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Dear Dad,

I know we've had our ups and downs. But please no that as frustrated and as hurt as I've been, I'm still here for you. Just hang in there. You've been through worse. You'll get through this. See you soon.

Your daughter
Dear Momma Goose,

Thank you for being such an amazing, dear and wonderful friend to me.

Baby goose.
Dear D,

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

We have not been friends in ten years, but you've been trying to reconnect in the past two. I have lost count how many times I have rebuffed you, but you keep coming back to again take it in the teeth.

When I ended our friendship, I explained to you the reasons why:

1) Your near constant, crippling low self-esteem issues. It was depressing. You'd take whatever crumb you could get from whatever loser (The perpetual E.) you could. I hooked you up with a nice guy (He did have his flaws, I admit that.) that was NEVER embarrassed to be seen in public with you romantically. He loved you & you cheated on him with E constantly when E wouldn't even let you meet his friends. Because you were too fat/ not hot like his actual girlfriends. He sure liked fucking you, though!

2) Your rationalizations/the flexbility of your moral compass. Again, see the E sitch. And the fucking shoplifting. Always with the shoplifting. You'd give some charlatan $50 for a phony psychic reading, but wouldn't drop six bucks on a tube of lipstick.

3) Your craving for "authenticity", when the only authenticity you ever knew came from the cinema. You wanted to experience a "gospel" (Read: black) Church. I offered to take you & was surprised that you didn't want to go to one that wasn't "in the South". Because somehow that was more "real" to you. Well, fuck you whitey.

4) Your naivete & just plain lack of common sense. You did some really dumb shit & I'd have to bail you out. Those fucking urban legend emails: Nobody died because of rat urine on their soda can. 'Nuff said.

5) The one-sided nature of our friendship. I wouldn't hear from you for weeks at a time, but as soon as somethng bad happened the phone would ring & you'd need to "talk". Where were you when I needed you? Doing whatever you wanted at the time & screw me because you already had plans.

In short, I quite simply no longer felt GOOD about being friends with you.

I know that this situation is largely in part because we are now a mere 108 miles apart. You now live in a community of about 1300 people & are lonely. I live in a community upwards of 26,000 & choose to keep to myself. Even if I were lonely, you'd be the last person I'd call. So give it a rest, huh?

ramona q: ok, wtf?!

i know you are having a hard time dealing with the guy you are seeing. you and i, heh. we are working class/survival class in our heart of hearts. we thrive making due. you are used to relying on yourself, and that's cool. yes, he has tons of money, but you don't have to take anything you don't want. it's kind of funny cos i thought if you ever found a guy to settle down with, he'd have bent to the almighty power of ramona, but here he comes, and you are bending to him. yeah, you guys have a open relationship, but there is, and always has been more to you than your sexuality. in all the time i've known you you've always been the cocksure one, even when you were dating married man, or worse, me, you knew why you were in it. how strange then, that since you've started dating c, you've always had a sense of unease when you talked about him. you love him, so you say, but i think you miss that part of you that never asked for permission, even if it meant getting hurt.

you know me though, i am gonna love you no matter who you are, how you define yourself, but don't include me in your little reindeer games. i don't want to be your little "alt" button to test your credentials of rebellion. if you have your doubts about staying with c, then you have to figure that out on your own. yes, i have been curious about what it would be like to kiss you again, but i respect your relationship, even if it's open. so when you kissed me, and sucked on my fingers last night, i was shocked. maybe i think about things too much, but i wonder if you might have been pining just a little for me. it's not ego for me, i find the whole idea very odd infact, but i do know you like your boys femme, and pegging is your forte, and i know the ultimatum, how things ended with us was... a train wreck. i'm sorry about that, you know i didn't want to hurt you, but it was the only choice i could make. in my heart of hearts, i had to be loyal. plus, i loved kitty, you knew that. you knew that. i loved you too, but to me it's never about the sex, it's about the companionship, it's that deep mutual understanding that wins my heart, and yeah, you were more accepting of anyone about my need to transition, you with your psychic penis, and we did have our weird sort of synchronisity, but who i was beyond our mutual history, what music i liked and why, movies, sense of humor etc? you never got any of that. so i chose kitty. not just cos she was the first on the scene, but because we had been thru so much and she really got me-- in three dimentions, not the sort of surface, i love what you represent kind of thing you and i have. for years i wondered what would have happened if you and i ever had a full blown relationship, where you were the primary, not the secondary in a poly thing. i guess last night i got my answer. it wouldn't have worked. maybe it's the 12 years that have passed, and the ways we've grown apart, but rose colored glasses off, it never would have gotten off the ground.

thank you tho. you may not have meant to, but you told me what i needed to know about you and i. that i don't need to wonder anymore. that i don't need to look back. that what's done is done with you and i.

now i have to deal with the other things you've put in my head.

