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gk, what happened?

we didn't go to training as there was a thunderstorm... ah well. we spent the day lazing around. Indigo has attracted the attentions of an amorous (male) rottweiller recently. Poor dear is so scared! Luckily, the rottie is as soft as butter, and will run away from a sharp tap on the nose.

Oh, poor Indigo!! Turbo similarly had attracted the attention of a 1yr old male bulldog awhile back....seeing that short squat little guy try and hump turbo was just *too* funny...we'd all stand and laugh, and turbo would look at me with those "would you save me, already, lady?!"....and eventually he'd scamper off away from his little boyfriend! Now turbo has a good warning growl at the ready, when anybody gets a little too friendly at the park.
The pit mix wondered home after a few days. I was sure local Animal care and control had gotten a hold of her and put her down. I felt horrible for not keeping her in my yard until the neighbor came home. But she just didn't seem to get along with my dogs.The guy came down a couple of days ago and let me know she was back. smile.gif She used to bark and growl when I walked by her yard, but today when I was walking my pups she just stared at me and wagged her tail. I think she remembers me.

My little dachshund/chihuahua mix used to have a mastiff that fancied her at the dog park. For awhile he was there everytime we went lusting after her.
Mornington thank you for your advice about my dog! You too Jenn! Sorry I haven't been back in to comment, though I did come back and read your suggestions. The spot was on the side of her tail. It is getting better, it's just about completely healed. I am not sure what initially caused it.

GK, I am glad the dog is ok. That would have really worried me too. Our neighborhood always has dogs roaming about & I am always worried that they are going to be hit. I wish people would keep their dogs inside.

I was perusing the web today & came across a dog I wish I could adopt. It's a German Shepherd/Blue Heeler Mix. He's been in the shelter for almost 2 years. I emailed about him. He is in a shelter about 140 miles from us, but I would be willing to drive there to check him out. With a dog being in a shelter for that long though, do you think there would be problems when you took him out?
Kari - I'm glad she's healing up well! Turbo's currently nursing a 6 inch long gash on his leg right now...I really wish his owners at the track has removed his dew claws - his legs are a mess of scars because when he runs at full speed, the claws catch his skin on the inside of his front legs, and scrape him up pretty good. Mostly, he has the sense to leave them alone to heal, but this last one is the worst I've seen, so he's been licking a bit too much.

Kari, the dog may be fine to come home, or may not be. You'd have to set up a transitional program to help the dog acclimate to homelife - much like you do with greyhounds - using a kennel at first because it feels safe for the dog, and letting it earn the priviledge to spend time in the house with you. And of course you'd want to test whether the new dog and Yuki are going to be okay together....if you wanted the dog, I would call the shelter and learn more about him, and get some background on why he's been there for so long.
good to hear he's doing better kari! I'd definitely ring up the shelter & find out why he's been there so long - and whether he's been rehomed and brought back. I hate to say it, but it's likely - just from the length of time he's been there - that he has behavioural problems of some sort. How old is he?

jenn, the owners may not have realised; not all dogs have dewclaws on thier hind legs anyway. but poor turbo!
I'm a little concerned about Tana. He's been drinking a lot of water and has been peeing a little excessively. Besenji's are prone to kidney problems, especially Fanconi's Disease. Yesterday was pretty bad, but it could have been an anxiety issue.

The water drinking has been going on for about 2 months, but yesterday we had friends over and were cleaning up before they got there. Tana gets freaked out by the vacuum cleaner, and he had just drank a bunch of water, and he peed in his kennel, only an hour after going outside. Later, he peed on the carpet. He also gets freaked out when people are over and we're not paying enough attention to him, so I think that was part of it, because after he peed in his kennel earlier in the day, we took him out and didn't let him drink too much.

When he had his yearly vet appointment back in March, they tested his urine because he was peeing in the house, and they said there was nothing medically wrong with him, so it was probably behavioral. But I don't remember him drinking so much back then.

The symptoms of Fanconi Disease and diabetes are excessive drinking and urination and weight loss (among other things)....he's definitely not losing weight- he's gained a bit and we just switched him to senior food (he's 8). I will probably make an appointment for the vet this week, which sucks because I'm not working right now and money's tight.

If something's really wrong with him, I don't know what we'll do. He's only 8, and basenji's typically live to 12-14, so he's only at the beginning of "old age", so I wouldn't want to put him down (unless it was something really awful)....his previous owners, our best friends, could probably help us pay for stuff.

