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Full Version: Party Like a Rock Star (or Martha Stewart)-the party planning thread
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how about hummus and fresh veggies and pitas? It's even vegan friendly.

Does it have to be like finger foods or will pasta or bean salads be okay?

Spanish tapas? Gourmet olives? Pepperoncini? Fresh mozzerella?
I'm cross-posting this with the 80's thread but thought this thread seemed like a good place to ask too. I am turning 30 next month and my brother and my husband have decieded to throw me an 80's themed Bday party, any suggestions on decorations, food, anything?

You could try a fruit platter with a vanilla dip. The colors are nice, and its easy to make.

Or perhaps, with the should make a cold anitpasto bar.
Have a large selection of olives, veggie pieces with various dips, and some tabouli or whatnot.
amilita, what about making or buying some yummy, out-of-the-ordinary bread, cutting it into smallish pieces, and putting it on a platter with some flavored butter(s)... I have a recipe for herb butter with shallots, if you want it. Or another for olive/walnut/rosemary butter. Or chipotle/cilantro butter.
*glances around* Um, what happened to all the old posts? And how am I so totally out of the loop on this one?...
Faerie, it was a Loungewide cleanup.

Not exactly a party Q but a gift one- I remember discussion about baby showers in this thread so thought I may get an answer:

I'm making a gift basket for my friend who is due her baby in a couple of weeks and looking for great ideas of things to put in it other than the compulsory teddy, babygrow, talcum powder etc... any ideas?
Bunny B,
burts bees makes the best baby lotions, milk baths , stuff for diaper rash etc. I would also suggest american apparel onesies

I was just at a bbq and I have to say I love it when the host leaves out loosie cigarettes for the guests to smoke!
robeez- are little shoes and they are the most adorable things! I give them all the time and they're always a hit! I also like putumayo world music's "dreamland" CD it's full of world lullabyes.
Bunny, definitely put something in that gift basket for the mum, maybe something like an eye mask to shut out the light so she can catch a few winks while the baby is napping.
thanks for your suggestions!

I've put most of the baby basket together: nappies (diapers), wipes, cuddly giraffe, romper suit, bibs, two-piece clothing set (both outfits have giraffes as design - giraffes is a big theme as nursery a baby jungle and I've already bought giraffe things earlier in pregnancy), baby toiletries (Johnson baby) and bath and cloth books. I've ordered pair of robeez giraffe booties (thank you so much gigi!) and the burts bees baby starter kit. raisin, I was thinking of a gift for mama - maybe the neal's yard mum gift set.


Hey, does anyone have any experience with sex toy parties? My friend wants to have one for her bacelorette party, but I've heard that they can be kinda cheesy. Any thoughts?

x-posted to the General Sex thread
i've been to a couple, and it could be fun, given the right crowd, but i'm notsomuch into the sales-pitch thing, where you feel obligated to buy something. nothing too racy for sale though, and a lot was marketed like - your husband will love it when you come home with this!
So, I'm going to have a "hair of the dog" party on New Years Day...consisting of bloody marys, hangover friendly foods, and the Rose Bowl. Maybe mimosas. Stuff like that.

Any food suggestions? I'm wanting to keep it sort of brunchy, so on the breakfast side of it I was going to make one of those breakfast casseroles (egg, cheese, sausage, bisquick), and sausages. I'm wondering about more on the lunchy/party side...something I can just keep warm in a slowcooker or something. ?? smile.gif

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