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Full Version: Just Really Fucking Wierd Crushes
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QUOTE(anna k @ May 21 2008, 07:46 PM) *
I like Richard Belzer even though he seems like an asshole to me. Maybe I just like Munch from Homicide.

Ohhhhh yes. He's always been Munch to me (and I certainly wouldn't say no if he wanted to munch me - eeep!) ...Ahem, anyhoo, yeah. My favorite Homicide ep is the one where he's answering phones at the station on christmas eve, picks it up and says "ho-ho-Homicide?" Ahahaa! That cracks me up.
Mrs. Rouge LOVES homicide. She has the entire series on dvd.
tobin bell

um, what?
Wow. That's really fuckin' weird, COCL. REALLY FUCKIN' WEIRD. I guess it's kinda like my Ted Levine love. I gots more issues than Nat'l Geographic, man. How else to explain my love for a man that I've seen naked with his junk tucked & asking his reflection, "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me." Oh, yeah & in that movie he killed fat chicks to make himself a lady suit.

I am just a mess, aren't I?

Just an FYI, Tobin Bell just did a "Random Roles" in last week's Onion. Interesting stuff, that.
Maybe not so weird... William Fichtner.
Y'know, Fichtner was on my grandma's stories, so he'll always be "rapist cousin Josh" to me. He raped Iva, (Who turned out to be adopted) to give birth to Lily, to be adopted by Lucinda Walsh & to marry what would technically be considered her uncle. But he does have a sharp sort of appeal. And the man does look nice in a suit.
anna k
I like him, even though he's shady-looking. But I like that I know very little about him, and thought he was good playing a deaf guy in Nine Lives.
I think I have the hots for Vince from the Shamwow commercials. "It sells its self!" he's weird looking and I love his east coast accent. I he can shamwow me anytime!
I've been in love with Woody Allen since 8th grade...
um... This Guy circa 1839

so Mr. Darcy!
anna k
crinoline, I thought the guy who tried to kill Lincoln's secretary Seward in 1865 was hot in this picture.
Tony Blair (maybe it's the accent?)

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach from Shalom in the Home (maybe it's my affection for Fiddler on the Roof)
I'm new and I registered so I could reply to this topic.I have always had a huge crush on Michael Stipe and Kevin Spacey..They're both old and bald but there's just something about them that I really like.
QUOTE(anna k @ Mar 5 2009, 05:12 PM) *
crinoline, I thought the guy who tried to kill Lincoln's secretary Seward in 1865 was hot in this picture.

AnnaK! I have always had on a crush on both him and John Wilkes Booth. Which makes me a terrible person....I think.
annak and lilpink - He is really hot, in a Jude Law Cold Mountain sort of way.

And I'm still swooning over Robert Cornelius! I just love the skeptical look he is giving the camera.
i was just watching something on wilkes booth. they said that for his time he was a huge stage star. kind of the brad pit of his time. even Lincoln was a bit of a fan. he took a couple of years away from the stage before he killed lincoln. but he was hot shit...
QUOTE(LilPinkElectricChair @ Mar 8 2009, 03:31 PM) *
AnnaK! I have always had on a crush on both him and John Wilkes Booth. Which makes me a terrible person....I think.

...which just goes to show that the bad boys are always the hottest..
I think Joey Ramone was the hottest thing EVER. And I'm proud of it!
Russell Tovey
Russell Tovey of the tv show "Being Human" from the BBC 3

He's gay, I'm a lesbo.
It could never work romantically but if I I could be a gay man for a day I'd charm stalk him across the bond in a heartbeat.

He's got that lovely hobbledehoy goodness with a side of flirty wit thing going for him and those EARS!
He's like snarky and sweet in the same breath.
Seriously. It's wrong how much I want to make pan cakes and hang out with him and pretend to read the sunday times while actually watching a dr. who marathon.

Little Taste of Russell Being Interviewed Recently
i dig henry rollins, if nothing else he's a feminist. and those pit-stains? he totally earned them, and thus hot.

crispin glover is fucking weird, and yet... i can see the pull
I don't know how "wierd" this is really, but I'm not particularly proud of it.
I have a bit of a "thing" for Asian guys, the skinnier and scruffier the better. My (half asian) boyfriend likes to say that I have "yellow fever" lol. So anyhoo I found this website that sells South Korean / Japanese clothing, so I was super excited because I'm petite and Crinoboy is skinny, with a slight build, so the clothes look like they'll fit us. I had not considered how freakin' hot the male models would be. omg.
I started out shopping for the boy but ended up just looking at pictures, I feel so guilty...

But seriously, look at these adorably scruffy guys!
This one even has Crinoboy's hair.
The kicker is that I now have a crush on one of them in particular. This model is super ridiculously hot! He totally looks like a geeky Samurai!

Thought I would share the guilty candy...

ETA: I just found another one. Apparently he's a desire monster.

And I might actually get this shirt for the boy. It makes me giggle.
i have this thing where sometimes i'll have a crush on someone cos of their look, but then i find out there name, and it's like, ok, now it's over. i reeeeeeallly have a crush. i was watching cash cab and this girl got in and i was like, oh, she's cute. then she said her name was fatima. i was like oooooooooo. i'd luuuuuuuve to date a fatima.

what is wrong with my brainsis?
Speaking of which, I've got a little crush on Ben Bailey. He's got kind of a DeNiro thing going, and I love his silly faces. Maybe that's why my mom is so into that show?
Joe Buck. I do not know why. I understand my lust for his pal Paul Rudd (Who doesn't want to fuck Paul Rudd?), but the Joe Buck thing baffles me. He looks like a dick. An angular, geeky, dick.
John Goodman.
Conan O'Brian
jack black
Nicholas Cage. Even though he named his son Kal-el.
Jesse Camp, the old mtv vj.
OMG. That is fucking weird, FYS. He looked like he smelled like foot, ass, & patchouli!
but he did runway for Anna Sui!
And I bet she let him keep whatever he wore because it was all stinky afterwards! laugh.gif

Andy Serkis
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