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Full Version: Oh, the Things You Say ... Excellent Words We've Heard
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him: "what is this animal husbandry all about?! I've worked on a farm, there was no damn husbanding going on.... ok, so I mounted a horse once or twice"
me: "mounted as in penetrated, darling? I think that's taking the concept of husbandry a little to far."
him: "you're so... I love you. And in that case, I'm going to husband you like an animal."

couple o' days later...
him: "why is it that I call you up to tell you how beautiful the day is and how much I love you, and we end up talking about..."
me: "fucking?"
him: "I was going to say me ploughing into you, actually, but yes."
on the phone last night
...and I love how you say goodnight. you just lower your voice. it's so damned erotic...

hey, guys, this is all I get.
and his voice is just so... ~melt~
jami, with everything you've been through this past year. i think what you have with this current guy is pretty cool. wink.gif that's more than enough. good luck with him!
thanks, stargazer.
this wasn't new guy, though... this was guy from back home. I think new guy is over. feels that way, ya know? Just got off the phone with back home guy. it's so good to just hear a friendly voice. then he tells me what a sexy voice I have. and then he has this low, extremely sexy, almost a grumble laugh. damn. enough to get me thru these tough days.
Great things I heard last night:

"I think you are so fucking hot."
"You have amazingly kissable lips."
"You've got a great ass."
"I can't believe I found you."

kelkello... that is so great!!! so happy for you!

just got off the phone with backhomeguy. IF courts let us go back home, he's making plans - just us two, somewhere quiet and secluded to talk. all day. too good to be true?
This morning is our first day of school, so I'm quite grumpy.

When I woke up this morning, my hair was matted and dirty, remnants of mascara were on my face, and I'm pretty sure I had a drool trail on my cheek. When I first opened my eyes, Crinoboy was there just quietly watching me. He touched my cheek very softly and said, in a gravelly-from-emotion/sleep voice, "You're so pretty.".

Wow. Simple but effective. And, love must really be blind because I looked like chewed up ass this morning.

Oh, I also think it's cute that he checks to make sure I lock the door after him. He hates leaving me in the apartment alone, even though we live in a small southern town. *sigh* protectiveness is adorable.

jami and kelkello- your guys sound great! keep reelin' 'em in, lol! Good luck ladies!
"Mmmm....I love your body!"

What girl doesn't want to hear THAT?
After I asked BB to pretend we hadn't met yet, and what he would say to me to try and get me in bed. He said without hesitation:
"I may not be the best-looking bloke you'll ever meet, and I can't say I have the largest cock you'll ever have, but I can promise you this.." then he leaned in and whispered "...I will lick your delicious pussy better than it has ever been licked before, and will ever be licked again."
me. putty.
Good Lord, greenbean, BB sounds so amazing!
I secretly love reading about the rendezvous you have with him. What a smooth talker.

Gotta love those Brits! I love how they say "bloke". *Sigh* I miss living there every day! laugh.gif
After giving a man head he told me that was hands down the best blow job ever, and if everyone was getting blow jobs like that, the world would be a better place.
he says..
I would like to take you to Portland and area. I would like to take you all over the world. And I would like to take you.
Well, this wasn't what he said so much as how he said it.
We've been living in our parent's houses for the summer, and we aren't used to all this time apart. Yesterday he and I were hanging out in the extra room above my parent's garage (where we had our first experiences, teehee) and he started walking around, looking in drawers and stuff. I asked what he was doing, and he said "We really need some paper towels up here." So I asked why.

He stopped dead in his tracks, looked at me, and said "To clean up any...ah... (at this point he gave me one of those smoldering up-and-down looks that you can just *feel* on your body) ...messes we might make."
I just love it when his eyes are so eloquent that I know *exactly* what he's thinking.
me: wow, you know, my life has really taken a different path.
mr: mine to . . . and i am happy.

today is our one year anniversary.
With a one night...well, two night stand this past week: "Your eyes are amazing, your softness does something crazy to me, something more than just being turned on." He kept going on and on about my eyes and lips.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif
after sleeping over....... portions at night and morning.

"I leave empty of cum and full of inspiration."

i get to see him again after I'm done work. smile.gif
While milking him "how do you do that? Best...ever.... the rest was inaudible.

While having sex in the dark-

I wish I could see your eyes.


During a recent encounter with a friend of mine she said: "Fuck me like I know you want to" And then I did. And it was awesome.*

*Repping for the lesbians in the audience

Edit: I forgot to say how adorable, weird and romantic all the previous sentiments have been! You gals obviously have some weird and wonderful boys in your lives. Oh, AND I have a few more to add.

"You're like a soft little ball" That was an ex describing how I got when she touched me.
"If it makes you feel better, I used to pretend your nipple was your clit." Her reaction to my bemoaning the fact that she hadn't gone down on me before we both left school for the summer.
After blowing him, "That was a fucking masterpiece!"
Hello friends, consider me as a fresher in your discussion, well I was in the lookout to get some tips to spice up my bored sex life and coming at this place I got the indication I would get ample help. Just seeing the number of replies in the sex related threads gave me a fair indication that this place was not going to disappoint me. Yes I got to learn many things from here and I am sure when I apply them in practical things are bound to improve have also asked my other friends to pay a visit here.
This one really isn't of a sexual nature but it was pretty amazing to me . . . .

It was actually said last night when we were at his place with my head resting on his chest. He said that he actually admired me because I am so smart and sometimes say things that he can't even wrap his head around and then said, "I like it though because when we have children I can actually say, "I don't know, go ask your mother!" and you will actually know what to tell them!"

