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O yeah George? Hm, wonder what other ground they cover in the sequel.

I'm reading a new title now called "Night Mary" by Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer. Very attractive artwork, interesting storyline about a psychologist's daughter who assists with his practice through her ability to accompany his patients through their worst nightmares while they sleep.

And I finally got my paws on the latest compilation of Fables, which I'm totally addicted to. Go, go Boy Blue!
Any Busties going to Comic-con this year ?
I thought this was interesting...
A few years ago, when I subscribed to Bitch, they ran an article about how there are small numbers of black female superheros, and the ones that are around are hyper-sexualized. They cited the first X-Men movie, the scene where Sabertooth says to Storm, "Let me hear you scream."
That really upset me. When I was a kid, I watched the X-Men cartoon specifically because of Storm. I loved her. As a kid, there weren't many cartoons featuring awesome women and Storm was so cool to me.
I'm really glad that comics are branching out. We've got to give credit to Stan Lee for creating the first black female superhero. And X-Men is full of wonderful and amazing women. I had read about the Batwoman thing on The Feed today and I'm hoping that it isn't all "Oooooh, hot lesbian action." That is to say, I hope that her sexuality doesn't overshadow the story.
ap, i can't get to your article. the nytimes site says that my password (saved in the password saver from last time i was there) isn't valid, and no amound of convincing will prove it otherwise

right now i'm almost done sandman book six, and i've read all the astonishing x-men and the serenity comics. why didn't i start reading comics earlier? right now i'm waiting on my american splendor and ghost world ones to download, but after that i'm not sure where i'll go. any suggestions?
Tyger, read Preacher. It's WONDERFUL.
So...Superman Returns, y'all.
And there's new Alan Moore coming out soon.
And I've just been catching up on the new Frank Miller Batman stuff and it SUCKS.
Didn't this thread used to be longer?
Anyway, this is a cross-post. I have a comic/zine on sale
here. Its dorky and self-published, but its there if anyone wants to support a fellow Bustie. cheers!
I'm really looking forward to this new CSI comic that takes place at a comic convention, and some comic bigwig is a murderer. I read an article about it this morning and it sounded cool. Can you imagine being Joe Quesada or one of the Kubert brothers and seeing yourself in a comic book getting interrogated by Grissom?

Anyway, here's where you can go to preview it:
CSI comic

I got to see Superman Returns on IMAX 3D. It was cool. The 3D wasn't that big of a deal, since there were only a few 3D scenes, but watching the movie trailers in 3D was fun. One of the trailers was for the dancing penguin movie, and I thought it would be cool to go to that movie stoned, because I just wanted to reach out and grab that penguin!...But about the movie...damn I want to be Lex Luthor. I can be crazy and megalomaniacal and badass like that for sure.
Get ready to squee with joy!

I love Preacher. It's my very favorite comic of all time and I hoped this would happen.
has anyone here read "how loathesome?" i lurve it!
Me! Me! I read How Loathsome! I didn't think anyone else would have heard of it. I kind of threw it onto the pile one day when I was feeling rich and buying up the comic store - a very nice surprise how good it is.

Sooooo, guess who bought Fables 10 today? I think I'm going to read it slowly, not all at once as usual.

Someone recently mentioned The Lost Girls by Alan Moore as something I might be into. Has anybody here read it? Is it good? I mean, interesting dialog? Good story?
Lost Girls is terrible.

Let me rephrase that a bit. I like porn. I like a good read. Lost Girls made me feel bad about myself and it was a very unfulfilling story. If you like Alan Moore and stories about women, I would recommend Promethea. It is AMAZING.

Borrow Lost Girls from someone if you're curious. I don't think it's worth the 75 bucks.
Thanks for the low down on Lost Girls Zora. I haven't found any Alan Moore that I like, but a lot of people recommend him when I tell them I like Fables so much. I don't know what it is, but I just couldn't get into Promethea and I really wanted to.

There's a new comic being advertised called The Bite Club I'm curious about.
yay! vixen!!!! i'm glad that someone else has read 'how loathesome.' i think it is one of my favorite one-shots. i love the subject matter, the art and the story. have you seen the artist's courtney crumrin & poly the pirate teen stories? i loved them too.

fables is awesome, and i love the covers... his art is always so breathtaking.

does anyone love scott pilgrim? how can you not love a girl named knives? i'm psyched to get the new one, although, i'm not all that excited about the movie... it could be good....

ps... i always giggle at the 'fair verona' under your pic....
Aahhhhhh! I just found out that the creator of Fables is a big right winger pro isreal guy - it's something he actively tries to write into the comic's theme.