Has anyone ever had a dog with diabetes? How much does the insulin and everything cost? We had a diabetic cat when I was a kid and my mom would give her insulin injections everyday. Are injections the only option, or can dogs have mild diabetes, where they can just do pills, like humans. I guess one maintenance drug is going to cost money like another, and I guess injections would be easier than pills. ((Sigh))
pills are easier, polly - and i think injections are definitely more common. I'd definitely get him checked for a uti or kidney problems just in case. But if he's not peeing a lot/regularly in the house, it might be a behavioural thing (with what you described with the hoover definitely sounds like a fear thing).

Hope it clears up though!

I'm going to boast a moment... on his second training lesson, Indigo only *just* failed his kennel club good citizen award. because he doesn't "stay" - but as we haven't worked on that, I'm so proud of him. He came to his name, was relatively calm after a little while, and even tried to make a few friends.

Kari-has the cattledog been at the shelter that long or has he been adopted out and returned? A lot of people find cattledogs difficult and over protective. People with kid often end up returning them after adopting them b/c of thier natural herding instincts, they tent to nip kids ankles a bit. My cattledog has anxiety problems and was abused before we got him and most people don't have the patience to deal with a complex pup like that. Check him out, remember he might not make a ton of eye contact with you or be really affectionate. It takes them quite awhile to warm up to new people. But good luck!! Let us know what happens.

polly hope your pup is okay. It could just be age?
polly - I hope Tana is ok!! It does sound suspicious of either behavior or UTI...hopefully your doc can help you understand what's going on.

Turbo had a worse than ever freak out over the vacuum yesterday too...we always put him in the bedroom while we vacuum, and it only takes a minute, 'cause there's not much rug to clean, but he was pacing, and there were puddles of nose drool all over the floors - poor baby!

Oh Indigo is doing so well!! Congratulations! ...And he's putting turbo to shame...our pupper's got no skillz whatsoever...he'll come when called, and he'll fetch a ball, but that's about it. I feel proud just because ball fetching isn't a natural for greyhounds - most will chase, but not bring back. All of a sudden this summer, turbo got obsessed with balls, and now he's a fetcher -- who knew!
This is probably a little low for NYC, but I pay $10 per walk for a 25 minute private walk.
*Bumping AND Delurking*

Hi, all Bustie dog lovers! I don't post in here very often, but I want to share what's going on with my Westie, Brut. (Yes, that's him in my avatar picture.) Two weeks ago, I found that his lymph nodes were very swollen; I suspected lymphoma right away. Preliminary blood tests done by our vet suggested the same. However, we weren't able to get him into the oncology clinic until today. We're very lucky in that we're a 10-minute drive from a huge university veterinary teaching hospital, which includes the newest, state-of-the-art facilities for animal cancer treatment. So I took him there this morning, they did lots of tests, and long story short, the old guy (he's 14.5 years old) is full of cancer. sad.gif They started him on chemo today, and he's staying over there tonight, and possibly the entire weekend, to be treated and monitored. They'll keep us posted as to his condition; I so hope the chemo kicks in and helps him get better!

The reason I'm putting him through all this treatment is that he's not been acting sick; he's been eating, maintaining his normal levels of activity, and not losing any weight. So I like to think he has a chance of achieving a decent remission. But his oncologist told me that these next few days are the most critical for him in terms of determining whether he'll make it or not, so right now all I can do is wait, and worry!

So, any positive Bustie vibes for Brut would greatly appreciated. If any of you have experienced anything like this, I'd be interested to hear about it, to get an idea of what could be in his future (assuming he has one). Bottom line: I'll be grateful for any and all positive Brut vibes I can get! unsure.gif

((((vibes for ratgrl and Brut)))) Hang in there!!!
Thanks, Ginger Kitty! Brut had his second chemo treatment today; no noticeable side effects thus far, thank Maude. It's amazing how much his lymph nodes shrank after even the first treatment; I can barely palpate them now. His doctor has given him a prognosis of "long term guarded." He's a stubborn little dog (typical Westie!), and she thinks this will be in his favor in fighting the cancer. We're hoping he'll be in complete remission soon, although the protocol for canine lymphoma is to treat it for 6 months, if all goes well.

