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Full Version: Oh, the Things You Say ... Excellent Words We've Heard
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after about 2 hours of various positions, oral, vaginal, and approximately 15 orgasms on my part

me: woah. you are going to kill me.

me: you haven't come yet, have you?

him: nope.

me: why not?

him: the good guys always finish last.

me: seriously, how do you DO that? lie back and think about england? do cube roots in your head? think about baseball?

him: nope.

me: so........what then?

him: remind myself that if *i* cum, you won't anymore. and the fun will be over, and i'll just go to sleep. i don't want that to happen, so i just tell myself that.....and i don't come.

him: why don't you move down here, i want to try this next........

*happy contented sigh*

HB is fond of the pet names. I usually hate them. BUT. I got "anima mea" the other night. Anima mea = my soul. *sigh*
Heh, Zoya, the bumper one is one of those "that's a GOOD thing - right?" compliments that can be very, VERY good.

In that vein: kog3100 has often said I could fuck a guy in half. Hee.
Mr. Pug made this slideshow of all his favorite “voluptuous” actresses. He had it on the computer at his shop. The other techs were like, “Man, I guess you really like the chunky brunettes uh?” He said, “Yeah, they all look like Sheena don’t they!”

I thought it was cute that they all look like me, (I’m his ideal woman) and not that I look like them.
"I don't think I should buy a snowboard at the end of this season, like we talked about."
"why not?"
"because next year we're on the road and not riding, and by the season after, I'l probably be pregnant or have our baby already."

I wish I could marry her all over again.
"I want to come inside you, and I want to be kissing you when I do"

ETA: (with a condom on, of course...)
The "German Shepherd" -- when someone goes down on you and you have a tampon in, so they nose around and bite out the string.... oh, crap, I'm going to have to drink for that one.
dry.gif blink.gif huh.gif mellow.gif unsure.gif
Um. Okay.

(I'm guessing someone didn't actually read or get the point of the thread ... ?)


kog3100 and I enjoyed some lovely anal sex this weekend, and I discovered that, yes, he still makes me ejaculate in this manner. Afterward, lying in our pools of sweat and gush, we were laughing about how well it went, and sort-of mentioning the (lack of) mess. He said, "She comes with her own bidet."

He is the wrongest man who ever lived.

I love him soooooooo much. He's plumb crazy.
Me: What do you want to do tonight?
Boyfriend: I want to make love to you all night long.
Me: All night?
Boyfriend: Yes, Tantric sex. Like Sting. I want to Sting you.
My guy txted me: I can't wait to fuck you in the ass again. That shit feels so good!
Then a few minutes later: Maybe 'that shit' wasn't the best choice of words in that context.

Ha ha! I hadn't even noticed.
ok, well this isn't purely sex related, but it's excellent, nevertheless.

after staring into each other's eyes for god knows how long..

ME - "what?"

HIM - "nothing...............................everything"

Me trying to explain to my bf how I feel when I'm ovulating:

Me: "It just feels like I NEED sex. And masturbating just won't cut it. I NEED a dick."
Him: " time you feel like that, you need to call me."
Me: "I'm serious though."
Him: "Me too...seriously, call me."
cstars- I feel exactly the same way when I am ovulating. There's usually one or two days where I am seriously jumping out of my skin, because I feel like I need to get fucked so badly! I hate it when there's no one available at that moment.
Oh i's awful! But oh so good when you're getting some!
All this stories reminded me of this joke: He said: "Since I first laid eyes on you, I've wanted to make love to you in the worst way." She said: "Well you've succeeded." laugh.gif
eep. double post.
My boy is at work right today but we're going out with friends later, so we were trying to plan a meet up time/location over the internet. This is the email I got today *snicker*:

"What we can do is either I can meet you at St. George station or just go straight to your rez OR we can meet at yonge station and subway to my
house. Either way before we go to meet your friends (I don't care WHO can read this email) I want to screw your brains out."

hahahaha. What a surprise at the end of that one! After that, all the replies were organizing where we'd be banging. hahaha. I love this boy.
Hands down, you give the best blow job ever. You take it in deep. You are right, it is the standard.
"i hate to see you go, but i love to watch you walk away."
I don't know what you are doing, but you are doing everything right. Jesus christ, holy fuck. That is...*words taper off*...that is amazing. The best I ever got.
I NEED you?

after 15-20 minutes of me straddling my boyfriend's chest whispering, with my mouth maybe half a centimetre away from his, that i wouldn't kiss him until he gave me the right reason to do it
I think this fits in here cause its so funny.

I was having sex with this guy I had met recently (at a bar actually) and it was either our first or second time. He had a REALLY weird shaped dick. Like a big crooked lollipop.

Well we were doing it doggy style and I said somethihng like "Oh I love that..." and he thought I said "Do something different"
So he says "Do something different?" and Im thinking he means position and I say "Ok" and then he puts his thumb in his mouth, lubes it up and promply sticks it up my ass.

I didnt mind but i was suprised and then later when we talked about it he was like "Ive never done that before. Different enough for you?" and I was like "Yea, i guess?" and he was like "Didnt you want something different??" I say "What? No?"

It was a big misunderstaning that ended up with me and a thumb in my ass. laugh.gif

So now when I talk to him (we arent sleeping together anymore) Ill be like "Hows life? Doing anything different?"
I am addicted to you.

you truly are the perfect drug.
"You're like exotic Turkish pita bread amongst a sea of Wonder bread with the crust cut off!"

