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ok, gt. you were right.
I think she was a wack job. wacko.gif
oh mouse, thank you for being the lovely optimistic angel on my shoulder. you were right. even if she's a troll i don't need to go ballistic.
Dear Daddy,

Sometimes I miss you so much! I cry when I come across something that is so quintessentially you. That pellet gun that never worked, Matchbox cars, anything with a skull. Today it was Thelonious Monk "Just a Glance At Love". I felt how much you love me. It's so perfect, a father's embrace. I miss you so much Da, that it makes my heart break. I'll never find a man as good as you, but I'm trying. I want you to be proud of me. I'm not an ass all the time. I just wish I understood how much you loved me when it counted.

Dear me,

Oh well, you certainly said goodbye to Glasgow in style, didn't you?
You're a silly girl *rolls eyes*
You also can't hold your own water (um, figuratively and literally). Was there any real need to divulge all of your secrets in the one night?
Now go get yourself some greasy bacon, a cup of tea and get stuck into the packing.

Your sober self xx
Ronia D'Arc
Sula and I got home close to 7, because we stopped at the car wash before leaving SB. While waiting in the car wash line she asked me for something to drink--she had just finished the granola bar I gave her and she was "stirsty."

"Sorry Sula, there's nothing in the car for you to drink."

"But what about the orange juice? You said there was orange juice!"

"Yes, there was orange juice, but I drank it."

Sula's voice climbs higher and I brace myself for an outburst. "Why did you drink it? I LIKE orange juice!"

"I know, but when I handed it to you, you pushed it away and said you didn't want it, that it was yucky. So I drank it."

"But I WANT the orange juice!! Maman, I WANT the orange juice!!"

This sentence is repeated 39 times in varying tones of hysterical desperation, tears streaming down her face, while I sit there wishing I could take take my hideous executive assistant clothes off and get into bed. Finally it's our turn for the car wash and Sula stops crying.

When we get home, there are dirty dishes in the sink and little appealing food to eat in the fridge. There are flies buzzing around a greasy frying pan and the dogs and Lapis are underfoot.

I pick up the dogshit from the front and back yards and, since it's already kind of late, tell Sula she needs to take a bath. She freaks out and starts running through the house and around the back yard, yelling that she doesn't want to take a bath, she wants to go for a walk with Papa.

I finally catch her in the alley separating our house from the neighbors, and I'm determined to take the cool-headed approach so no one thinks I'm an abusive parent:

"Sula, come here right now. You can't run away like that."


She continues to yell and cry as I propel her into the house, through the kitchen, and into her room.

"You stay in your room until you can behave yourself. Do you understand?"

"I WANT PAPA! WHERE'S MY PAPA?" She's kicking her feet on the wall and thrashing around on the bed.

I close the door and go into the kitchen, where Johnny is pouring himself a glass of water. He seems completely unperturbed by the scene that just blew through the kitchen. I feel irritated and resentful that he's not charging into Sula's room to tell her to shut up.

"Um, do you think you could help me out a little?"

"With what?"

"With Sula."

"I thought you were taking care of her."

"I was, but maybe you could back me up? I always feel like the mean parent around here. Maybe you could go into her room and tell her she can't kick the wall like that?"

Johnny walks into her room and Sula stops crying. I look through the open door; he's sitting on her bed in a way that tells me he hasn't threatened to make her sleep outside if she keeps being such a pain in the ass.

"Johnny, what are you doing?"

"I'm quieting her down."

"Yeah, but you're supposed to be disciplining her."

"I am, in my own way."

"Which way is that? By telling her she can have ice cream if she stops crying?"

"No, but in a calm way. Not everyone screams and yells to make their point."

"Yeah, well, placating her isn't making much of a point, unless your point is that you're a pushover who lets your wife do all the dirty work."

I thought you were taking care of her.

Huh. Well, I guess I was, you FUCKING ASSHOLE.

