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Full Version: Oh, the Things You Say ... Excellent Words We've Heard
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Crinoline, I LOVE that! Hee!

Maims, the great part is, since then, he'll just bust that line in the middle of a conversation and I LMAO every time. smile.gif

Tonight it was a run-of-the-mill after dinner conversation, but *I* thought it was great:

TXPW: I'm so happy I married you.
GB: *grins* I'm happy you married me too.

Guess you had to be there. rolleyes.gif
hmm... as much as I can remember...

him: "and I spent the whole day distracted, because of you, and last night, you evil girl"
me: "well I'll stop then"
him: "no, don't do that. I like it! I didn't mean it in a bad way... I'm not thinking straight. still."
me: "ah bless. thoughts gone south for the winter?"
him: "thoughts... and everything else. Stop it. I'm getting distracted again."

Mornington, too cute!
Hee, mornington!

This afternoon: "You make me feel like a superhero."

*sigh* I love my geeky boy hardcore
This is a different boy... (bad, bad mornington...) by email... I have to show off.

"but you stunned me.
like a taser to the side of the head.
at close range.
and maximum power.

and... "you are like the piece of me i've always wanted to find and act upon, the impulse and longing i feel at night when i can't sleep or sleep can't get me, or when dissatisfaction seeps into my corners."

luci, that is just... cute. Geeky boys are the best.
Mr DK: Who couldn't love you. You're beautiful, sweet, funny....and great in bed!

Me: I don't think they know that.

Mr DK: That's their loss...
"I'm going to get out of my car and crawl into your bed, and ohhh you're gonna get it!"

The boy is driving back to me!
bella coola
maude, that is freaking awesome!!!
Wow Maude.

Been meaning to tell you for a while, avater rocks. "Nobody Fucks with the Jesus..." Heh. I love that movie!
i knew i missed you, but i didn't know HOW MUCH i missed you until we had to say good-bye again at the airport. leaving you behind was the hardest thing i have EVER done. i wanted to run back through immigration and make you come home with me.

it was hard for me, too.....i watched him as long as i could as he walked down the corridor. tears rolling down my face. it was harder than leaving to move here! sigh. long distance relationships SUCK.
Tes, I know that feeling all too well. Even down to squinting down the corridor past the security gates in hope of catching some teensy tiny glimpse of him before he's gone. It's tough. But you'll be with him again soon! ((((((Tes & Mr. HB))))))
"I don't believe you're as inexperienced as you say you are."

Right after my first time. Made that boy happy, I did. *grins*
Tesao, my friend, I feel your pain. Damn them for being worth it, is what I say. Stupid boys, being all perfect and shit like that. And living thousands of miles away.

I HATE that.

Tesao, my friend, I feel your pain. Damn them for being worth it, is what I say. Stupid boys, being all perfect and shit like that. And living thousands of miles away.

I HATE that.


Stupid boys, being all perfect and shit like that.

you said it, sistah!


damn, woman, can you imagine a threesome with the 2 of us??? even though we have perfect boys, i don't think i know anyone who would be up to that challenge!!! rolleyes.gif
Hee. Whereas, I can certainly think of those who would be "up" for TAKING the challenge, at least.

Or enjoying spectatorship.


However, the 13th is now off the table. We no longer know, now, when he is coming home.
Oh Maims, that's so unfair. It's like you're both being teased and I don't mean that in a good way. What's going on? Sad for you because I know you've been looking forward to it for far too long now.

Me love you long time! cool.gif
maimy, that SUCKS!!!!

*raises fist into the air and rails at the evil forces in the universe*
Thank you so much, Raisin and Tes. To be fair, there are some other people involved in this, and there were some extremely bad-mojo kinds of things attached to his leaving, and I basically finally said ... stay. I didn't want to, but I could see that if he didn't, we'd both be miserable because the return wouldn't be as good as it SHOULD be after so long. Too many distractions, too much agitation attached. So. He's staying. I feel a little bit betrayed by the situation, and the unending joke of it all - but not by kog3100, and not even by my own regrettable but necessary advice to him.

I hate this. But I pray we were both right in recognizing that it wouldn't be any great joy to be back together with too much outside trouble. Better if we can ensconce ourselves, even if only for a little while, in only our own relationship and each other. We need it, after so long.

I'll stop threadjacking now, everyone. Apologies.
don't apologize deserve the right to post here, we want to know so we can support you!!!
"So, yet another Brit, huh? Yer like Buffy, at night when the Brits come out you
just slay them one by one."

--Brit Boy's response to me being hit on by another brit. hee.
"I don't know what someone who very, very badly needs to be tied up sounds like...but I'm pretty sure they would sound just like you"

and i'm a quivering mess. my response to the orgasm that followed?

'i can't feel my nose'...not quite as articulate as I had hoped.
rolling over after a marathon session ...

MM : I don't know what those assholes are talking about...
WB : which assholes?
MM : Guys at work, they all bitch that their sex lives suck since they have been with the same women so long.
WB : (raises eyebrow) you agree?
MM : Hell no. When I'm in you it feels like coming home. To a really hot, (insert forehead kiss here), very sexy,(neck nuzzle), very naked and very
ummm "energetic" home. (big ole assgrab here)

now other than energetic, he's still a keeper after all these years. Even though the next day we were about to kill each other. blink.gif
He's good shit, your MM.

