that. Then her stools were really soft, we tried changing food, then she got blood in her soft stool and I took her immediately to the vet. She has coccidia (spelled right?) which I think only small puppies are usually infected by. She was on pills for two weeks for that - first time her stool has been normal. Now, two weeks later her stool is soft again. She pooped in her crate last night (which she never does) and then I guess she ate it, when I let her out in the morning she vomited half digested poo three different places on my white carpet.

So Emily is getting more and more confident at the park all the time. She recognizes some of the other dogs, and she'll go bounding up to them. She is doing this anyways, but when they come up to her, she freaks out. I'm like, Emily, they think you want to play with them.
Hello all!

This is my first post in this thread.

I have been taking Shamus(our little Cairn Terrier) to the dog park for a little bit now and he loves it. He runs laps with the big dogs and wrestles with the little ones. There are a few dogs who play way to rough with him but he hold his own against them until he can find me in the crowd of owners and seek protection at my ankles. I love that when we get home he is ready to be cuddled and relax, it is a nice way to end the day.

opinion - what do you think of a family yelling at me to leash my dog (a food obsessed hound) when they are having a picnic in the middle of an off-leash park with the food all over the ground (chicken legs, etc.).

By the way, there aren't many off leash parks around here and I specifically drive 20 minutes to take my hound to a designated off leash park because I want to follow the rules
missjoy, it seems a bit, well, unfair. If they're using the park, they should be aware it's off-leash. Or at least use a picnic table. I can't see your dog being the only dog to come begging.

Sometimes, I wish we had specific dog parks over here. When it's warm out, Indigo hates being walked, because there are just too many people around, kicking footballs and running about. While I can't blame them for wanting to enjoy the sun, I do get pissed off when they get angry at my hound because he's kidlet height (and due to the heat and his heart murmur, pants a lot with his teeth on display). I could forgive them if he bothered people, but he is *terrified* of strangers and avoids people like the plague.

on the soft stool thing, do you feed her on dry kibble alone? Indigo is a bit of a delicate flower, and gets the shits whever he eats wet food. I also mix a few teaspoons of arrowroot powder with his food, which seems to harden his stools too. Rice is good too - if he's feeling poorly, I subsitute half his feed for boiled white rice. It could be an allergy, so maybe try rice and fish for a few days, see if it has any affect.

bettie... do you know cstars? There can't be *that* many cairn puppies called shamus on these boards laugh.gif
I actually had my girl at the vet today and we're trying fish and potato to see if it is a food alergy (she was on chicken and rice, then lamb and rice, so we thought we would give something totally different a try).
Tana had his teeth cleaned by the vet back in February. They still look good, but I'm noticing his bad doggie breath coming back. It's not really bad- he didn't even need any extractions, which is rare for a dog of his age (8 in human years) who'd never had them cleaned until then, but it's getting noticeable. Besides getting him more to chew on (difficult because he's got the sensitive stomach and you never know what's going to make him sick), has anyone tried any of the at-home teeth cleaning kits? I don't know if he'd tolerate it, but I'm willing to try, at least to maintain the cleanliness in there.

bettie is my roommate! That is indeed the little shamus that i talk about in other threads!
One of my pups has a little bald dry patch on her side about the size of a quarter. I put some oinment on it, but it seemed to have no effect. Then I tried aloe, but again no help. It doesn't look red or irritated, I am just curious what could have caused it. Any help?
Here's a bittersweet story that brought tears to my eyes! (Crossposting in This Just In)
polly, I just saw your post about the bad breath, and I feel your pain. Turbo's breath is wilting.

Some things that definitely do help (when I remember to do them):
- giving frozen chunks of raw beef marrow bones (I get the butcher to cut them in 2-3" sections, then take them away after about 20minutes)
- parsley tablets - get pure parsley at a natural food store
- use a product for dogs called Oxyfresh - you just put it in his water - works amazingly well...I need to order some more.

I'm not sure what's come over me, but for the past 10 months I have been absolutely dog-obsessed. I want a dog more than almost anything in the world. Every time I see someone walking a dog (which is pretty much every five seconds over here), I crane my head to watch them skip along and then sigh. Unfortunately, I move around too frequently to actually get one yet, so I've been thinking I should volunteer at a doggie shelter, but I'm afraid that I would get depressed and try to take all of them home with me. Anyone have any experiences working for shelters, or other jobs/ things that involve dogs? Thanks!!