-Ronia D'Arc

P.S. Yes, I'm totally motherfucking pimping myself here. Want more? Please come to
dear shitty blogger, ronia:

want more? fuck no. i want you to fuck off.

this isn't a space meant for you to cut and paste your shitty blog posts. no body cares about you and your blog, and posting here like this is only going to make people hate you more than they already do.

i know you are crying out for attention, but why don't you try talking to your husband or a fucking therapist.

Look, bitch, I gave you the deets. You chose to ignore them. So suck it.
me too. fuck off.
ditto. thank goodness for the ignore function, because your posts are IGNORED.

Dear R -

I like you. I'm not sure where this is going. I'm not sure I need to know at the moment. I've never taken things so slow, and never not hopped into the sack with anyone less quickly. (ok, we'll we've been in the sack, but you know what I mean) Dare I say I'm a little scared? This is not at all what I ever expected - but so far I like it. And I like you. I wish I knew what was in your mind as far as intention, though. I'm gonna hang out for a bit longer though, see how it goes.


ronia, why not try the PARENTS website.
might be more of a fit bc uh, it's you it's not us.

please be cool today.
it's taking a lot for me to go back there & I hope you appreciate that although I know you are only trying to be a good doctor to me, something I have made rather difficult sinse all this started. - irony.
meet me 1/2 way?

you can get through this and if all goes well & quickly you will feel good enough to actually go to a store that's not wal mart & try to find some jeans today, and after that reward yourself with wendy's drive through for lunch.
you deserve to do something good for yourself and face it- you desperately need jeans.
one hour at a time today,

Do you actually read the replies here? we tried being patient with you, but noooooooo it just doesn't work out. Now, go book the appointment with that therapist and perhaps try adding something relevant to a thread and not just your drivel.



P.S this is a letters thread, not some drama school read-my-play thread.
dr: you were wonderful.
thank you a million times.
I did go shopping after and was very good to myself today.. both bc I needed stuff (ha,such words) and bc I actually felt good enough to browse & try things on.
you are right, this is huge progress and I am hopeful for this new med to keep the momentum.
thank you muchly again,

you did good kid! tongue.gif
and the new clothes, unless you were completely dilusional whilst shopping ( & you know frecklette will lay you out flat if so, tho she will likely accuse you of 'going preppy') are a nice change of pace as they have color And print.
but.. what's going on w/ your ass? it seems to be flattening and that's most perplexing as it's always had such a lovely roundness to it unsure.gif , but either way, for the first time ever you got to buy jeans w/ pocket flaps on there to compensate.
would stacy & whats his name approve you think?
tired but contented,

Busties :

F A L L! !! !
Dear You -

seriously, do you have some fucking homing device that tells you when my mind is about a billion miles away from you? Your damn vague flirtations via email in the name of giving me information are not going to work! Oh... damn you all to hell. How come all of a sudden I'm attractive to speak to again? Don't tell me it's in the name of "friendship," you've not been quite the friend to me.

Go away from me, I like nice boys.


ps - somewhere deep down I know I'm full of shit, but you are not going to win. The nice boys are nicer. I deserve better than you ever gave me or are even capable of giving, and I know it.
Dear idiot family,

You wonder why I moved two states away. Could it be that the night before I do my frst workshop at a conference and the first time I've seen y'all since June you spend an HOUR AND A HALF making me defend my degree, my choice of career, my payscale, my choices and my intelligence. The only one with any sort of ability to talk about work is Da, and he seems to have forgotten the years he spent up north, chasing the money and the experience that means he doesn't have to do it anymore. The rest of you have no fucking clue what it's like to have a goddamn career goal or a calling.

Get a fucking clue - I'm really not wanting to do Christmas with you at all.

- crankypants

You, the dipshit fucking my sister,

Let's get this straight - you've got an ex-wife, a stunning career as a flight attendant and three quarters of a degree. And you're fucking the hosebeast known as my little sister. I, however, have a great husband, I own a house, I have a career I love and a Masters. Do not, under any circumstance, condescend to me about 'doing what I love' or tell me I should refuse to work for under $50k. Or tell me my degree isn't a real degree. Or that my job is shit.

I'm not the balding loser, fucking a hosebeast while ferrying other losers around and just realising that forensics isn't the hot shit degree and job you thought it was.