Dear concert gods,
Pleasepleasepleaseplease let me get that pass. I need to go and dance my butt off for three days. I need to see these friends and I need to forget the idiots up here.


Dear Landlord-to-be,
Thank you! You're awesome. We will be the best tenants ever, we promise.
Your new tenant.
Dear Universe,

I think I'm learning to finally accept myself which means accepting my strengths and limitations. I think by embracing my limitations, it is easier for me to see my strengths, if that makes sense. I was too focused on my limitations and the need to change them that I always focused on the negative, compared myself, and, basically, never saw myself as being good enough. Now, I'm finally ok with not having to be everything to everyone and myself. I do not need to prove myself to anyone. Feeling a level of confidence, I know what I am good at (finally!) and I can focused on using those strengths in my personal and professional life.

It is tough because I find I still struggle with returning to old patterns of thinking and behaving. That dance is so seductive. But, that tango gets really old that it becomes more like the lambada, tired and outdated. I know people will push or pull me, but, I know who I am which is the biggest liberation.

So, after writing have I have, I am still working on relaxing in the moment and allowing the feeling that for the first time in my life that I will end up in a good place.

much love,
*lights a cigarette* fuck, rudder. just.... fuck. you're always good.
Dear You,

If I could make you feel what I felt, to make you understand the depth and bredth of pain, to make you know what the actions of others do to me. I would.


You just realized you're a grownup. You're 41 years old. A grownup. And you're not stressed and conflicted and you're life and floating with the current. It's a good place to be. Don't fuck it up.

Word to that, Treehugger.

Dear self,

It really is all coming together. Once you get over this and get into the new house, everything will be as close to awesome as it can be. Work, family, and now an amazing new home where we can all have what we need. No more holding pattern, holding your breath, waiting for everything to get better. How awesome is it that all these fantastic things have all come together now. I feel like I'm coming out of years of hardworking hibernation, and now my life is mine again and I'm finally (back) where I'm supposed to be.

If the lesson was to be grateful rather than arrogant, I have learned it in spades. If the lesson was to focus and work hard and well, I've pulled that off too, and mercifully without totally alienating those around me.

Now become your best self and live up to all the awesomeness. You have the time and space now to achieve so much, and it will be fun. Who knew?

Eyes on the prize, but enjoy your life too. You've earned it.

Love, Me

Dear universe, again,

I see everything coming together and remain grateful. I guess it really is true that you have to know what you want, but maybe once we do and work towards it, we are rewarded. Thanks again.

Sincerely, Me

Dear you,

We pulled it off. Two years en famille and we're still here. I know you have to continue where you are, but I hope and believe this new chapter gets easier for everyone, not just me. I get to fly, now, but always want you at my side, and can't wait until you too can run after everything you want to do. In five years' time we could be anywhere, but I bet it will be fantastic.

Love you always. Me

Dear cigarettes,

Your days with me are numbered. Believe it.

Sincerely, Me
Hey Asshole,

Guess what? No matter what you think or what you say, I CAN and WILL still miss my mother. Yes, it's been almost 9 years since she passed away. Doesn't mean that I don't wake up missing her, especially on what would have been her 57th birthday. It's great for you that your mother is still alive and that you cannot possibly fathom how much I miss my mom because you can't stand your own. But DO NOT try to make me feel like I need to just "get over it already". You can pound sand straight up your tight ass, you piece of shit. She was MY mom and I will miss her and celebrate her birthday if I damn well please. If you don't like it you are more than welcome to stay the fuck out of my world. I don't particularly want you in it anyhow.

Dear cousin,

You just had a baby. Everyone in the family is soooooo excited about it and congratulating your parents on becoming grandparents and telling you how great it is. I'm faking it. I know I shouldn't. But you've always been such an uptight bitch that I just find it hard to feel any happiness for you. Who knows, maybe this baby will change you and you'll learn to relax a little bit. On the other hand, I can easily picture you as one of those anal mothers who insists that everyone wash their hands before going anywhere near your precious little baby. My mom said that you sounded really calm on the phone so maybe you are loosening up a bit. But maybe you're just tired. Anyway, I never liked you.


