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Polly and GT, way too funy.
Dear My sexy lips,

You have helped me grow and realize things that no one else has ever done before. I cannot thank you deeply enough for this. You showed me, taught me, that it is okay to fall for someone. It is okay to trust someone. to open up to someone and not be afraid. As much as I am, you showed me that it will be okay, and I will survive. you are unlike anyone I have ever met in my life, your insight and wisdom is truly amazing and inspiring to me.

Because of you, I know that some risks are worth taking. When I had an excuse, you had a rebound and make me think if it really was a legitimat excuse, which of course it never was. Fear is never an excuse with things like this.

thank you, from the bottom of my heart,

QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Aug 19 2008, 11:54 PM) *
. . . but we have a patient named Dong Wang.

My last straight job we had a customer with the name, get this, Allmighty Supreme Mayo. He told us it was his birth name. A couple years later, he got busted for prostitution & money laundering.

Dear AP,

Get a fuckin' grip, already.


on top of everything else, do you have to be a selfish, pouty, stupid man too??? Fucking leave me alone....I have no freaking vow to you and if you are going to treat me like a wife you can't stand, just leave.


i never asked you to come to anything i've ever done, and the one thing i do, you don't after all the times i came thru for you. then you talk about what a bad friend you are, and to make it up to me you do what? something that would benefit you, of course! you'd put me on the guest list to your show! wow. that's what i always wanted! and you worked so hard to tell your husband to write my name on the list. you are something else. i love how you apologize to high heaven, but when i give you a second shot, emailing you all the things going on in my life i hear nothing..... until you email me to promote your retirement show. you know what, you really don't want me to show. you don't. cos at this point i'd spit on you, and get in a fight with your husband, and call you some names you really deserve to be called. but instead, i'll just not be another warm body to wish you well. because i don't wish you well. i honestly don't fucking care about anything that happens to you. that bridge is officially burnt. chickie, you are a fucking piece of work. you remember when i took your side all those years ago? it was because you told me nico was a selfish, self-involved, self-promoting, self-agrandizing, self-centered bitch. i'm wondering why it took me so long to figure out the same could be said of you. sheesh am i dense. but sometimes it takes these situations to underline things you already know. and if i had the chance to do it all over again, i'd side with everybody else. not that nico wasn't all those things, she was, but you are too. i see now you don't befriend anyone unless they can do something for you. you love to name drop and talk about all the people you know. good for you. i can't wait to see how many are there for you when the shit hits the fan and your hubby calls you a cunt for the umpteenth time and you decide you made a mistake. i know one person who won't be taking your call. me.

fuck you.

Special One,

Will be ever be together? Will we ever be together? Will we ever be together? Will it work out for us? Will we ever be together?

What will happen to us? What will happen to us?
Will we ever be together??

-- my words fly off...
Dear Universe -

OK, I get it. I've gotten it for a long time. I'm not meant to be with anyone. I'm the perpetual cool girl that they all want to get to know, but not be in a relationship with. I get it. You don't have to keep making it so hellaciously clear, though - I get it. Again, just in case you didn't hear - Stop fucking with me, because, like I said - I GET IT.


Dearest Bunny,
I love you . That having been said I am so pissed right now. Unfucking believable. way to totally fuck me over at the absolute worst time ever. This will not happen again. Not because of you but because of me. YOu will not change and it will always be my responsibility. I get it. I wish things would be different but you wont' change and I'll keep working harder get my plus 30 so that I can have the shit I want and you can play four days a week with your idiot friends because I will bust my ass. Fuck you. I don't ask for much just the essentials and when it comes down to it. I can't depend on you for those things. It sucks. There is no point in getting into it with you , you 'll just wallow in self pity as usual and nothing will change . I know this is how we operate in cycles . It's only different if I make a change. I can't control you. I won't even try. If y ou do anything it has to be of your own volition.

To quote UB40, If it happens again I'm leavin, If it happens again I'm gone. I work too fuckin hard to be put in this situation over and over.