I mean, it's nice you're doing scut work for professors to get published. I am already fucking published, you dipsht. So don't tell me how good I'm doing.

Dear family,
I miss you. You drive me crazy, but I miss having you around. The house is so empty now that you've gone back home. So quiet. In some ways that's nice, but now that you're gone it reminds me all over again that I can't just ring up the people I love most & invite them over or ask them to go out to see a movie together or whatever. I don't know what to do with myself now.
PS: Thank you, brother-mine, for only bringing up politics once. I did not want to spend 10 days arguing with you about Sarah Palin. And thanks, parents, for staying totally out of that brief conversation.

I'm sorry to hear you won't be coming to the wedding. I was looking forward to seeing you. I keep wondering if one of the reasons why you aren't going is because you think Sheff will be with me. If I tell you that he can't come, will you change your mind? Or am I giving this far too much importance? I probably am. I'm sure you have plenty of other reasons for not making it. Afterall, you said your car is on its last legs & I know you need money so you probably have to work and blahblahblah. Oh well. It would have been nice to see you anyway.

I'm not sure how to talk to you lately. I'm not sure how I should have handled the deaths of your parents. I know that on some level you're very sad about their deaths, despite the fact that you were no longer speaking to either one of them. You sounded elated & relieved each time one of them passed on, but certainly there's hurt deep down inside you somewhere, right? And I don't know what to do about that. I'm supposed to be the touchy-feely one in the group. The one who talks about feelings and growth and all of that Oprah shit (although in a non-irritating way I hope). So I wonder sometimes if you wanted me to broach the subject and ask "How are you doing?" in That Voice. You know what I mean. But I didn't because I don't want you to feel forced to talk about it. Plus ... well, how can I understand? I'm on good terms with my parents. Hell, I talk to my mom more often than I talk to you. I have no idea what it's like to come from an abusive household like that, so I don't feel that I can provide the type of support you need. I guess I figured that R was a better person to turn to for that sort of thing (becuse of her issues with her dad & all). But I don't know if you talked to her. And I don't know if you're just burying all of this. And I don't know if that's a good thing or not. And I don't even know how to ask you whether that's a good thing or not, you know? It's confusing & difficult because I love you, dammit, & I want to help if I can. I just don't know how to help.

(((((rv)))))) that empty house feeling is so lonely sad.gif .

head shrink:
you rock my socks.
the progress I have made with your help..the way you fearlessly speak up for me w/ my dr, and encourage me to own my own very justified feelings.. you're just wonderful.
yes I know I am the one doing the work, but it's w/ your unflagging support and the meds that it's happening.
this is so the situation I've needed. thank you for being so good at what you do.

I so totally meant what I said in therapy today, which is good for me but unfortunate for you.
someday you might be sorry for things, but by then I will have long stopped caring.
your loss and I am really starting to get that - that it is Your Loss.
youngest of 3

am not going to beg you to come in nov.
if you can- great, if not- just send pie.
not only is it my b-day then, but w/out you & dad I'll have to share that day/time w/ the in-laws, something you know I do not not not relish in the best of situations, but it's not worth your health if it stresses you so much.
listen to m and stay there. it's really O K .
I wish you were being more supportive about my asking for help remembering.. but instead you seem pretty bent on negating things now, things you had previously admitted were true.
you're my MOM. wouldn't this fall under the nurturing and supporting category?
regardless, I am starting to remember things now anyway. not a lot, and it's very slow going,but I am strong enough to apparently do this without your help after all- imagine that!
just bc you do not help me does not make it any less true Mom.
and if you were to spend the weekend taking potshots to undermine what I am trying to do now, it's just as well if you do not come. I am so very fragile in some ways.. trying so hard but yet frail too, I love you enough to not want this to destroy or damage our mother/daughter bond.
wishing things were different but coming to terms with what probably is and will be,
youngest daughter
Dear You,

Why is it that when I come here to write something to you, at first I freeze up? Writer's block? Lame. I know I've already apologized and that you've accepted my apology, but I just need to say again that I am sorry for being so high strung when I got home. I think that this was truly the first time I've felt like I needed a few moments of space. I know that you missed me as much as I missed you and that I didn't handle my homecoming with much grace. And I think, for the most part, that you did handle yourself well. Thanks for letting me a crabby pants bitchface and for accepting my apology without having to dissect it all. And most of all, thanks for understanding it was not you, it was me.

