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Please piss off.

Dear work people,

I'm tired of the fact that only certain people can follow through on projects. Stop putting your work on other people.

thanks, mom.

we have a great relationship, and i love you. we are functional.

but thanks for nothing, on your latest advice.

just when i think you're a feminist, you say shit that is decidedly not.

it's not helping.


dear universe

light a fire under my ass.

(in a good, productive way. i don't mean hemorrhoids).

Please sweet, sweet gods of education let me pass this assessment. PLEASE! PLEEEEASE! If I fail this one too I'm going to get my ass handed to my by my tutors.
Thanks in advance.
Dear Patently Insecure,

You have succeeded in keeping X away from me and ensuring we haven't seen each other in over 3 years. I previously thought this was coincidence, I really did: X has ever been socially extended, but I figured we'd catch up with each other eventually. Then I hear about the allocated hour you 'gave' him to come see me.

I have given you the benefit of the doubt. I have thought you were clingy and certainly that you weren't anywhere near good enough for X, but X is someone who knows his own mind so I figured he saw something in you I couldn't. I hope for his sake that's true, because from where I'm standing you're a co-dependent, whiny, compulsive control freak who relies on X to do everything for you.

I met X's first love and she was everything that you are not: warm, smart, witty and happy in herself. Oh, and beautiful. I always thought everyone since her was a distant second best, very much including you. X is a romantic but also a realist, and he doesn't lie to himself. You might want to keep that in mind.

Understand, I haven't given you a second thought except when I saw X on FB, until I realised the degree to which you were excluding me from X's life. Insecurity is an ugly thing in a person. I never thought I threatened you: I figured you could relax secure in the knowledge that X loved you. But that wasn't good enough for you; you had to micromanage his life.

X will always do the right thing by you. In my opinion, you don't come close to deserving him, but then X always did like 'em bratty.

please grow some bigger ovaries.
I know w/ _'s passing, one whole huge part of your life has changed and it's going to take you some time to come to terms with that and embrace the new freedom it can offer, but don't let him take over that part too.
in my eyes, you've spent your Entire Life being controlled by the two of them, pulled back & forth like a rag doll.
you know deep down he's really not still sick but he plays on your love amd will continue to do so til he too sucks the energy to do anything about it from you.
I love you, I really honestly do. you're a better mother in law than I could ever deserve, but it's hard for me to see this happening to you still. if you take the first small initive, I'll charge in behind you with the calvary and that's a promise.
wishing & hoping,

you're such a jackass.
while I will give you that we had a better than before visit (as I pointedly Ignored you most of the time),
telling your wife she HAS to drive to her own mother's funeral is just too much.
you're not sick you old faker! this is more of your desperate controlling of her, to make Everything about YOU.
how very pathetic you are.
I hope you realise that if by some horrible chance you need a place to live & someone to take care of you eventually, it Will NOT be with us. helllll to the NO!
but I'd take your wife in a eye blink.

still flipping you the bird,
the strongest woman you've probably ever met aka your Son's Wife

um.....YAY for FRECKLE!!!!!
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Feb 20 2009, 02:15 PM) *
um.....YAY for FRECKLE!!!!!

thank you n-n darlin', and sure I'll wipe the old man's mouth drool... w/ the same rag I use to wipe his ass.
I am That kinda nasty when it comes to him.
he best not put me to the test bc my guns are loaded & ready.

ps: I missed you No-ee !
Dear O,

I don't know why you think it's okay to "joke" about something that you KNOW is going to set me off. Save the bullshit about how it's necessary to take these "jokes" in stride. It's BULLSHIT. If you know something is important, nay, FUNDAMENTAL to me, you'd better not make those dumbass remarks. You wouldn't like it if I said something "funny" about your beloved religion, would you? So think about it: If you say something that you know is going to piss someone off, you're not JOKING, you're INSTIGATING. Next time you say something you think is cute, I'll fire off some universally offensive dead-baby jokes, and we'll see just how *funny* you think that is. I'll probably throw in some religion-bashing jokes too, for good measure.
Oh, and when you know you've pissed me off, DON'T TRY TO BUTTER ME UP, that shit doesn't work - it only makes things worse. When you make me mad, APOLOGIZE, shut the fuck up and get the hell out of my sight, cuz I don't wanna look at you.


ETA: WHOOO! Freckleface, kick some ass!!!
Dear E,

Bite my ass.


