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because I don't want to be a shit-stirrer in the thread this stems from...

dear male newbie (and your female newbie enablers),

If it was an established BUSTer asking for advice, that's entirely different, and I don't think anyone's reaction was too extreme. And yes, we would jump (and often do) on any newbie who starts a completely new thread without consulting. It shows complete ignorance and entitlement and unwillingness to actually get to know the board and frankly, I'm sick of it.

As I often say about that old chestnut about men not being able to find the clitoris, what part of front and center is so difficult? Like, right there on the first page of the Lounge, not the BUST website, but the main page of the Lounge. Boom. Rules.

I dunno *shrugs shoulders* maybe I'm just too polite for the internet. Maybe I need to just start barging in on the Christians and the forced-birthers and the mommy boards and the men's forums and post questions about my atheist-pro-choice-childfree-cunt problems. Then I guess I might understand this perspective better.

As it is, I am mighty mighty mighty sick of the way things have been suddenly going downhill. I realize that things change, but over the six years that I've been here, I've never seen anything like recent events and if I'm going to be told to play nice with people who don't respect me, I'm leaving.

*hair toss* harumph!
dear you -

you are a lying sack of shit. Yes, omission is lying too.

you fucker. Spineless motherfucker.

I hope you're happy in your little world you created for yourself and yeah, maybe it was karma.

fuck you.
dear universe,
please let me figure out a way to make this one as necessarily awkward or not awkward as possible. If it were to be awkward, I would want it to be sweet, drunken, lovey dovey, oh-do-you-remember-the-last-time-we-did-this-I-can't-believe-I've-missed-this awkward. If not, then it better be Damn Cool Good Friends Chilling/No-Touch/; Talking About Feelings Out Loud good.

As much as it would hurt, you know which one I want.

I will be a on a Built to Spill trip this whole week, and it will be pointless.

fucken A.

dear RWW,
I know you will rescue me if I need it and that is why I love you! I dont want to inconvenience you by making you pick me up at the airport.

About the whole br thing, just relax. He likes you a lot.

dear friends -

thanks for running off right in front of me and not even asking me along. Excellent. Have fun. Not like I'd like to be out partying with you or anything...

skin- I'm sorry!
I know I know, we don't like the sun bc it hurts and does awful bad things to our pale delicate skin.
I'm sorry. as sometimes we get absolutely *no reflection of anything* from being out in it tho, I really didn't think it'd matter much. I was wrong.
I did put some lotion on, but clearly not enough and now we are paying w/ the currency of pain.
never again ok, so let's heal fast please?

hurry & get here! it's been too damn long!
you're probably lost, so just call already for directions, this is a terrible town to navigate.
dear Freckle,

I hope you are doing okay, you seemed kind of glum and like you were going through the muck a few weeks ago. PM if you wanna talk.

Sorry for the double post:

Dear Mr. G3,

Please get over yourself and your jealousy issues. We are all friends. It was a mistake, that when I gave K a peck hello, he took it to another level. Once it happened, I backed away and asked him why, which ensued to many apologies. He had a bit much, and I was tipsy as well. Not a big deal. I told you about it because you know how people love to talk in this town and how your ex likes to harp on any gossip she hears about me to use as ammo against you in your next fight.

I told you, so you knew it was something stupid and not A BIG DEAL, at all. Thanks for blowing it out of proportion and treating me like a leper.

Sorry I did nothing but make you dinner for father's day, but frankly, I did not want to be around you and you did nothing for me for mother's day. I took you to Mortons two weeks agoa nd put almost $300 on dinner, plus let you sleep in a long time Saturday morning, happy father's day.

Also, thanks for not being very supportive during this job debacle I was in. I know you have been stressed out with extra work, but that gives you no right to insinuate that I am a lazy loser, sitting on the couch all day. So far this year, not even finished with 2nd quarter I have made more than you will, probably all year, plus I have a new gig. I just had license crap to figure out. So, when you start bringing in the big bucks and picking up the slack, then you can call me lazy, until then, please recognize EVERYTHING I DO for you and your children, then bend down and kiss the ground I walk on. Not to be Bryan Adams, but 90% of what I do is for you and our family. I would like to be appreciated.

Also, thanks for telling people who hate me about my job situaiton. I really like being out and having people I don't know, associated with people who don't like me, asking about my job search. Thanks again.

