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IM wondering about the look of my vagina...can it be okay to have lots of labia minora
Of course. Pussies are just like dicks. Everybody is a little different. Again I post:
it's pussy, not porcelain, of course it's going to be a bit unsymetrical. just like your boobs.
i have never, ever had even one teesny weensy little hint of a complaint. don't fret.
My labia minora is stretched out past my outter lips about about 2 CM past my outter lips. I'm so self concious about it & it feels weird whenever I stand up or sit down or anything! Will it ever shrink? How long? How!?

Also-Some other girl in our school was fingered & eaten out by a guy & he started a rumor that her pussy was all stretched out so would that happen to me?!
well it won't happen to you if you avoid skeezy guys like that who WOULD start such a rumor. which, unfortunately for you if you are in high school, is well over half of all high school guys in my experience.

icky boys who like to put girls down while bragging about their sexual experience will say all kinds of shit, whether it's true or not, relevant or not. you should wait to do anything sexual until you have a prospective partner you can REALLY trust. i.e. you know they're not going to go spreading shit around about you.

and if it STILL happens, just make up something even worse about him...

and don't worry about your labia stick-out problem. either it'll resolve itself or you'll figure out how to be secretly multi-orgasmic.
Hey ladies. I have long labia minora as well (about 1-2cm sticks out), but I never really thought much about it. I remember once when I was little my mom made a comment about how "I must have stretched it out pulling on it!" But, until recently I forgot about that. I was very self concious about many things the first time my boyfriend gave me oral (smell, taste etc) but if you are with someone who respects you they wont spread rumors. But, he joked about it once outside of the bedroom, and it kinda bothered me, but I just laughed it off and made a playful crack about his penis. Since we started to have sex, he told me once how sexy my labia are when im aroused, because they open up so wide and how he loves how it massages his shaft when hes thrusting me. So, just think of it as a genetic bonus prize!!
I have the opposite problem, I have no labia minora am I a weird??
no, you're not.
in fact mine's pretty damn small too..
you just can't see it cause i have that LOVELY issue of huge outter pussy lips.
nice, huh?
yeah, mines small as well. but who cares what it looks like? i used to be worried what guys thought about how i looked, but i dont judge their penis so why should they judge my vag...they should enjoy it smile.gif

on another note...something that drives me crazy - whenever anythng sexual/gyno related comes up my roomie is always talking/bragging about her teeny tiny vagina and how superior hers drives me crazy. and she thinks that her vag is the only kind of vag there is...any slight variation from hers is "weird" or "gross" i just wanna scream at her and rip off my pants and be like "look, we dont all look like you so maybe you should keep your little comments to yourself!"
haha, i know what you mean bean.
i have a friend of mine who is totally into her cunt. she isn't sexual active though either.. so i find it kind of awkward to talk to her about it.
she's always like, "i love mine... i've seen some really gross ones though"
what do you say to that, y'know?
I love mine and I think it's beautiful and cute.
QUOTE(runnergirl @ Jun 3 2006, 12:09 AM) *
Hey ladies. I have long labia minora as well (about 1-2cm sticks out), but I never really thought much about it. I remember once when I was little my mom made a comment about how "I must have stretched it out pulling on it!" But, until recently I forgot about that. I was very self concious about many things the first time my boyfriend gave me oral (smell, taste etc) but if you are with someone who respects you they wont spread rumors. But, he joked about it once outside of the bedroom, and it kinda bothered me, but I just laughed it off and made a playful crack about his penis. Since we started to have sex, he told me once how sexy my labia are when im aroused, because they open up so wide and how he loves how it massages his shaft when hes thrusting me. So, just think of it as a genetic bonus prize!!