Of course I'm sure once I see you again, all my doubts will fade away. I can only be mad when we are apart. Come home soon.
Dear You,

I cannot keep on like this, wondering where things are. You keep onchanging your behaviour. I don't know if you have feelings for me or not, if you cannot make up your mind, then my heart is no longer available to you. I hate to say this, but it is already happening. Today I ahve little desire to speak to you. When I am afraid I bottle up, I deny things until they go away. It is happening now.

You must speak up soon, or my heart will be available to someone else.

Dear Bunny,
the record is on the turntable. Get it together.
I will not be calling to say goodbye.
{and if I remember any worser stuff as my therapist suspects I might, I hope your airplane falls down into the ocean}
K. older and stronger

Mom: please, when I call and start asking questions, don't- shut- me -out.
I need to know stuf.
I need to know what happened when I was little?
why was I so afraid of men w/ facial hair? did something happen you didn't think I needed to know later on bc you thought I woudn't remember? well I don't, but that's only 1 small piece of a progressively larger and larger puzzle.
I need to know what you remember of what happened w/ T.
I need to know not to place blame (although there is some of that finally) but so I can try to put it all together and heal finally.
it's been 25 years I've been carrying all this inside of me - 25 !
25 years of carrying the shame of what happened, of knowing something happened, that he hit and hurt me, but having very little memory beyond that to back it up.
I'm 37 and my life has come to an absolute standstill as I work through this in therapy.. I'm on 2 different drugs and my marriage.. meh..the mr is so far being as understanding as he can be from 2,000 miles away w/ sketchy communication.
you Mom, hold the key to a lot of answers.

when I call please, don't change the subject and tell me what I need to know.
I always said I didn't blame you & Dad bc I always knew you loved me and would have protected me had you realised; I'm a little older now and not sure I feel quite so forgiving but show me that love again now as I need it more than ever please.
most of all, don't turn your back on me as you have in the past.
your hurting daughter K

(((((((tree)))))))) ((((((rudder)))))) stoopid jerks.
Dear B,
I just crunched the numbers. Guess what? Anger + Worry = Exhaustion. I'm taking a nap
This is a shout-out to my fellow campers from Courage North in the early-mid 1980s....

(handicapped kids camp)

T, I am so glad you had patience with my incessant questions about your hands and legs. I should have known by the way they looked that you were born with it. I apologize for my dumbness, and my possible insensitivity. I was a dumb kid. You are a beautiful woman, you were then, and I am sure you are now. I am amazed by your accomplishments, even back then...and I am sure you went a long way. You were the first (and only) person who trusted me enough to let me touch your leg stump. (((L)))

K, you are a beautiful person too. You were the first little person I ever met, and you took my hand and gave me a hug when Denny broke my heart.

V, I will always remember your freckles. I sort of felt like a twin to you...we both had the same hearing loss. You really helped my sign language skills. You were so cute, and you had beautiful STRAIGHT hair that I coveted!

S, you touched my heart in a way none of the other kids did. When that counselor made you the name tag with the raised letters to spell your name so you could feel them, you started crying. I knew why you were crying, and I told the counselor that you didn't want to be different from everybody else. I then asked the counselor if she could make ME a raised letters nametag you wouldn't feel so different. You and I were a pair.

Denny, you were SUCH a hottie. I really wanted to have sex with you. Heh. You liked V more. It's okay...I now see just how cute her freckles and her blue eyes were to you. But, dayumm, boy, you were a hottie.

T, you were such a little rascal. And then you ended up marrying my best friend!!!!

B, I still have a picture of you. I had a crush on you because you looked like Tom Selleck. That was before I knew that Tom Selleck was a republican.

((((fellow gimpies)))) I wub.gif you all!!!
Dear you,

thank you for being you and making things easy for me on Saturday. I will wait for you. you would be one to break my heart. Even though there is that possibility, I am not afraid anymore.


Dear no,

thank you for showing me that it's okay to do things, to put yourself out there. That it's okay. Thank you for showing me to not be afraid. For pushing me. for showing me that sometimes the risk of heart break is worth it.

