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Full Version: Oh, the Things You Say ... Excellent Words We've Heard
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damn greenbean, if he's writing you shit like that, i can only imagine the things he whispers in the heat of it all.

*fans self*

hope you can keep it together for the next month! woohoo!
Mmm, I emailed several batches of pics to kog3100 for the first time in several months, and though none of them were dirty, by the last email, he wrote me that he was "nursing an erection too, they were that hot, frankly."
"Goooooooood girl!"
After I said something vaguely insecure

"I think you're so beautiful. I'll always think your beautiful baby. Always."

Maybe it sounds a little corny but it wasn't then.
heheheh, so brit boy calls last night and says he may be able to visit me a week sooner than planned. I said that'd be great except I'll be on my period that week. He says,

"Do American girls not fuck when they are on their cycle?"
I said sure I'm up for it, but some boys find it icky. He says,
"ah, thats rubbish..I quite like it actually, brings two people closer I say"

geez hes cool.
"If you don't behave, I'll just have to leave you tied up there all day."
I'm on vacation and won't get home until monday. I'm with my family so I can't even get myself off but i'm torturing myself with the boy online...

ME: i can't do a damn thing, i'm in a hotel room with other people. just imagine how hot i'll be when i finally see a really long tease

HIM: teasing, huh? Like me teasing you with the thought of slipping my cock inside you and fucking you until you're shuddering from pleasure? or licking you and caressing you from head to toe until I finally start focussing on your clitoris for as long as it takes until you have a massive orgasm?

seconded tes. sadly, boyfriend isn't at all the dominant type. alas. hard to complain about him though, he's good to me. smile.gif
My boyfriend wrote a note to me and left it for me to wake up to because he had to leave earlier than usual and normally we have to kiss and cuddle before he leaves everyday...

It reads:

"You are that which makes my universe spin...
All my life and time on this earth are spent for you...
If all I accomplish in my time here is loving you...
I have truly lived a life worth living for...
I love you with all my heart and soul."

I love when he talks dirty, but when he talks romantic, it REALLY gets me! Even with the cheesiness, I just love it more. smile.gif

Also, he's very intelligent, specifically with physics and when he goes on his rambles and rants about the invention he wants to make and how a scientist could improve by blah blah blah, I just get so turned on. I get head over heels even more in love when I hear him talk so feverishly about science, as odd as it may sound. He just sounds so in control and knows what he wants, very straightforward.
I love him so dearly and I honestly know that with him, he'd do anything for me- he has. He came down here (Texas) from Virginia in his car, quitting his well-paying job there, his family and friends, just to come here for me, with no job here, only an apartment ready that he settled the lease on the phone for. Now he works at a much more stressful and lower-paying job but he always tells me he's never regretted it because he got exactly what he came here for, my love. (blushy) He's been there through thick and thin, on my good days and realllly bad days... when my father let his temper loose on me and when I started going into deep depression. I've never known anyone who's been there for me like him, not even my parents, unfortunately.

Hopefully this winter we can go up to Virginia to visit his family, we're planning it... it'll be my first time seeing snow too. biggrin.gif (sorry for the novel, here. haha)

(TheMM - not sure where in VA you'll be going, or exactly when, but snow is not guaranteed necessarily ...)

I'm spending all my time lately fantasizing about the wonderful thing kog3100 will (we hope) be saying SOON: "I am coming home." *Sigh*
maimy: Winchester.
*delurking thanks to KeenKitty's post*, the Scottish burr. How lucky are you, KK, even if it's only when he's growly? smile.gif My ex was was damn near 100% his accent that made me hot for him, ever. I swear, the burr has magical powers that make my underwear want to tear themselves off of their own accord.

*relurks and skulks out since she has nothing else to add*
Yes, the accent is a beautiful, beautiful thing....

Most recent text from my brit:

"What a delicous thing you are... Because I love your words and pretty much
everything else about you, I've just booked a flight to come and see you."


Maimy, we must be strong for each other!
*Holds Greenbean tight*

(I know Maimy, this is the longest bout of foreplay I've ever experienced!...I feel like a kid waiting
for Xmas,..maybe I should get an advent calendar?)
If kog3100 doesn't get home soon, I'll be up to three Christmases ... Aiee!