haha same here!
I pierced my hood more than a year ago, and now the minor labia is sticking out even more!
arrrrr, sorry! double post!
I also have a long labia minora and asked my obgyn about possible surgeries to shorten them. Though she agreed they were longer that surgery was definitely a possiblity and even said if it ever causes any discomfort that the surgery would fix those problems. I've been a few guys and none have ever said anything but I had my own little insecurities about it. Then my recent ex mentioned while we were dating that my vagina looked like a tripod. Nice guy huh? One of the many reasons he is now my ex. But I think my main insecurity was about my clitoris and how the hood hung longer. I kind of thought it looked like a tiny uncircumsized penis. Talked to the obgyn about that as well but unfortunately nothing can be done about it really. So I've given up on trying to fix it and just accepting it. I've looked around to compare and there are many that look like mine so I'm feeling more relaxed about it and not fearing I'm deformed in some way down there anymore. has tons of photographs and really made me see my faults in over analysing my vagina. If a guy is more focused on what my vagina looks like then he's not worth my time.
i have a question,
is it wierd to have two different sized labia minora?

one of mine is regular and you cant see it,
while the other is long and sticks out...

its really strange and i want to know if its normal...
that's what mine looks like too! I'm sure it's normal!
Mine is like that too.
QUOTE(fantaz @ Jun 12 2007, 06:29 PM) *
that's what mine looks like too! I'm sure it's normal!

thats good then.
i was beginning to think
i was on the strange side.
toastybean: she sounds way immature and inexperienced. that's how people like that respond to everything.. if someone deviates from the norm in style, in behavior, in dress, in whatever shape or form, they feel the need to judge or compare. ("i'm ok, you're not ok", as a way of feeling superior). just know that even if she has this tiny hot little vag it's not the best thing in the world. it's like, wow, shows her level of intelligence really.... so just try to disregard. next time she tries to bring it up look at her as though she were an airheaded alien or something, i'm sure she'll shut right up.

ps. mine is beafy but i have never once had a complaint and one guy (who was a tat artist/ body piercer btw) told me it was a perfect vagine. so it's all a matter of preference really.
meabh, I've read and experienced that when a gal is aroused her clit is much like a penis in that it grows. an interesting tidbit for you smile.gif And I think plenty of the ladies here have said this, but every gal is different and while yeah we all have the same equipment the beauty of the human body is no one is exactly alike. My labia is a bit long as well, to the point where I avoid wearing things like bikini-cut panties, they always feel too small... I usually wear the boy-cut kind.

QUOTE(meabh @ Apr 12 2007, 06:04 PM) *
Then my recent ex mentioned while we were dating that my vagina looked like a tripod.

mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif What a fucking asshole. I'd have kicked him in the balls right there on the spot.

Hope I don't offend anyone but I like to watch amature porn. One of the reasons I like it so is because you get to see all different kinds of equipment from all different kinds of women. I think they are all beautiful.

My nanni is really cute I think. I love it. It's kinda pudgy and one of my labia kinda tucks itself in at the base like a dimple. I also have a freckle on the inside. My clit isn't huge but it's there and sometimes I get too excited during sex and practically rub the little lady off. I'm usualy bruised the next day. Mr. Pug is always like, take it easy baby. laugh.gif He tells me all the time how much he loves it.
chicklettes, hey. i have a question pour vous.

i have no idea if i am doing teh kegels right or not. i do it when i'm peeing to make sure it's the right muscles and stuff but the sensation is different when i'm not peeing so i just never know if i'm wasting my time down there. i need to work it out as much as i need to work out the rest of me after this second baby. i'm older now yo, don't wanna go all flabby and such.

this girlfriend of mine had a machine called the kegelsizer that she just swore by but, meh, it's like $100. i could buy a kick ass sex toy for that much money laugh.gif . be more fun i bet.
QUOTE(Muffy @ Aug 2 2007, 12:17 PM) *
meabh, I've read and experienced that when a gal is aroused her clit is much like a penis in that it grows. an interesting tidbit for you smile.gif

It is kind of like the same thing on one level. You've heard that all foetuses start off as female - the Y chromosone is an X which loses a bit, yeah? The sort of... proto-genitalia grow into male or female bits, which is why men have a brown stripe type thing down their balls - it's where the lips have fused up, when they were just a bundle of cells. Clit tissue and penis tissue by their very nature are going to be the same kind of thing.