"Happy THANKSgiving!"
when I went away:

"I'm eating your leftovers...I just realized, this is the last bit of your saliva I'm going to have in my mouth for a while...(sigh)"


After two weeks away.

Me: So, we're still together....?
Him: Hmmm.. your are naked(said in a very Boston accent) your body is curled up next to mine in my bed, and you just gave me the best head.... that would be a yes. smile.gif (then he kissed me passionately, and spooned me, and then went to sleep.

Him [smiling sweetly]: Thank you.
Me: What for?
Him: For another day of being my wife.

Note that this was said to me on a day when I'd been miserably sick and hadn't done anything all day long. Aaaaaaaw!
"Your pussy feels like the center of the universe"

Said with complete sincerity and sweetness. Where the hell has he been all my life?
starfishie- that reminds me of something a guy I dated said to me one of the first times we did it. I asked him what it felt like to fuck me (this is something I like to ask everyone I sleep with; you get such interesting and varied responses), and he said "It feels like the beginning of everything." Awww. Too bad he turned out to be a psycho stalker after I broke up with him! wink.gif
dayglowpink, that is a meltworthy response...I would get all mushy if a guy told me that...sorry about the psycho part

it is the beginning of a new relationship and we talk about everything...which is new for me, so he is usually making me melt with something he says
my fiance and i both work at our local mall, and a lot of our shoppers are tourists and kids out of school during the summer, and most of the kids know me as I just graduated this past year. Well, the mall was crowded, and i we were walking and holding hands. All of a sudden, in the middle of the walkway in front of a giant crowd of people, he picks me up and holds my waist, so my feet are off the ground. I yelp in surprise, and smiles as i turn red, unable to wipe off my own smile, and he says "I would lift you up higher so you could feel like i do, but in my current state im not sure I can, youve got me so high."
he makes me feel like i am living on the edge of the world, and all i can say is that the veiw is beautiful.

cheesy i know, but it was the lifting me up that really got me. i still cant hide my blush when i think about it.

also... when he says I've got him whipped... those are good words, no matter that I would *never!* act on it.
Dayglow and Starfishie- I asked Crinoboy the same thing and he said "It's the best feeling in the world." he got all serious...
Anyway, something adorable he said yesterday as we were lying naked in his bed and he looked at me and slowly stroked my sides:

"It's like you're a big buffet of awesome, and I can have as many plates as I want!"

I love my dorky boy!
*cheese alert*

"you stick, like peanut butter does to the roof of my mouth. but strangely enough, in a far more delightful way"

he's weird. but i like him weird. rolleyes.gif
Crin, that reminds me of my ex husband (not a bad thing). He used to call me a wonderful bag of things.
"That was the best blow job you've ever given me."

There's been quite a few, and I'm not exactly sure what the difference was this time, but it was definitely nice to hear!
"I was thinking about eating your pussy while I was masturbating this morning."
"you taste amazing"
"The fact that you get wet when you blow me is the most erotic thing on the planet."
The fiance and I were talking about our ex's. We were talking about his most resent and I asked him why they stayed together so long.

MF - "Love is blind, baby."
M - "Are you blind right now?"
MF - "No. Not at all."
M - (I cover his eyes with my hands) "How about now?!"
MF - "AHHHHH!!!!"
M - (I take my hands away from his eyes.) "Better?"
MF - "Oh. Wow. I just saw the most beautiful thing."
M - "What?"
MF - "You."
"It's like Christmas for my penis."

I'm half tempted to sig that. Hee.
Yeah - i'd put it on my resume if i could.
(although we later decided i was more like Chanukah for his penis)
QUOTE(edie52 @ Dec 10 2006, 06:31 AM) *

"I was thinking about eating your pussy while I was masturbating this morning."

That is so hot.
That feels so wrong.

quoted by me.. ohmy.gif I mind is all over the place at times.
boy once told me
"everytime i went to the bathroom at work today all i could do was smell you on me and i wanted to come home to fuck you again"
"You're so fucking fantastic at it."

"That piercing, fucking sexy."

And from a friend and former lover "Truly you are the perfect drug"
It's no wonder sooooo many of us have sexual desieses. rolleyes.gif Don't we have any self control around here. ohmy.gif
Kelkello –

"The fact that you get wet when you blow me is the most erotic thing on the planet."

I get wet when I blow my man and he loves it, although he’s never told me. I can just tell from the way he sucks his breath in real sharp when he realizes how wet I am after blowing him.

Edie52 –
“I was thinking about eating your pussy while I was masturbating this morning.”

Tankgirl –
“Every time I went to the bathroom at work today all I could do was smell you on me and I wanted to come home to fuck you again.”

All of these are so hot!
"i would be damn proud and stupid silly to be your man. I mean, should you have me. I'm not normally that lucky though"

"i'm a big fan of a winding pathway leading my lips downwards"

le sigh.

*clutches her breast*

how can you resist????

(and may i just say that he has incredibly good taste???? YOU are faaaaaaaaaaaaaboooooo!!!!)

him: "I wanna fuck you so bad, but I don't have a condom"
me: "I have one"
him: "then get it over here quick so I can fuck you sooner!"


and during a very enjoyable session of giving head to him, "oh my god, that is so intense, I can hardly take it! You could suck the bumper off a cadillac!"

(I was told later that being told I could suck the bumper off a cadillac was probably a good thing.....)
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