Okay, I'm confused now. You wrote back and told me that you and B could be here at 5 or 6. Ummmm ... does that mean you expect me to feed you? Because that wasn't what I had in mind & when you originally suggested we all hang out, I thought you meant later - after the dinner hour. So now I'm stuck here wondering if I need to plan a whole dinner menu in the next 24 hours.

Can I just tell you to come over later? Should I? Is there a subtle way that I can do this? can I maybe say, "How about you come over after the dinner hour instead? Maybe 8pm?" Would that be too much?

Ugh. I hate being put in this place. I wish I'd had another day or 2 to plan this.

dear you -

(and I'm using this as a blanket letter, so I'm talking to more than one of you, but mainly to one, and you may have an inkling of who you are.. but I dunno - anyway, whatever.)

FUCK YOU. seriously. fuck you. fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.


fuck you,

ETA- that was not directed at any busties...I just re-read it and realized it might sound like it. it's not!

Dear V -

sorry I was such a weirdo this evening, I had a couple and somehow it brought all my crap to the surface. Let's do the girlfriend dinner on Monday and not dish about a thing. Let's just eat and drink some wine.

dear lab dragon

everyone at some point has seen you leave on the days we have department luncheons with leftovers piled five or six plates high. it's a source of great amusement and frustration for us reps to watch you being all sneaky about it (well, you think so anyway), or bold as you please, daring someone to say something. i've only seen you do it when there's only one or two of us in the lab though, and definitely not when the bosses or large groups of people are around to see you raid a near-full fridge, and when someone else comes looking for a late shift snack or another piece of cake, they find one lonely chicken wing on the tray, or a container of refried beans scraped almost clean. i can only speculate on the reason you didn't do so today (our supply of plates was running low, we're almost out of foil, your eatin' pants are in the hamper, who knows?), but the best part, the part we were all laughing about or bitching about in outrage, was you turning around at the door, and with the sternest look on your face, the most whiny, petulant tone in your voice, screeching "there'd better be food in that refrigerator when i come in monday! i'm tired of coming back later and some selfish person's taken all the good stuff and hasn't left any for other people!" a wee bit hypocritical, oui? i just wish i'd been there so i could have called you on your shit, and believe me, i so would have.

so-and just so you know, this was purely in response to your hypocritical, whiny bullshit-i took half a pizza, two loaves of the garlic bread, a big bag of salad, and a huge honking slice of the cherry cheesecake that you'd written "a's cheesecake, DO NOT TOUCH" all over in big angry letters, just to spite you. and the other rep that witnessed your parting temper tantrum, and the other two reps we told about it, they're hoarding and writing their names on a whole shitload of stuff to take home tonight too. two of your cronies are working tomorrow, but sunday afternoon, early evening, when the whole plant is quiet and there's one indifferent security guard who only works weekends and won't remember who all came in that day when you try to track down whodunnit? i'm going back for the rest. but i'll try and remember to leave you a chicken wing.
dear zoya -

you really need to get over the fact that people like you. In fact, they see in you what you don't even see in yourself. Stop acting like you're the mousey victim, because you are the only one who sees yourself that way. Come on, girl - you just got a big vote of confidence and still you act like a pussy. You're not. No one even remotely thinks that but you. Stop being your own worst enemy.


Dear X and Y:

I love you, but you're pissing me off. STOP CALLING ME about every little detail. Can't you make your own friggin' decisions? I am not your taskmaster. Or your scheduler. Or your mother. I don't have the answers you're looking for.

Dear O,

Still don't get it, do you? Even when I told you explicitly what your transgression was.
Just wait until the next time you get my hackles up.


Dear G,

Am I going to have to belt out some offensive "jokes" at you too, so you'll understand my POV? I'll do it, make no mistake. You won't like it, and then I'll throw your own words right back at you. I look forward to it.

Love (I adore you, but you don't seem to get it, either),
Dear Universe,

Why are you making me choose between these two things? Is this some sort of giant fuck you? No matter what I pick, I loose. I will regret whatever choice I make.

Le Sigh.