I just want to buy him some time, as long as he continues to have a good quality of life. And from all I've read on canine lymphoma in the last few weeks, he has a good chance for just that; dogs can be in remission for up to a year.

The doctor also said that if Brut had not started treatment when he did, he probably wouldn't have survived through this week! Pretty sobering; I'm just glad that I'm doing everything I can for him in order for him to have a happy life, however much longer that may be. ohmy.gif

My pugs snore so loud. I can hear them in the other room through two closed doors right now as I type. Mr. Pug snores too so I have three snores (never in sequence) to deal with all night every night. I have to learn to sleep with earplugs. Plus, one pug sleeps under the covers and doesn’t move and one sleeps on top of the covers and doesn’t move and Mr. Pug is always on my side of the bed crowding me. Good thing we have a spare room with a great bed just small enough for me.

Three cheers for the dog free guest room!
So, something funny that makes me feel stupid, LMP? I read this post and your post in the "I have a bone to pick with you" thread and it wasn't until I read that one that I figured out "Mr. Pug" was your significant other, not one of your dogs. I read the other one and I was like "Mr. Pug told her he's pissed at their friend, eh? Yeah....oh, I get it now." rolleyes.gif

I need to go to bed now......

ETA: Sleeping with ear plugs is a wonderful thing. Combined with an eye mask, I call it "sensory deprivation sleep". Ahhhh!

laugh.gif I can see the confusion.


Mr. Pug is refering to my man and "my pugs" is refering to my pugs Pinky & Shelby.

Going to sleep now. Getting out the earpugs um... plugs! blink.gif
(((((((ratgirl y brut)))))))
IPB Image
i just had to share.... this is isabella (i call her belly belle)
isn't she the cutest? she's a mastif puppy so she is gonna grow up to be atleast 180lbs, pro'lly more.
she's my ex's new puppy... i am in love. she gets the hiccups and snores...
and chews everything in sight...
awe, isabelle is a big cutie!!

My hound has been a ball playing fool, lately. Everytime I turn around he is dropping a tennis ball in my lap, or on my face. If I laugh, he runs and gets a ball with a hopeful look. I just can't turn him down! He is darn cute and seeing him so happy playing fetch is irriesistable!!!
*pokes head back in*

Hi all,it's been a long time since I've been around these parts of the bust lounge.

What's been happening you ask?

Well my ex offered me Isabel back (I didn't get my hopes up), b/c he ended up chatting with my mother, who said that if I got her back, there was no changing of his mind, so, he withdrew his offer. Prick.

But that's okay, b/c I have the other one still, the lunatic that is the four legged bomber, Emily the Border Collie. She is crazy. I adore her, she's my little buddy. I've had her for quite a while, Since November 2005.

That's all.
Aww, culturehandy - i'm sorry about Isabel...but yay for Emily!

ratgrl, how is your pup?

girltrouble, that puppy is freaking adorable. Her eyes are so soulful...and her nose is sooo huge! I wish to snorgle her.

*misses my dogs but that's okay because they wouldn't be happy in the city anyway and they're old and better off with my parents in the country and we have cats and it just wouldn't work out but oh my gosh do I miss having a dog*

I'm meeting a new client tomorrow evening, a Japanese Chin. The shaggy result of an unholy alliance twixt Pekingese and Wookie.
osrry about isabelle, culture - but at least you have emily.

indigo has developed an addiction to shredding newspaper in the last few days. and using me as a pillow... i've had to permanently put the sofa/futon down so we can lie togther and i can read.

*snorgles gt's pupper* squishy chops!

Girl trouble, the puppers is adorable, I want another one, but Emily doesn't do well with puppies, mature dogs yes. Puppies, well, she hides under the table, outside she tries to herd them. It's rather amusing.

ratgirl, I hope your pouch is okay. *sloppy kisses from Emily*
I just happened upon this thread tonight and thought I'd share a pic of our new puppy, Copernicus. He is a teacup poodle/chihahua mix. His favorite toy appears to be any piece of paper I am writing on at any given time, which can be frustrating, but it is also hysterically funny, since he is so tiny that when he runs away with my paper in his mouth he steps on the opposite end and does a little somersault after every trip. I'm thinking of sending it to one of those funny home video shows.
IPB Image
Thanks to all of you who've asked about Brut! He's had his fourth chemo treatment and is officially in remisssion. Great news, but we've still got many months' worth of treatments ahead of us...and that's if he continues to do well.