"Politically, I'm just rabidly pro-Israel and so that, as a metaphor, was intended from the beginning." <---from wiki

It's not the parallel that I draw when I read the stories, and I still only see the metaphoric parallels in a very supercifial way. I have other personal associations when I read the comic, but knowing where he's coming from both intrigues me and makes me a little sad.

GT: The scott pilgrim illustrations are adorable. And we're even then, bc your sig lines always make ME giggle.
I started reading Betty & Veronica digest again..might be part of the whole 80's revival moment I'm having, but I have to say the new style they were using for the "Boy Trouble" series drew me in (Veronica started dating a bad boy...on a motorcycle! and dissing her loyal friends!). I picked up another one with Cheryl Blossom on the cover - the orginal Archie Comics vixen. Let the good times roll!

Something that's changed is I'm finding myself more amused than I used to be by the Betty-Veronica Archie-mania thing, less threatened than I used to feel. It used to infuriate me that they would act so silly and competative for this boy, but now I just enjoy it as a comedic device.
hey tommy here is a quick list off the top of my head...

maus is good, if you like that check out palastine by joe sacco, or berlin by jason lutes.

if you like fantasy (or even if you don't) bone is terrific. beautiful, clean brush work and great stories for kids and adults. bone is a classic.

similarly there is fables, a very smart reworking of all the stories you heard and read as a kid, loads of fun and it's a monthly comic too.

hellboy is amazing too. meticulously researched myths and tales are woven into mignola's stories, and breathtakingly stunning ink heavy artwork.

i also love invincible. just a kid who discovers he's got super powers. it's not that it's much different than superman, but somehow, the way the story is told gets me. family drama, love etc, but i love it.

autobiographical work (or some simulation there of), can be found by harvey pekar (american splendor), daniel clowes (eightball), or adrian tomine (optic nerve).

and of course love and rockets. some perfer gilbert's stories of a small mexican town and the women in it, but i can't resist the perfectly gorgeous art of jamie's punk rock heroines, maggie and hopie in 80's El Lay. originally inspired by the art of archie crossed with sci-fi, jamie's art became so much more-- clearlinist, but more. he's easily one of my all time favorite artists, but his stories are some of the funnest, deepest, and very punk rock. the death of speedy ortiz, is fantastic. bar brawls, love, and drunkeness. did i mention there are lady wrestlers, super heroines in tights, and unrequited love too? more please!

there are some really great takes on comic tropes if you don't mind capes and tights, a few of my favorites-- powers is fantastic. superheros have become pop icons, then imploded and became illegal, powers is something of a police procedial that follows two cops (one who is an ex hero) as they solve the crimes of "powers."

watchmen is really good, the movie is coming out later this year. alan moore knows the score, as pwei used to say.

the authority is one of my favorites, there are a couple of different GNs by some of comic book's best writers
(ellis, brubaker,bendis), but these are superheros for adults-- seriously brutal, funny, sad, smart and well thought out, politics, gay themes, religion, and other themes are put into a sci-fi blender.

there are also some great anthologies out there-- the oldest is probably drawn and quartered, which has some of the best alt. comic artist/writers out there, great art and stores.

flight is one of the ones i always look forward to. interesting, imaginative stories.

if you can find it, look for apple. it's korean artists (and they are really good) and sometimes minimally worded stories.

...I didn't know we had this thread

I loved Maus as well, I first read it as a textbook for one of my classes and fell in love.

I also loved Ghost World and Persepolis (though I haven't seen the movie)

Does anyone read webcomics? I've a followed a few on and off, there are some gems out there.
I like The Journal Comic , Jonny Crossbones , Cat and Girl

I recently read Empowered , which is drawn in an Anime fusion/Teen Titansesque sort of style. It basically confronts and magnifies the "damsel in distress" concept. The insecure superheroine spends most of her time tied up. In spite of that, I thought it was very funny and well done, sort of skewering the Superhero genre.
girltrouble, you rock AND roll.