I heart you big, forevah wub.gif

Please learn. Please learn. Please learn.

If you write things down in some kind of diary or calendar, you can have a clue about what is happening when. That way, after I have spent considerable time and inconvenience organising a trip away for us at your request, because your childhood friend is marrying out of town, you will know that it is happening and won't arrange to go away for work at a time that overlaps with this trip.

Additionally, when you make a mistake which results in your lover and best friend's disappointment, frustration and the prospect of her spending more time and effort reorganising said weekend, it might be appropriate to apologise and take some responsibility for the error, rather than defending yourself and blaming others.

It is a fact that you don't have a clue about what is happening when and protesting about this does not make me feel better about it.

I am not your personal assistant. You are an adult. You own a diary. Please use it.

sooo sad
dear boyfriend

i know you want us to get married and i know that i'm always kinda hesitant when we talk about popping the question, but deep down inside i really want you to ask me. i'm kind of old fashion and i don't think the girl should ask. but on the other hand, i'm scared of marriage ......totally scared. marriage is forever, like they say, but you know my first marriage was not forever. i just hope we can be happy together. you really make me happy cause i know you love me. but i hate how you are kinda flirtatious with other girls and i hate how you don't introduce me to some of your friends. are you hesitant to? why? you don't acknowledge me? i'm not important to you?


ex hubby

the day i kicked you out of the house, i felt a sense of i could do it on my own and i was very proud of myself. the last year of our marriage was very stressful for the both of us. sometimes i wish things could be different, sometimes i wish you didn't hit me, sometimes i wonder how you are, what you are doing....even though i haven't received child support from you. i still wish we could be friends. alot of my friends say i'm stupid for not taking you to court for child support, my boyfriend included....but something holds me back. i know i don't love you anymore, you've hurt me tooo much. i don't know what it is. i don't know why i wonder if you think of me, if you even think of our kids, are you gonna remarry? why do i still think of you????????????????

Dear R -

I feel like an ass - not for what I said, but how I said it. I completely understand if you are kinda freaked out by it - it was a bit harsh. Just so you know, spending time with you, getting to know you, is so NOT a waste of my time. In fact, I love spending time with you, and I can't think of a better thing to do with some of the time I have on hand. I just think it's important that people are on the same page, and all I really wanted to say is that I'm not into the fuck buddy thing. Getting to know each other and playing things by ear, however, is just fine with me. smile.gif

I hope you're having a good time there. I hope we can spend some time together next week.


Dear BunnyB -

I'm so excited for you, and admire you so much for just picking up and going for it. Remember when we were having lunch last year just around this time, and talking about what you wanted to do? And how earlier this year, we were talking about how when you just put what you want out there, it comes to you - you just have to recognise it and be ready to just jump into it when it does. Well, you did, and you're on your way! Hang on for the ride, because once you start just recognising that what you've manifested is coming at you, and you open yourself to it, it all comes fast. I'm so excited for you, because I know you've just started your journey. I can't wait to see where it takes you.

love you.

Dear Bunnyb,

What zoya said, so eloquently. Moving to a new place can be so exhilarating and give you energy for new projects, because it can free you from the expectations (of yourself and of others) which defined you at home--even if you were happy there. I have always, always found that to be true for me. Moving city/country taught me to be proactive and optimistic.

I wish you all the very best for Monday's interview and beyond, and know you will hit London running.

All the best,
creepy old pizza delivery guy:
stop making comments to me !!!!! mad.gif
so NOT interested delivery customer

ditto what zoya & syb said, you are remarkable for taking the risk & I hope it pays off bigitime for you.
thinking great thoughts for the interview for you,
Dear you,

I hate loving you.

