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Full Version: Just Really Fucking Wierd Crushes
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Dog from Bounty Hunter. He looks like Ron Perlman gone Mad Max in the jungle.
Ron Perlman I had a wierd crush on him in Alien: Resurrection and Hellboy
Oh gosh,..everyones choices are so diverse, its so hard to narrow down the most popular ones!
It does seem that Busties have a thing for older men, though...hmmm....

I dont know if its weird, but I have crushes on both the British and American "Tim" character from the office. Can't decide which I'd like to shag more. Tim sandwich anyone?
Right on!
Is he the big tall one with the floppy hair and glasses? If so, I, too, find him oddly hot
Ha ha. No, whammy, I mean the cute one(s). The British Tim was also in Love Actually as the nude guy.

Do you me Dwight on the American version? He is better qualified as weird :-)
Yes, I think I do. I also hear that Carrot Top is quite hot without his make-up and costumes
I share the same infatuation with Carrot Top. The dude is ripped!

ETA- I just checked him out on Wikipedia and it turns out his real name is Scott Thompson and he's 39. Is it just me or are people in their 30's and 40's a lot younger looking these days? Maybe it has something to do with longer lifespans.
Carrot Top...

I can't say I'm with anyone on that!
In high school, I had a giant crush on Kevin Spacey.
ahhh!!! John Kascinski is Jim on the US Office. sooooo cute!! and Martin Freeman on UK version. also soooo cute!
I just shit my pants in horror. CARROT TOP?!?
I've never had any interest in Pete Doherty ever - but for some reason I was reading an article about him and I realized I was becoming a tiny bit attracted to him. *insert vomit icon*

I think I might have a brain tumor or something. I hope I get better. That was really hard to post.
heh, gardner, as long as you dont actually meet and shoot up with him, I suppose its a safe crush.

mirabella! (high five for loving the Office boys)
I just read that John Krasinski is my age! I thought he'd be older, but I guess I think of any guy who wears a suit to work (or plays one) as older than me.
I love when they (Jim and Tim) make those facial expressions when they are being annoying by their office mates. They are so friggin adorable.
Hey, hey! I would never go so far to say I have a crush! Just a bizarre, brief and grotesque attraction.
"without makeup and costumes"

Where've YOU been? He has a penthouse with a private elevator in some club in Las Vegas, and no lack of female company.

I don't know if I'd go THAT far.
Kris Kristofferson. I thought he made a cute cowboy in those Sam Peckinpah movies.

Weird 80's crush that I'm embarrassed to admit, even in a thread devoted to weird, embarrasing crushes: Bob Saget.
Bob Saget is one of the funniest people on the face of the earth. And as someone who places a lot of value in humor, as far as who I'm attracted to, I can absolutely say that Bog Saget is crush-worthy!
I had posted that my childhood crush on Elias Koteas was when he looked like this? ( Not so now that he looks like this (

Not ugly, just a surprise at him looking bald and middle-aged.
So, as I was getting ready to watch X3 (so love that my job let us go early today!), I saw a great preview for a new Luke Wilson movie. I was like bleh, until Eddie Izzard popped up on screen! It's called My Super Ex Girlfriend. Looks campy, but really cute. Also, Dwight from the American version of "The Office" is in it. I don't crush on him like I do the Tim characters, but maybe it's the glasses.
I remembered another old man crush - Sam Elliot. When I was not-yet-a-teen (or a very young one) he melted my butter in Mask and Road House.

Oh, and I was probably the only one who adored Jerry Orbach, despite putting Baby in the corner.
Yeah, Sam Elliott rocks. Both he and Katharine Ross seem so chill.
I loved Orbach. Probably too much. I saw an old clip of him from his "Chicago" days as Billy Flynn.. yummy.

And, I LOVE Sam Elliott's voice.... he just seems like such a cool dude.
I've always had a thing for Martha Stewart.
Cameron Frye from Ferris Buellers day off. GOD DAMN. i always fall for the goofy sidekick.
Omigawd, my high school english teacher looked like Cameron Frye. We used to make fun of him and call him Cameron, but secretly we all crushed on him. Lucky guy, it was a all-girls school!
My weird crushes are all pretty normal, or at least as normal as weird crushes can be. Hugh Laurie, Steve Buscemi, Alan Rickman, and yeah, Richard Belzer a little bit. He has so many things wrong with the way he looks that he goes past ugly to hot.
I had a really big crush on Jon Cryer from "Pretty in Pink". I love awkward dorks.
Matt Lauer. Seems like kind of an asshole, but still.
Christopher Meloni. I am a rabid L & O: SVU fan. Oh man that's a good show.
Timbaland. Which wouldn't necessarily be a weird crush except that he's looking a little ridiculous lately - what's up with that tank top in the new Nelly "I'd really rather be Fergie" Furtado video?
Eddie Izzard
God, totally with you on the Izzard crush! He would *blush* if he knew what I had been dreaming about him lately!
David Cross. I've had the hots for him for quite a while but especially since he wrote this open letter to Larry The "Redneck Fucktard" Cable-Guy.

*le sigh*
Yuefie, I had the opportunity to meet David Cross a few years back. He's quite sexy in person in that geeky comedian kind of way. I so wanted to fuck him. And I love him even more for writing that letter about Larry the Cable guy...
Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada: I love hott older women...oh come on girls...that hair cut and those clothes...with that mean bitch expression...ok...ok...must be just me then...
No, she's doable. It's the clothes....
Oh sassygrrl, how I envy you. I really, REALLY adore that man. He is my hero for that letter, I laughed so hard I was in tears and it just gets funnier every time I read it.

I also heart Lewis Black. I saw him live a couple years ago and can't wait till he comes through here again.
Yuefie, I've seen Lewis Black twice (hmm..think I have a thing for comedians? LOL) when he came to Atlanta. Have you seen his new HBO special?

David Cross was so great to meet. He seemed like a normal guy who happened to be hillarous. And, he put down all the Georgia rednecks, which I loved... I'm trying to find an old performance of his on DVD. It's one of his first stand up shows before Mr. Show.
Data from star trek. haha.
I think Juliette Lewis is hot, especially in the movie Strange Days. Everyone else seems to think she's ugly. I guess there's no accounting for taste.

In my humble opinion, Lewis Black is one of the funniest comedians ever, by the way.
wow way back when I admitted this on here...
steve buschemi
still and always will.
Cleo, I actually met Brent Spiner. Several years ago he was in town for a scifi convention & he stayed in the hotel I worked at. He gave me free passes to go check out the con. Nice guy, that one.
Patrick Steward.

that is all. except Eddie Izzard. And for some reason, Bill Bailey.
But I think he might need to back off on the dieting if he's actually biting people.

"Who ARE you -- you look delicious!" :-)
Dennis quaid and i have no freakin' idea cuz he always plays the " father knows best" types which i normally hate...
Devotchka, you need to rent The Big Easy, like, right now.
Helen Mirren. So English.
And Shirley Jones (Mrs. Partridge).
delayed reaction much, but NO WAY AP. i am beyong jealous, although i suppose that is the beauty of celebrity crushes... they can never let you down!
I just discovered my 67-year old mother has the hots for Jeff Goldblum.

And I'm not really sure how to process that piece of information.
I am madly in love with James Urbaniak. I am addicted to his blog. He's funny he makes me pee.
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