He only got sick for a couple of days after his second treatment. Since then, we've been giving him antinausea medication to prevent that; it's been effective. Really, he's being his usual, sometimes-lazy, sometimes-mischievous self most of the time.

I love all the pics of dogs that people have posted! Girltrouble, Isabella has the look of love in her eyes, I swear! And Notwearingwords, you should submit that picture of Copernicus to! cool.gif
ratgrl, glad to hear Brut is handling things pretty well. ~*~~~sending more vibes to you both~~~*~

Copernicus, is freaking cute!!

Culture, hang in there girl! Give Emily a big hug for me.
ohmygoodness. Copernocus is freakin' adorable!

Emily is skittish, our vet told us that border collies are like that inside, as they are a working dog, they are happiest when they feel like they are doing something.

She does great when she finally gets used to other dogs too. We think that the reason she is kind of on edge is because the people who had her before us abused her, we think. If a broom or any long cleaning object comes near her, she runs and hides under the bed. She's is really sensitive. If the door to the basement is open, she will walk very carefully by it, and she doesn't come into the basement under any circumstances (we think the people kept her locked up in the basement).

She's thriving in our house though!
Oh my cattledog is the same way. He thrives on being kept busy. Sometimes he snubs other dogs and really prefers to hang out with humans.
Just wanted to share this link, I think it's a really awesome program:

Hope everone's pups are doing well!!
If Emily wasn't such a loon, I'd love to get her into a program where I could take her into a hospital or nursing home in order to work with the residents.

But she's just so nutty, that I don't think it'd work out. Constantly wants to go go go!. It's all good though, keeps me out of some trouble.
Has anyone ever heard of a dog treat causing incontinence? We have these treats that we only give to Tana when my dad comes over. My dad bought them for him, and Tana has had "issues" with my dad before- the dog has dominance issues and prefers women, and didn't like my dad for awhile- he looooves these treats, though, so it's like a reward for being good when my dad is around.

Anyway, my dad was here last Thursday and he gave Tana a couple of the treats. Late Friday night, about 24 hours later, Tana peed in his kennel. No indication (whining, scratching) that he needed to go out- we were sitting there watching a movie and we hear the dreaded tinkling noise. Then he did it again twice on Saturday.

It seems like the last time he had those treats he peed in his kennel, too, but I can't remember for sure. I think at first we may have associated it with him being upset that my dad was here. But yesterday and today he's fine.

Any ideas?
Polly - we've *definitely* had that happen with turbo - my gran gave turbo some CHEAP treats to turbo for christmas one year, and he peed everytime we gave them to him - took us awhile to connect the dots, though. I think he was allergic to something in them, maybe....he *never* has problems with peeing in the house otherwise.
Huh. Guess I'm throwing away the treats. These weren't cheap or anything, but if he's allergic to an ingredient, it probably doesn't matter. I'll have to find something new my dad can give him.
I found this on a website devoted to someone's German Shepard. It's a little sappy, but cute:

A Dog's Prayer

Treat me kindly, my beloved master
for no heart in the world is more grateful for kindness
than the loving heart of mine.

Do not beak my spirit with a stick,
for though I should lick your hand between blows,
your patience and understanding
will more quickly teach me the things you would have me do.

Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music,
as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when
your footstep falls upon my waiting ear.

When it is cold and wet, please take me inside....for I am now
a domestic animal. No longer used to bitter elements....
and I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting
at your feet beside the hearth....
though had you no home in all the land....for you are my god...
and I am you devoted worshipper.

Keep my dish filled with fresh water, for although
I should no reproach you were it dry,
I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst.

Feed me clean food, that I may stay well to romp and play
and do your bidding, to walk by your side,
and stand ready, will and able to protect you with my life,
should your life be in danger.

And beloved master, should the Great Master see fit
to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you.
Rather, hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands
grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest....
and I will leave you knowing the last breath I draw,
my fate was ever safest in your hands.
Polly, I've seen that before, and it's never failed to instantly bring tears to my eyes whenever I read it! Like a Pavlovian response, really. And especially, right now, it doesn't take much to get the old waterworks going...

But reading it does hit home how much dogs so totally love and trust us!
Awww - that's a sweet poem...