Dear whoever,

Why is this class so hard? Why do I have to take it when I'm in a fucking liberal arts course? And why is it okay for them to dock me marks on something that they never expressly said needed to be included in the assignment? I mean, seriously. Please god or whatever being is in charge, just let me pass tomorrow's test. I just want to make it through this one class. I will try harder. I will work so hard. Gah


Dear sweetie pie,

I miss you already. I'm hoping that concentrating really hard on school this week will help the time go by but I keep thinking about being in your arms and feeling your body against mine. You were right. Even though we wouldn't normally hang out tonight anyway it's weird just knowing that you're not in the city. You are such a great guy and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Dammit, you turn me into mush. And I love it.
skankho's from the mr's high school class that thought they'd be "funny" and post a Poll about wether or not the mr carries Condoms at his crackbook page:

1stly - what the fuck. seriously. what a ridiculously catty & BITCHY thing to do.

yah we were 'back there' last week for the funeral and apparently, as nothing more exciting than Us Coming Back to Town has happened in the last decade, you felt so compelled as to what- throw a pebble of sand at my marriage?
do any of you stupidass crack whore bitches Honestly think that he's going to read that- smack himself in the forehead really hard and say " Oh My Gosh! K is All Wrong for me! I must divorce her RIGHT NOW & marry ___ !!!"

it's been 16-17 years now.
dontcha really Really realise it's time to Let Go and MOVE ON ?

I know he broke the code and married an "Outsider," - why do you think that is? have any of your tiny pea sized brains ever stopped to contemplate that maybe I- bein' one of those Damn Yankee (one who came South & Stayed) am so very different from any of you there that is exactly what attracted him to me in the first place?
and that try as you may you cannot be me.

I know you all think he is a "great catch" and the fact that he is still married to me, looks sexy as hell in a suit, owns a home, has a daughter, loves dogs etc etc, shows that he is capable of Committment, therein making him ever More attractive to you.
but what you don't know is how hard he/we've worked for this marriage. you don't know the times we've been so flat broke busted we didn't have gas money or winter clothing for our baby.
you might see all the places we've lived around the world as ~Glamorous, Exotic~ and I won't lie, some of those places have been freakin' fantastic yes, but they don't make up for the years upon years I've raised our daughter alone and the desperate lonliness we've endured over and over again when he is deployed.

now in the face of all that, do you Really think that your little fleck of dust flung at us in cyberspace is going to have any affect?

having vented all this here finally, I feel really sad for all of you & wish very honestly I could share this letter with you. contrary to beliefe, I don't hate you.
I'd give just about anything to have 1 single friend there that wasn't secretly scheming & stalking (hello p I still got my eye on you bitch) to "get him from me."
I'm tired of being aware of people staring at me when I go back there bc none of you apparently know the definition of the word 'subtle.'

that is the mr's hometown. he honestly loves it like he loves air. I want so much to be able to share that sense of peace with him, but none of you ever-let-up on me.
- Southern Hospitality?

mr's recipricately devoted mrs
dear co-irkers-

i know you know exactly how many times i've been the only thing standing between you and a scheduling clusterfuck of epic proportions. so making "jokes" about my "unreliability" because i missed one voicemail regarding a scheduling change, and your dumb ass was stupid enough to assume it had been received, without my customary verifying callback saying "yeah, i'll totally reorder my life so as not to inconvenience the resta y'all" wanna go there? really? because i'd be happy to arrange turning my phone off on weekends, or just oops, accidentally deleting the message and your number from my missed call list. keep it up bitches.
Dear you,

I'm choosing a potential career over what could potentially happen between us. You keep telling me it's timing, but I just can't wait. I want this career, I know how you feel about it, and I know how you feel about me. You said regardless, we'd always be friends.

Looks like because of both our present situations, it isn't going to happen unless you can accept this is what I want. Slowly I think you are seeing this, but potential just isn't good enough.

I'm sealing my fate, I know this.

Freck, that is one of the trashiest things I've ever heard. Stay classy & just let them wallow in their own Mountain Dew.

You've been spending too much time on-line. You know this. So do something about it. Create a schedule that will force you to get off of the couch. And stick to it! You'll feel much better when you're checking more items off of your to-do list.

And for god's sake, do your taxes!

*channels some roseviolet*

You've been spending too much time on-line. You know this. So do something about it. Create a schedule that will force you to get off of the couch. And stick to it! You'll feel much better when you're checking more items off of your to-do list.

And for god's sake, find a job!

Gods and Goddesses of Marin County -

Please, please, please let his interview go well today. He won't let you down, I promise.

Your prodigal daughter,

Dear Universe,

Guidance, please???


*channels bunny and rosev*

You've been spending too much time on-line. You know this. So do something about it. Create a schedule that will force you to get off of the floor. And stick to it! You'll feel much better when you're not brainlessly perusing blogs.

