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Full Version: Oh, the Things You Say ... Excellent Words We've Heard
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Ha ha!
That is awesome JaneLane!

background: NYE he and I kissed like we used to when we were 16, except now we are 24 and hadn't seen each other in years.

things he said that night:
- gawd you have the softest little kisses
- since you no one stacks up (gestures to my rack)
- I love you.

Then he flew away home and I thought it was nothing more than drunken shennanigans that I let my heart get wrapped in and shouldn't expect a thing. I got this...and I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world and I can't stop reading it over and over:

I have a case of tactile memory burn to match your physical imprintation
i was standing in the hallway doing some mundane task in the middle of the day when he sneaks up behind me and whispers in my ear, 'if you take of all your clothes, i'll love on you,' in that sweet, sickly southern drawl that makes my stomach flip and my nipples get hard. whew. just thinking about it and what came afterward........
This isn't sexual, but very nice none-the-less.

I declined going halfers on a pizza today, my reasoning being I don't want to get fat. My co-workers response, "You're too beautiful to ever be fat". *sigh*
hey everyone. i'm new contributing here, but not new persay...have i lurked? i may or may not have lurked this thread and sighed over all the sweet nothings over the years...
but i'm starting to contribute and here is the latest awesome thing my man said (very heat of the moment and sincere): "your pussy is a blessing."

haha he's such a good little catholic boy wink.gif
anna k
I had a brief hookup with a guy last Friday night, and I felt nervous about straddling him, worried about how I'd look on top. But I did it, and he smiled and said, "I like it when you take control."

And when IMing with a guy friend about the experience, he wrote "I always love hearing your sex stories. I can see your confidence growing. and you becoming more comfortable in general. It's really nice to hear, I'm happy for you."
after hot much needed sex that had been anticipated all day and having just finished, he says while still lying on my back all worn out.

"oohhfff, that makes up for not being multi-orgasmic like you."
both said today:

"you've got more substance in your pinkie finger than every girl I've dated put together"

"you provide me with something more in life that's interesting, exciting and terribly fascinating"

and when he says 'that's my girl' when we're having sex, i absolutely die inside
"I can't wait for your pussy to do that to my dick again!"
QUOTE(laurel @ Feb 20 2009, 03:33 PM) *
and when he says 'that's my girl' when we're having sex, i absolutely die inside

If ANYone other than this one particular fuck buddy said that to me I would deck him. But from this guy, this gorgeous, smart, hot guy, it sounds .... like a caress. and I cum again and again.
Said while I was getting dressed with him behind me in front of the mirror. "Sometimes you might notice me looking at you kind of funny and it's just because I'm thinking, 'I can't believe that's my girlfriend'." I love that boy.

moved, because aural shamed me.

*sigh* i can't seem to find the right threads lately...
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jun 2 2009, 11:26 PM) *
so a guy that i'm working with at the box office is wearing a shirt that says 'benevolent glory hog,' but he ended up covering the end of it, and a lady came up and asked him what his shirt said, after she found out, she said, "oh. i thought it said 'glory hole.'"

Chica, this is supposed to be about good things lovahs have said to us. I think your post should go into the Inadvertant Inappropriateness thread.

Y'know unless you're digging him/he's digging you & it happened like that.
The first time I've ever had sex. . .

After wards he said
-I could just fall asleep next to you
-You could totally play innocent if you wanted to
-I'm going to miss you when you leave

I'm a tad bit sad sad.gif
What nice things everyone hears. I will have ot keep track of what my honeys says more often, because I usually get a few good ones a day.

This one isn't sexual or romantic at all, but just nice. I have a guy friend who always starts a conversation calling me "lovely lady" or "miss" It's a bit old fashioned sounding, but it's very nice to hear. Guys should do that more often.
I finally remembered something long enough to post it here. I usually have a terrible memory for details. This morning my boyfriend was rubbing my ass, and I said "it's not getting too big for you to handle is it?" jokingly, because he's always teasing me about gaining weight. He got serious and said "you know I'm joking when I say that, right? I LOVE this thing!" It was cute.
i have two freckles on the bottom of my box, one on each side. mr. calls them his 'map home' <3

neighborhood thug to me as I was walking by with my dogs: Hey, can I tell you something?

me (thinking he was gonna comment on the dogs): What's that?

him: You a sexy damn girl!

I'm not usually a huge fan of getting hit on by random strangers, but something about the way he said it made me really smile!

"You're poosay deserves to be worshiped"

"I want to shoot my ball rocket into your angry clam".
dawglowpink - seconding that emotion! - my guy told me i could lose weight but i could not lose my a$$.
A few days ago I was cuddling with M and I mentioned I was thinking about getting a second ear piercing and he responded with: "you're perfect just the way you are" I had to giggle no matter how cliche of a phrase I was caught by surprise that he gave this response for a simple alteration of my body,and I was heartened by the genuine look he gave me.

He's not very expressive about emotions and the like but recently he randomly said "I love you, do I tell you enough?" which I responded "yes but more often right after I say it" hahah. It's almost strange but not so much because I feel like I may overuse it but when he says it every once in a while when he feels it it's so much more meaningful and special in some way.


He said I was "the best sex (he's) ever had" (at the dinner table) buuuuuut, I'm gonna take that one with a grain of salt* heh.
I know this isn't fucking related, but it was good enough that it needed to be posted somewhere.

"See? That is why I had such a crush. I could say Roky Erickson to about seven million girls and I guarantee not a single one would have had the slightest clue. They would stare like a dog being shown card tricks."
Crinoboy: "Your butt deserves to be on the internet."

Me: "What?"

Crinoboy: "Because it's awesome. Like - off the charts awesome. Like - needs to be immortalized in Roman Marble awesome."

Me: "Thanks?"

He really does worship my booty. Sometimes he'll just lift my skirt up to look at it and sigh.

Gotta love the boy.
"You are difficult woman not to love. Lord knows I have tried." After ten years.
Crinoline- I just wanted to say -that is awesome! smile.gif
thanks, sagey! He's a keeper wink.gif
i was informed by the boy the other day, while i was lying on my stomach on the bed, naked, that i "have the perfect heart shaped ass." woo! i love it!
Said you are the most beautiful girl in the world.
"You've got the body of a cheerleader, but without having an eating disorder!"

This was a long time ago...
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