And I think plenty of the ladies here have said this, but every gal is different and while yeah we all have the same equipment the beauty of the human body is no one is exactly alike. My labia is a bit long as well, to the point where I avoid wearing things like bikini-cut panties, they always feel too small... I usually wear the boy-cut kind.

As an otherwise quite unpleasant ex of mine said, but I've got to hand it to him on this:
'A girl's bits are designed to feel good to her partner and to her. What feels good isn't always going to be 'conventionally' pleasing to the eye. That really is not important.'

The obsession with getting snatch lips trimmed etc in the interests of maintaining 'beauty' reminds me a lot of FGM, to be blunt. In the more extreme versions of this practice, the outer and inner labia are taken off to create a smooth... massive great damn keloid scar. Irrespective of Germaine Greer basically being an apologist for this practice in 'The Whole Woman', which I will never understand, most people would agree it's horrific.
Here I go again, a newbie rehashing an old thread.

Not only am I smaller breasted, but my vagina is on the small side too. I get dumb comments like "well at least you are nice and tight". Wellll, sometimes. Although it stretches and conforms, I believe it has its limits, I'm just afraid to test them.

One of those "sneak peek moments" you have when you are changing with another person, I noticed that when my sister was 12 and I was 19, hers looked to be truly big as mine. I'm like "Gee I'm still a girl down there?".
i was just talking about this with the bf. he saw a commercial for a show where they talk about labioplasty and he was horrified anyone would want to change THAT part of them. so i had to explain some people are worried how they compare to others, and it bothers them.
i even told him how an ex, after we had split, came and told me about the "Weird" vag's he had encountered.... i had to explain to him "dude, it's not like your balls hang even, why do you expect US to be perfectly balanced?" and then told him i never freaked when i saw his giant uncircumcised penis, it was just different than what i had encountered before, not weird.

fear not. unless it's inhibiting your ability to do important things, like sex or peeing, then you must be fine. enjoy it. if someone else doesn't like it, then take your business elsewhere wink.gif
I'm a BIG girl. With a teeny-tiny vag. I've tested my limits over the years & I know what I can take & can't. Yeah, a Britney can take a baby's head & shoulders on the way OUT, but IN is a whole other story. Without time, patience, & vast quantities of lubricant? It ain't goin' nowheres.

Again, I post the work of my former neighbor Robert Russell McCall. The site doesn't show as much as it used to, but he had a whole book full of lovely labia. His images aren't gratuitous at all, they're actually quite poetic.

I took some friends to a show of his & they were freaked by the variety of vag's he photographed, where I was stoked. Everybody's flower is different & beautiful.

I saw one of those labiaplasty shows where the gal's lips were so voluminous that they caused her coital pain because her partner's penis wound up forcing them into her vagina. Not cool. Post-surgery, she was able to finally enjoy sex.
As my guys says, any dude lucky enough to be getting up close and personal with a pussy would be an idiot and an asshole to complain about it. I have long inner labia and had never even considered that they might be abnormal.. I don't know where all these ideas come from anyways! It's like saying people with long toes or tiny earlobes or green eyes are abnormal. We're all a bit different, its the way nature works, so why would we expect to all look the same in certain places? I agree with Garlic. Why on earth would you let someone go doen there with a scalpel if it wasn't for a medical reason? That kind of cosmetic surgery can cause scarring, leading to pain or lost sensation. How, how, how could that be worth it just to look better in a place that barely anyone sees? (unless, like the example AP gave, there was an actual problem causing pain to begin with)

Sometimes my labia also get caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time during sex, so I just reach down and move them out of the way. Half the time, my hand is down there already anyways! I am also a girl with giant hips and a teeny tiny va-jay-jay. It makes no sense. My doctor even told me I may not be able to give birth naturally. Part of it is because my pubic bone sticks way out and takes up a lot of space where you would usually be able to fit things like, say, a large penis. It's quite frustrating, but like AP said, patience, lube, (and also experience) are your friends here. Get used to what you can handle and don't go for too much too fast, you definitely don't want to be all tensed up!