Thanks so much for the list. Maybe in Decmeber when my provisional year is finished I'll be able to get to some of them. I'm really looking forward (based on your descriptions) to:
- bone
- love and rockets
- apple
oh good! glad i could help. when i ran with the comeek book crowd, i was to sole person who fell in love with a comic for it's art first. if the story was good, well then i was a solid fan. i was resistant to bone, inspite of the beautiful art. i'm not a fan of fantasy, although i spent time reading cerebus, and liked it, bone, well bone--- everybody loved bone. it's just good. and the artwork! fuuuuuuck me, so good. i could, and would say the same about jamie's work in love and rockets, but let me just drool over bone for a second.

when i was with the comic crowd, we all started out doing our art with pen, but bone was so luscious we all started experimented with brushes. we worked like detectives, trying all manner of brushes to deduct how his panels shone so. bone, love and rockets and hell boy are three different strains of modern clearlineist work, as opposed to traditional clearlinists(and if you haven't noticed i worship clearlineists) because comic wise, if cartoonish style is to photorealistic style what poetry is to prose, then great clearlineists are poets who write in iambic pentameter, or some other form like a strict haiku. every stroke suggests something-- texture, mood, movement, action. all with amazing precision.

*ugh. i wrote this long post that had links to pictures of bone, love and rockets, hellboy and lots of clearline-ists, but i'm too heart broken to re-write it again. perhaps i'll do it in a day or two.

but here are some of the panels of jamie's work in love and rockets: 1 2 3 4 5

along with the death of speedy ortez, flies on the ceiling (link 2) is one of my favorite of jamies stories.
I don't have a lot of experience with comics/graphic novels (I've read Persepolis, some of Buffy: Season 8 and some of The Sandman) but I will need to check out Fables as sounds like something I'll love.

The boy has just started to read Civil War.
I found a decent article on the Empowered comic I mentioned. "Comedy of Failure" and "What Love Has To Do With It"
Anybody looking forward to the Wolverine movie??? I have been told it will come out in May 2009 wink.gif
Ooh, I hadn't heard about it but am looking forward to it now! Do you think it'll be any good?

I read webcomics too Crinoline, thanks for the tips!

My favourites are A Girl and Her Fed (very funny with a civil liberties slant but does require quite a large investment of time as you have to start from the beginning to know what's going on), Girls With Slingshots, Questionable Content, Kukuburi (beautiful artwork) and xkcd (the ultimate in geeky humour!).
I also heard there's a Watchmen movie coming out. Preview made it look pretty bombastic.
oh yeah, the watchmen looks fan-freaking-tastic. there's some sort of legal hold up-- fox has sued the studio to keep it from being released. but everybody expects it to come out on time, around xmas i think.
Wait, why would Fox care about the Watchmen?
it seems they had rights to the story before whatever studio has it in the can. when they premiered the preview at comicon, the crowd went nuts, fox smelled a hit, and wanted a piece of the action.
everyone expects the movie to be released on time.


there is also supposed to be a movie (it's in pre-production), of the teen "graphic novelette" series, scott pilgrim vs. the world, which is a personal favorite (knives chau rules!), of mine. michael cera (*sigh* what isn't he in?) is going to be pilgrim.

after love and rockets, scott pilgrim is my favorite comic soap opera. clearline-ist-ish simple art, funny story, and action packed!

synopsis:23-year-old Canadian Scott Pilgrim, a slacker, hero(he has super/video game powers), wannabe-rockstar, who is living in Toronto and playing bass in the band "Sex Bob-Omb." He falls in love with American delivery girl Ramona V. Flowers, but must defeat her seven "evil exes" in order to date her. it's the fun comic i wish i had created.

scott pilgrim wiki
Fox really is the devil. I had no idea Scott Pilgrim is a local.
I'd love to see a Fables movie - possibly animated instead of real actors, which they always seem to mess up. OR an animated television series. Prime time, even!
I started reading V for Vendetta (one of my favourite recent movies, BTW) yesterday. I'm ready for some post-apocalyptic, antiestablishment, revolutionary terrorist fun!
I think that's the cue for someone to mention Y-The Last Man, but you've probably already read those. There was a comic called True Faith by Garth Ennis - I actually just sold my copy cause it wasn't exactly my cup o tea, but it had such an intriguing story line. A depressed plumber is hit by personal tragedy and decides that God is a "blockage" in the pipes of humanity, and goes on a quest to annihilate him. Mayhem, of course, ensues.
That does sound pretty cool. V for Vendetta (I've only read the intro and first two comics) is rocking my socks hard.

Does anyone know if Orwell's 1984 has been done up in a graphic format?
That would be so awesome if it is. And I think it's one of those stories that could work well with different treatments by different artists & story tellers - versatile in the same way that Alice in Wonderland has proven to be in film.
gt - love and rockets are my favourite graphic novels! My sister gave me the death of speedy for xmas one year, and I was hooked. Since then, I've been given various issues for presents, etc and recently bought duck feet (book 6) in a second hand bookstore! Woo! Now I have 1-7 tongue.gif tha store also had 8 & 9, and I think I'm gonna go back for them.