Suzzane, this thread is for sharing good things our partners have said to us. You probably want to check out the general sex thread.
oohh arc, he sound soo sweet!
He says:
I think that is what attracts me to you so much. you are ... extraordinary.
Oh, Shiny, he is soooo sweet!

I think he feels a little down about himself because he only has a GED and I have a Bachelor from quite a prestigious university and it kind of makes him feel like he might not be good enough for me. He is actually a recovering addict - has been clean for two years! - and in reality I look up to him probably more than he could ever look up to me. At the age of nineteen he knew that he couldn't live the way he was anymore, packed up his things and moved to a city that wasn't so full of drugs (as our hometown is) and came here to where we live now.

I think he's absolutely amazing. And it's also so much more attractive that he's so modest about it.
in response to a note i wrote to a wine merchant in madeira that we are going to see while there on vacation:

"you are so damn eloquent! it hurts to be a clod around you"

gotta love my mr hotbuns!

arcadia, that is really cute, sounds like something that Ron would say to Hermione!
In mid-thrust he whispered, "I love the way you kiss me when you're getting f*cked."
"I'm going to get home, climb into bed with you, take a little nap with you... well, the bed bit anyway"

"I'm going to have to marry you. You always have something interesting to say."

I'm seeing him tomorrow. it's been five long months
"I thought I was chasing a dream or fantasy for a while, I feel I should tell you that I am just yours forever"

it may sound cheesy but I don't care *swooon*
Before I moved away:

"I'm gonna masturbate about you while you're gone..."
"That was the best orgasm yet."
This was awhile ago, but just remembered, cause it's funny and (I think) nice..

referring to some pics I sent as "those often masturbated to photos of you"
It was the middle of the night here and I picked up the phone half-asleep and heard his voice brimming with sincerity and emotion "I love you so much! You're so special. It's so good to hear your voice."

(I had sent him an email to call me when he got it no matter what time, because I'd had a bad day, and we're in different time zones.)

I've been thinking of how great that made me feel and how his voice sounded since then.
Said in the middle of a giant fight"

"I have no one else to be the way i am when i'm with you."

The fight ended.
he says to me today:
"Hang onto the warmth of my heart and the love of your boys."
I'm in a long-distance relationship and a few nights a week, beyond daily check-in calls, me and the boo end up texting each other before bed so we can pretend to just be rolling to the other side of the bed when we say goodnight.

The other night was a particularly swoony one-
Me: Goodnight babe I love you...Remind me how hard I need you to fuck me when i see you
Him: God I love you...i wish you were next to me, id do such dirty things to you...

*sore cheeks from huge grin- i'm a puddle on the floor"
My boy-o is really quite in the bed room while I usually say his name over and over and moan enough for the both of us. But he does say one thing that makes me want to come right there.
Mr.Gamer: MINE
Oh god I just melt when he says that in his "protective/greedy" voice. I want to show him how much I am his.
After having sex: "Good god, Lust. After that I'm gonna be out of commission for a WEEK!" ^^
So I'm having a quick bite with my boyfrind of 5 months before he heads to work.

Him - "We could get married next year for my birthday, I'll be 40 and starting my life all over again"
Me - "........" (wide eyed)
Him - " we can run off and do it in secret, just you, me and some strangers from the street as witnesses"
Me - "......" (swoon)
Him - "Yeah! If Scotland win the european cup I'll ask you to marry me"
Me - "I knew there'd be a catch!!" (laughing hard)

So we're at the bar waiting for the Scotland v Italy match.

Me - "I hope we don't lose, I've got a lot riding on this game" (smirk)
Him - (pulls me close and pushed my hair away from my ear) "If we lose I'm going to give you the hardest, hottest, fucking you've ever had" (devilish smirk)
Me - "Come on Italy!"

Anyway we lost so didn't even qualify for europe but I dare say he kept up his end of the bargin.


After a makeout/heavy-petting session:

"God! You're like a really good book that I just can't put down."

Loved it.
QUOTE(andraja @ Nov 19 2007, 10:36 PM) *
After a makeout/heavy-petting session:

"God! You're like a really good book that I just can't put down."

Loved it.

I can see that you can be easily amused rolleyes.gif
i want to say that to someone, about the good book. I love that too. smile.gif
This thread made me make an account!

I've recently been talking to this guy on the phone and last night as we were having phone sex he said:

"Who's my naughty girl? Are you mine?" for some reason when he said, "Are you mine?" I just died. I also LOVE it when he says, "I love it when you moan. I love hearing you come, it makes me want to explode."

And then of course I can't control it anymore.

And to all of the ladies who are talking about their brit guys, I know exactly what you mean. When this one guy would say, "Good girl" I would simply melt.

Anyways! Hello all! lol
"You just love to get fucked, don't you."

This guy is 17 years older than me and crazy hot. I feel totally worshiped when I'm with him.
Ooh! Nice, Erin!
Never had a Brit boyfriend .....had a few French ones, pretty amazing..........
He also called me a fuck doll yesterday and then asked me "Do you think anyone will ever find you as beautiful as I do?" We have lots of fun when we're together. We were in bed for almost 5 hours straight yesterday, and much of that time was spent with my arms tied above my head and him doing whatever he wanted to me.
Okay, last one. I just got this in my email.

"i have difficulty remembering our sunday afternoon because
recalling your visit, and our time,
is like looking into your eyes:
distracting, blinding,
erotic, and

because when you were-- and your arms-- and i was. . .
my god, that was intense"
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