(Edited because I wrote "public" bone instead of "pubic".. just thought I would share that because I think it is pretty funny!)
vagina art work . found at craig's list. i love the realistic touch to it (but still wouldn't put it up anywhere in my apartment.) :-)
I was so self-conscious about my vagina after I was with a guy who told me that my clit was abnormally large. I thought all women looked like me having never really seen another one and it made me embarrassed and to this day self-conscious. I also have longer labia minora. I've worried a lot in the past that I was born transgendered or something since this guy said this to me, and I still try to cover up when I'm having sex with my bf bc I'm afraid of what he will think. Now I've come to the conclusion that it's ridiculous and that maybe I'm just another variation of normal, but it is still something I'm self-conscious about. I mean people always complain that men can't find the clitoris and mine is never hidden from view. I know I must be all female though bc I get regular periods like everyone else and my GYN has never said that I was anything but a woman. It's messed up how much guys can get in your head. Also I think there isn't enough information out there about how women all look different. We grow up thinking that we all look the same. The only pictures I've ever seen of vaginas in textbooks had tiny clits and smaller inner lips. I didn't really question myself until this guy pointed out that he thought I looked abnormal. Does anyone else have a protruding clit and larger inner lips? I wish I came in a nice, neat little package but oh well we're all different I guess.
Aww buttercups, that sucks that that guy said that to you. It is funny how they don't realize a little comment can hurt when they aren't careful about how they word it. No one wants to hear the word "abnormal" applied to their beloved girlie bits. But I seriously doubt that you are abnormal. I mean, for all you know that guy had only gone out with girls with abnormally small clits. First of all, there's a lot of variety in the world, I mean, think of all the different shapes and sizes guys' junk come in! Secondly, your GYN would definitely notice if there were any problems with how you were constructed. If you've been successfully having peroids and pap tests all these years, I imagine you're pretty safely a woman, with a uterus and ovaries!

One thing I realised recently - I had free access to the Playboy channel for a week a while ago, and was starting to think that I apparently have freakin inner labia. I mean, a lot of the girls on that channel, you couldn't even see their inner labia even during some intense close-ups on the camera. I sought advice & comfort from my boyfriend and his old "magazine" collection, and learned a few things. For example, that labial surgery has grown hugely in popularity among porn stars over the last decade. Wow, I wasn't even looking at "real" vaginas, no wonder I got confused! His old porn collection had a much greater variety of shapes and sizes, and after seeing that I felt a lot better about myself and realised I actually look pretty OK. Also, I imagine textbooks show an "idealized" image of anatomy, it's probably a bit simplified so that you can clearly see everything all in one diagram. In short, I wouldn't trust a lot of what you see out there to tell you what a "normal" vagina looks like. I've figured that my larger labia provide some extra cushioning, as well as some extra variety of stimulation, during sex, so maybe I'm actually better off the way I am!
Hey buttercups. I remember being afraid my vagina was weird or abnormal looking from the time i was an early teen. Not sure where this fear came from. But at that time, all the "vaginas" I had ever seen were pretty much anatomy text book diagrams. I spent alot of time being afraid of my body & how other people would react to it. I didn't want to have sex b/c i was afraid my partner would be freaked out by my body.

My understanding now is that there's HUGE variation how female parts appear. Anyone who would make a comment about a vagina looking abnormal or weird simply doesn't know much about female anatomy. and it's easy to not know much about female anatomy because it's really well covered.

i think it really set my mind at ease to spend some time learning what vaginas actually look like. there are a few feminist sites out there that try post pictures of what vaginas can look like. some how, it seems like the piercing community is a bit more exhibitionist and there are far more pictures of (pierced) vaginas on piercing oriented sites.

