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Full Version: Just Really Fucking Wierd Crushes
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The asshole from Pretty in Pink (the one who was also in the movie for Stargate)... I especially like him in the Stargate movie because he looks more geeky... I love the goofy/geeky guys... so much I'm going out with one who looks oddly, and purely on accident, kinda like him... O_o

They just seem very seductive with their shyness and smart wit. hahahaha, I dunno...
themasochistmuse, you mean James Spader? He was totally hot in PiP. Have you seen Secretary?
James Spader is a perfectly reasonable, completely non-weird crush. Especially in Secretary.

anna k
Dog the Bounty Hunter. I thought he was hot.
Chris Matthews. There, I said it.
This one is pretty fucking weird, and unless you're a big fan of Animal Planet, I'm sure you've never heard of him: Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald from Emergency Vets.
(Busties outside the UK might not have a clue who I'm on about)
I watched Johnathon Ross again for the first time in ages, and ahhh...I just want to flirt with him like crazy, then snog him in the garden during a dinner party, in secret.

ps Doodlebug, Jeff has a beeeeauuuuuuuutiful body.
Curioushair, Dr Fitzgerald is a local & I've seen him numerous times. He's nice, but I think he could use a haircut.
He seems really sweet, but his comedy routine made me wince a little.
Holy shit, I totally had James Spader on the brain recently because my new crush reminds me of him sooo
much. Not really looks-wise, but he has that sexy asshole/sly dominant thing going. gah. I love it.
Well, I just watched Secretary last night, and I sort of looked at James Spader and thought, "Yeah, okay, maybe, in a spankie-type situation, I could go there."
Bill Nye the Science Guy. *blush*
lady sovereign.

Justin Sane and Chris #2 from Anti-Flag

Noah Taylor! Just watched "Flirting", what a cutie!
i have absolutely no idea why i want to do the guy with glasses in CSI NY. plain weird. i also have a need to proces this because the whole thing doesn't make any sense. he doesn't look like anything. one day i'll find out what's wrong with me...
anna k
I like Noah Taylor too. He's a nerdy-looking British man (also in Tomb Raider and Shine) but I think he's really cool.
I feel heavily out of the loop... I've never seen the Secretary. What's it about? I've always heard of it, but have never seen it.
anna k
It's about a young woman who becomes the secretary for a small-town lawyer, and they discover in each their S&M interests. She cuts herself and submits herself to his spanking and punishments. They are both lonely people who indulge in sexual experiments.
Robbie Coltrane.
the dude who played Mr. Tumnus in the Chronicles of Narnia. Lovin' the faun ears.

(for some reason, when i read the book way back yonder, i always pictured him as an old guy, and edmund as a fat kid. but that's OT...)

OMG, me too. For some reason, he turned me in the weirdest way.
I bet I beat y'all with my weird crush: David Spade haha!
As a teenager, I had a mad crush on Danny Elfman that began at age 12. I am now 32, very soon to be 33. I watched a dvd of an Oingo Boingo show earlier tonight and discovered that I still, after all these years, would totally do that guy. It's a wierd crush because he is just dorky and kinda creepy, but in such a fuckable way.

Weird Movie Star Crush: DJ Qualls

Weird TV Crush: Stephen Colbert. (Plus, my husband looks like his little brother!)

Weird Old Man Crush: William Petersen. (not that old, but much older than myself)

Weird Childhood Crush: Gunther-Gabel Williams. (if anybody knows who he is!)

Random Crush: a really tall (at least 6'7") cashier assistant where i work. he sure is pretty. and has a French accent (he's from Cameroon)
Lyle Lovett. Just saw him in concert. Three hour long show. Apparantly, he's engaged to his personal assistant. Bugger. Yes, with the kooky hair and all, he's still strangely hot. But, I have a thing for boys and guiters.
supernanny is soooooo hotttt! More patience than Mother Teresa (Ida smacked some of those kids, for sure) and those glasses.....mmmmm....
Engaged to his personal assistant. Ugh. Likes control and submissiveness and servitude much? Yuck McYuckity.
Lyle? Yeah, weird eh?
Most of the Sadies. But especially Dallas. He is one tall, sexy, big mouthed, weird-looking, beautiful man.

*edit: I tried to format a link to a pic of these Sadies. But it didn't work, and I can't find any info about formatting on the new site.... sad.gif
aunt agonist
holy bejeebus sufjan stevens. I have been happily listening to mixed Cds of his music lately (i've been forcing friends to make me cds till i get paid) and today i looked up a pictureIPB Image

I may even be forced to buy copies of burned Cds of his just to give this magnificent specimen some of my money. it's unfortunate that he apparently lives in brooklyn like me--- too much temptation to turn into a psycho stalker on the F train!

i don't think this qualifies as weird, but i still wanted to shout my newfound lust to the rooftops today. i am all squishy 13 year old about him!
Damn! That's not a weird crush at all! Dude is frellin' hot! I don't know who he is, but I like him.
i want to fuck his voice.

(To Be Alone With You, anyone?)
Bwahahahaha!!! That's a quotable quote!! I want to fuck Roger Daltrey's voice (and body).
Who is this hottie??
aunt agonist
crazy old cat lady, i only actually looked up a picture of him b/c of that song. it makes me want to make sweet sweet love to him in a beautiful abandoned industrial building with sunlight streaming through the dirty window. *le sigh* i am in love!
Ok, maybe it's 'cause this is the year I turn 38 (which always seemed like some mystical "adult" age to me), but that picture just makes me want to poke him in the back and tell him to stand up straight.

BUT I'm gonna DL the song and give it a shot.

(aunt agonist, is there anyway you could edit that post to show a smaller version of that pic, one that doesn't stretch the thread out? Thanks!)

Actually, I'm currently crushing on... wait for it...

...Craig T. Nelson.

Had a dream about him. Weirdest damn thing.
Who's the guy that aunt agonist posted? Sorry, I'm being an dumbass today.

Weird crush as of lately:

Lewis Black
Richard Belzer (yes, watching way too much Homicide lately!)
Hee sassygrrl, Lewis Black is one of my top crushes. That man makes me laugh so hard it hurts.
I saw his Black on Broadway again last weekend ,and almost peed in my pants. I am so lucky to have seen him live!

marilyn manson. wait, no. not the character. brian warner, hometown boy, i.e. manson without make-up.

and, in the same vein but not as weird, dita von teese.

i would totally have a threesome with them.

this crush may or may not have been instigated by a dream i had the other night.
me too sassy, no way I'm missing seeing him live if he comes through this way again!
My parents have seen him twice! sad.gif
aunt agonist
sorry about the ginormo pic! i fixed it now to be more normal sized. sassygrrl- it's sufjan stevens. he is a singer/songwriter who i am currently in lust with
Dude, just saw him in Rolling Stone. He's #2 for college radio it seems. Must go download some songs now. MMMm......

And Bob Dylan. Just for his lyrics....
anna k
Richard Belzer is way cool as John Munch.

Tom Sizemore. Despite that he's a coked-up abusive mess who would probably strangle a girl during sex. I still think he's hot.
"Craig T. Nelson" Bwahahahahahaha!!! That's friggin' hilarious that you had a dream about him, doodle!!

Doodle, if you don't like stretched out threads, don't go into the "How Depp is Your Love?" thread. That thing has been stretched to hell, and it's sooooooo worth it!!!
ooh speaking of "Craigs"...Craig Ferguson! I'd be his naughty little monkey!
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