And for god's sake, finish that goddamn presentation!

Dear COCL and Bunny (RV too but I don't know if you checked it out) will be there when you are done. Stop looking at fmylife.

CH, the internet punisher.

Thank you for reminding me again why I never want to marry you. Seriously, fuck you.

Do. Not. Volunteer me without my permission. I mean, to just flat out tell me, "DS needs to put his topper back on his truck, and YOU are going to help him"....hellooooo? I have absolutely no problem with helping DS. I love him dearly. But, seriously, couldn't you have said, "K, if you aren't too busy, D needs a hand putting his topper on his truck. Could you give him a hand???"

I mean...yeah.

I could have had lots of other things to do. I could have had a doctors appointment. I could've been getting ready to go and get laid.

Don't assume that I have no life outside of you.

And then when I call you on it, you have the utter, unmitigated GALL to claim that I didn't hear you correctly, because I mistook "topper" for "copper"!!! Oh, yeah, mistaking THOSE two words means I got the entire sentence wrong????

And I know that you're going to be wanting a BJ tomorrow. Hah.
Dear Feminism,

Sometimes I think you and I need to spent some time apart. I don't know what you want from me. I don't know what I am supposed to believe or not believe because I say that I am one of you. What is interesting is how many other people know exactly what I should be because I say I am you. I should be simultanously:
    Pro sex-work and anti-sex work
    Anti- bad porn but pro-sex positive porn (and able to tell the difference for myself and everyone)
    Love Joss Whedon but unstand what it means when better feminists than I say that he sucks at gender politics
    Read "important" books no matter how much they bore me
    Not be bored by said books
    Want to go to protests
    Want to be an activist
    Not be suspicious of "activists" because sometimes I think they are just looking for something to be angry about
    Not feel guilty about wanting to be "pretty"
    Not want to be "pretty" just to live up to patriarchal sense of beauty
    Be able to work out just because it feels good not because it makes me thinner because wanting to be thinner makes me a betrayer of all women EVERYWHERE because, yes, I have the ability to betray that many people at once
    Really understand what The Patriarchy is and how my boyfriend, father, brother, plays a part in it
    Be able to discuss race and oppression without coming off as Arrogant White Girl
    Able to join in the groupthink of Jezebel because it is flashier than Feministing and I keep forgetting to bookmark Feministing

Do you see what I mean?! I don't know what you want me to do because I don't know who you are.

But I am not giving up on you. We will make this work. Somehow.

Dear Feminism,
What kitten said.

kittenb; exactly.
so contraindictory and true.

self: stop mucking around & finish the mr's picture already.
you got a bit caught up in your own brushstrokes last night & ahead of your ability but get it done already.

You vile temptress!

I understand. I really really do.

Warning: TMI rant below

Susie Bright,
I'm really sick of your continued preaching that woman can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation. This week in an article on Jezebel, you wrote the following:
Of course she doesn't come "from intercourse alone." No woman does. I'd love to strike that phrase from the English language.

UGH! You are WRONG. And it frustrates the hell out of me that you - a feminist sex "expert" - keeps spreading such a falsehood. You should know better. And the fact that you CONTINUE to perpetuate this lie keeps me from taking anything you say seriously.

Here is the truth: some women honestly do come just from vaginal intercourse alone. Some women come from anal intercourse alone. There are a ton of women on this planet who do not like clitoral stimulation at all. Perhaps they are a small minority, but they exist. When you ignore their existence, you basically make these women feel like freaks - as if there is something physically wrong with them. The truth is that nothing is wrong with these women. They're just different. And there is NOTHING wrong with that.

I know that the majority of women come from clitoral stimulation. I totally get that. But what about the small minority of us who don't? Should we be made to feel like fictional freaks just because we're different? We may be in the minority, but that doesn't mean we don't exist!

I honestly have a lot of trouble taking ANYthing you say seriously. How can I trust your so-called expertise when you can't get something this simple & basic correct? Grrrrrrrrr.


Dear RV
As a member of the vaginal orgasm club, I don't consider myself a minority or a freak. I think I am one lucky bitch! Fuck Susie Bright ( hahah get it ? fuck her I kill me!!)

I'm also a lucky member of vaginal orgasm club, susie bright needs to open her mind just a little. See, how about this, susie, I don't orgasm from oral sex, not enough on my clit, so ppppthhhht.

heart you!