And I am TOTALLY pumped for Watchmen movie.
i used to buy the L&R graphic novels/collections, but as is usual for fantagraphics, there is overlap so you have to buy books that have the same stories in them.

if i was to recommend one book, just go all out and get locas. it's $50, hardback, but well worth it. it's the size of a small phone book-- 700+ pages of comeek goodness. start on page 171, the locos story. read 4 or 5 stories, and then jump back to the start if you feel like it. locas is all xamie stories, there is a collection for beto's stories, heartbreak soup(?) if you want to check that out.

i also wanted to say if you like manga, akira, is phenominal, you can always get the anime, which is good, but has a different trajectory in the final act. i love XXXholic, by clamp too. clamp is an all female manga collective. they do a couple of different series, each with different stories, art, and tone. XXXholic isn't pornographic at all, it's kind of a mystic screwball comedy. the artwork is dazzling, and the story is fun with a lot of delving into japanese mythology and culture.

as cheezy as it sounds, i LOVE naruto. i do. it's a guilty pleasure, but it's sooo good. if you don't know, it's about a cursed kid who decides he wants to be his village's ninja guardian, and goes to ninja academy. simple enough, right? but the thing that makes naruto so much better than all the other ninja manga/anime out there is this ninja school, and the different kinds of ninja. it's so well thought out, so detailed, it's hard to believe that much of it is a concoction. add to that the sort of teen aged angst/soap opera business that occurs in any school, and you see what i mean. the best episodes are when they are after their nemesis, oruchimaru. the manga are better than the anime, but like akira, the books take a different path after about book 17 i think. if you get caught up, then you want to see if your library has a subscription to shonen jump-- the monthly manga anthology that naruto made legendary. they are on book 30+

another good ninja series is basilisk only 6 books, sadly, but as good as naruto. basilisk is not just sexy/fucked up ninjas, but with some of the creepiest ninja powers...*shudder* it was also an anime series that ifc showed for a while. although i doubt they could show some of the stuff in the manga. very adult content, violence, rape. beautiful artwork, it involves a romeo and juliet-esque story of two ninja lovers whose clans are hunting each other down. thing i like is that the women in basilisk are brutal.

speaking of which, there is also lady snowblood, about a woman who was born to extract revenge. it was made into a movie that was a huge influence on kill bill. thing i love about snowblood, is that it's appendix tells you a lot about japanese cultures in a very detailed way.
My favorite manga is Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances). Like many mangas, it helps to have a basic understanding of Japanese cultural norms. It's a love story between two overachievers, and it's very sweet and funny.
I recently read Trainman which is about a very shy dorky guy who falls in love with a woman on the train. It's sweet, he has to ask his internet friends for advice.

For anime, I loved Tokyo Godfathers . It's a christmas story about three homeless people who form a family and find an abandoned infant in a dumpster. It's very compassionate and a beautiful story, I laughed and cried.

tokyo godfathers is a great xmas movie, and it's by one of my favorite anime directors. his last movie was called paprika, it's an acid trip of a movie, very surreal. but of all of his works i prefer paranoia agent it's a weird fucked up kind of mystery about a cop, the creator of a super popular hello kitty-esque mascot and a bunch of victims of attacks by "lil' slugger," a possibly imaginary roller blading kid with a bent golden baseball bat (a metaphor for america?). each episode is almost entirely different than the others, and only in the last few episodes do you figure out what's going on, and it's so well made, you won't mind re watching them to catch things you miss. each ep is compelling on it's own, so it's not too frustrating. if you like stories that are darker in tone, you'll love this, it's not anime fluffy, the people in it are seriously flawed. oh and there are some clues in the opening and closing credits, too.

here is the imdb link. if you are not sure about it, read some of the reviews. PA is essential anime.
imdb: paranoia agent

Head's up if you're looking for a good read! I just finished Cairo by G. Willow Wilson and I loved it. It happens in modern Cairo with five people who are kind of thrown together - bit of thriller, politics, and a nice dose of Islamic, Middle Eastern and Egyptian legend.

Anyway it's made me curious about another comic she's written called Air.
I flipped through Cairo at the bookstore last week, vixen_within: I can't afford it, though. Maybe I'll go back and find a comfy chair.

Just finished V for Vendetta last night. I was a little disappointed that V became less...poetic as the books progressed. Still, very good, and made me want to re-see the movie. Hugo Weaving's voice rocks.
Dude, I got mine at the library. I can't afford it either, although it seems to be going for a lower cost on Amazon.