Dear cousin's little sister,

No offense but I'm also having trouble feeling excited for you. Everyone is so happy because you're engaged but you are only 22! What's the rush? I know he's a good guy (I got good vibes when I met him) but why not just wait a little while. Oh well. You're a good kid, I just hope this is the right thing for you.


Dear dad,

Just because someone "has their education" does not mean they are ready for marriage. I somehow think that if I had decided to just go to college and I had a boyfriend at 22 that you would not be so willing to let me get married. I know that people can mature at different rates but really, how mature is any 22 year old? Oh well. At least she'll be 23 by the time she gets married.


Dear self,

Just because you don't want something right now doesn't mean that another person doesn't want it either. Maybe she's really ready. They've been going out for quite a while. I know you like everything to go in order by age (although that would mean that big brother would have already gotten married) but people do their own thing. Just hope for the best.
(((yuefie))) sad.gif
Dear J,

I'm so sorry I have no money and I'm so sorry that the reason I have no money is mostly that I spent more than I made for a few years and then gave up a job I hated and then didn't apply myself hard enough to finding a better one for too long and I'm sorry that I've promised you that I'd be able to pay you back faster than I really will be able to and I'm sorry that even if I made a lot of money, I would be paying off debt for years and my credit would still suck and we'd not be able to even consider buying a house together and I'm grateful to you more than you can ever know for assuring me that it doesn't matter and that you love me and we will make it work but I'm really down on myself about this and so I just don't believe you and that's why I'm anxious all the time.


Dear Friends Moving Up in the World,

I would like to be happy for you and your pregnancy/new house/promotion/vacation. Really I would. And I'm sure if things were different I would be very happy for you and throw you a party. Honest.

But right now, life isn't that cheery for me. Grad school is nearly over and there are ZERO job prospects for me. So not only do I have more than 3x the student loans I had before, I have no job and don't foresee an increase in salary by the few job postings I have seen.

This is not where I wanted to be two years ago when I was getting ready to start grad school. I wanted to be employed, making more money than I did in the nonprofit world. I didn't anticipate a huge increase in money, but I wanted to be buying a house. I wanted to be planning for getting pregnant. I wanted to have some control over my life.

I don't tell you this to complain or whine or look for sympathy. Really I don't. I tell you this because I'm having a tough time and not able to react appropriately to your news. I'm sorry. I don't want to be a bitter, resentful, jealous shrew. And because of that, right now it's easier to just step back and take a little break. I'm sorry I'm not able to be the friend you want right now but I'm not. I just don't have it in me right now. Being unemployed is beyond exhausting.

I don't like me being like this any more than you do. I hate being the whiny, jealous bitch.


Dear Dr's,

Thank you for being so understanding about this whole situation. Is has made things so much easier for me.

your compassion has meant the world to me and I cannot thank you enough.


((yuefie)) ((ccg)))

Dear real estate agent,

Asshat! Mcgeek and I were going to hire you tonight. You call me to tell me my house was not sellable, and give me no reason why it's not. You were the same person to tell me that it would sell for $120K. Don't give me false hope here. I know the market is shitty. Still, we don't live in the ghetto. We live in a nice family friendly neighborhood. You've seen it!

It hurts my feelings man. You're a prick. The sad thing is you realize that Mcgeek and I want to go to grad school. The one obstacle in our way is selling this house. I want to throw a brick at your head. I honestly don't believe you.

Piss off and die,


It's going to take all my fucking willpower not to send this and further engage the asshole in his self-righteous delusion. If I do, it'll never fucking end. Fuckwad.