The Rainbow Bridge poem - though I eschew all things sugary sappy and so obviously meant to tug at heartstrings - makes me break down in tears every single time I hear it. My favorite radio show host lost a dog last summer and she did one show where all she did was talk about her dog, cry with the people calling in, and read that poem. Heart.breaking.

Damn. That is deep.
awww! Very sweet.
Something is up with my dog. He's crate-trained and at night he gets fed in his kennel and put away for the night. He usually just goes to sleep. He might scratch at the kennel door for a minute if he hears us or whatever, but usually, he eats some food and goes to sleep.

Tonight, we came home from our Super Bowl party, took him outside to do his thing, but he didn't poop. This wasn't unusual- he pooped when we took him out in the morning and again when we took him out before the party. So we brought him back in, he got a drink and food and we went to bed. About 5 minutes later, he started pawing at the kennel door and whining. I ignored it for a couple of minutes, but he kept doing it. I went out in the living room, took him back out to see if he went towards the door or needed another drink. He just wandered around, sniffing stuff. After it became obvious nothing was wrong, I put him back and went back to bed. 5 minutes later, he's scratching and whining, with more intensity than before. I go back out there and I decided to try taking him out again in case he decided he needed to poop. Indeed, he did. I bring him back up, gets another drink, I put him back away and go back to bed. 2 minutes later, scratching and whining. Now I know something is going on. I go back out there just to hear the dreaded tinkling sound in the kennel. I cleaned that up and then kept him out for awhile to see how he was acting. He was fine- he's not acting sick. I stayed up with him for about a half-hour, then tried to put him away and he freaked out again.

I've just decided to sleep on the couch, with him sleeping on the floor in front of me. He's sleeping just fine. I don't know why he's freaking out about being in the kennel. He gets a little more high-strung in the winter, like he's got cabin fever. But this is above and beyond how it was last year, and so far this winter he's been a thousand times better than last year.

I'm going to talk to Le Boy about it in the morning (he has to work, so I'm letting him sleep), but I hope this gets better because we really can't afford to take him to the vet right now. He's due for his yearly exam next month, and if it doesn't get better, I guess we'll have to scrape the $$ up somewhere.

Was he in his crate for longer than usual, since you went to a party? Maybe he just wanted a little extra attention, or had a bit of anxiety? I know my pups go a bit stir crazy in the winter, when they get less outdoor activities.
No, not really- we had him out for the first half of the day when we were home. And usually, he's in there the entire time we're at work during the week, so there's only about 5 evening hours he's out when we're home, then any time we're at home on the weekends he's out.

The last time I took him on an extended walk was Saturday, since it's been so freaking cold around here- neither of us wants to spend much time out there. First he kept getting irritated by the salt crystals getting stuck in his paws. Now, they're all melted away, but the extreme cold is making walking in the snow more unpleasant.

He's been fine all day today. I'm going to try to take him out for a long-ish walk in awhile, but it's sooo cold out there, and it involves putting a sweater on him, which he hates and I'm not sure how much it really does for him anyway.

Polly, I just wonder if like you've mentioned, that it has to do with the cold more than anything. Our neighbors with the 2 greyhounds are having some major accident issues with one of their hounds who won't tell tem she needs to go out, and won't do her business when its this barking cold out. The puppers came over and stayed at our house saturday night while we had dinner with their mommas, and we came back to 3 accidents in our place, after only being gone for 2 hours. Poor furbabies!!

And we signed all three of them up for a playdate at windy city dogs with the greyhound rescue this weekend, so they'll get some good excercise in a nice heated space. smile.gif
oo, what is this Windy City Dogs place you speak of, turbo? I googled it and it's all hot dog stands smile.gif I would love to take Tana to a doggie play place, but it's hard because if I just took him to a dog park I'd never see him again (the ones in the suburbs are usually several acres large, in forest preserve areas- he'd bolt and never come back.) And he doesn't get along with some dogs. He got along with the dog his previous owners have, so it would be great to have an indoor place with limited space for them to go.