Dear Jenn,
It's never going to end. Suck it up. It'll only get worse after academia.
And good job on doing your 2 1/2 hours of chem study time.
Gear up for physics tomorrow...
Dear you,
Don't take my silence as me breaking things off with you, I just don't know what to say. Every time I try to write a reply, the words change, the tone changes; it feels like I'm looking at the last five years through a kaleidoscope and seeing something different every time I try to write.

I am glad to hear from you again, but your email said a lot and quite frankly, I'm not sure how much to say in my reply. Do I go into great detail, or do I just give the Hemingway version and not say a lot? The current draft of it is leaning towards the former.

Eventually, I would like to tell you everything, but now it feels too soon, and telling you some of it seems a little cold for email, maybe I will call you to fill you in on the details. Right now, I just want to keep in touch, even though I am lousy at doing so.


Dear job gods,
I am scared, but I am ready. So bring it on.
Queen Bull
Gods of employment:

i think im ready. wanna help me out a bit here?


- aj


what i mean when i say when u should nto move to willow trace is tha ti lurve u way to much for you to be more than thirty minutes away and want you to be at my sisterly disposal 24/7,even tho we are totally unrelated. you truly have become my best friend over the period of this past couple months. i hope the best for you, but dammit, dont move.

- me

Smokey and Gen--
i <3 yall too. smile.gif
Dear Mom,

Why do you obsess so much about your weight? Honestly, why?!?!?!? All of my life it has been a major feature in your rambling conversations with me. And I hate it! Hate it hate it hate it!!!! I hate hearing you complain that you're fat & ugly ... especially when you aren't. It drives me up the wall! I have tried subtle tactics to tell you that you really are good enough and pretty enough. But it doesn't seem to matter when it comes from my mouth. Why?

When I call you, I don't want to hear you complain about the size of clothes you're wearing. I don't want to hear how many Weight Watchers points are in a cup of pineapple sorbet. I don't even want to hear that you lost "only .4 pounds this week" because you were "stress eating". I don't want to hear it!!!! You may not realize it, but this sort of talk has taken a major toll on me during my life. In addition, it's makes you sound far too self-absorbed and, well, that's just dull.

As you know now, I've decided to lose a few pounds. I honestly think I look pretty hot the way I am, but some health problems have come up so a few pounds need to go. Lord only knows why I mentioned it to you because I definitely shouldn't, but it's too late & now you know. But here's a little extra news for you. I won't be telling you about my calorie intake, my exercise regime, or how much weight I lost this week. Why? Because it's private. But mainly because it's a really BORING topic of conversation! I'd rather just talk about what happened on Project Runway & Gilmore Girls, okay? Please? It's far more interesting than going over the details of my exercise journal. Thanks.

Infuriated but lovingly, your daughter,

shit or fucking get off the fucking pot. i am sick of your fucking stalling tactics, or inattention or whatever the fuck it is. are you really such a control freak that you can't see what would be best for the lounge?

you said you want it to be a place where busties could say what they want, but why do you set a table for those who would spit in their faces too?

what the fuck is that?

there was a time when i thought that bust was the greatest magazine in the world, and i've said it before, i'm so soured on the magazine and you because you are so careless with the women on this site, who in some way have given some amount of trust to you, and you treat it like it's nothing.

it takes so little effort on your part, but you steadfastly refuse to do ANYTHING, as if doing nothing would make the problem disappear. it's been years, we've tried every tactic under the sun-- save one.

shit or get off the pot.

GT, mother fucking WORD.
*tiptoes in....kneels down and plants a yellow rose.

Rest in Peace, Mom. Say Hi to Dad for me.

*backs out of room
Queen Bull

and GT, may i just say that i effing lurve you! smile.gif
((((treehugger, and family))))
you know i adore you sooo much tree!
you keep busy, and do what you need to do, ok?
...sending much love with all the other busties,

your pittsburgh roomie,


Dear AZ Guy,
We can't go back to where we were, so please give it up. I hope the next girlfriend you have is able to kick your ass whenever it gets out of line and make you realize that your perspective is not the only one in the world.