I am really upset right now, and wish you would stop thinking about how everything affects you and think about me for a change.

then you might realize why I feel the way I do.

I love you, you butthead.
Dear AZ Guy,
Let me explain why I can't tolerate being around your friend for more than 20 minutes: He is an addict who is extremely needy and won't shut up for five seconds. It has nothing to do with him being nice, it has to do with my tolerance for addicts and emotional sponges (which, after dealing with you, is very low).

I need my alone time, I need space, and I don't care if you had this life-long ambition to cram as many people into as small a space as possible, fulfill it some other way. I am not you, and keeping me around other people 24/7 is a surefire way to make me go crazy, especially if they are as needy, noisy and addicted as your friend. Right now I am being stressed out by Spanish, am starting to look for a new job, putting up with a lot of crap from my current one, and I do not need to come home to you two sprawled out drunk and high off your asses, wondering why I'm not in a better mood. I haven't had time to exercise and sleep well, jackasses, that's why I'm fucking pissed off.

Also, it pains me that you can't seem to accept that I need alone time and you have to ask me why I need it. It's a part of who I am. I've always been like this, and I need it to relax and be myself. I am not the only one who needs alone time, and maybe if you tried it, you might discover some things about yourself.

Your friend will be out by the time I get home. I am being heartless, but at this point, I am ready to kill him.

P.S. You are dead wrong about the smell of ganja, right now my hair fucking reeks of it. Air the place out, okay? I don't care if it's summer, I am starting to despise the smell of it.

P.P.S. Your friend didn't sweep the floor. And is there any chance he can be assigned to rehab? At the rate he's going, he'll be dead by 30.
Dear PAC,

OK yes I know you've invested in me. And that you want the best for me because that reflects on you. But I WILL NOT even consider moving to the US. (sorry US busties but I just can't do it). I can barely stomach the idea of having to move at all. I have a life here. For the first time in 26 years I have a life that I am 100% happy with. I have never really felt "at home". Moving here changed that and I am not going to let it go. So I'm sorry if it reflects badly on you that I might limit myself by only looking for somethign that will keep me here but I am happy. And I want to stay happy.


Dear BR

This is why I wasn't looking. This is why I should have just buried it all instead and just ignored it. Now it's complicated. I am scared that you are going to get hurt. I'm going to get hurt. I was trying avoid this. I am an idiot. I love you. And for that I am an idiot.


Dear Rollercoaster conductor,

Took you long enough to start up the loops again. It's easier if you just keep them up all the damn time. Then I don't get lulled into a false sense of security. Then things like finding a life doesn't get in the way and I don't get hurt.

Dear you:
It's been a long time now, and I really wish I was able to forgive you, but my inabilty to forgive you is directly directly related your your inability to forgive me. I wish you'd stop dating a series of girls who remind you of me. I find it insulting.
Maybe someday you'll be able to admit to yourself that what you did to me was beyond wrong, rather than continually trying to convince yourself that I'm a bad person and that you're better than me. It wasn't until only very recently that I came out of my self-recriminatory haze and realized that what you did was cruel and selfish and wrong, and that my reaction was entirely natural, given the situation. You are an unfortunate person, B., and I really wish that I could see you in a better way, but I just don't know how.
dear roommate,
um. you are kinda mean. I'm sorry that I always crave the food you happen to buy. But I get food too! I DO! I ask you if you need anything from the grocery and I WOULD get it, and I've asked you if you wanted to come along. I make food for you because I like cooking for people and I think it's silly that what we buy individually rots because nobody's allowed to touch it. I snapped at you because you snapped at me. It's not fucking fair, I know i'm not your REAL ROOMMATE, but our mutual friend invited me to live with him for a few months, and that means you too. You've always been cold to me, and I can't figure out why.
I hope we work it out.

Rant "Sure I'm angsty and immature, but I'd never admit it" Rave vs. 88

Dear you,
I'm sorry. I get hongery. And it's not just, me, even she knows that. And I don't mean to make this situation even weirder. But please, stand up to people who bother you. For both of us.
Hoping we're still friends,

dear boy,
oh, so um. Remember how I said it was Built to Spill/Doug Martsch/Architecture in Helsinki/Liz Phair week? (well, I didn't say it to YOU really, but y'know) That means I'm *digging* you. That means that when I go to sleep i'm going "Hot damn, I might see that boy. THAT boy."

don't disappoint me. Note previous letter and act accordingly, k?

