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Poutine is awesome! Most of the Americans I know are completely fascinated by it. And if any of you read Oh No They Didn't you might know that as soon as a post is made about a Canadian celebrity it is quickly derailed into talk of milk that comes in plastic bags and poutine, hehe.

I also just found out that there are no Coffee Crisp chocolate bars in the States. That boggles my mind!
rogue, the bagged milk thing makes me laugh every time! They are so baffled by it!

I've also heard that Americans don't have Smarties or Pizza Pops. Sad.

Dammit, now I want a Coffee Crisp.
I know, I want a Coffee Crisp too! Doesn't help that they play the commercial with the two old ladies in it every time I go to the movies (and I go to the theatre like once a week haha).

Yeah, they don't have Smarties, but honestly, Smarties are pretty much the same as M&M's, but flatter, right? So I don't think it's a huge loss. And Smarties don't come in other varieties, either. Peanut Butter M&M's are the frickin' best!

ETA: I never had bagged milk growing up - we always got it in a carton. My childhood best friend did though, and even I thought it was weird. laugh.gif
The difference with smarties and any kind of non-US confectionary is the chocolate. American chocolate stinks! For those that have never tasted American chocolate, imagine cheap cooking chocolate, it's worse than that! Even though Hersheys bought out Cadburys they still can't get chocolate right!

<---- Brit living in the US missing: good chocolate, walkers crisps, malt vinegar, mint sauce, squash, lemonade, etc etc
Dear Indian Food

I love you

You are the BEST food ever

May our relationship never end


rogue, I have to disagree with you! Smarties are definitely different from M&Ms! I don't know if it's the chocolate or what, but I am definitely pro-Smarties. I think it's kind of like comparing Pepsi and Coke.
Spot On, I did actually manage to find a British shop in Georgia no less that coffee crisp and a ton of yummy candy I can't get any where but the U.K. Real actual Dairy Milk bars and other things. I'm now trying to find stem ginger for a pie I'm making on Thanksgiving. I guess I'll have to order it from Amazon.


Be well puppy.

Old puppy from childhood,

Damn I miss you. If there is a animal heaven or something, please be up there with a few of my cats. I hadn't thought of your death in a few years, and I guess all this shit with Bailey brought it up again.


It's okay to be sad.


((((sassy)))) I hope everything is all right with your pup!

CCG, when I get paid this week I am going to buy a box of Smarties and a bag of M&M's and do a taste test. I never thought about them being like Pepsi & Coke. I honestly like both of them though, so I can't complain either way. Who am I kidding, this is just a plan to get me some chocolate!

Oh and spot-on, you are so right about Walker's crisps. When I was in England almost five years ago now I was blown away by the flavours. They have prawn-flavored ones! So many different kinds! It was awesome. I miss them too. And Cadbury chocolate spread. We had that in the caf in my residence and OMG delicious, but also so deadly.
Do orange Smarties still taste like orange chocolate? I remember that from England.

ETA: At the most mainstream of supermarkets over here, there are British sections, half an aisle or so.
Since we're all talking about food....

Dear Time,

Please go faster until Thanksgiving day, so I can eat yummy thanksgiving food sooner.

Damnit, you are too sweet to me, I am getting smitten. I am not supposed to get smitten with co-workers.
Yep we have a British shop the next town over, also you can buy some things from Amazon like HP sauce etc so check that out. We have to make a trek to the Brit shop soon for crisps, chocolate, mint sauce and red cabbage mmmmm
Brunch I went to yesterday,

Perhaps it was due to my depression, but it seemed every woman in there was wearing skinny jeans and thigh high boots, and was about 25 and gorgeous. Was it a midtown thing? Mcgeek and I felt silly in our geek t-shirts and hoodies. Perhaps we're just too uncool to go there? Regardless, yummy pimento cheese/bacon omelet and great cupcakes last night for desert. I don't know if I'd drive all that way again, but I can tell that's why they won awards.