I've never watched or looked at much porn, but I've for sure heard that they go for a certain "look" & actually use some kind of "bleach" on the girls bits to make them all pink. That combined with surgery to remove parts of their vaginas, add boobs, suck out fat just makes the industry less about human sex and more about surgically altered freaks getin it on.
Ive been learning more and more that there is a wide variation, but I guess Ive always been on this "quest" to find someone who looks like me so I can feel like I'm not a freak. I wish that we weren't all made to feel like we were supposed to be the same. Playboy and things like that def dont help bc you're right, they do all just look exactly the same and all surgically altered. I think there needs to be some serious educating going on so girls dont grow up feeling like they must be transgendered like me ( even though everything about my body was working like a regular female)
Your flower is just like your fingerprint, no two are exactly the same. I could pick my vag out of a pussy line-up.

The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas.
I think someone on here posted a link once of pictures of different kind of vaginas but I'll be damned if I can remember the url. Either way, the site was pretty good and I think it could be really educational for women to realize that we aren't all the same down there.
There used to be a lot more vags on the site I posted a long time ago, not so much any more. People are afraid of or ashamed of the power of pussy!

Cast vaginas as art. Mine looks kinda like the next to the last one. I barely even have labia minora, but it's my vag & I like it.

All About My Vagina.
Those links are awesome AP! Thanks! I love the Yoni portraits book, it's so pretty.
Wow thanks so much, you just really put me at ease! On the Y Project one I look exactly like the first one- finally- it feels so relieving to know someone else looks like me and I wasn't born a hermaphradite or anything ( sounds silly but its something I worried about). Also, after looking at all those sites I think that guy that said my clit looked all "abnormally large" didn't quite know what he was talking about. I think the clitoris is referred to as what is under the hood, and mine is really tiny. I think he meant my clitoral hood, bc that is all that is ever showing. i'm not sure if clitoris and clitoral hood refer to the same thing, but in any event Im beginning to think that he just wasn't that experienced with women and maybe had only been with the same type before. It appears that there is nothing unusual or "abnormal" about my vagina- just another regular variation..
Buttercups, please don't take this the wrong way, but you're kinda young, no? Under twenty-six at least? I only ask because . . .

A lot of younger guys? Don't know dick about pussy. Seriously. You could give them a map, a compass & one of those helmets with a light on it & they'd still fuck it all up.

For many men, the yoni is mysterious with all of it's folds & hidden treasures tucked away. While the lingam? IS RIGHT THERE, IN 3D. We all know they sneak peeks at each other in the locker room, etc, & you'd think that since they know that no cock looks *exactly* like theirs, that no two vajayjays look *exactly* the same either.

We'd also like to think they'd be smart enough to keep their mouths shut about it if they ever expect to get invited back, but clearly they are not.

Honestly, many of us are not much better. You yourself don't seem to be too terribly sure about the diff between the clit itself & the hood. FYI: During arousal, the clitoral hood retracts much like the male foreskin to expose the clit nubbin underneath. And the clitoris is MUCH larger than what we can actually *see*. If you turn your hand so your fingertips face you & your pointer & index fingers are spread, the space where they connect would be the clit you see, while the fingers would be the "legs" of the clitoris that extend through the body towards the mouth of your puss. The clit ain't no shy little flower, she's like a having a Rockette in your drawers!

Anyways, I'm glad that you feel better about your hooha & aren't feeling paranoid about being intersexed anymore. You're just as middle of the road as the rest of us in your own unique way.
thanks ap! great resources! and sound reason smile.gif
Unfortunately, most of my experiences looking at other vaginas is in porn so for awhile I was somewhat concerned about the appearance of my vagina. Through various ways, I accepted that my vagina is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong or weird about it's shape.

I am somewhat self conscious about something though. There appears to be something, perhaps smegma, that is between my labia minor and majora. I wash often (I don't douche though) so I would've thought that it would disappear but it's always there. Just a little reassurance or thoughts?
Yeah, it's smeg. It's normal, it's natural. There's no way to stop your vag from sloughing off dead skin or being moist, so all you can do is give a quick wash up down there pre-oral. You may want to try the moist towelettes for wiping during the day if it bugs you that much.