Okay I will stop thread-drifting.

One nice thing, even if it doesn't get him home:

Maimy - Still won't contemplate buying a ticket, then?

kog3100 - Luscious? I contemplate it every d*mn day.

*Sigh* I miss my friend. That man laughs like nothing you ever saw. It's purtyful.
Hey, what's wrong with this picture? you walked in the door at least 6 minutes ago and my cock isn't in your mouth yet!

(situation was promptly remedied!)

anna k
"You know I'm attracted to you, right?"

Not as sexy as others, but still made me feel good.
Heres from a new email from Brit boy:

"Yer stuck in my head, to my arms and my face and to everywhere I look. I'm lost in a
waiting game, lost in your words, my memories and photos of you... How did you
happen..? Why can't I think about anyone else? What have you done to me? How can I
have fallen for a girl I met once? You're a whirlwind that ripped apart my home, the
debris and destruction is still falling around me...
Yer cool as fuck! And if you hadn't guessed it already I'm kind of into you..."


And heres something from out last phone call that busted me up:

Brit boy: "So what have you told yer parents about me?"
Me: "I told them you are very considerate."
BB: "Considerate, huh? Did you tell them how considerate I was at pleasuring
you with my tongue?"

In my first letter from the boy:

"I miss your lips. Your arms curled around. Your breathe on my neck. And the fact that we fit together when we spoon..... "

after discussing obvy fake scary it's-ice-cold nipples on ladies hiking runyon canyon on the hottest day of the year:

"so.....are you the only girl in LA with perky tits that aren't fake, then?"

slightly crass, yes, but rather flattering.
(discussion of a girl who keeps dating overseas students)
Boy: I don't get it.
Friend: She likes foriegn boys.
Boy: No. They both have girlfriends. Joe* has a girlfriend. Bob* has a girlfriend. I know she's real. She stayed at our apartment.
Friend: But they're overseas.
Boy: So. They still have girlfriends.

*the story is real, the names have been changed

i'm jealous. i can't help it. but that was more reassurance than i could ever ask for.
the mister and I were lying in bed, trying to calm our minds with mindless chatter of the day...

me: so we were sitting outside when.... pulls my leg inbetween his legs and 'squeezes' them

me: what are you doing? thats my leg. no, its half mine. you can keep your other leg. i get this one.

me: LOL, no its my leg..its always been my leg. nope, i get half.

he grins and falls promptly to sleep.

"I plan on perfecting the experience. By the end of two weeks I'm pretty sure you
won't be able to live without me."

--Brit Boy explaining how good I'm gonna get it.
Hes cocky, yes, but I love it and I believe him.

*5 more days!!!*


"You're a threat to my sanity, sometimes when i'm in church i thank god for making a sweet, thick girl like you"

Why are the best ones Jehovas witnesses!?

wow, can't say as i've heard that one before. interesting.
A friend's 3 year old niece replied to her mom's order to pick her toys up with this, "talk to the booty cuz the hand's off-duty", and promptly shook her booty at her mom. laugh.gif
*Psst, gypsyraven, I think you're probably looking for this thread: * smile.gif

Excellent words is mostly about good things we've been told or have said having to do with sex/relationships.
Oh pepper i wish i had never heard it myself. I'm totally addicted to the flattery he lays on me but I know I'll never convert!
"Maybe you've been sent to challenge me but damn girl you win EVERY time"
When said in a Carribean/American accent ....
Whilst going down on the boy:

"This should be illegal it's so good."

and then (whilst smiling from ear to ear) "you're wonderful at this, but you know that don't you?"
Crosspost! hee hee!

Boyfriend: Baby you are my buried treasure.

Me: How am I buried?

Boyfriend: Under the psychological sand. I have to dig you out with my shovel of love.
Fj got really hammered one night. That tends to happen after 4 or 5 martinis. During the act she boldly screamed out, "fuck my cock with your cunt, daddy!". Everything disintegrated into laughter for a while.
ha - mr. fj - hilarious!