Dear incipient meltdown,

I understand why you're here, but I am doing everything reasonable to stave you off. I'm giving you a trip to the canaries! Just hang on for another month, let me get this done and keep the mister from being a dick, and I'll reward you with sangria.

dear thrush -

please go away. you're making me crazy.

thank you.

you know i love you, but it's time to let go. there was a time when i really needed a daddy-- i needed someone to guide me in this new life, but now i really need to learn to stand on my own. i need to figure out who i am. i know you don't understand, or don't want to understand, but you are hurting me by not letting me go. instead of becoming more brave, i've gotten more scared of the world. i need to regain who a was and figure out where i need to go. this isn't easy for me. i hate it. i know it will be hard on both of us, but i can't depend on you for my self-esteem. i don't know where i am going, i'm even thinking of moving. but what i am doing isn't trying to lose you, but to find me. there is a woman that i was meant to be, and i have to keep working towards becoming her. i can't stay static, because it's killing me. i have to keep moving, and so do you. both of us have been neglecting our lives for the safety and comfort of our love, but we can't do that. i can't do that. i need to learn how to love who i am.

please don't make this any harder than it has to be. i'd rather leave on good terms, salvaging our friendship, but if need be i will hurt you. i don't want to, but i need to be on my own. my life depends on it.

hopefully your former girl,
so proud of you sugarluv- that's my girl.

watching your personal growth through the years is beautiful.

you are awesome.


Dear R -

Can you please step it up a little bit? I'm giving you a load of space, not just for you, but for me too. If we were spending tons of time together, I'd probably get way too emotionally involved way too fast, so it's a good thing to pace it. However, we do need to spend more time hanging out if we are to get any kind of involved, so if you're still interested in that (which I sincerely hope you are) can you please do something about it? I know you're pretty shy, but good god, man, I get tired of being encouraging. It's all good on my end, can you please just take the reins here and make a plan with me?

oh, and I am going to assume that since you're still in touch and gravitated in my direction most of Monday night, that things are more or less ok with you - but I'm still gonna say what I wrote in that letter before, when I see you. I still feel like an ass for being pretty tactless and extreme, and I'd like you to know that spending time with you is so not a waste of my time. (as you can see from the above.)


ps - who the fuck am I kidding by being all cool? I'm dying to see you and hang out with you. I also want to jump you and do all manner of things to you.
Dearest zoya, sybarite and freckle,

aw, shucks wub.gif.

Thank you for your support, encouragement and wise words.
This move has been easier than I anticipated so far but I know it's going to be one big challenge and adventure.
I'm thankful to know that busties are there to catch me if I fall or to cheer me on with any success that comes of it.

zoya, you inspired me. I will miss our regular meet ups so we'll both have to visit often! You also helped with the transition this week; it was surreal having you here but a blessing too.


bunny xx
Dear gods,
You all have an interesting sense of humor. However, seeing that there are three other people coming on board for this project that I know, I should be anticipating on running into some who I had no plans of seeing ever again. This is a small world, and being a slut with your coworkers isn't a very good idea. Now I just have to figure out how to deal with this.
Off to drink,
Dear Bachelor of Education,

I have worked four hard years for you and it comes down to two final exams written in a 4hr time frame with no break. That is crazy pants. Crazy Pants! Now please, let me not barf- I am a composed individual who knows enough to get by, and if I can keep it all together I may just rock the shit out of these two finals.
Also...finals on October 3- this is also insane. You are so crazy!
I still love you though. You have been my child and I think you were always a toddler. You've driven me bat shit mad but I hope I come out of this as something a little better. I have something more to offer.