Dear boyfriend,
Phone sex is good, but not when I phone you at 6:30 am before getting up to go to work. I'm just too damn sleepy!
Dear me,

Please start thinking about something else. He'll call this week. He is not a bad guy, he is working. In the meantime, get over it and get some work done. Quit being so distracted. Things are going to work out the way they need to work out for you. Just trust that.

Dear research panel participants,

Please show up tomorrow. And have interesting things to say. And make the client happy. You can help this hellish project end on a good note. I would like to be paid for a portion of the many, many hours I've spent on this.

Dear self,

Don't take jobs like this one anymore.

(((busties with bigger problems than me)))
Dear Val,

You are one of the most selfish, delusional people I've ever had the misfortune to know. That person you love to hurt, that is *my* sister. Yes, you are her birth mother, but that is all you are and all you will ever be. She is the only thing you ever did right. Now leave her alone. Just leave her the hell alone, lady. She does not need your mind fucks any longer.

And you know what else, that little girl doesn't either. She loved you up until tonight, when she heard that message you left her mother basically calling her a "nigger lover". You dumb cunt. You granddaughter is part portuguese, puerto rican and japanese, her cousins are black and mexican. DId not even consider that when you opened you fat fucking mouth? Or did you just not care if she heard it? She is eleven years old and as sharp as a tack. She reviles racism, sexism and people like you. She is also for gay marriage. Ask her about it, she'll educate your biggoted ass. Oh you fucked yourself this time, douchebag.

Oh yeah, and trying to lay guilt trips on them for missing my mom on mothers day is just plain foul. GO TO HELL nutbag. *My* mom was more of a mother and grandmother to them both then you could ever dream of being. I know that it's always bothered you and it always will. Boo hoo, too fucking bad! Where the hell were you when your daughter needed her mother? Nowhere. Lying in a bed, wallowing in your own self pity and misery. Being verbally abusive to her every chance you got, while my mother fed, clothed and housed her and more importantly, loved her, unconditionally. People divorce all the time. It hurts, it sucks, but you move on with your life. It has been 20 years lady. Get a fucking grip on reality.

The only reason she has allowed back in to her life is so her daughter would have a grandmother, but since you've resorted to playing these headgames with her too you are cut off. And yes, I am gloating. I'm pleased as pie, bitch. You've never been worthy of them, not for one minute.

Anyhow, that wonderful, beautiful, spirited girl is graduating from elementary school tomorrow and *I* will be there, as her aunt, and there is nothing you can do or say to prevent that. It will be fabulous as her real family, us "schvartza loving bastid's" and "faggots" will be there, crying tears of joy and sharing in her big day. So you sit your crazy ass in your dusty little apartment and look outside your window at all those brown skinned neighbors who are nice enough to carry your groceries up the stairs for you and you continue to judge them, cause at the rate you're going, you'll die alone and sadly, one of them will probably be the ones to discover it.

Sayonara biotch!

P.S. thanks for the greatest sister/best friend and neice on the planet!
Dear universe,
I want him to love me. Why?
ggg, thanks so much
things are better now.. by degree..
the world is just heavy sometimes, you know?
hugs back,

thankyou for not having termites!!!!
Dear N
I love you. Come to Italy with me next summer.

Dear Examiners
Please please please please pass me. I really really do want to be a vet. Please?
Thank you

Dear O
talk to me, I'm bored and I miss our chats. I do hope you're having a good time on your holiday, but don't wait too long to come visit.
the crazy one

dear O,
I am done with the crush. Over, caput. Nevermind.

Dear P,
it makes me sad to hear you're repeating behaviour that scared us as children. I'd hoped you were past that.
Dear Mr.A,
You were a kick ass teacher back in the day. Yes, I secretly(or maybe not so secretly) had a crush on you. Know what would make you totally awesome? Please hire Mr. Pixie! He is going to be a kick ass teacher...and it is so close to the house! I am still digesting how completely weird it is that my old teacher could become my husbands boss and contemporary.
P.S. Yes, I do still have the OSU ping pong ball earrings!

Dear Other school board,
Please recognize what a kick ass teacher Mr. P is going to be an offer him a job so he has a back up plan. But don't be upset if he doesn't give you an answer until after he hears back from Mr. A.

