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Full Version: Oh, the Things You Say ... Excellent Words We've Heard
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Delurking for a new one:

Him: You're perfect.
Me: (thinking, You must not know me at all) No, I'm not.
Him: No, I mean for me.
My boyfriend lives in Colorado and I live in Texas....we see each other once or twice a month.

He said ~ "I am so upset today. I'm sorry baby, I just wish yuu were here with me. I want to hold you and have you near me. I can't wait until we are living together and I can really start my life with you."

mr. hotbuns sent me this email yesterday:

I love U.
When I go through the motions of day to day life without you here I
realize how empty my life is without you. I am not regretting this
choice we have made ( you working there and me here) just it brings to
the front how hollow my existence is without you.
I am stupid and rash and often incomprehensibly thick sometimes. Often I
will react and say things that are dumb or hurtful. For those I
apologize. Our relationship is not perfect ( we are human ). We say or
do things that cause pain and disagreement between us. But, my life is
more for being with you ( no matter the physical distance apart ).

I love you and support you in all that you do and all that you try to

Give em hell and show the world what a supported person can do!!!!!!!
This was more of a funny thing that made me laugh. I'm seeing an actual new boyfriend type boy and he was going down on me the other night. At some point I let out an "oh god" and he looks up and goes, "My name is Sam, baby". It sounds cheesy typed out but the way he said it was both hot and funny.
With my current boyfriend I have been able to relax and really enjoy my sexuality and it is making me really confident and bold. The other day after we were done he asked, "Have you been reading books (ie. sex manuals) or something, b/c you are getting good at this!"

ETA: Looking over this I am not sure that it sounds as complimetary as it really was but you have to realize I have never had a ton of confidence re:sex so it was great to hear and know that he meant it. And know that it was true. cool.gif
My boyfriend was out and I was bored so I e-mailled him and when he got in about 3 he sent me this e-mail which made me grin ridiculously wub.gif (he was drunk so its a bit weirdly put in places)

you are so pretty you really are. Every time is see you you just blow me away. I go weak kneed and feel like I cant think what to say. and all you have to do is smile and I would give you anything. you really are gorgeous. i know you wont believe me but its true and i still cant believe that your mind and how lucky i an.

I want everything you want. to go to sleep and wake up next to you with you in my arms would make me so happy and would fulfill me. I COULDNT ever let you go if i tried and being apart is torment.


CAnt wait to see you

why arent you here grrrrrrrrr


Yesterday my guy mentioned that he asked his out-of-state friend if he'd want to fly in for our wedding. (with the "omg" expression on my face) I wanted to ask why there's no ring on my finger if he's already inviting people to be in the wedding! haha

Anyway, I felt all melty. =]
i've been hanging out with this guy lately, and on saturday night we were out with some people, and we snuck away to listen to some music in an upstairs part of the bar. so, it's incredibly cliche, but I asked him a question and he said, "I don't know, but I just really want to kiss you right now."

even if it's not that original, it definitely, definitely worked. smile.gif
awwww to all the sweet words!

I got this the other day, while (i thought) the boy and I were reading on the couch.
Crinoboy: "I like your face, it's nice to look at."
Me: ...?
later that day
Crinoboy (walking behind me): "That is an excellent pants-butt combo."
Me: ...!? Thanks?

So simple, but still sweet. Very typical of my soft spoken boy.

I notice that when you smile the sun shines
or is that you I'm seeing?
Oh, Midwestern Venus.


You are the kind of girl - I can see you causing car wrecks. just from you walking by.

I can gaze forever in your eyes.

You voice - I can’t describe it. It’s like vanilla and velvet. You just make me melt.
today he says...

when I'm with you , I feel like I've come home
QUOTE(jami @ Mar 1 2008, 11:51 PM) *
today he says...

when I'm with you , I feel like I've come home

does that stuff get a little cheesy?
maybe it's just me, but stuff like that seems silly
QUOTE(sexysandee @ Mar 26 2008, 12:19 PM) *
does that stuff get a little cheesy?
maybe it's just me, but stuff like that seems silly