V-vendetta - never read the comic, but I heard that the main character works as a prostitute, though it was glazed over in the movie. Is it true?
I am excited that the web comic Bayou, is finally being collected for print. This link leads to the web comic - beware dial-up users it's media heavy.

I'm also looking forward to this upcoming Skottie Young version of the wizard of oz, after seeing a preview of the sketchbook. The shapes of the characters are bulby and rounded with enough empty spaces so you can see everything, no crowding, but not too simplistic either, and when Dorothy skips with her friends, there's bounciness and a floating really joyful quality there.
I just read an interview with the female stars of Wil Eisner's The Spirit. I'm super intrigued right now. Frank Miller is directing and filming it in the same style as 300 and Sin City. This I've GOT to see.
Queen Bull
Ah. i love comics! I havent been in in soo long, i had no idea this was here.

i just finished reading the watchmen for the first time, I realize it is a graphic novel, but hey. tongue.gif So so good, i cannot wait until teh movie comes out. biggrin.gif

WEbcomics, If any of you dont, you most desperately should read Questionable Content. I love it.

as far as The Spirit goes, i am ashamed of myself for not having seen it yet. smile.gif also quite excited.


I'm going to be honest, I tried reading Questionable Content but everyone has that proverbial stick so far up their butt that nothing they say seems funny to me.

But I like

It's weird and cute.
Queen Bull
ahaha. This is true. its very uppity in a very 'were not being uppity what are you talking about' sort of way. XP but meh.

i visit keenspot alot, there are a TON of really badly drawn, badly executed comics, but there are a few gems. That one you linked, twelve% is cute. I may have to add it to my list.

hah. as far as random comics go, Cyanide and happiness, along with XKCD are HILARIOUS. *sometimes*
Did anybody read the Secret Invasion I heard mixed reviews?
hooray for seattle libraries who love buying manga!
currently reading:
biggrin.gif XXXholic. playful, funny, and beautiful art by the all female collective, CLAMP.
rolleyes.gif chobits. super romantical robots. yes, i know. it's like cyber cinderella. i can't help it. another one by CLAMP.
wub.gif naruto. loved it before, but with the shippuden stories... so good. naruto is just the best thing out there. before i got into it i thought it was for kids, but naruto is for adults. good, good stuff.
wub.gif nightmare inspector. starts out as mystery vignettes about a sort of nightmare therapist/vampire, then you learn back story...
laugh.gif kurosagi corpse delivery service. funny as fuck mystery series, a group of people who find corpses, ask them where they want to go, and deliver them. the best is the kid who channels an alien thru his sock puppet. no, really. and the puppet is a smart ass/asshole.
smile.gif D.grey man. teenage catholic exorcist battles a clown like demon who turns people into human missile launchers.
wub.gif mu shi shi. a traveler/detective/mystic who solves mysteries that involve nature on the border of plant/animal/spirits. moody artwork, and beautifully imagined stories.
wacko.gif blink.gif unsure.gif MPD-psycho, multiple personality detective. same manga artist as kurosagi, who says he wants to change the way japan thinks about the utterly and completely fucked up, twisted, gory, violent and disturbingly paranoid.... i really don't know what to make of it. some of it's ideas are some of the most depraved i've ever heard. like the live human planters-- people alive, but paralized, scalped (sometimes burried up to their necks), and plants growing out of their (live) brains. a gang of serial killing children, an eye implant that turns it's owner into a killer... and worse. . yet, i want to see the movie by the director of some of the most disturbing movies ever made, takashi miike (ichi the killer, audition)

lunia, i read one graphic novel of secret invasion, but i dunno i'm not a good judge. i'm kind of sick of the huge sprawling series that takes over a whole publisher. and i'm more than sick of the government-is-hunting-heroes plot. it started in the f'ing 80's for fucksake with xmen, and christ, give it a f'ing rest. it's time to move on to something new. (ok i will admit it's ok for some titles who's original premise was a twist on the hunting thing, like the fantastic series, powers.

yay for ex machina that was on the tv show, chuck. (yes, i just flashed my geek card)...the antithesis of the hunt, with a hero as the mayor of nyc. great enemies and interesting, smart stories.
Chairman Miaow
I know I'm a decade late, but the last graphic novels I read were the Marvel: Civil War series, and Batman: Hush. I got Jim Lee to sign my copies biggrin.gif
Very late response, but thanks to twelve-percent for that link - I lost three hours today to reading archives!
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