Dear head,
WTF? Do we need more sleep, a chiropractor, more HBi injections, what? Please stop with all the aching so bad the world goes blurry.

Dear post office,
Please for once be amazingly fast and let my wedding pictures be waiting for me when I get home!
dear self,
Stop being a lazy fuck.

And stop thinking about stupid stuff.
it's not good for you.


and as for you,
you don't know what i'd do to you.
Dear E,
Fuck you and your emails entitled FYI. I don't think our father was rude to your obnoxious husband , in fact I think it is the other way around. and quit throwing it back in my face how you had my back. If you wanted to stick up for me do it because you believed it was the right thing to do not because you can use it lord over me and show how I owe you. I don't owe you shit. I never asked you to stick up for me and would prefer if you didnt. I yes shit was hetic for the first four years of our marriage but guess what I have worked it out and don't harbor all the bitterness and resentment that you do. I am over it and have forgiven them for not getting it. What is important to me is that I enjoy the relationship I have with our parents now. I can't continue to be angry. Let it go.

I did stick up for you until I found out your husband did not work for 8 months and he was a dick to our father who is a grown man and doesnt have to like that asshole you married.

You are both assholes who deserve each other . I hope you live miserably together ever after.
Dear Admissions assholes,

First you make me wait what felt like forever, only to tell me I am on the "alternate list". You suck.

Not to even mention the bullshit "please note that we are not comfortable with giving out any other details on your status until we are able to make an offer of admission, so unless there is some extreme urgency in your situation, I would request that you await further word from us...."

All I want to know is am I like #2 on the fucking list or #1267... you jerks.

You Suck!

dear mandi,

get a grip. shit happens. quit turning it into the end of the world. put on your big girl panties, pull up your bootstraps and move the fuck on already. chalk it up to 'nother lesson learned, nothing more, nothing less.

but yeah. do LEARN from it this time, k?

mandi, who's tired of all the self-flagellation already
you are doing so fantasticaly wonderful, I am floored and much taken down several pegs.
apparently I AM crazy, which is just wonderful compared to the scary awful feelings I'd had about things for you.
you are so competent and, well, shineyhappy, you radiate good energy right now.

blessings and peace~

freck's school:
you have Pissed Me Off now.
I don't know exactly what I'm going to do yet, but there is no way it's right what happened.
part of me wants to be lazi & be happy & just enjoy that you passed her in that class so we can enjoy the summer and look forward to next year, but I can't. she wasn't-even-close and her grades all year long but esp at the end, showed that. what do I have to do to get you to really SEE my child? is this part of the brilliant No Child Left Behind scheme? if a kid's otherwise got pretty decent grades, to just scoot them on by? under the rug and up the ladder?
no, I will be that pain in the ass parent who really does care, and continue to fight and crusade to get the genuine help and education for my child that our taxpayer dollars guarantee.

see you soon~
freck's mom
dear god,
fuck you, man!

dear friends -

I tried to write this to you before, but for some reason it wouldn't post... I'm sorry for doubting you all. Thank you for coming back and bringing the party to me! You all rock and I am so thankful that you are in my life.


dear Mr HMCHH -


Sorry, Busties, long rambling letter ahead.

So many reasons. I just don't feel it, and I don't know if you're even capable of feeling it. I think you're selfish and too wrapped up in yourself to really care about somebody else.

I find myself giving in to the urge to take car of you- which is okay if it's reciprocated. But this mother/son dynamic that we've developed is just infuriating. I pet your hair, you smile; I trace your lips, you smile; I make you dinner, you thank me; I give you a half-hour back massage, you thank me. What the fuck am I getting out of this?

Yeah, you're phenomenally pretty. And I think that I've discovered that I AM shallow enough to stay with you because I'm proud to walk down the street next to somebody so farking gorgeous.

But it's not enough. Duh. You've let me know that you have a serious problem with commitment, and I've internalized that to the point where I don't think that I could ever let myself fall for you. I can take care of you and comfort you for as long as you need, but you could never actually touch me.

And the sex, dude? What about ME? Goddamn it, jerk, you don't even TRY to get me off more than a quarter of the time! Then you lay there with a smug smile on your face and talk about how great it was for both of us. And you KNOW that I want more- I've freaking told you that I'd like you to at least try.