Dear T:

I agree, you have had to struggle. You have a mental illness that has made your life difficult, and that's out of your control. But what's made your life even more difficult is your attitude, and that is in your control. The fact that you've convinced yourself it's hard work to sit on your ass and drink beer that you bought with taxpayer's money all day, when you are in fact perfectly capable of working, and that you can call me a "cheapskate" for being frugal while supporting myself and paying my own way through college (not to mention the taxes I pay toward your fucking beer), is utterly delusional. At least I still manage to buy gifts for my loved ones every year, which you can't even do for one person. Oh, and nice try with the "cushy little place" remark. You know I live in an illegal basement suite with no kitchen and no windows. And I pay for it myself. You may be independent now, but you have learned nothing. If you think you're better than everyone, you are not only dead wrong, but you will never be able to move forward, to overcome anything. You haven't really tried to rise above anything. You just stay in exactly the same place and talk everyone down so you feel like you're above them. You actually tried to dodge that one by telling me you learned your self-righteous habits from me - the irony is beautiful. "Pursuing your passions" of watching porn all day, getting drunk and crashing your jeep in the forest, or picking up and dropping a new hobby every month, isn't "hard work," and don't insult my intelligence by trying to convince me that you're better than me because I work and manage my money. Get over yourself. You're just another anonymous, fat, drunk, smelly redneck in a shitty town full of fat, drunk, smelly rednecks. What have you got to be self-righteous about? Oh, and the namecalling? Classy. Nothing says you've won the argument like stepping back into elementary school.

I know we meant a lot to each other once, but that's about as far in the past as 4 years can possibly put it. I've tried to be friends with you, but you know what? In the past 4 years, you've become a complete asshole. I don't think I'll be bothering with you anymore.

Good luck out there.

Dear "friend"

You disappoint me more and more every day. You say I am important to you, but you don't make time for me. However, you make time for someone who means nothing (your words, not mine) to you. Imagine how that makes me feel.

The more the days go by, the less I want anything to do with you. It's only a matter of time before I walk away permanently. Perhaps if you get your act together, things can change. However, at this time that is highly doubtful.


When you were with that woman, did you ever think about me or mom? Did you ever wonder what we were thinking while we sat at home waiting for you for hours? I know you, and it's impossible for me to believe that you never once thought of me while you were out with her. I know that time has passed since you had the affair, but it still hurts everyday. Do you remember all the plans I tried to make with you? And you broke them, making up lies so you could be with that fucking whore. Sometimes I know I hate you. It's usually fleeting, but in those moments I know without a doubt that I despise you.

And now, I leave for college in just over two weeks. You're scrambling to make up for lost time, and I wish I could help you. But for a year and a half I sat, waiting.

I love you. You are my whole world. You know that. You always have been. We both know that I love you in a way that I will never love anyone else. It's not that I love you any more than I love mom, but it's a very different relationship. It makes me horribly sad when I think about what happened to that. It's not that I didn't see your flaws before it all happened, because I did. I have always known about your ridiculous ego, your insecurities, the childhood that you can't escape. The difference is that my whole life, you tried to protect me from that. You weren't always successful, but I knew you tried. When you were with Jennifer, though, you thought you could outsmart me-not protect me.

I will never stop loving you. But I am hurt. And that is something you have to live with.


WTF? She is my sister. I miss her a little, and I just wanted to see where she was in the world. You didn't have to attack me. She left me. Hell, she left us. She left the whole family. It hurts.

I don't know about the wedding. We haven't picked a date. I'm just happy that we finally have a place to hold the reception. I just am weary about taking your money. You and Dad are fucking control freaks, and I'm scared the same thing is going to happen to me that happened to M. It will be your money, and your rules. Maybe we should just put up our own money. Leave the money you were going to give us to spend towards debt or moving away.

The ghosts. Well, engagements are never easy. I do love Mcgeek. I do want to marry him. I can't help but think about old boyfriends. I don't want to be with them. Fucked up dreams come with this whole thing. This is why I have a shrink.

It's a lot more stressful than I thought. Your comment about getting the fuck out of the house didn't help. I know I don't have a job. I can be depressed if I feel like it. Also, I'm hormonal. I do have a life without Mcgeek. Your comments were so 1950's. I remember once in college after breaking up with C, you told me to "put on lipstick" Really?

Bitch. I so don't feel like shopping to get you a birthday present. This is one of the days were I hate you.

Your daughter,


(((((sassy))))) You two should elope.

Dear Momma Goose,

BOOBIES!!!! (o)(o)

Baby Goose
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Aug 4 2009, 01:09 PM) *
(((((sassy))))) You two should elope.