Ditto for vaginal orgasms. Although for a long while in my 20's I was convinced that I was, in fact, a freak. Just because I'd read that same line over and over, everywhere I looked.

I am loathe to admit it, but this crap actually had me wondering if I knew where my clitoris actually was.... unsure.gif
Hmmm, Roseviolet and this conversation is exposing a big gap in my sex knowledge so I am going to be brave and ask my question in the general sex question thread (or whatever it is called.)
RudderlessChild, me too! I have definitely felt like a freak because of this. I, too, was worried that I didn't know where my clitoris was or that maybe I'd even been born without one because I just wasn't feeling what I was told I was supposed to feel.

We will definitely have to continue this conversation in another thread. I've never really been able to talk to other people like me, so I'm excited to hear that I'm not alone in the Bust-iverse!
Count me in the club. Clearly, we are not alone.

/continues derail
dear nakedmoledude,

i have spent the past week busting my ass, cleaning, cooking, taking care of our demanding man-child baby who weighs almost 20 lbs., and i am feeling unappreciated. it didn't help having your attitude about how i didn't answer my phone today (yes, i really was cleaning), especially while i'm stressed out about my dad's possible freaking prostate cancer.

i am running on no sleep. i am anemic. i am suffering post-partum depression. i have never felt so ugly and tired in my life, and never needed more support than i need now, and even though we live together i've never felt more alone. i don't know how much longer i can do this. i don't need suspicious heckling, i need a fucking break. i feel like a single parent.

p.s. if you don't want your phone, i would be MORE than happy to cancel the service. i don't enjoy throwing my money away.

Dear self,
You know that scene from Doctor Who, the one where Martha is explaining why she's leaving, how she was getting out because she couldn't take it anymore and needed to move on? Replay that, memorize it, and move on. He isn't into you like that; at the most you are some dorky coworker to him, and will be nothing else. If you want to look him up on your trip, go ahead. Just don't be surprised if he tells you to fuck off, he told you stories about not wanting to hang out with some of your mutual acquaintances from work.

Dear B,

Why is is that nothing I write to you seems right? Maybe I just need to send you a direct invitation, for the weekend after next. I'm glad I saw so much of D last weekend - he's obviously got your best interest at heart, and that was really sweet to see. But you need to do your own dirty work, fool!

We're almost there,


OMG, you'd better step up your hand washing, you shouldn't be getting monthly colds. You work with kids, remember?? Don't hold back w/ the hand lotion, and you should be cool.

Thanks so much,
Immune System
((rudderless & two beeps)) sad.gif

former daddy,

please don't backslide. one of the reasons i broke up with you was because i wanted to get my act together, and to a degree, that you would do the same. the funny thing is that's also why i started falling for you. i slid into a florence nightingale delusion before i even knew it. i wanted so badly to make your life better at my own expense. i worked so hard to help you move from your pack rat nightmare of your old rental to your new house. i tried so hard to try to keep things clean, but you and your roommate's impulses kept pulling toward the mess. i finally jumped ship, and am slowly cleaning up my neglected life. i'm glad i did. now i visit your place and i see how much i kept at bay, and even though i still have feelings for you, i see now, i can never go back. i don't want to live like that. i've seen how that story ends, and while i might not be the most anal, i like that i will never live like that again. not even close.

your former baby girl
Dear E,

I know you are thinking that I backed out of your wedding because of this one behavior. Although, I think you are giving yourself too much credit. You have felt quite freely to take advantage of our friendship. Part of this situation is my fault that I take responsibility. I spoiled you too much. I did not say no to you. I let you think your behavior of dropping me at times was ok. It is not.

You wonder why you do not have quality friend, deep friendships, or friends willing to go out of their way for you. Well, it is because you take advantage of the people in your life who do treat you well. You have built your life on superficial frienships. You helped to cultivate these friendships. I consider this situation between us as a learning to you about what happens when you shit on your friends continually. Sometimes, that 1 behavior can be the breaking point. I will let you believe that it is about this 1 situation.

You need to know that as a friend I need someone to be supportive of me. Not only supportive if it fits their goals or values. You know, I might never get married or have kids. My life may not seem that exciting like yours or your friends, but what I am going through is my life and I need the same support too. Just like the type of support you give your friends when they are getting married or pregnant. Maybe our differences are too much for our friendship. Maybe we are heading in 2 different directions. The difference between us is that I was able to put my own values aside to support you. It's a shame you couldn't do the same for me. That is why I felt comfortable not being there for you.

