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Full Version: Just Really Fucking Wierd Crushes
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Howard Dean. Yup. I even call him Howie. He looks like he would give good head. plus his wife is cool and kinda looks like Sarah Silverman. Theyre a cute couple, hate to break 'em up....
Jumping on the Eric Stolz crush bandwagon...just recently saw "Pulp Fiction" again.
Al Franken.
Willem Dafoe.
I also love Jamie on Mythbusters.
Robert Downey Jr.
Max Weinberg too. I dig me some drummers.
I don't think any of my crushes would be weird, if the age differences weren't so wildly off.

Anyway, I am totally crushing on America Ferrera. Who is young enough to be my child...if I had been a teenaged mother.

Also, I have been totally crushing on Susan Sarandon for many years now.
Doodlebug, since you're 37 and crushing on younger guys, I'm the opposite. I'm 22 and crushing on men 35 years +. I'd rather be in my mid-thirties than be a young girl crushing on much older guys.
AnnaK, we rock the same perversions. If he's old enough to be my father I get a wettie. I rememeber going to see Young Buns II & all my girlie friends were all about Christian Slater & the like. I was all about the Petersen. He makes my thighs melt.
Yeah, it sucks to find out some guy I'm crushing on was 30 when I was born. Especially since it creeps me out to be into guys my dad's age.

Watching Before Sunrise, Ethan Hawke asks Julie Delpy when she first had sexual feelings. I remember being 7 and seeing Ninja Turtles, and being turned on by Elias Koteas as a tough vigilante of the night, beating up harmless thugs in the park while masked in a hockey mask and swinging a bat and a hockey stick around. I was really intrigued by this mystery man who lived on his own and roamed the streets like it was his playground with no fear of anybody. That was my first sexual feeling.

My old man crushes are the usual: Willem Dafoe (skinny older men always seem to be the crush objects, except for Keith Richards), John Hurt in the 1970s, Robert Downey Jr. as a skinny but ripped former druggie, Tom Sizemore as a coked-up freak, Rob Zombie, Sam Rockwell, Eric Stoltz as a lecherous pretentious weirdo, etc.
annak, Tom Selleck, Sean Connery and Tom Skerrit are my old-man crushes . Sean Connery is older than my grandpa!

I love me some William Petersen and have recently began crushing on Mark Harmon. I can't remember my first experience of crushing on an older male but I was probably a tot too and it may have been Sean Bean as Sharpe. Or Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, mmmmm...
Hmm....I remember watching Elias Koteas in Ninja Turtles with my 7 year old nephew. Now I'm feeling really old.
My first sexual feelings were for Cory Hart in his "never surrender" video so I am partial to spiky-haird boyos who wear thier sunglasses at night.
My old man crush is for John Malkovitch, that silky voice, those chocolate eyes, le sigh.

TOOTLING OWN HORN:I totally started this thread and it has thrived....
My first sexual feelings were for the Ghostbusters. All of them.
Actually my first crush was on Jodie Foster in "Freaky Friday" but I thought she was a boy (I was 5).
Okay, maybe it's because I'm a lesbian that this first crush is so weird, but Kevin Spacey. I don't know why. It's something about his smirk.
Second, Eddie Izzard. Smart deviants in drag. Mmmmm.....
I so lust after Eddie....yummy!! Kevin Spacey does have that devil smirk doesn't he? :-)
OMG yes on Kevin Spacey. Especially in "Swimming With Sharks"...
Oh yes, eddie izzard... even in drag.

for some reason... patrick stewart. I also suffer from old-man crushes (sean connery, sean bean, alan rickman, etc etc etc)
Hey! We should have "weird crush" awards! Like we can all vote on who are the most popular weird crushes (i.e Alan Rickman, Crispin Glover) and maybe a seperate award for common childhood crushes, and also a seperate award for the WEIRDEST most uncommon crush, like, didnt someone say Laura Bush? That one might win. What do y'll say? If anyone is on board I could set up a tally system.
I had a major crush on Yoda, when I was 24, I'm 30 now. I think it was the ears, also Dr. Spock is preety cool too. I know, that's kinda freaky, my first first crushes were River Phoenix, when I was 12 and Corey Haim, back in the late '80s.
janie, that's hilarious! I've had quite my share of Star Trek crushes. Kirk (back in the day), Picard, Spock, Riker, Gordi, Lt. Paris (from Voyager) and of course Wesley Crusher. Never quite had a crush on Data, but when he was heartbroken I totally wanted to comfort him. lol! (Can you tell I'm a Trekkie?)

Saw part of Man in the Iron Mask yesterday on tv. *sigh* I know it grosses my friends out, but I remain attracted to Jeremy Irons. He's probably old enough to be my grandpa, but mmmmmm, that voice! So I guess you can add me to the old-man crushes crowd!

greenbean, go for it! (and Ghostbusters?! hahaha...I used to be madly in love with Egon. The cartoon and the movie version.)
Jeremy Irons has had the skinny old-man with strong features look for a long time, so he's remained attractive. I still associate his voice with Scar from The Lion King though.