(((sassy))) Agreed. Elope the way you and McGeek want; if your parents want to throw you a party the way they want, they can do it afterwards.
We're considering that. I wish we could elope and bring just my best friend.
I think my dad is being better about the whole thing than my mom. He never got a chance to walk my sister down the aisle, so I really don't want to hurt his feelings. My mom on the other hand, can go suck a bag of dicks. It's old baggage about my sister, and I'm worried it's going to ruin my wedding.
QUOTE(sassygrrl @ Aug 5 2009, 07:19 AM) *
We're considering that. I wish we could elope and bring just my best friend.
I think my dad is being better about the whole thing than my mom. He never got a chance to walk my sister down the aisle, so I really don't want to hurt his feelings. My mom on the other hand, can go suck a bag of dicks. It's old baggage about my sister, and I'm worried it's going to ruin my wedding.

If I were you, I'd just bring my dad and best friend tongue.gif
Dear Hospital,
You tell us the operation is so desperately, vitally urgent that it had to be done as soon as humanly possibly, then you put the surgery back a day? Fuck it, why not just leave the tumour in there over the weekend and let it spread to his lungs? I don't care what your reason for delaying is, it will never be good enough for me.

Dear Universe,
What the hell did we do to deserve this anyway? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
Dear Self,

You need to slow it down, missy. You had way too much to drink last night and ruined what would otherwise have been a perfect night. Sure, it started off okay but you didn't need those last 3 or 4 drinks. What started off as a great show ended up with you feeling horrible and cc_boy having to get you home and take care of you. You waited all that time for that show and now you can barely remember it AND cc_boy has now seen you at your all time most pathetic. It doesn't matter that you've seen him worse for wear. Cut out the drink and the weed for a while. The physical and mental effects of it are becoming palpable. Do not turn into your dad.

Dear Kidneys,

Stop it. Just stop it. No more stones. Stop producing them. Yesterday was the last one. Okay? Okay.


Stop the seizures.


Calm the fuck down. It's just a wedding. Breathe. Study. Work. Volunteer. Do something else.



I wish you would show some emotional support. I doubt that will ever happen. I just really need the love right now, not any money. I know I don't have a job, but stop telling me that.

(((((sassy + doodle)))))
!^!^!^heathy bustie vibes ^!^!^!
Dear Anarchist,

Who are you? I don't know anymore. Lying, stealing, ego tripping, power tripping......where the fuck did all this come from? At one time, I would have said you were my best friend. I did say it. Lately, I have also thought of you as a business partner. Now....I don't know you at all anymore, and I don't think I can be in a band with you if you don't get your shit together. WTF, dude?


As you've noticed, a lot of our friends have cut you off in recent months. Because of things you've said and done, they finally decided that they'd had enough & quietly cut off contact. This has been difficult for me and Sheff. We have done our best to maintain our friendships with all parties involved. We've remained neutral. We've continued to invite you to our house to hang out & eat the food that I lovingly cook for you (and your picky palette). Sheff has had lunch with you nearly everyday knowing full well that other friends would not join him as long as you were there. And last week during one of those lunches, I decided to join you two ... and bring along my 15 year old cousin.

Now I find out that you told Sheff and another co-worker that you thought my cousin was "hot" and joked about the flexibility of consent laws in her home state.
When Sheff told me about this, a few words sprung to mind.

You finally crossed my last line, M. I will happily be pleasant to you in public, but don't expect any more dinner invitations. For god's sake, man, you're 43 years old and you're telling your co-workers about how much you were turned on by a 15 year old girl?! Do you realize that you were 28 years old when she was born?! And did it cross you mind for even one second that Sheff might be offended that you said this about one of his relatives? As odd as it may seem, Sheff and my cousin are close and he genuinely loves her like how one might love a niece or a little sister. If you had a 15 year old niece, would you appreciate your co-workers making such comments about her? If that honestly wouldn't bother you, then you're even more fucked up than I thought.

Add that on top of other things you've done over the past year - the inappropriate things you said to me at W's party, the way you handled S, etc. - and it's no wonder that I'm tired of it. Literally tired. I'm honestly not even that mad; just exhausted. I'm a really patient person, M. EXTREMELY patient. But there's only so much childish bullshit I will tolerate.

Now I realize more than ever why you've been single for as long as I've known you. You're too immature - mentally and sexually - to maintain a relationship with a woman. The blow jobs you pay for in strip clubs are the only intimate encounters you can hope for from the women on this planet. This used to make me feel sorry for you. Now I know for certain that it's all your own doing.

Please just grow the fuck up already, okay?