Lilac...I second that letter only to someone else.
Oh, Tree. ((((((((((Tree))))))))))

I know this has been a long time coming & that you've tried to prepare as best you can. (((((((((Tree)))))))))
Dear Shiksas,
shut the fuck up already. Being a chosen one has it's advantages. I've always thought goyim were stupid, thanks for confirming that for me. Did I mention shut up? Shut the fuck up. I don't need you to pray for me, my house is already blessed there is a mezuzah on the door.
I'm really glad we are friends again.
as long as you understand the boundries I've set, yes, I too am enjoying the friendship again and I hope someday you & the mr & our families can all meet bc I think it'd be great.
you're a bright spot in a drab sky lately tho you don't know it and I'm not tellin' bc I got "stuff" you don't need to know (boundries and all),
your friend k

mr: I know I'm not writing much lately; you're not online either.
I'm feeling really disconnected to you bc all the stuff in my head & the words just arenn't there.
where am I going to be down the road w/ this? I honestly don't know. a lot of ugly baggage in the past to yet schlep through, but I'm doing the work, as sucky as it is.
are you going to stick by me? I think it's going to get a lot uglier yet before it's over and to say I am lost right now at the thought of it, bigtime.
working on me, thinking about you & doing the best I can,
(love) mrs
Dear Whomever,
Ok so I've admitted it to someone that I'm really crazy about the lumberjack. I know I haven't been around him all that much but there is such an intense connection between us and I really really want this. I know that means that it will probably all go horribly wrong now. I'm complelling you and your higher power to help me. This one is a keeper for sure and surely after G I have earned it. Surely? COME ON!
Dear you,

I appreciate you feel especially beleagued now that RT has come back. I know you love her, but since she's been back you're reverting to the 'I have to do everything' whine. You need to sack up yesterday with your attitude. She's your kid, you chose (or not, but I'm not going there) to have her, so stop sulking because she causes more work for you.

Your whining, clueless, burn your own dinner thing is phenomenally unattractive and makes me never want to have sex with you again. If you want a woman to cook for you, hit up the many pathetic materialistic middle class desperadoes in this town, and have fun with that. I would cook for you but you don't like anything I suggest. I cooked for your child and I tonight and it was super healthy and she liked it.

You love her, I know, but are frustrated because she's around and you have to be a parent again. I see that, but you signed up for it. Taking it out on me will ensure I start looking for studio flats. Your kid, your choice, you suck it up.

You are such a fuckin' butt.

I know you're awake right now listening to me type. GOOD. I hope you can't fucking sleep, you selfish prick.

I've been borderline sane lately. BORDERLINE SANE. Inches from completely subverting myself & disappearing. Only by reaching out to those around me have I found tiny bits of peace. Tiny bits. I have somebody pissed at me right now that I cannot afford to fucking lose. Somebody that makes me more whole as a person. A compass, if you will. But I'm pretty sure she's written me off. I probably would. I'ma piece of shit on that front.

Don't like me blasting/singing Fiona Apple or whatever at two am? TOO BAD. I need catharsis like that, bitch.

Tonight I wore our ring. I let you into something I haven't before. Longhaul & all that. YOU MET MY FUCKING FAMILY. I made a huge meal; you had plenty of times to show them why I love you so much. You didn't. You were polite enough, oh yes. Yes, you were. But you were not my BOYFRIEND in that moment. I didn't expect it to be seamless, but I thought you'd at least appreciate my renewed efforts to make us more permanent in your eyes. YOU MET MY FAMILY. And you still acted like a weenie. My grandad isn't that fuckin' scary. He's half DEAF. Ask him to suck your cock & he wants to know why you want to go the dock.

"I need to be redeemed against the one I sinned against because she's all I ever knew of love."

PS. I am changing my name to Evangeline

Dear Universe-

so I guess you're um... what are you doing? Giving me a chance to clean the slate? If that's it, it's an uncomfortable, weird process. But I'm going though it, being as honest and keeping my side of the street as I can.

So if this is what it takes to move forward, bring it on mothafucka. I'm not afraid.