I had a crush on Egon too. I liked the nerdy scientest type in the movie and the cartoon. (Checking IMDB, Maurice LaMarche, whose voice I like a lot, did Egon. Cool.)

From IMDB on Maurice:

His most famous character, "The Brain," from the Emmy-winning "Pinky and the Brain," is a take-off on actor Orson Welles (the inspiration for his impression came from a recording of Orson ranting during the taping of a British frozen peas commercial).

LaMarche abruptly retired from performing after the tragic murder of his beloved father in 1987. Since then, he is known to be a very private man and surprisingly did a rare public performance at the San Diego Comic-Con International Convention in 2002. He and fellow voice actors Rob Paulsen and Jess Harnell did several skits and Lamarche was greeted by thunderous applause when he did his most favorite incarnation, The Brain. He returned again for Comic Con 2003 for an encore.
My first 'gasm was Bill Murray/Ghostbuster enduced when I was eleven. Still got the Murray love.

WOW. I didn't think anybody had the LaMarche love but me. He did his Welles impression for D'Onofrio in Ed Wood.

Eddie Izzard, especially in drag. How can you not dig a guy that you can buy lingerie for?
I didn't know he did Welles in Ed Wood. Hmm.

I know how rad would it be to go lingerie shopping with Eddie?

I'm with you on the Ghostbuster orgasm...

Yeah, apparently D'Onofrio's Welles wasn't so hot, so LaMarche dubbed it. He's utterly lovely.
You've all been invited to vote for the first Annual "Weird Crush Awards"! Please vote as follows: Cut and paste the catagories and nominees and put an * next names you too have a crush on, and put an ~ next to names that you think are very, totally weird. I've collected names that were mentioned on this thread but I left some out because they seemed too conventional. Please add names of crushes that you think should be on the lists, but you must actually crush on them, don't just add 'em because they are weird! I've already done mine:

Weird Movie Star Crush: Kevin Spacey, Hugo Weaving, Robert Downey Jr., Eric Stolz, Bill Murray, Alan Rickman*, Steve Buscemi, Crispin Glover*,
Weird T.V Crush: Drew Carey, Andy Richter, Tom Sizemore, Paul Guilfoyle, Jamie Hyneman(Mythbusters), Will Arnett(Gob)*, Jimmy Kimmel, Max Weinberg, Billy Petersen, Eric Szmanda
Weird Old Man Crush: Sean Connery, Jeremy Irons, Alan Alda, Sean Bean, Leslie Neilsen, Tom Skerrit, Willem Dafoe,
Weird Childhood Crush: Warwick Davis(Willow)~, fat kid in goonies~, Ninja Turtles, The Ghostbusters*, Yoda~, young Jodie Foster*, Dr. Spock,
Random Crush: Paul Simon,Ted Levine, Gene Kelly, Chuck Norris, Rita Cosby~, Chastity Bono~, America Ferrera, Laura Bush~, Lou Dobbs, Al Franken, Howard Dean*, Bob Costas, Howard Fineman, Eddie Izzard

The winners shall be announced sometime next week, depending on how many of y'll vote.
Wow, someone else thought Warwick Davis in Willow was hot? I felt alone in finding a pissed-off dwarf sexy.
You mean I have to choose between Crispin Glover and Steve Buscemi?

Honorable mentions (or non-mentions. Un-mentions? Un-mentionables?):
Mandy Patankin (sp?)
Don Cheadle
Anthony Edwards (in the early days of ER. No George Clooney for me, thank you very much.)
Flavor Flav and C.C. Deville, too. Can you tell I watch too much VH1 "celebreality?"
No, Curious, you dont have to choose only one!
ooh, ooh, choices! I'm probably going to be horribly conventional here but...

Weird Movie Star Crush: Alan Rickman
Weird T.V Crush: Eric Szmanda
Weird Old Man Crush: Sean Connery, Jeremy Irons, Sean Bean
Random Crush: Eddie Izzard

I refuse to choose between the seans and jeremy. And Honourable Mentions to Richard E. Grant & Martin Shaw (he can go in the old man category of weird). and Unmentionable to Bill Bailey (he was in Black Books).

Weird Movie Star Crush: Kevin Spacey
Weird TV Crush: Chris Matthews; Tucker Carlson; Chris Kimball (from America's Test Kitchen...a man who cooks AND wears a bowtie? HAWT!)
Weird Old Man Crush: James Carville
Random Crush: Rita Cosby

And yes, I have actual crushes on all of these people even as we speak.
Weird Movie Star Crush: Alan Rickman, Hugo Weaving, Judy Davis, Judy Dench, Francis McDormand (do they count as weird, or just uncommon?)