Um, that was kinda rude. What to you may be Velveeta, may be the world's best gouda to somebody else. To each his own.
i was about to say the same thing, AP. and considering what jami's been through and posted on this board, i'd say it's pretty goddamn wonderful that she has a man who feels like coming home when he's with her. congrats to you, jami.
I didn't mean to offend anyone... I am just speaking from experience... I have only heard things like that from people that were very sincere... I honestly didn't mean anything by that.
I am also dealing with a lot of nonsense in the area of love and men... not an excuse I just directed my frustration to the wrong people... after I posted it I really felt like a big jerk

"see? perfect handful. you have awesome tits"

"i was admiring your arse all morning... it's like yogurt. arse yougurt. no, that came out wrong"
"That'll be part of my wedding vows: 'Well, she drinks beer and likes giving blowjobs!' *thumbs up*"

At least I know why he keeps me around. lol
Me and the fella were having a few problems... getting it up (i think it may have been anxiety), but we were talking through it, and I was being all serious and concerned, and he just said "well, maybe I'm just better at *other* things!"
Then he jumped on me.

Not particularly sweet, but I just thought it was funny.
"You have the best body I've seen."

I'll take it!
"fucking you is like... fucking god" laugh.gif
"I like your kinki-ness, it's kinda sweet"

"I KNOW you're a good girl, you don't have to explain that!"

"I would like a lady in the streets, but a phreak in the sheets"

"No manipulation involved, I promise"

...just to name a few...
Miss Deena

"Before I fuck you do you want a back rub or a foot rub"


When a bit of cuddling turned almost immediately to me-on-top...

"Who needs foreplay?"

How sweet he is.
When he says (when talking about the future) "So we never say the word LOVE but I think we both know how we feel....."

It's still all so new - I feel simultaneously melty and freaked.
Me, having my thighs worshipped by his mouth and hands: "You make me feel like a goddess."
Him: "You ARE a goddess."

Him, in response to a dirty e-mail I sent: "Boy, do I love your body, babe. I want to do it justice."

Nothing going on there for me but the physical, but I think I finally made him understand that. He said I could whack him in the head - either one - if he brings up long term again. wink.gif
I REALLY love these. Whoever said anything more than a handful is a waste didnt have big enough hands.

He makes me laugh.

QUOTE(bubblesqueak @ May 12 2008, 08:21 AM) *
I REALLY love these. Whoever said anything more than a handful is a waste didnt have big enough hands.

He makes me laugh.

I don't actually have a response to your post, I'm just wondering if you can help me learn how to start posting on this website! I have no idea what I'm doing!
dewee, up in the top right hand corner of this screen, you'll see a link for "Guidelines" and one for "Help." Those should tell you everything you need to know. If you have questions, hit the Community Forum and ask the members. Also stop by Newbies and introduce yourself.
Not too long ago, I had this said to me from this guy that I've been seeing:

"The best sex I've ever had was the time before last, you know when we _____ with the _____."

Best sex he's ever had? Works for me. smile.gif
"That's a 'workout girl' butt.'"
Us sprawled out on the blanketless bed afterwards, still breathing hard: "God, I never met a woman like you in my entire life."

"God, you're beautiful. You're my big, strong, beautiful Amazon."

"You're just so cool. You're my rock star. I'm your groupie."
bump for nelly
I get all shy and embarrassed to share these things (because you know I'm such a jaded lady, I don't like to show my sloppy heart), but I'm all a-tingle because I'm going to see the LD guy today, so... some things he's said:

"I think you're pretty." "I think you're cute." "You're intelligent and well-spoken." "I'm attracted to you." "I should have kissed you last time."

Ok, kinda goofy, I know. But all said sincerely, like I haven't had a guy say them in a long time, so it meant a lot to me.
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(thirtiesgirl @ Sep 19 2008, 11:13 AM) *
"I think you're pretty." "I think you're cute." "You're intelligent and well-spoken." "I'm attracted to you." "I should have kissed you last time."

hey, sometimes that simple stuff is all we really need to hear! it's too often neglected.
"I think you're pretty." "I think you're cute." "You're intelligent and well-spoken." "I'm attracted to you." "I should have kissed you last time."

And, seriously, considering how little my guy thinks to say this things, his "You're cute," is someone elses' "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." And when he says "You're cute," I never doubt that he means it. biggrin.gif
some things the bf said to me

-you give the best head holy fuck that was amazing...