Dear Practicum,

You start on the 14th and I still don't know what grade I'm teaching. I'm terrified of you but must learn how to not let that show. Nine weeks and I will be the real deal, well after I pay $290 for certificiation. Don't you know how much money I have already spent and how much more money I have yet to pay. I want to make money!

you are doing ok and slowly learning not to be afraid of the shadows.
you know you have to go around those corners, you have to learn what is there, and you've already made it this far, so very, very far so keep on.
you've learned now that after the worst passes, you do actually find stregnth from this.
sometimes with L it seems like she sublty points out the pieces for you but doesn't tell you what she thinks, and it's only later that you realise the logical order that they fit in.
if that's her MO, it's working for you. let her be your saftey net, it's what she's there for.
yes you might find monsters, but you also might find nothing at all.
regardless you know you are Strong Enough Now to defeat them bc shadows cannot hurt you anymore.
much much much love,
I think I'm falling for you and it scares the hell outta me.
Please don't be a bastard.

You are a bastard.
I can't believe how much of my pride and integrity i sacrificed for you. I can't believe how stupid you were to throw me away. I'm so happy without you.
No, you can't have me back, not even as a friend.
Dear self,

It's just a hiccup, a bump in the road. Everything will be work out will be okay. Don't be the worrywart OCD Virgo freak and over think it. Don't obsess on it and make a mountain out of a molehill. Just put on your big girl chonies and DEAL with it.

xoxo Me
dear universe,

I fucking hate this house with its legions of fleas and plagues of flies and mildew-smelling dogs (not their fault I know) and dishes of rejected food lying in the sink for days----->aforementioned flies. God. Please let repairs to our place go smoothly so we can move out of here ASAP. I don't mind the spiders, but the flea bites and having to protect my food and drink from flies 24/7 is starting to drive me cuckoo! cuckoo! cuckoo!

How can they think it's normal to live like this? Crikey.

also, please let those strange eruptions really be just infected flea bites and not some horrible disease. Thank you.
dear me,

So what. You had another shitty day where you sat at work for hours and still didn't make any money. You got to play with make-up and feel sorry for yourself. Now you're home and you can't eat until you're sick cause you're too poor. Just ignore it and craft. Tomorrow you'll get to do it all again cause that just what your life is right now.

Y'know what? Kick push kick push kick push . . . coast.

It may be crazy late, but I'm off to skate.

Yes, we spend almost every night together. Yes, you want to meet my family. Yes, you invited me to your company party two months in advance. But you did all those things when I wasn't feeling helpless, and worthless, and couldn't leave my room. And now that I'm feeling that way I'm worried your distance is significant. That you aren't willing, or able, to stand with me. I think if we were in love it would be easier. You could say you loved me and I could just hold that close. But now, all I have is "feel better and we'll talk tomorrow". Like you don't want to talk to me when I don't feel good. I know that's not how you mean it but you could. And it's not that I want be in love. We're both in places where we're trying to drastically improve our lives. But, for me, for the first time in a very long time, I feel like I might want do that with you. That's really scary for me.

And I totally hear that you feel that lots of people are putting their stress on you. I think your old friends are jealous of you and what you've accomplished in the last few months. But it worries me that you feel that way about me. You acknowledge that you "should" be ok with that because you're my boyfriend, but I want you to actually be ok with it. If you're not, that's meaningful. In the past I have been completely unwilling to deal with other peoples stress. For me that means I shouldn't be with them, and I act accordingly. But with you I don't feel that. I don't feel that hesitation and that fear of you being vulnerable with me. That's really scary for me too.

here I go again..
P: stop stalking my fucking husband!!!!if I didn't care so much to protect my own identity here, I'd post your full name- age-city & picture so everyone that reads here can see what the Defintion of a Sociopath looks like.
mauddamn you stupid fucking Bitch!
did you Not get it when frecklette sent you that email ???

honest to maud both frecklette & I have friends there in London now and I am surrounded by military strategists;
plotting an international ass-kicking of you would Not be difficult!

wanting to cause you huge amounts of physical harm,

the mr's WIFE

you are the brother of my soul.
thank you for being both an infinite support, an unbelievably good friend, and an all around good guy in general.
I'm really blessed by all that you brought into my life. (i-e : yourself & the mr.)

M: thanks for turning into such a good friend as well. thank you for sharing J with us as you do; I know some times it's probably an ass pain but your additional friendship has really enriched our lives as well and you really mean a lot to us.
pea packs forever,
Dear you,

I am leaning towards telling you how I really feel. I am scared. Please don't walk away from our friendship. Please don't walk away from me.