Weird T.V Crush: Tom Baker as Dr. Who (back in the day, not now... put this under childhood crush?)
Maura Tierny (Abby) on ER

Childhood Crush: Kate Jackson as Sabrina on Charlie's Angels

Honorable mention: Ian McKellan for a "nonsexual crush" -- I don't want him, but would love to hang out w/ him over cocktails.

I'm sure there's more ...
Weird Movie Star Crush: Kevin Spacey

Weird T.V. Crush: Vincent D'Onofrio (only as Bobby Goren...esp. when he's being extra spastic)

Childhood Crush: OMG YES Kate Jackson, but for some reason as Mrs. King

Random Crush: Eddie Izzard

*New Category* Coctail Crush: Craig Ferguson (love to have him and Eddie over for drinks together, great idea janeinane)
I can't believe I forgot Ian McKellan. Cocktail crush now but... when he did macbeth for the rsc with judy dench? mmm *fans self*
Sure, a "Cocktail Crush" catagory will be added.
Not to burst yer bubble, sixel, but I think Craig is a recovering alcoholic, but hey, its a fantasy right? :-)
Still crushing on Yoda, even more now that I looked up Warwick Davis (what a talented actor) and found out he did the voice for Yoda in one of the Star Wars movies.
Weird old man crush, Val Kilmer, i'm 30, he's 47. so that's like 17 years difference. Eeeekkkk. Also I carry a torch for Viggo Mortensen and he's like 18 yrs older than me. Eeeekkkkk!!! Just I suppose older guyes are hot, thay know what they want, ya know???
Cocktail Crush: Oscar Wilde
s'okay, greenbean. I'd fix a Shirley Temple just for him....;P
zack galifinakis
In an old class of mine, I had watched a young Ian MacKellan do a medley of Shakespeare, and I thought he was charming and handsome. I said to my teacher, "He was so cute. Too bad he's old now."

She said back, "He's also gay."

I like Zach's beard.
Is Steve Buscemi a wierd crush? I had a torrid dream about him last night.
I once had a dream where I had sex with Burt Reynolds. He looked like his 70's self, and it was funny and odd to me.
Burt Reynolds, I bet his moustache would tickle, heeheehee! :-)
Oh my god, how could I forget about Viggo and Val? Yummy....
Weird Movie Star Crush: Paul Giamatti

Weird TV Crush: Boomhauer from "King of the Hill." So not my type, but whatever. And Stephen Colbert!

Weird Old Man Crush: Okay, ladies, back up off Jeremy. He's mine!

Weird Childhood Crush: I used to swear I was going to marry Robin Hood (the cartoon fox). When my mom told me I couldn't because he's a fox, I'd literally start crying and throwing a fit about it. *hangs head* And of course let's not forget Donatello and Egon.

Random Crush: Greg Kinnear. I also still think Eric from The Little Mermaid is a total hottie, too.

Is it psychotic that I'm in love with more cartoon men/male animals than actual human men? Because now that I think about it, I was in love with Tramp from Lady and the Tramp for a while there, too. lmao!
Weird Movie Star Crush: A tie between Eric Stolz and Alan Rickman
Weird TV Crush: Max Weinberg, Steven Colbert
Weird Old Man Crush: Sean Connery, Willem Dafoe
Weird Childhood Crush: Ghostbusters
Random Crush: Eddie Izzard
Cocktail Crush: Oscar Wilde, Kevin Spacey, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti... ah, more people to add to the fantasy cocktail party!
Oh, wow, someone just reminded me of the best Old Man Crush I ever had....Hector Elizondo! I miss Chicago Hope....
I totally forgot to add Mandy Patikan. More Chicago Hope love!
Alton Brown from Food Networks Good Eats.

Miguel Ferrer, I have crushed on him since he played Agent Albert Rosenfield in Twin Peaks.(of course his cousin George Clooney is also hot, but he certainly does not qualify as a wierd crush)

I don't know if this one qualifies as wierd either, but I've also crushed on Kyle McLachlan since he played Jeffery Beaumont in Blue Velvet, but I will forever love him best as Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks.

Mmmmm, Max Weinberg. I'd love to run my fingers through his hair, while he did my taxes ;)

And Andy Richter, *sigh* I sure hope he comes back to join Conan when he takes over the Tonight Show for Jaw Leno in a couple years.
umm my weirdo Chicago Hope crush was Dr. Aaron Shutt.
Weird Movie Star Crush: Christoper Walken
Weird TV Crush: Homer Simpson
Weird Old Man Crush: Willem Dafoe/ Robert Deniro
Weird Childhood Crush: Corey Feldman (I watched the Goonies fifty times)
Random Crush: The guy who did Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock? I think was his name.
Should we put a weird Music crush on here? I was just thinking about it while watching Gilmore Girls last night (Sonic Youth!!)

Random Crush: David Blaine and T.R. Knight (George from Grey's Anatomy)
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