Windy City Dogs is a kennel/daycare place, but they donate their space to the greyhound rescue once a month for play dates - muzzles required....I'm not sure if they host playdates for other dogs, but might be worth checking out - they're on Elston, west of 94.
Did any of you see this article in The NY Times this weekend? It's about purebreeds vs. designer dogs (like puggles and labradoodles), and quite frankly, the whole thing horrifies me (particularly purebreeders' attitudes towards the "undesirables" of a litter). It's a long read, but it's interesting.
Ooo, that was creepy. The pictures were really cute though. I guess I can sort of see, from a dog-owners POV wanting a dog that looks a certain way or has certain traits (kid-friendly, or obedience, or being high energy or low-energy, etc.)...I just wish there wasn't all this baggage that came with it- all this obsessive human interference (the mutilation of ears and tails, artificially inseminating the dogs because of physical traits due to overbreeding? Ew.), the health issues of purebreds, the fact that there are tons of dogs out there, pure and mixed breeds, in shelters. All these AKC standards are so arbitrary and pointless.

If I didn't feel so guilty about it, I'd love to have an Irish Terrier. They're so cute.
That was an interesting article. I found parts of it sort of disturbing and sad though. All of my dogs are rescues partially b/c I feel funny about owning a purebred w/ papers and all. Mostly b/c of my concerns with overbreeding and puppy farms. But I am not sure how I feel about the "designer dogs", either. To me it seems like in a few decades the same problems will be start coming up again.

....“if you want to keep your dog and still want your freedom, there are things you can do.” ....“The dogness of dogs has become problematic. We want an animal that is, in some respects, not really an animal.... those two comments really troubled me.

P.S. the Pugle and the Bogle were cute as hell *wonders off torn on what to think*
puppy farming creeps me out. so many rescues over here have purebreds that seeing them sold for hundreds of pounds makes me angry.

on the artificial insemination thing, it's done with cattle - and pigs - mostly because of the expense and danger involved in keeping bulls; it allows the farmer to tailor his calves to the cow, as well as breed out any problems - inseminate a heiffer with semen from a smaller bull to make an easier birthing, for example. The breeders aren't doing that, they're simply making the problems the breed has worse by restricting the gene pool even further. It's true that hybrids and mutts are healthier, they have less chance of sharing the reccessive genes that produce the traits of a purebred (and as the article pointed out, the genes that make for a "desirable" trait are often linked to genes that cause much less desirable traits). Gah. it just annoys me that people are being so deliberately cruel in order to satisfy thier desires for a perfect-looking dog.

Although, on the other hand, there's a pug/yorkie mix in the park where i walk Indigo, and he is adorable. and i don't tend to like little dogs; i'm not a fan or pugs or yorkies. Looks a lot like a mini rough border terrier.

Indigo came into college today for our live anatomy classes. He was used as a model - we have to be able to identify muscles and bone prominences in living animals, and greyhounds are brilliant for this as they're so skinny and muscular. He was really well-behaved, not scared of anyone; he got used to the horse and eventually he and Charlie settled down without too much fuss (Charlie kept trying to mount Indigo, who clearly smells like a girl now he's neutered - and Indigo kept growling at him). And everybody thought he was adorable.
Our neighborhood is starting to be invaded by puggles and labradoodles...its frustrating because, as you said, if you want a purebreed (or mutt) you can still get them at rescues. "Animals in TRanslation" by Temple Grandin talks a lot about the selective trait breeding of both pets and livestock and the unintended consequences...its a fascinating book, I highly recommend it. I read it and listened to it on audio, and I think I enjoyed the audio a bit more - someone reading it to me helped all the science stuff sink in a little more.

The salt out there on the sidewalks is really bothering turbodo now...poor guy. I'm using Musher's Secret on his paws to help, but there's just too much out there....this morning was the worst because it snowed quite a bit yesterday, and obviously many of the apartment buildings just decided to throw salt out instead of shoveling, but its too cold out for that to work, so I couldn't see the salt, and turbo and I kept having to cross the street, or walk in the grassy areas, and finally I had to give up, as he was just getting too sore by it all. Poor doggie.
Yeah, I gave up trying to walk him in front of our building, where they'd shoveled and salted. It kept getting stuck in between his toes and he'd be hopping around on 3 legs, then he'd get it stuck in one of those and switch....when I took him out last night, I took him out the back, in the common area behind the buildings where they hadn't shoveled. I hope they'll just leave it alone and not do anything to it.

I can't wait for spring. Then it's just mud puddles I have to deal with....oh, turbo, this year is a 17-year cicada year. That's going to be fun- swarms of them covering the sidewalks. It should be interesting to see if Tana sees them as little monsters or food. (I'd rather it be the former- I really don't want to hear him crunching those things!)
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