Don't think that you're automatically back in as soon as he's out. You've got a hell of a lot of atoning to do. But I think you really have changed. And we work so freaking well together. You're like an old friend who knows everthing about me already.
((CJ)) Warning bitchy post.

Dear universe, please let me not fuck up this so called relationship or job. When things go well, I expect Kezer Soze to jump out of the bushes, and throw some shit my way. Am waiting for shit to fall any day now, as God's little joke.

Quit telling me you want to wait for sex, and then want me to suck your dick? Isn't that an intimate act... isn't that emotional? I have my fucking mouth on your cock, and I think that's pretty emotional. And by the way, I'm not blowing you again, until you go down on me. I don't care of your scared or out of pratice, I can teach you.

Please don't run away. It seems you have some commitment issues. I just want shit to work out between us, because I sense a good thing here. Or the beginnings of a good thing. And please don't leave me hanging on forever. I can't do that anymore.

And yes, you pissed off my landlord by showing up so late last night. She's already pissed that you're even here. I so need to find a new place. This isn't just due to you, but I'm getting very sick of the whole housemates thing. Just glad you weren't drunk.

S, Just because we made out the other night, does not make me love you. I needed to be touched and J wasn't here. I have a feeling this LDR isn't going to work out, I'm just too much of a flirt.

obelix that hug was intended to you not CJ. Sorry, not enough coffee yet. :-(
Dear Mr. Manager,
Stop being such an insidious bastard to my guy. He works his ass off for you and the company, and you give him shit for the most petty, minute things. I don't care if you're french, or think you're hot because you wear the black shirt. You had the looks, but your attitude makes you as ugly as sin. I wouldn't fuck you if you begged. Start treating him right, goddamnit. Your guys are talking about you behind your back. And you know what? They all hate your egotistical guts. Little do you know, there is talk of a coup.

Dear My Golden Locks,
Please grow back quickly. I was horrible and chopped you off. I miss you terribly.
Sincerely yours,
ok mr HMCHH - I just wanna be buddies cause you are cool and we have fun. I'm not getting all weird on you, I hope you don't think I am just because I am bugging you to get your fine ass on AIM. I'm just being myself and I wanna talk to you.

so anyway, come on. don't be a pussy. it's no big deal.

dear dude,
why did you put me through so much shit for 2 years just to forget about me in 3 weeks? i regret giving you all the chances i did.

dear self,
stop wasting your energy worrying about someone with no depth. there are all kinds of rad people in your life to hang out with. enjoy their company instead.

dear M,
what is your deal?

dear E,
you are so pretty and fun. i hope we can make out.
Dear lounge,

You make me so sad lately. Everybody is so ready to jump on everyone else lately. It seems like you can't even have an opinion of your own that differs with someone elses without getting slammed. I know the Jamu stick crap really messed withus all because the people involved appeared to be real Busties and had us duped. But that is no reason to practically chase away anyone new or beat up the existing memebers who have a different poitn of view.
I remember when we could have good debates and arguments without trambling on other peoples right to a different opinion. I thought feminism was about acceptance of each other.
It seems most of the "regulars" are moving off onto other websites and it just makes me sad.
dear pixiedust,
I knowww.
it makes me sad too.

dear lovely friend
you are awesome, even if i get mad sometimes. thanks for doing the dishes. I hear you right now. Also, thank you for having exquisite taste in music, even if it is very depressing. (and the same song five times in a row!)
okay bye,

dear self,
do not get all worked up. Today was better than it could have been.

dear you,
lameo mc flamo. I mean, just plain lame. I do not do flaky friendships, even if I dig you like a worm in the dirt.
I am done done done and refuse to be cute with you ever again.
*so there* Actually, no, that was being cute. Byye.

dear goddess,
please let it be so that the fratboy lameos next door did not see me naked when i was changing and forgot to close the blinds. I am skeeved out!!!!
dear antidepressants -

I love you!

Dear You. You know who you are, even if I don't. I don't appreciate you tampering with the valve that I had locked and chained out. I could have been killed. My phone number was written clearly on that tag along with a big huge DANGER, DO NOT OPEN THIS VALVE.

You didn't even try to contact me. I know, because my pager showed no pages whatsoever.

It takes a lot of screwing around to manage to open a valve with a chain around the handle. I bet it took you an hour or better. You couldn't contact me in that time frame?