Dear Facebook friends,

Actually my last status was meant more as a gripe than anything, but thanks for the congrats anyway. After all, who wouldn't be wanting to scrub toilets all day and then go work in laundry at night than doing something in their field? I mean, every one of you seem to be finding work in archeology while I haven't even been able to afford the gas money to go anywhere, much less get hired. And since none of you are giving me any leads for work well, I must be happy where I am. Who wouldn't want to work 14 hours a day for psychotic assholes and rude customers? It must be at the greatest job in the world, or else the one I'm best suited for.

So fuck you all and the horses you rode in on.

--one very frustrated housekeeper

I ignored your call a month ago because I didn't think I'd ever find it in me to talk to you again.
I have never been treated so weird by someone who knows so much about the principles of pain and the human soul, someone sensitive and smart with whom I've had passion and a fucking deep connection.
Yes, meatheads mistreat you and it's like stubbing your toe, You yelp and laugh.
But this was more than an ego blow, it hurt more than my heart.
It actually scared me. It left me shit-scared about the state of humanity.
About what men and women are ready to do to each other for some desperate grab at an illusion of power.
And I'm talking of the whole actual realization of you - not just your stuff with me, but how you treated your wife, what I felt you feel for women in general.
All the more so, with your job... I would wake up sometimes and think "Did that just really happen? Did he really say these things?" I couldn't believe for a long time that someone can proclaim (and practice!) such high principles in their work and live their own life as if in a private sneer to all that. Teach broken young women they are precious and worthy of the best the world can offer - and privately look for a woman that doesn't have enough "capital" (and keep her in that impoverished state) so he can have moral ground to not give her the minimum that a woman, a mother, needs to stay sane.
I remember walking around in your presence trying to find some warm spot, some place to play. But your presence is powerful. It was like I was constantly running into the sides of an invisible iceberg and my feet were slipping to one side, and my hands and face would get skinned on these flakes of razor sharp ice. I wondered how many times your wife must have skinned herself on that to make her numb.
Do something about yourself, V.
Do you know how damaging it can be to the kids you teach, if they soak up, through the layers of love and support (which I do believe are real - and that is the schizophrenic part!) the toxic undercurrent of what you really feel about the women that come close to you. That you need someone to be dead to feel they are worthy of your love?
Now that anger and passion and all that is long under the bridge, I thought I owe it to - your ancient Gods, ha? - to let you know of the passive-aggressive arctic feelscape that was a very deep, nurturing and intuitive woman's experience of you.
I owe it to your students, to your wife or future women to not let you keep the sweet image of me as the angel that shines in your darkness (and loves you too much to reply, or whatever you have filled in there). You have one of those already. I am alive, and I don't even hate you. I shudder from you.
I needed an extra sweater to just make myself sit and write this to you, man.
So there.


you're such really good people to have next door when the mr is gone usually, but the mr & I feel we've MORE than been recripocal in appreciation 100 times over now.
we've given you both a LAWN MOWER ANDDDDDD a REFRIDGERATOR now.
hell we've even loaned you a car on more than one occassion bc W is too tight a bastard to get the 2 you have fixed.

so do ya think you could stop mooching off us now maybe?

C we know it's not you, but calling to ask for milk yesterday, small thing yes, but it was embarrassing for both of us. at this point we feel both so sorry for you but also Freakin' ANGRY at your husband for not caring enough about you to mind making you do his dirty work of constantly barrowing.
but if we ever say No- you are the one who suffers for it by doing w/out and we can't stand the thought of that happening.

trying to find the words to confront your husband so to not drag you into this,
younger neighbor couple
Dear Big Brother,

19? Nineteen?! You are fucking a 19 year old girl?! You are almost 29! C'mon man, I thought we were past this. It has been this way ever since high school when you decided to date one of my friends. And you know what? You have shown me over and over again that the reason you can't find a girl even close to your own age is because you are too fucking immature. I love you, I do. But you need to grow the fuck up. Stop playing Halo, get off the couch and quit being a whiny bitch about school and actually do something! And another thing, it hasn't even been two months since you and J broke up. You were with her for almost two years! You need to learn how to be on your own once in a while. And by the way, it really doesn't look good that you were hanging out with this girl before you and J even broke up. I should have known something was up when she just "wanted to see your band practice". You are really making yourself look like a douche. Please don't end up being the 40 year old guy who hits on 20 year old girls. C'mon now.


Thanks for calling yesterday to check on how I was doing. I just wonder why you can't be this supportive when I actually call to tell you I just had a seizure. It just seems too late.

