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Full Version: Oh, the Things You Say ... Excellent Words We've Heard
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"you're kinda sexy when you're being all productive like that"

Said while my boyfriend and I were both trying to finish last minute break neck research papers in his room...neither of the papers got done on time...
"Et moi j'aime quand tu me demande de t'en mettre plein ton beau cul."

::fans self::
why, lys, did he give you the vapors? :-)
Ah do believe so, Miz Luci!

i'm with you!! my boyfriend is french, and i don't even want to know what he is long as he keeps on talking!!

soo hot.
Ezzzzzactly, cellijenni!

(I'm in the same boat as you; where is your boyfriend from in France?)
"I love us!"
Mr. Lala to me in a delightful unexpected outburst in the middle of the living room.
Heh. I always liked it when kog3100 said, "We are just so gross."
"Yes George, I will have sex with you."

Prized for it's infrequency, in my case.
me-- "I have your arm!" as I lay down to sleep on my favorite pillow, Mr. Ketchup.

Mr. Ketchup-- "I have everything. I have it all." as he squoze me nice and tight with a big fat dreamy smile on his face.
You know what the hottest thing my boyfriend says to me?
"How did a guy like me get a girl like you?"
This turns me on everytime, because it makes me feel like the most amazing woman on the planet.
"your voice cracks me up. everytime you talk I just can't stop smiling"
'you're a whole lot kinkier than i thought you were.... and that's a very good thing'
First George comes back, now Saktii?! Happy times.
7 months later.....

"That's the same outfit you were wearing the first night I ever kissed you. But that night, you were wearing black flip flops...with those little toe rings."

And people say men don't really notice anything...
walkingbitch is around here somewhere, too
WB comes and goes. But I've got her numbas. (I am blessed of the Goddess ...)

Also: Peter! You never stay!
"I read that email you wrote over and over. Good writing is so sexy. You're a great writer."

"You're a living, breathing fantasy."

My favorite from today, "I haven't come from a blowjob in ten years, that was AMAZING." Yeah, I got skills. :-)

"Oh, you just fit so nice..."

While hugging talltalltall new boy who I'd never hugged before. My face was straight inbetween his charming skinnyboy pecs. I hope I get to hug him again.
On me asking if I could borrow one of his shirts:

"Oh yes, I mind so much. My favorite girl, wearing my favorite shirt, looking sexy as hell. Twist my arm."
ooh...lysistrata. i didn't mean to ignore you!!

he was born around Lyon.
While in his bedroom, getting intimate, i hear his brother come home, startled, i ask what if he walks in on us.

"Dont worry baby, he wont come in. Besides, ive got nothing to be ashamed about, if anything, i'd be proud if he saw like this"

(I was actually the one on top when he'd said that)
*grins mischieviously*
luckyme- good writing is sexy. if some guy said that to me, i think i'd get all squishy on the inside :-)

"Are those tan lines, missy?" he says, whilst going down. Slightly junior high, but it was cute coming from the younger guy
'I'm here because I want to be'.

Since when did reassurance feel this good?
"You give off a beautiful sexual vibe."

Oh. Mmm.
Me: "Would a guy really put up a fight about having sex?"
Him: "With you? No."

How am I still a virgin? And with that, I make my first post ever:-)
I come here to make myself jealous. Arrgh, the guy I meet better be good with words.
"What I feel for you has sort of passed love at this point. It's like there was a part of me missing and I didn't even know it."

Heh. I know it's least he didn't start going "You complete me!"
While I was coming in the middle of some mind-bending oral/fingering, he sort of pulled back to watch me and just said "good girl".

Oh. my. lord. Nothing has ever made me feel so accomplished and beautiful.
Welcome, RockMeNow - in case nobody's already pointed your way, take a stroll through the fora here - The Community Forum and For the Newbies in As the World Turns (please, step carefully and IGNORE THE TROLLS) are great places to learn and ask about the Lounge.

Have a great time!
This morning during hug goodbye he said "I like when we wake up in the night because I feel like I got to spend more time with you."
This morning, he called to wake me up. Last night was the first night we hadn't slept together in about a week.

Him: "I was super pissed off when I woke up and you weren't there. We can't do that too often, ok?"
"Only 31 days. I can feel you already. I want to show you how it feels to be touched, kissed, caressed, and held by a man who has truly loved and wanted you his whole life. You have never been touched the way you are about to be."