If I ever find out who you are, your job will be at risk.
dear boy,

friggin' call me already! i hate playing the "i'll act disinterested in you to get you interested in me" game.

dear g,

i hope that you're understanding of my situation and you're not mad.
be ok.
I had a bad feeling about fridays test, and this explains why you didn't call to tell me it was ok.
I know you're more worried than you let on.
going to do some research to find out more,
dear PB,

It was justa short visit but it was so great to see you. I didn't realize how much I miss having you in my life.

After reading through some very old e-mails yesterday it saddens me that I can't sit down and have a talk with you. WTF were you thinking? WTF was I thinking? I have e-mails chronicling our whole "relationship" and our conversations about my divorce. Right now I would like nothing more than to smack you upside the head! YOU cried in shoulder all the time about your ex wife, but got tired of hearing me talk about mine rather quickly. You went postal on your ex wife's boyfriend....and yet sat idlly by while I was going through so much. You wanted us to see other people, but every time I did, you got jealous and wanted to be exclusive...and then the very topper....telling me you wanted to marry me, AFTER I was already engaged to Mr.P!!! You really are a rat. You soooo did not deserve me. Between my depression, your neuroticism, and the "other factors" I was dealing with, I'm amazed that it only took me 6 months of pills and a year of therapy to get better. And are still the miserable man who's hand I held so many times to keep you from doing something stupid. I treated you right...and yet in the end you gave up our friendship to pursue a woman just as controlling and demeaning as your mother and your exwife. I guess you just can't function unless you are being whipped. You really are such a sorry figure. I do not understand at all why R is friends with you. You are so opposite.
I know it's my fault for going back through old e-mails. But everything is going so right since I met Mr. P I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.
I hope K enjoys wiping your ass as you slip further into dementia. At least you spared me that. I just hope someday you come back to the club when I am singing Kelly Clarkson. Just once I'd like to tell you off...even if it's in a song.
evil pixie
Oh yeah...and for all those e-mails..FUCK YOU!
oh good god, boy..

don't blow me off, do you think I wanna be your girlfriend or something? Or that I'm gonna assume somethings going on or something since we hooked up? Come on, I'm a grown woman.

I just have a great time talking and stuff with you. I'd like to keep in touch on a fairly regular basis. Don't be a little boy (even though you are one) and do the blow off. No reason.

Dear Universe,
Thank you. Thank you, thankyou, thankyou. For the amazing dream job, the cool (and free!) rental for the rest of the summer, and for amazing friends.



You were right. Things did work out. I should have listened.




Dear MM
I love you dearly, but if you get the bathroom floor any wetter, because after 35 years one still has not learned how to pull the shower curtain all the way shut, and then LEAVE THE FLOOD WITH THE SHOWER MATT (floating, soaking wet), LIKE A FUCKING ISLAND IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR NOW BATHROOM OCEAN, I will have to kill you.

Tired of getting my socks soaked after your after work shower,
Your loving wife.
Dear Customer who was a freakin cunt today on the phone...

BITE MY BIG ASS. I don't work for you, and if someone is going to do all that for your floor for 75 freaking cents a square foot, and do a great job to boot, FUCK HIM. Seriously. Cause at least you'll be ontop for the screwing he's going to give you.

Love always,
your friendly neighborhood flooring professional

Dear Mother Nature,
When I was begging for the rain to stop long enough to build an arc to put the animals on, I didn't mean for you to then delay it so that I have rain the entire time I am away next week. I'd love to be able to swim in the pool at least every OTHER day, please? Pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry and everything?
(Here's to hoping mother nature is a man so I can work my feminine wiles on him and bat my eyelashes....)
Hugs and love
Dear RWW,
Thank you so much for showing me around your town and taking me to the airport eventhough I'm sure you were tired and had better things to do! I looooved meeting your man and I totally loved hanging out with you both! I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

To everyone in the BUSTing trolls thread:

I love you all, I really do. I am as guilty as the next for the snarky replies, the tearing apart of others, the troll hunting.

But I am pleading with you all:

Please. Please, let's stop this train right now, before we derail the reason we've all come here in the first place.

We don't want to chase off now only newbies, but our beloved, established members as well.

One trollish poster is not worth all this heacache and BUSTie on BUSTie drive-by's.

Pretty pwease?

dear job gods -

please send me one soon. please.

thank you.
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