Dear S -

I went out on a limb, but you made me feel comfortable in doing so. Please respect my privacy as you said you would and keep as much to yourself as you can... like I said, I just want people to know me for me. Not for any other reason or connection. I think you get that. I hope you get that. And I'm really sorry if I inadvertently bummed you out at any point. I don't want to be 'that girl.' I never was that girl, because I had no idea. at all. I think that you got that, I really hope you did.


Dear everyone -

I hope that if you have any inkling, it doesn't alter any of your view of me. I've never talked about it, on purpose. All you know is that I know A, not any kind of story around it. And that's how I'd like it to stay. It doesn't matter. What matters to me is that you know ME. And that is what I've been trying to let you get to know. I'm terrified if you all knew anything, that it would change your opinion of me, or just make you wonder - I don't know what you'd wonder, but wonder something about me. I think by now you know me better than that.. I hope you do. But I'm still terrified. I think you're an amazing group of people - people that I feel proud to call friends. I don't want anything to cloud your view of me. (whatever that is) All I know is that I've done as best I can to be as genuine as possible and keep my side of the street 100% clean. I question myself and get paranoid at times, but I know I've done my best, overall. What can I say? All I can do is hold my head high because though I may have some behaviour in the past that i'm personally not proud of, none of you are privvy to that, and I think that overall my conduct has been pretty good in this new place.

Overall, I love each and every one of you. You don't even know what just your being here and being real has done for me. I just hope that that shit is for real, and that you don't give a shit about any of the other stuff, if anything is known.

Dear Liz--

How is that supposed best friends who happen to fall out of touch for a couple of months gives you justification for dating a very current ex? You blame me to give yourself justification for what you have done to our friendship? How am even remotely supposed to cool with this? It's not just about the "code". It's about our friendship.
You called me ONCE. It was the first week of my new "world". give a sister a break. Now, you tell me that because I left the ex, haven't been in touch in a couple of months, except via myspace..that that gives you enough so you can sleep at night. You love me, but? You have disrespected our friendship. You could've just talked to me about it. I know that I would have been more understanding considering the choices I made...that the ex deserves to date again. I did leave him. I would have been more understanding and maybe even happy for you if you would have just talked to me about it. But, no. You slam me with blame, you slam me with this news.
Had I known he was dating you I wouldn't have even contacted him. I would let things just be. Now I look like a total ass.
How are we to be friends now? And I know you'll be all "oh she's upset. how uncool of her" fuck that. I have every right to be upset. I thought you were my friend.
Best friends don't come outta nowhere with this shit. and you expect me to be okay?
I hope you guys are happy. happy. mad.gif

yours never again,


really? are you f'ing joking me? i can't believe this horse shit. i can't believe you would take his side. do you have no sense of duty to the women who have given their trust to you? more and more i see that you sit in your ivory tower, not really thinking about who and how people are effected by these things. now you've got me to do your dirty work and you are going to complain and nit pick... i am really so close to having done with this. it's certainly not worth my time and my sacrifice. if you want it done different, do it yourself.

Y'know, right now if I thought you actually wanted to end things I'D LET YOU. But I know you don't & I don't want to either.

I know it's hard only seeing each other a few days a month, but that's how it is right now. One of the first things I told you when we got together is that I am a complicated woman with an even more complicated life. So tough tittie.

Speaking of titties, what the fuck was up with the sex huh? Our sex has always been great, but it was obvious this weekend that it wasn't right. Yeah, I still got off, but it wasn't right. . . I was in bed with a stranger. It wasn't a hate fuck. It was an extremely disgruntled fuck. But if you won't tell me what's wrong . . .

I know you have your moods. You get tetchy. I leave you alone during those times or else I get impatient & fuck it out of you. Neither of those things worked this weekend. You were sour the whole time. But you need to know that my patience with that shit is wearing thin. Pull this shit again & I don't care how much I love you, I'm hitting the bricks.

Once again you sat there and let her yell at me for something you and your cronies did. I am so fucking tired of picking up the emotional damage you leave in your wake. So many of our friends are afraid to tell you this, but you are not, I repeat not a nice person to them. Do you realize that your oldest friends stopped talking to us because of something you did and never apologized for three years ago? They were so pissed at you that they had convinced themselves that I was the one that was protecting you and pulling you away. What horse shit. I feel like you are slowly but surely destroying everything that was once good in my life.