I am sure you will have a memorable wedding. I do not regret not being there. If I get to Italy, I will have a clear conscious about being there.

with love,

PS If you thought my email to you expressing my anger was scathing, you have no clue what scathing means, especially when it comes from me.

Dear Stargazer,

As tough as it was for you to turn someone down and not be there for them. You needed to do this. Fortunately for you, you are independent and can move on from this situation. You have always been able to let relationships which have taken up too much of your emotional space and balance end on their own. This behavior is called self preservation and you have always done it. You move on.

i am just gonna let it go. i am hurt that when you need an audience you contact me and it is always all about you but when someone is in town who you know I'd love to see all of a sudden I cease to exist. This has happened twice that I know of. I guess I just don't consider you a friend anymore. It's not even worth discussing really. also you couldn't even be bothered to wish me a happy birthday. that's just shitty. I wish you well I really do but I just can't deal with your self centeredness anymore. y ou can continue to invite me to shit and i will continue to gracefully decline.

I almost told you about what happened last year but I don't think you'd really get it.
good luck
((((rudderless and twobeeps))))

Dear Universe,

What the hell are you doing?? Why is this happening again?? WHY!?!?!? I cannot go through this again. Ugh. I better get a big pay off in the end. Either that or this is some karma from another life. Seriously, couldn't you just have made me a tape worm? Tape worms don't feel emotion. Or a cockroach, or a bed bug. Something so when I get squished that's it! Not this crap though.


Dear Insane Ex-Wife of My Lover/Bandmate,

If you don't back the fuck off my very dear friend sometime very soon, you are going to have your face introduced to a brick wall.

Seriously, how fucking old are you? You call him five, six, seven times a day and leave awful messages, and you e-mail and e-mail and e-mail, and even posted on Facebook until I showed him how to block you. You heap abuse and threats on him. You insult him and demean him and try to beat down his self-esteem. You use the kids to try to drive a wedge between him and his friends, his music, his happiness.

I guess you can't stand it now that the divorce is about to be final - now that YOU finally signed the paperwork, after, what, four years? I guess you can't stand it that he moved on with his life. I guess you can't stand it that he HAS a life, and you don't, oh great lady who hasn't worked a paying job since you met him. I guess you can't stand that there is a FEMALE in his life - ANY female. I'll bet you really can't stand it that your son adores me.

And for the record, you can call me Dodo all you like - I remember that one from the 1st grade, and it just makes me and your ex-husband snicker.

Get a job. Get a life. Get a grip on the fact that your kids can't stand you. Get a grip on the fact that your ex-husband has moved on and won't even pick up the phone when you call.

And another thing, lady. FUCK OFF. He is a GREAT MAN, a wonderful man, a fabulous man, and an absolutely amazing man. The truly amazing thing is - get this - when you talk to him with respect and trust and compassion? He actually responds! In fact, he responds beautifully! Much more amazingly than you'd expect from a man who crawled out from underneath your crushing foot.

And the more you try to drive a wedge between us, the closer you push us together, because I am strong as all hell, and he is getting stronger in my company, and yeah, I won't be afraid to smash your mean, lazy, stupid face into the first brick wall that happens to be in the nearby vicinity. OKAY?

Fucking cunt.

Love, Dodo
doodle: you rock.
in multiple and awesome ways, really, I'm so glad you are my busty sista.

it's ok it's ok it's ok.
all the monsters, so fucking Many of them crawling out of closets and from underneath beds.. like a Army of them endlessly... but they can't hurt you now.
I know it's scary to have discovered or remembered or realised there is apparently more to what you even 1/2 thought you already suspected, and L says it's perfectly alright & normal to need to grieve for that discovery so let yourself feel so sad as you are tonight.. reach out to the mr & let him hold you... try and explain how you feel to him and why tonight.. you wanted to share this with him to let him be a part of your recovery bc at least for tonight, you know you're not strong or brave enough to walk the road in the dark by yourself.
so many years of that already, no wonder you are afraid of the dark.
you're going to get through this wee one, woman who roars, I believe in you and what you are doing to heal.
loving you so very much ((((((((((self))))))))
((((((freckle)))))) You are too the woman who roars. (((you)))

Dear Time Change,

Fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I hate loosing an hour of sleep, and on a Sunday no less. I konw you change over on Saturday, but that STILL fucks me up on Sunday.

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