I volunteer at a shelter right now. It's a no-kill shelter that takes in dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals. I had volunteered once before at another shelter and I did get depressed from that because the place was not maintained well. It was dirty, overcrowded and they didn't train or coordinate the volunteers at all. A friend's girlfriend worked there, so my friend and I went to volunteer and they just stuck us in a room with all the cats, no questions asked. We could have been psychos or something and they'd have no idea. All the cats were in this room, whether they'd been given shots, fecal tests, etc. or not and they weren't kept in cages or anything. There were all sorts of feline bodily fluids everywhere. It was horrible. I didn't see the area the dogs were kept in, but I can't imagine it was much better, other than they were kept in separate cages.

I feel good about the place I'm at now because they're super-clean, they interview the volunteers (or at least get to know you before you're allowed around the animals unsupervised.) All the animals see the vet before being added to the dog or cat room, and if they're sick, they're kept in cages and only staff is allowed to touch them. They get neutered/spayed before they leave (or once they're old enough). They're brought up to date with shots and treated for any illnesses.

My outlook on the whole thing is that these animals came from all sorts of horrible situations- the street, animal hoarders, abusers, neglecters, etc. and the shelter, as sad as it is, is a better place than where they came from. My job is to make sure they are happy, and to provide them with some positive human contact until they are adopted and move onto an even better place, someone's home.

Going to a shelter that shares that view and mission has made all the difference.
I am so silly, the little dry spot on my pups side, was just from her leg resting there when she sleeps. I took her in for her shots and asked the vet.

My vet adores my pups, so everytime I leave I feel like a proud parent. He went on and on about how much personality my hound has, and what a character he is. And he told me always loves it when I bring my pups in. That felt like such a huge compliment, I was on top of the world when I left the vet's office!

I wish I had the time to volunteer at my local SPCA, they are the only no kill shelter in my town. Hopefully at some point in my life I'll be able to.
My poor dog. He was really in need of a trim, you could just see how warm he was with a really thick coat in the summer heat at the dog park. So my roomie and I gave him a "trim" Well, it turned out terrible, it is all uneven,. But he seems so much happier(or it could be my own imagination) he runs more in the park and seems more spunky, but he looks sooooo funny! Has any one else taken their dogs grooming into their own very inexperienced hands?
My local off the leash dog park charges a $25 fee per dog per year. I think that kind of blows. Everyone used to just go anyway and not pay, but this year the parks department put a coded lock on the gate, so you have to pay in order to get the code. mad.gif

I understand wanting to make sure all the dogs are current on thier shots, and what not but I am not sure what this fee is for. The dog park is just a really large open field that is fenced in. Nothing is provided. You have to bring your own toys and poop bags. I am confused. If I knew the money was going to the local SPCA or something I wouldn't be bothered. I guess I should look into it. It just doesn't seem like you should have to pay to take your pups to the park.
That does suck about the fee. I could see them charging if they were fixing up the park or providing fresh water or poop bags and stuff like that. Are there any renovations in the works for the park?
Ginger that bites the big one, when cities have to make money they will do just about anything.

Bettie, I've only ever cut fur balls off the hound, she knows when I'm going to do anything to her that she won't like, it's her doggie senses kickin' in, so I don't even bother.

So, previously, hound would never leave my feet at the park, she was terrified (this was even one year ago), but now, she's made a compelte turn around, she sees her other doggie friends and thier owners and goes running up to them. And some of us go walking around the park together, and Emily is totally a part of the pack, even leading it now. anyways, a woman who's seen the progression of Emily says she can't even believe that it is the same dog she's come so far. I'm a proud mama.
sad.gif I wish I could take my dog to a dog park- problem is that he doesn't get a long with other dogs and if we let him loose in a large, unfenced area we'd never see him again.
polly, you should check if they have one that is fenced in the one we go to is all fenced. We would never see Shamus again if it was open. We had a hard time at first getting our pup socialized at first he would stay near our ankles and snap at the other dogs, but then he started to play and now he loves it!

CH, congrats! How old is your hound? I am not going to attempt to groom him in any other way than to give him a bath from now on!
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