"You're a bloody genius. I want you in my life forever."
"Do you need to be spanked?"


him; "Do you always get this wet when you do this?"

me "yup"

him; "that is amazing. I've never been with a woman like that"

me; "I told you, I love it"

him; *moans*

after riding boy 2 and cumming all over him; "holy shit, that was an incredible orgasm you had, I felt that all over me, I can't believe you came that much".

Le Sigh, I need to stop thinking about sex. I need to get fucked.
Another one from this morning. I have to give a little back story. So I haven't shaved my armpits in like 8 years or so, and I've always liked the hair and liked having them unshaven. But my boy told me a few weeks ago that he would really like it if I would shave them, and he offered to trade me something for it. I suggested that he mow my lawn for me all summer in exchange, and he agreed, but he is somewhat of a slacker, and it hasn't been mowed yet, so I haven't done any shaving. We've been joking about it a bunch, but this morning in all seriousness after we had done it he said, "I can't wait for you to shave your armpits, because I always want to nuzzle you and kiss you there, and I feel like the hair keeps getting in my way." It was so sweet and cute and so unlike him to say something like that I almost just went and did it, but I'm gonna keep holding out!
I need to get fucked

so damned honest..... smile.gif
Kal, it's so true though. Seriously, I've got two lovers, and neither of them is putting out. Sheesh.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ May 3 2007, 09:00 PM) *
Kal, it's so true though. Seriously, I've got two lovers, and neither of them is putting out. Sheesh.

Culturehandy, I'm so sorry to hear that.

*mr. pug lying on his side running his rough hands over my soft ass lying next to him while saying*

i want you to have a a bright pink ass for the rest of the night.

*shy look and a giggle from me*

golly can this man bring me to my knees.
Pugs, you have got yourself one heck of a man. I'm happy for you.

Mael, it's totally true. I think that they both need me not to talk to them for a while, then we will see where it goes. For some reason, I thin kthey prefer it when they do the chasing. Oh well.

Battery powered it is.
Me in the bathroom last night after showing and now removing my eye makeup thats all smuged - Mr D comes running in all superhero like and says "Quick, hot girl! To the bedcave!" And drags me into the bedroom...


That sucks culture. But Ive found that too, men tend to really be into the hunt and then when you hunt back they shy away. Its really stupid. Just ignore them for a big and make them hunt you again.
Yup, playing sly boots it is then. Hee.
" you're nothing but trouble..and i want nothing but you" for some reason...that is the sexiest..thing..ever said to me..
The Mr. got so drunk last night at a party that we went to, that an hour after he was in bed he sat up and said in an overjoyed tone "I'm in our own bed! I LOVE our own bed! It has MY OWN WIFE!" and grins at me all lopsided and cute. "I LOVE my own wife."

biggrin.gif Adorable.
Too adorable PiP!

Says my new fuck-buddy: "You are seriously hot. You are doing wonders for my self-esteem." ...this coming from a boy who looks and speaks like Jude Law. Hmmm, I think *I'm* the one getting the ego boost here!
QUOTE(DaisyJane @ May 4 2007, 04:13 PM) *
Me in the bathroom last night after showing and now removing my eye makeup thats all smuged - Mr D comes running in all superhero like and says "Quick, hot girl! To the bedcave!" And drags me into the bedroom...

LOL That is so cute.

Mr. Pug last night,

"I had a great day at work and now I'm going to have a great night at home with my girls on the couch."

Referring to me and the two pugs.
Pretty, that is so sweet!

In reference to a past fling who said something mean to me, another lover said; "you have nothing to worry about, you are fantastic, you don't need to improve. Prick, asshole, fuck him".
Fuck your right, that pic is etched in my mind. I wanna eat that sweet pussy while slowly pulling the beads out.

I loved last night, too bad you left. I need your pussy in my face, how about you.

You are fantastic. You give the best blow job ever. You are right. The standard!
you're conveniently dirty

we should probably get some handcuffs. check this out! (gesturing excitedly at the headboard which seems absolutely made for cuffing people to)
me: "I had to dig out the knee-high boots because of the rain"
f: "I've never seen you in knee-high boots, I'd like to"
me: "Really? I have lots, no doubt you will"
f: "No, love. In just the knee-high boots."

too cute, PiP!
Ahh, Mornington, I just can't get enough of hearing 'Love' as a pet name...and I'll be hearing a lot of it this next month!!

Here's an exerpt of the email I got from Brit Boy after telling him I just decided to make the trip to London soon:

"Are you fucking serious? I'll be moving in my new flat in two weeks. Come live with me for a bit! We can watch Freaks and Geeks, drink champagne, listen to Modern Lovers, and I swear to you, I'll find plenty of places to tie you up. My God. I've just come at the thought. Hold on... Are you serious?!?!"

Heh, I am now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hehe, greenbean - he's american, and has picked it up off me. rolleyes.gif

pm me if/when you're coming over and aren't tied up...
Yer with an American!? Well son of a gun.

You know mornington, yer kinda my cupid, cuz I met BB at a place you recommended to me last year!
'we'll count it as a percentage of full extension' after i whined that it's not fair the boything can claim to love me more than i love him by virtue of the fact that his arms are longer and can therefore extend to a larger distance apart from each other
We went out to dinner to celebrate our two year sexiversary and he said he wanted carrot cake for dessert, but we didnt end up going to the store to get some.

Later, as he was licking whipped cream off my nipple, he looked at me and said "This is a much better dessert than carrot cake."

Apparently, I am good ala mode as well.
During a fight:

"G*ddamn it, I love you! And I mean that with every last little bit of me!"

I completely forgot what we were fighting about when he said that. I melted into a puddle of goo. I think it was the fact that he was so angry and, well, passionate when he said it.
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