Letter Busties:
please, I need your help here.
the mr has been 'stalked' for the duration of our 16 yr marriage by a mentally unstable (has been hos for this) woman he befriended out of pity in high school years ago and will-NOT-stop.
she has gone to Extreme legnths over the years to continually get our phone #'s.. even when we lived in Central America! now she is emailing, and recently sent him a facebook friend request, which he accepted as he wasn't paying attention and accepted All his requests as he had several due to not being able to access it in awhile.
if you read my Letter to P yesterday, you can see clearly how I feel about this.
I can't take it anymore. I want to kick her ass (!!!!!!) and yes, I know, the mr needs to be the one to tell her to buzz off but in truth he thinks my reaction is rather funny but I only react this way as I KNOW she is one of those 'boil the cat' kinda of FREAKS. it hits me right in my core.

so, I've penned this short revision letter, and I would really appreciate it if some of you would please read it and tell me what you think? it is my intention then to actually send it to her.
( & I am so sorry for sounding like a complete loon here myself sad.gif )

the mr inadvertently accepted your friend request at facebook on accident and so has sinse removed you.
I think we have made our feelings on the desire for no more contact with you crystal clear but do apologise for any confusion.

Freck, why even bother letting her know? My suggestion is to deface her (you know, remove her as a friend) then promptly ban her. You can do this in your privacy settings. She will not be able to find you at all. When you ban a user from seeing your profile, you literally disappear from crackbook. She can't fin you or themister through frieds, applications or anything. May I also suggest getting an unlisted phone number?

Sending dog poop by mail works, too. Ooo, that one offers elephant poop.

Or you could just block her from your Facebook. That works too, I guess.
ok, I did Block her from my crackbook, but will have to get the mr's password, something that could be a challenge. thank you for explaining how to do that bc I had no idea.

really.. she's just, icky crazy.
I mean, I feel like I'm crazi.. bc hell I've got so much shit I am working on in therapy and taking my 'Don't-be-crazi' pills right now.. but I'm not bothering anyone that I know of- at least not like that!

think I am going to send that short letter...
the first step is to block her from both you and hubbies facebook. Then tell her to stop contacting you. If she does not do this and continues to contact you through emails, or facebook notify your isp. If she is harrassing you thru facebook it may be a violation of their terms of use. Document EVERYTHING ( print out email or texts and record voicemails) especially if she is sending scary stuff. If she continues to harass you online contact the police and a lawyer as well. I hope it doesn't go too far. Good Luck and let us know how things are going
Dear R -

uh.. WTF? OK, I know you're shy. I know you're independent. But you're the one that started this, not me. If you're not into it, just say so. If you are into it, could you please just drop a line or something? Just to say hi? I mean if you want to get to know someone, then don't you kinda have to spend some time with them, or at least stay in touch? Or maybe I misunderstood. Maybe when you said you wanted to get to know each other, I was supposed to read between the lines and know that you meant as friends, not wanting to see where it goes like I thought you meant. All I've ever asked is that you're straight forward with me, and all I've ever said is that communication is important and you don't have to be afraid to say anything to me. Christ, I'm more upset just not knowing what the fuck is up than if you told me I gross you out and you don't want to see me again. At least I'd know wtf is up with you. Stop being a fucking dude, would you?


dear random person in the near future:

i need to yell at someone. it's been too long. years, actually. it's been too long since i've irrationally lashed out, expletives and all, at someone and felt completely righteous and infallible and untouchable. and i want you to know in advance, that it's not going to have anything to do with you, and whilst i suppose i should feel terrible afterward, i probably won't. heads up.


dear all male friends, past and present:

sorry i am.

Dear man posting in a certain thread,

I hate you. You're condescending and clueless about how your advice comes across. You don't even get when someone wants advice or when they just want commiseration. It's keeping me from posting because I don't want to read a trite, know-it-all response. And I even feel crappy when other people get them. fuck. I like that thread. It has been a place for me to share and vent and give hugs. I hate you. go away.

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