There's also tp lint. I hate Charmin because it's so linty. I do not like having a linty ginch.
haha! great band name: Linty Ginch.
Thanks auralpoison. I'm only bothered by smegma in the case of oral sex. It makes me self conscious :/ Otherwise, I don't really care that it's there. It's not like there's a ton and I wash daily, so whatever.

Yeah, linty vags are lame.
btw zoey, since you mentioned douching, I just want to point out - don't do it! Douching causes more problems than it solves by introducing foreign chemicals at the same time that it washes away the natural protective fluids in the vag. It can cause yeast infections because it kills the body's natural bacteria.

I get the same stuff down there, and for a while thought maybe it was resistant yeast, but it's just stuff. At the time I noticed that poking around and washing more only made it worse, so, like AP says, it must be dead skin that probably sloughs off faster when its irritated. Go figure. As long as it's just a bit, I wouldn't be self conscious about it at all, it's not really noticable! But a girl can always excuse herself to "freshen up!" (wouldn't it be nice if more guys were equally fastidious?)
Here's a vagina question for you all! I ask because in my many years of fucking I've never experienced anything like this before.

So, I've been fucking this guy for almost 2 years now, and he's got a girthy cock, I've had quite a few partners, and sometimes sex just hurts. Well, with him it's always lots of play etc etc. well, lately, it's been a task and a half for him to get inside me.

It's like my puss had gotten smaller or tighter, yes I do kegels, but I've *always* been able to handle him, but lately it' just been painful, I seriously feel like I'm loosing my virginity again.

any suggestions as to what in the world is going on?

I've been tested and all sorts of stuff, all is well. I do work out a hells of a lot, and that includes running, but I really didn't think that would change the dynamics of my vag.
angie, does washing with just soap and water count as douching? I was aware that douching isn't healthy for the natural balance of everything, but I was under the impression that soap/water or just water wasn't going to mess anything up.

I think I'll just go with the "freshening up" before oral sex. Or take a shower and then go for it.
omg, CH, that's pretty much exactly what I've been going through for the last year. Unfortunately I can't really tell you what it means because I just don't know. I can tell you it got a lot better after I quit the pill, but condoms only make it worse again, I think I'm sensitve to latex. Sometime I get so sore we have to lay off for a couple days so I can recover. Sometimes though, I'm completely fine. And I know it's partly psychological (when I'm thinking about it, I tense up and then it's a lost cause). Are you on the pill? Have you been stressing out over anything in your sex life? Those can both make a huge difference.

Zoey - douching is actually washing inside the vagina. I wouldn't wash with soap or water up in there! Washing outside with soap and water should be fine once a day (though I have read some sources that say just water is best) I use Diva wash every other day, it's super-gentle, plant based, and not too expensive. Soap can dry out the skin if it's sensitive, which would cause you to shed dead skin cells faster, so maybe if you use soap less often it might actually make things better?
Oh jeez, no, I don't actually wash inside the vagina. Haha. I've heard that just water is fine to wash the outside and more preferable. I'll check out the Diva wash.
I've been on the pill for 11 years, so nothing going on there, and no stressed at all when I fuck him, I look forward to it. No stresses at all in my sex life. It's pretty damn good, things overall are pretty damn good.

It's strange, not that I mind, I like the pleasure/pain element. It's just strange.
I have a question concerning size. While I know everyone is different and there are vast variations concerning every aspect of the vagina; I can't help but think that I'm "loose". I had a god awful ex who was convinced I was cheating on him and would tell me I was loose all the time. I have a new boyfriend who is amazing and has made no complaints. On top of all this, all of my friends are petite women (5'-5'2") and I'm 5'7". They always complain that sex is painful because they're so tight. I've never had any difficulties taking any man in. And after hearing their complaints it made me worry even more that I'm not tight enough. This has all made me very very paranoid and feel like less of a woman.

So, I guess my question is (well, questions): Can a woman actually be loose? And if so, is there a way to make myself as tight as my friends? I've done kegels but have noticed no improvement, perhaps I'm doing them wrong? And can men tell a significant difference in the tightness of women?
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