Wii Lego Batman game,

Thanks for easing some frustration last night. We needed to beat shit up.


please don't tell me that it's unusual for a t-girl to transition and still want to date women. honestly? fuck you. i don't deem to tell you what your heart wants, don't tell me what mine wants. it's your sort of strident "knowledge" (read ignorance) that forces women like me for settling for guys. for all their bullshit and dumbassedness, they don't try to tell me what i desire.

Dear Universe,

You know, yesterday was an amazing day, it was so good, so right. Then today happened. Is this some sort of cruel sick fucking joke?? I know it's most likely minor, but fucking really??? BAH.

*stomps feet*

Dear DA,
You seem to have calmed down a bit over the course of the semester. Glad to see you no longer seem to think we'll try to run over you.

Dear Universe,
Goddammit, jesus h christ, mary mother of god, goddammit all to hell, I studied my ass off for that exam! And I did worse on it than I did for the ones I didn't study for? Are you shitting me?? Dammit, I answered those questions with confidence! That can't be right!
Dear universe,

well, the situation still slightly blows, but hey the extended warranty is still on the car!! It's a bit of an inconvenience, but at least I didn't get in a head on collision.

Now, while you are at it, can you please help me out with this mental health business. Last week sucked. Also, could you help me find my coping skills again?

Much appreciated.


Dear Previous owner of my car,

thank you a million times over for purchasing the extended warranty with the lease of the civic!!!!

If I could give you a hug and kiss, I would.


new civic owner.

(((((jsmith))))) Sorry about the grade.
Dear Boss of my husband

NO! Do you hear me? NO! He will NOT be working Tuesday - Sunday. When people book vacation time they expect to take it!!! You have had many vacation weeks this week, please do us the courtesy of allowing B his! He already worked Saturday and has to come in today so NO fuck you, he is taking the rest of this week off. You ruined the last fucking vacation week we had when he had to work from home so god damnit NO NO NO! We are taking the RV and heading out Wednesday. If my husband is not here or you call I will personally come down to the office and ram the computers up your ass.


psst! hey you! yes, you!

plug your nose, hold your breath and wade thru this shit. trust me, you'll be just fine.

all my best,
lady on the other side.
I miss you so much.
Dear Cat

I don't approve of victim-blaming, but I think that you have to take some responsbility for your actions. If you, as a black cat, choose to sleep in the middle of the hallway at night, you must accept the risk that someone will trip over you.

Stop giving me that mournful, guilt-inducing look !

The housemate who kicked you last night
persiflager- laugh.gif

I've been there. And they give you that scornful look like "how COULD you????"
Yes, that's exactly the look! Coupled with plaintive hints every time I walk past his food bowl...

Holy Hannah, I have never been so disappointed in you in my life than I have been over the past week. It just hit me yesterday though. I was thinking about it when I saw the photos of the graduation that J posted on her Facebook from the trip. Seeing you in that blue uniform, looking as good as you ever have (that air force uniform really does suit you, even though I've always hated the color blue that they chose for it). Anyway, the feeling just hit me like a kick in the gut.

Why? Because you could have been anything. Anything else, anything other than joining the military. I know you didn't want to. I know you did it because you were pressured into it. And I know and honestly believe it's a noble career - I myself have been going back and forth on joining the army for a very long time - but I don't have the talents you do, A. And the world is such a dangerous place right now. You could have been a professional athlete in more than three sports. You're just that good. But I know you lack the drive and ambition to do things like that. I've always known this, ever since we were children. You've given up on everything you've ever done - but you can't now. Not when you've signed your life away on that dotted line.

I just wish I could tell you all this. What you've done will never change my love for you, but it just makes me so sad. I know you won't be directly in the line of fire, what with your chosen trade and all, but it still worries me. Your brother's life has been forever changed from what he has seen overseas. I don't want that to happen to you too. You're too sensitive and you know it, even though you hide it.

I hate feeling this way. I am proud of you, but it just sucks. It's hard watching the people you love taking the wrong path and not being able to do anything to stop it. It's even harder knowing that I can't ever say this to you.

Still love you,
QUOTE(Persiflager @ Nov 24 2009, 04:24 AM) *
Dear Cat

I don't approve of victim-blaming, but I think that you have to take some responsbility for your actions. If you, as a black cat, choose to sleep in the middle of the hallway at night, you must accept the risk that someone will trip over you.