-i could lay here and kiss u forever

-good girl (after cumming)
he texted me today....

will you marry me

" have a perfect pussy"
biggrin.gif Oh my, jami! There's got to be more to this story!!!
I'm insecure, which is totally not very feminist of me, I know. But. This boy I'm in love with is amazing with what he patiently, consistently says to me when I get doubtful. He makes me feel like a million bucks, and it means a lot when he says these things to me because he is a guy of very few words or outward emotions 99% of the time. So this is not him being suave or whatever. It always floors me.

First week I got with my boy, we're going at it for like the fourth time that night and he gets up on his knees towering over me and he's staring at me. The lights are off and it's dusk through the windows, so I'm sure the lighting helped. He goes, "You're really hot" with all this awe and wonder in his voice. At first I mishear him because I can't believe he'd say that and reply, "You should open the window if it's hot." He goes, "No, YOU'RE really hot," I blush and say "no..." and he goes, with all this achey longing in his tone, "Yeah." It made me melty. That was over 2 years ago and I still remember that moment crystal clear.

Since then, he has called me all sorts of things: beautiful, gorgeous, cute, adorable, the best woman he's ever been with. And he often says to me, "You're lookin' cute today."

We went to our friends' wedding a couple weeks ago; we were rushing not to be late so I didn't do jack with my hair or face/make up beforehand. He turns to me in the sunlight and scrutinizes me up close and says "You're so pretty." I said, "But I'm not even wearing make up. None. At all!" and he replied, "You really don't need to." He's said it before, but something in his tone this time made me realize he means it.

I wear this one pencil skirt all the time; it's cotton and deep red. He wrote me a note one time and it said something like, "Whenever I see you in that dark red skirt I can instantly get hard. It's so straight up and down but your ass sticks out so much and the fabric curves in this way that seems to defy gravity. It always makes me want to come up behind you, lift it up, pull your underwear to the side, and do you right there. You have the most perfect ass." My boy is ridiculously sexually shy, at least verbally (heh), so this meant a lot to me.

And the other day, after I pounced on him when he came home from work and we got it on despite not having time to eat dinner before going to a show, I sheepishly said, "Eeee, sorry" and he said, "No! make it hard not to fuck you."

Just to throw something sweet and not horny in the mix, since maybe this all sounds like we're only into sex with each other: We're getting married next year, and I can be a toxic doubtful worrying woman sometimes, and one such time when I was like, "How will this ever work out? Just practically, statistics and all I mean..." he simply stated, "I know it will." And I said, "But how can you be sure? How do you know?!" and he replied, "Because I know how much I love you."
ifjuly - your boy sounds like he has a lot in common with my boy! He'll whisper the dirtiest things to me in bed but is ridiculously shy (verbally) in the light of day. congratulations on finding such an awesome guy!
I know, it's great. I now completely understand the silly romantic comedy cliche of "it's the quiet ones you gotta watch out for!" It's actually been true in my case, and I couldn't be more thrilled. And it's good too because really, I'm somewhat the same--I think he was equally surprised that I'm so shy everywhere in life but once I trusted him I was pretty, ahem, slutty and unrestrained when we're together. It's cheesy to use this word but dare I say it, it's been "liberating."
this isn't sexy or anything, but I thought it was cute -
Crinoboy: "Good god you have cold feet!" (as I stuck my feet on him)
Me: "Yes, and you're my man, thus it's your duty to warm them. It has been this way through the history of womankind"
Crinoboy: (ponderously) "Having cold feet must be a terrible side effect of being soft and snuggley"
crin, you can tell your boy it's true--women's hands and feet tend to be colder than men's because our body heat is busy being used to keep our wombs warm!
more from the boy...
This morning I woke up to find him sitting in a chair by the bed watching me (as I slept facedown and nekkid) He just said "Your a national treasure" I loled

later, we had a fight because I wanted him to do something he didn't want to do...
Him: "G*dd*amnit! You know d*mn well that you're so d*mn cute that I can barely say no to you!"
...isn't that the idea ladies? wink.gif
in the middle of extended going down on me session - he pulls back, and looks at my girlie bits. I say "what?" and he says "seriously, I have never seen a more perfect pussy than yours. I think about it all the time."


Jane Lane
A text message I got from my boy today:

"It's cold and I need some thigh shaped earmuffs."
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