Uhhh, yea after this exchange he decided to move the trip up 30 days. Today is the day!

"I wish I could kiss *all* of you in one kiss."

While running fingers up and down my spine, "I love feeling your sexy little vertebrae..."
Mmmmmmm....ohhhh, I'm in for Trouble...
While having a sweet little make-out session on my couch, he's running his hands all over my back, belly and arms, really slowly, watching his hands as they go and saying things like "Your skin is so soft, the texture and feeling of it is so ...beautiful" and making all kinds of observations along the way....sigh
while laying in bed with his dog, misty - as I was undressing...

I know misty, I'm panting too
After borrowing his new car for the first time.

Me: "Brought your baby back safe and sound"
Him: "And the car's ok too"

Cheesy but it still made me smile.
after using mexican food innuendos for body parts, i.e. taco, burrito, and enchiladas.. mr. gb looks at me and says 'I would like the combo plate.'

totally cheesey...but i like humor in bed.
Cheesy!! Was that pun intended, MsGoof?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Yummymum, you beat me - I was totally thinking, "Nacho cheese, or Monterey Jack?"
lol..yes it was intended...i think bed is the most appropriate place to practice cheesy puns...that way you really get a feel for the guy your with...if they can't cope with you at your cheesiest...its done...and laughs at i'm good to go!

would you like sour cream on your burrito??

he loves that one.
This was awesome: I just got back from London where I met a certain someone with a voice like Jarvis Cocker that turns me into a puddle. He said many glorious things, but one that keeps making me giggle is that when I said I felt bad for ditching my travel partner to be with him, he said:

"Give me the phone. I'll tell her, 'sorry to steal your mate from you, but you see, I saw her and had to take her away to fuck her silly.
And I did.
And she looooved it'."

And did it work, then? Are you silly, Greenbean? *Grin*
We do bad fruit punnage... cracks us up everytime, but I'm not a "make LOVE to me stallion man" kinda girl...

Funniest so far was over the weekend,
WB:"Ohhh I get to peel the banana?"
MM:"Well that depends...will you skake your peaches for me?"
WB:"I dunno orange you going to...."
and on and on... we try to do it completely straight faced, whoever laughs first gets "serviced" first.

Hey, we need to do SOMETHING... we've been together 9
gah! Silly is an understatement! That boy was prolly the best lay I've ever had, and half of it was because of the things he said. He was so, for lack of a better term, cocksure! Without being obnoxious tho. If I were drunk right now I'd spill out some of the other drool inducing words he used but I'm too bashful at the momment!

walkingbitch, nine years? Good work!
Dental hygenist: "Honey is a good thing to put on cold sores."
Mr. Lala: "Honey's good for lots of things. My girlie uses it to wash her face. And when I kiss her behind the ears, I can taste it."

I never knew!
Beans and fruit and honey. Who knew - a healthy diet really IS the key to good livin'?!
Ok, how the hell am I supposed to concentrate at work when he writes me this-at 11:00 this morning!

"I would looove to see your cute face too. I want to tease you....slowly take off your clothes and lick your body. Then i want to gently slide my cock in you and maybe pull your hair a little. :] Then maybe turn you over and fuck you from behind. What do you think about that?? wink.gif"

God I can't wait to get home!!!! I've been all squirmy today smile.gif
GreenBean. I Burst out laughng when I saw that quote. My husband is Scottish and his brogue comes out ONLY when he is mad.

So he is foreversaying to be "Why do you get horny when I get mad?'

I just died laughing again

ha! Thats so funny keenkitty, cuz I was just thinking about how this guy seems like he has a moody side to him, but since hes English I'm not sure if it would bother me when he gets pissy. I probably would find it hot. I even asked him if he considers himself an asshole and he said, "I'm just a regular bloke,.. so yes, I suppose that means I'm an asshole from time to time." I thought it was a pretty good answer.

Oh, heres something he wrote me recently:
"So, I'm destined to imagine and dream about you for the next month. I'm gonna make up
for lost time the minute I walk through your door. Or into a hotel room. You're
gonna get it every way imaginable... and some ways that even I can't imagine, yet.
So, tell me how you like, or how you'd like, to be fucked... For one I'd like
to think long and hard about it, and two I can start planning or training or
whatever it takes to make you scream loud and repeatedly..."


P.S: maddy! sounds like youll have fun tonight! wish I didnt have to wait a month for such fun!
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