Stop giving me that mournful, guilt-inducing look !

The housemate who kicked you last night

I don't know what's wrong with you persiflager- I've just learned to shuffle my feet in dark hallways. wink.gif
Dear Brain -

I have tried all to fuck to shut you off to anything but the shit I need to focus on, and you keep drifting back to that convo/person who made such an impression on you A FUCKING WEEK AGO and though it's very lovely and all, it's maddening as well. I need to get shit done. And also I need you to please keep in mind that its going to be months until I can (hopefully) even converse with this person again. If you start setting things up inside yourself, then you set ME up for potential disappointment when that time comes. So please brain, push that to the back burner (I'm not telling you to let go of it completely,) AND GET THE FUCK IN GEAR and segment yourself a little so that I can get all the shit I need to get accomplished TODAY actually accomplished.

Gah. You're making me crazy. seriously. I'm about ready to lobotomize myself here.

polly and persiflager,

but shuffling your feet isn't quite enough-you could still club a cat pretty good if you just shuffled normally. The key is to shuffle delicately, as if you were about to step into burning coals or something....ever so gently so as not to smack that warm furry body that is undoubtedly snoozing in the center of your ~somewhat desperate~ path to the toilet.

Because the horrors of that guilt inducing, plaintive LOOK that you get-well, you can't take that lightly.
They do it just to manipulate you into giving them a treat. Crafty bastards. dry.gif
Dear Self
Please try to enjoy yourself this mini-break. Yes there will be kids there and the temptation to swear will be great but try to resist! You have the retreat of your own RV should the kids get too much. Try and make some plans while you are away, make some lists and be ready for positive action when you get home!


Dear E,

We miss you so much, and I am so sad that you took yourself from us. You were the friend we all counted on, the gentle spirit who taught us by your example to be generous in life and in spirit, to reach beyond ourselves to help another and to see beauty in everything. We were all on the island of misfit toys with you, and we're all a little broken today. I hope you saw the hundreds mourning your loss yesterday and today, to know all the lives you touched. Know that we'll take care of your dear wife, but none of us are the same without you. Hoping you're at peace today, even if we're all struggling. Happy Thanksgiving dear friend.
((((Turbo)))) That's so sad. I'm sorry about your loss. =(

Dear Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,

Please hurry up and download. I'm really in the mood to see Christan Slater and his young fine self.

Thank you, that is all.

(((((turbo and family and loved ones of E)))))

Dear Universe,

Thank you for giving me the wonderful, amazing, supportive friends I have. I am truly lucky.


Dear Stargazer -

I am so glad you are sitting on my couch in my living room as I type this!! It's so awesome to have you here and to know that BunnyB is on her way over!! I just wish the others could be here, but next time.



Aw. Thanks, zoya! wub.gif
Dear A,

I'm simply a mess thanks to you. Please don't stop what you're doing. I am addicted. It was thrilling being out with you - pretending you are mine. Hoping that no one I know saw us and told my husband about you. You're to die for woman. And if you don't mind, I'll take a lil more torture from you. THANKS. Yes torture, because that's what it feels like. I'm tied up in the relationship and can't be with you.

BTW, your kisses are divine!

Looking forward to our next weekend together.

Your weekend love,

well, i had started a letter here but i think i'm just going to save it in notepad. yay catharsis (?)

Dear P,
You're mad because I left wink.gif

Dear C,
You're my little sweetie pie smile.gif
mr t:

i'm sorry i didn't hang out with you the other day. i could hear in your voice that you were hurt. i never, never ever want to hurt you, but i can't wait for you either.

i know you are still unsure if it is completely over with you and i, and i'm sure i don't make it any easier. i can't/don't want to date you anymore, but all the same, you are still my daddy. i feel so safe around you, and when you get that tone in your voice, i still melt. when you touch me... hell, even when i think about you touching me right now, i get chills. i feel weak. your breath on my skin makes my eyes roll back in my head, and i am yours.