Oh, and that little rig you have niftily installed for gathering the pity-fucks like rainwater.
Whine whine whine bitch bitch whine.
A SINGLE father of two! YOU have the kids for FIVE days out of the week because SHE needs to figure out her life! Your CRAZY ex?!?
Miserable lying dwarf.
How about going to therapy WITH her.
*God* would need to figure her life out after 5 years with you, she'd need to have self esteem pumped on an IV drip.
Hell, I'd go and babysit for her the *two* days she has the kids (fucking liar!) - for free, so she can get over you.
You know, I realized you were only having a good time when you were complaining of how bad she treated you. You had a routine worked out. 14 hours I listened to how the Universe fucked you over, and then I realized - he's getting OFF on this. You were having a GREAT day.

You should have a biohazard sign displayed on the outermost layer of your clothes, by law.
God I hate that I woke up composing this sentence, wasting my peace on you.
And then I realized - this is because I said I would be THERE this month, isn't it - you put it on your calendar. You're fucking THINKING of me! Man, I want to stuff that PHD of yours up your stiff ass but unfortunately I remember you LIKE that.

Do not EVER think of me tenderly: I will kill you.
Pssssst! Sevenseconds . . . stop by the Newbies thread & introduce yourself.
Dear J:

I realize that when I left I told you I'd keep in touch, that I didn't want us to become complete strangers to each other in my absence. I realize that I have not kept my word. You need to realize that I've been through something huge, and I'm still going through it. I'm a complete mess right now and all I can do is take it one day at a time. That means things change. I'm just trying to do what's best for me. And right now, talking to you is not what's best for me. As soon as I got off that plane, I realized that I didn't leave my entire life behind and cross two provinces to live in anonymity in some shit prairie town so I could keep having the same horrible conversations with you over the phone instead of in person. I understand that you want to make the best of a bad situation and are trying to be my friend. But over the past year, I've also become intimately acquainted with your controlling, manipulative, insecure, fucked-up side, and I know that there's a part of you that's also hoping to keep me right where you want me while you do and say things you know will hurt me, and I'm done with that. I'm not over you yet, and I'm lonely and sad and hurting, and that means that I'm more vulnerable than ever to your headgames right now. I told you, in the clearest and least dramatic terms I could, that I wasn't ready to talk, and you ignored that. So I'm ignoring you. Please don't make this even more difficult. Stop fucking emailing me.


(((sevenseconds))) Your letters are great. You're expressing some of my angriest thoughts. Welcome to the lounge!
dear busties---

if i post that i am thinking about getting back together w/mr. t tell me to take my fucking head out of my ass. (or worse)

thank you,
(((((epi and gt)))))

Dear K,

really, I don't react well to pressure, particularly because you are nagging me to come over so you can have sex with me. I feel like I'm dating you because of how much you're nagging. It's not even asking nicely, maybe you should listen to the message from the boy in blue, who was asking oh so nicely, pretty much begging, again oh so nicely. Take a page from his book.

HA! *snorts* For starters, you need to work it, just because you demand it doesn't mean I'll bow down. How little youknow, you have much to learn young one.

Second, I expect to be treated like a queen and I DEMAND respect. What you're doing isn't okay with me, hence my texts. I will not bow on this issue, take it or leave, even if you are only seeking friends with benefits.

third, all this behaviour means it isn't going to happen.


Explanation...Bear is actually Chilly Guy. Therefore, when he leaves, I have to pick up his slack at work.


You've made me so very sad. You went away on a trip and had all kinds of fun and good times and just got to relax and do your thing.

Meanwhile I was back here picking up your slack and going to work and trying to keep the cat fed and the laundry done. Seriously, our shop is understaffed as it is, and then when you leave it all falls on me. 350 buildings of refrigeration falls on MY shoulders!

And then when you get back you text me "a BJ would be nice". And that's it.???!!! And to make it even more offensive and rude, you do it in ALL CAPS?????

I would've been happy with, "babe, I love you, can we make love tonight?"

Or even with, "babe, did you miss me? I missed you. Please love me tonight?"

But not, "A BJ WOULD BE NICE."

Seriously, WTF???

Way to make me feel loved.
Tree, that's terrible. There are few things that are more of a turn-off than selfish passive aggression. What an ass. Now I see why you didn't miss him that much while he was gone.

Unless, of course, he was offering to perform that BJ. Maybe you should ask for a little clarification, Tree.