On the subject of haven't been my true "partner" in more than two years and tonight's dinner was a prime example. Rather than sticking up for me, like any good husband should, you fucking sat there and made some lame excuse. Do you even realize that when she yelled at me for leaving them out that it was because YOU ignored them yesterday. I can't even begin to put into words how angry it makes me that I continually get blamed for things that you do and I am too afraid of what you'll say or do to me to ever tell you about it. I really wish that all of the people that you've pissed off would also be willing to tell you what they think.

Ever since you started your online gaming addition, you are not the man I married. You used to be kind and considerate and warm and loving. None of these words I would use to describe you now. The valley between us, may be partially my doing, but it's there because I could not take your emotional neglect any longer. There are only so many times a girl can put herself up there on the chopping block only to be knocked down again.

You probably don't even realize that if I had the funds, I would totally be gone. I told myself I would at least let you find a new job first. I'm not sure I can make it that long. I'm not sure I want to be in this house in the morning when you wake up. If it weren't the wee small hours of the morning, I would be sleeping somewhere else tonight. I have dreamed many times in the last 16 months of packing up my things in the car and leaving. Maybe some think we should get into counseling, but honestly, I'm not sure I've got that in me. I'm honestly not sure I care.

So here I sit, typing this post after midnite, with a raging headache and so much anger in me that I can't sleep. I'm sure my students will appreciate the fact that I couldn't finish their lecture because I was too mad at you to think.


PS...don't be suprised if you come home from work some day and I'm outta here.

Been thinking about you all day. If I were ten ounces cooler, I would have agreed to hop in your van last night and tour with you across Ohio. I will always fantasize about the fun we could've spirit, indie hipsters. But I didn't want you to find out how cool I'm not.

~scared little churchmouse.
backwoods redneck bank website:
why do you always not auto pay things only when the mr is away?
do you hate me so much?
didn't get the best of me this time..
future former customer

dear hannah: please stay away from everyone. that goes for tropical depressions whatever & whatever else too.
and gustav can pack sand & go home too while we're at it.
wanting no trouble,

Oh do I know how you feel about emotional neglect and gaming addiction!
I'm leaving next tuesday for those very reasons...well, and some, to be brief, mental abuse. I wish you strength in being able to leave him and give yourself what you deserve. You sound like you've really put up with a lot over the years...especially if your inclination is to just leave.
Good luck.
ha! I'm trowing out your sweater and not texting you despite your facebook request. I'm done with you.

god/dess, can i please have the desision that the u/e people have decided to give me my $$$. this is really too stressful. i just need to know that i can breathe.

asshat that screwed over my parents-

just wait, you SOB... karma is a bitch and she will bite you. hard.

sooo sad
dear god,
please help me and all these other women that are suffering from bv and other vaginal problems that hinder their everyday life. this is a very embarrassing condition and it really messes a womans self esteem, not even mentioning their quality of life. as for me, and i'm pretty sure other women too, i can't even play with my kids, work, or make love to the man that i love without freaking burn, irritation, itch, and goop coming out of my vagina. it realllly takes a toll on one's life. please hear our cry and help us.............please
love you,
sooo sad
((Sooo sad and all the other BV girls)) I can't imagine dealing with what you ladies go through. sad.gif

((Damona & family))
(((((bv girls))))) what polly said.

dearest bustie,

as you know, we are currently dealing with a poor no life shmuck troll named steve. he posts under the name "femicist nemesis" you can tell how pathetic he is because he can't even spell feminist. do me a personal solid--do not go into his threads. he just cuts and pastes bible verses and fake abortion pix because he's not smart enough to actually post his own words. i will try to delete his posts in a timely manner, but if you see his threads, ignore them. trust me, it makes things easier for everyone. while i deal with him, y'all can enjoy things round our lovely paradise. k?.

just block and ignore him by going here: ignore steve/femicist link.

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