i can't date you. even though a part of me loves you very deeply. it's not even the superficial reasons i was hesitant to date you. neither of us was each other's type, but you overcame all of that and know me in ways no one else does, and i love your heart. you make me laugh, and you can handle my moods and my stupidness. that said, you are a packrat, a hoarder, and while it's not bad now, i see it creeping around the edges, and your roommate and his daughter are not much better. i'm not throwing stones from glass houses, i know i can be a slob, but your tolerance for mess is too great for me. anytime i think about going back to you, or missing you, i think about your last place i come to my senses. i wish it were different. i still think about our daydream future, and how lovely it would have been.

i'm happy for you to have found new playmates. ones that are much more hardcore than i am, thank you for asking if it was TMI, but you know me, i am not, never have been possessive. i am genuinely happy for you to find someone who gives you a greater range of play than i could give you. i hope some where in there you find love too.

always your good girl,

I called you because I was happy about my yoga retreat. I didn't need you pissing on about how Mcgeek would have had a hard time driving me there. As it turned out, the trip was canceled but you didn't need to be a dick about it.
Why are you such an ass?

Your daughter


Please get out of your fog. I miss you.

Dear zoya -

patience, woman... patience!!!!


Right now - at this very moment - one of my colleagues is in our boardroom watching a video she just received from her sister for Christmas. It's a DVD of photos of her family through the years, from her parents' marriage up until this year. I just wanted to thank you for ruining any chance I ever had of getting a video like this from one of my siblings because - oh yeah, I don't have any because you (with the help of my father) broke up my parents' marriage twenty-one years ago before they could have any more children (which they were planning, by the way).

So yeah. Thanks for that.

Thanks for giving me only three Christmases to spend with a normal family.
Thanks for sticking your nose into their business and tempting him away from his family and having him choose yours, and fucking up any chances of me even having any full-blooded siblings of my own.
Thanks for being the most despicable kind of woman you could be - the kind that tears families apart just because she wants something.

Thanks for everything.

Honestly, I don't know why I even bother with you - or him - anymore. And as an aside, your children don't count. I haven't spoken to any of them in months and therefore don't really consider them to be family.

Happy Holidays,


You are my nemesis.

a homeowner
Dear T,

I'm trying to forgive, really I am. I know I nodded that I was OK through my sniffly, puffy, red, tear-stained face but really . . . did you REALLY think I was OK? Or would it have occurred to you that I may have just wanted to end the conversation and leave after you had completely betrayed my trust and my confidence in you and we were obviously getting nowhere.

And you were surprised that I was still upset all of 8 hours later?! Well, guess what, it is 3 weeks later and I am STILL upset!


I keep hoping that you are going to learn! You don't become a good friend/person/boyfriend through grand gestures. It's the small things, its being there, being able to just have fun with someone without drama, its listening, LISTENING!!!! Do you even know what that means?!

Go ahead, dedicate a song to me . . . wouldn't that just show me - oh, I mean a crowd full of strangers what a good FRIEND you are!!!! Buy me a lavish birthday present and make sure to be as dramatic as possible when giving it to me so everybody can see what a great person you are!!!! Yeah, T, that's the way to do it!!! You're nothing without the approval of total strangers, right? Friends? Whatever. Strangers? They're so much easier to please, aren't they? Because they don't KNOW you!!!!!

As for the details of our conversation, you know what? Most people DO NOT feel the way you seem to feel about me. There is a reason for that - you put me in a f*%&ing bad mood! Yes, YOU, Sir Sunshine!! You are rude, selfish and obnoxious!! Those people who don't believe in what you said . . . I think I'd rather just hang out with them.

Oh and the kissing on the mouth thing? REALLY INAPPROPRIATE!!!!!!
Dear S,

I'm not so sure I want to party and get drunk with you and your friends. Frankly I don't know you that well and the idea of drinking with a bunch of strange people kinda scares me. Do your friends employ roofies to get girls?

dry.gif ,
Dear Self

You look and feel good today, remember this feeling next time you start to feel insecure and self conscious!


((((Auntilulu))))Hear hear! We must live in parallel universa or something.

Dear Self

Keep on going. It's going very well. You rule.

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