What the hell?! You've been such a perfect cat for the last 18 months. But now you're peeing on things: my gardening shoes, the electrical cord for the lawn mower, and now the dirty swimsuits from our trip to the beach. Is it because these things smelled of strange places outdoors? Did it bother you that these items were placed in the laundry room with your litter box? Or is there more to it? You're such a fantastic cat 99% of the time, so I REALLY do not get this.

Your momma
Tree, that's terrible. There are few things that are more of a turn-off than selfish passive aggression. What an ass. Now I see why you didn't miss him that much while he was gone.

fer reals, tree. bear=poop. that's just not cool. what an ass.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 14 2009, 05:40 PM) *
Tree, that's terrible. There are few things that are more of a turn-off than selfish passive aggression. What an ass. Now I see why you didn't miss him that much while he was gone.

Unless, of course, he was offering to perform that BJ. Maybe you should ask for a little clarification, Tree.

What the hell?! You've been such a perfect cat for the last 18 months. But now you're peeing on things: my gardening shoes, the electrical cord for the lawn mower, and now the dirty swimsuits from our trip to the beach. Is it because these things smelled of strange places outdoors? Did it bother you that these items were placed in the laundry room with your litter box? Or is there more to it? You're such a fantastic cat 99% of the time, so I REALLY do not get this.

Your momma

Tree, that's pretty craptastic.

If you haven't already, rose, take her into the vet and see if she has a UTI. We get cats returned to the shelter all the time because people assume it's a behavior issue when cats start peeing on things. A couple of lab tests later and a round of antibiotics and they're fine.

I know things have been a bit strange the last couple of weeks. I guess I thought it had something to do with my being a bit sad since returning from my trip home. I am sorry that you came over and took me out last night. I hate that we discussed getting away together next weekend. I hate that we went to see Funny People and fear that the movie will be somewhat ruined for me by what transpired so soon after.

I hate that you were starting things up in bed and my saying that I was glad you were around last night after a week's absence led to us breaking up. I hate that you placed blame on me by saying that it was unhealthy- that you hadn't been treating me well and I had let you get away with it. I knew things have been very stressful for you at work lately. And I tried to be understanding, because that's what I do when I like someone. I try not to let little things get me down. So when I sacrificed time together so that you could sleep, I was cementing your fucked up notion that I am a basket case. (Granted, I can be a bit crazed sometimes, but seriously, you are in need of therapy, at least I am honest about it and in the care of a therapist)

But really, the thing that I hate the most is that I remain pleased that you exist in the world. I think you are an amazing man. And most of the time, you were exceptionally kind to me. You made me dream of a future that I never knew I wanted. This body has been a known baby-free zone for years, and yet the thought of having your children, even now, makes my womb glow.

I hate that you were so willing to give up on us. I am only grateful that we ended things civilly and that your parting words were that I didn't deserve this. And that my response was that I knew that. It's true. I think you're going to regret this decision. I must say that I am very glad we never made the transition from like to love.

(((epi))): thank you. bummer how anger writes the best letters... and hopefully the rest of mine won't be AS goodwink.gif

Dear gay boy inside,

You are hot. You can drive a freezer up the wall.
But you have to chill sometimes. He likes the girl, too.
He likes the girl a lot more because he can feel you breathing behind her, but you have to let him look at the girl a little longer sometimes.
Don't always take over.
Let him work for the boy to come out.
And let the girl have some fun too, she likes to be on the front seat and to look out the window.
Don't hog all the fun.
But I am so learning to love you and not be ashamed of you, have you noticed?
And it's working for all of us, eh?
You rock, baby boy.


I was warned about you. I was warned that you would become the Mother of the Bridezilla. I met with the restaurant owners, and it was such a great meeting. They seemed like old friends. I did tell you that they may not be open on the Sunday you wanted to come up on due to a hectic festival weekend. You went apeshit. I realize that you want to meet these people, but just because you're heading to CA does not mean the world stops. I'm in the midst of planning my wedding, I don't need your shit right now. All I can do is try to call them, and see if they can meet you and Dad on Saturday.

Dude at party,
I don't go to church. My idea of church is silly movies and booze.


WTF? Where's the crazy non believer I feel in love with? What has happened to you? I get that you want to have friends, but does it have to be these people? They annoy me. I don't want them at my house.


Breathe baby breathe.


I don't know how you did it, but you lost 3 pounds. Go you!
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