Mr.Luci calls me his sexy little biscuit. I like it. I don't know why he says it...and he says the oddest things to me in French, since I don't speak French I don't care that he says stuff like, "The cat is eating the bowl of cereal and it is now time to clean the butterknives." It's hot and he's evil, cuz he knows it gets me hot, but he's secretly laughing at me getting turned on by stuff like that. tongue.gif

kog3100, high on drugs today because of a back injury for which I really need to show more respect, had me rolling on the floor with giggles, telling me in a studiedly-non-slurred manner, "I have an inflamed, spastic rhomboid cluster " ...

That should NOT get me hot, but it's been long enough that any word in his voice will get me going at this point.

I told him I'd still fuck him. He might not be able to fuck me, but I'd climb on top.

*We're so romantic*
An exchange between me and GameBoy from Saturday, whilst we were beginning some naked fun:

GB: (brightly) You know what would be really great right now?
TXPW: (tickling his chest) What's that, baby?
GB: (matter-of-factly) Head.

We both laughed our asses off for several minutes, at some point during which...I began providing. smile.gif
"no, no baby. this ass is just perfect. totally grabable. don't firm that thing up at all. i love it. just sayin'..."
forgive me mrfj, but i have to share this.

from an email from mrfj this morning:

"I love clicking on BUST and reading your posts there. It's like being able to learn more about you which I really appreciate being able to do."

i have to say FJ, you have such a keeper there. i am actually jealous that a bunch of y'all have BF's/husbands that have names on here and engage in discussion. that in and of itself would be a turnon for me!
late nite...i'm pooped and elevated my feet... did you see i did the dishes?

me: yes i did. i love you for it. nope, i love you more.

I have to say, this is adorable on both ends.
Conversation in email:

I am lookin' super cute today. You should have a semi just thinking about it, seriously.

Baby I always have a Semi when I think of you

awww you're so romanitcal
TX, *lmao* with you on that one. Excellent funny. Hee.

FallJackets, he sounds similar in the way he thinks, to kog3100. Definitely a keeper! (Public Notice: kog3100 does lurk, but feels it's inappropriate to post here, as -1- he's been received badly here in the past, and -2- he feels this is "my" space, though he enjoys the perspective also.)
I try not to post here too much either as this is definitely fj's (and the rest of y'alls') fire hyrdrant and it's covered with the aroma of your collective piss.

Was that too delicate a metaphor?
"Hmm, an Deinen Fähigkeiten, was Deinen Mund und meinen Penis betrifft (super formuliert, oder?), brauchst Du nicht zu zweifeln. Ich finde das jedes Mal wieder .. äh.. spektakulär."

Loosely translates into: "You shouldn't doubt your abilities that have to do with your mouth and my penis (nicely put, right...?). Each time again I think it is... truly spectacular."

I love giving head... great that the boy enjoys it as well. biggrin.gif
One night during sex:
he said: 'OH BOY OH BOY"
LOL what a loser! I love it! He ain't no Popeye!
"Can I see your vibrator a second?"

He fixed it for me, using extra plastic bits and the burners on the stove. He's so smaht. The sentence made me giggle.
Luci, that is VERY cool!
A guy started talking to me as i walked up the street just the other day and he ended up walking me to work. He was very nice and we swapped numbers. As i was walking up the ramp to the work entrance he shouted after me
Me- "Yeah?"
K - "You really are beautiful"
It made me blush all over and one or two people looked at me like "You cow!"
What a great way to ease a horrible day.
Today we were sitting on the couch and Crinoboy kept running his hands over my (not entirely flat) belly and squeezing

Me: "Stop squeezing my fat"
Crinoboy: "I'm not squeezing your fat, I'm squeezing your cute."

Awww, I heart him
The boy said to me tonight that at our wedding we'll dance to "Me and Mrs Jones". His name is Jones, which makes it so cute.
crinoline, that is soooo freakin cute!

I decided, after hearing that bubba sparks song, that my new name was Mz New Booty, cause my old name, Patrunka, makes my badunkadunk sound like some kinda dunkilicious elephant ass...anyhoo, the old man put a note on my bikeseat: "mz new booty, get it together and brang it back to me" awwww!
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