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Full Version: write a you'll never send
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Dear Self,

Ok, you are grounded. Ryan told you not to post back to that asshole and yet you felt mystified about this guy’s way of thinking and replied to him anyway. Did it make you feel better? Did you change his way of thinking? Did you make any difference at all? NO!! Just like Ryan told you. Why don’t you ever take his advice? He knows you better then you know yourself sometimes. He said, “Sheena, you are going to post back and everyone is going to pounce on you and you are going to feel frustrated and pissed off for no good reason. So just keep your opinion to yourself and don’t reply.” You should have listened. So from now until you learn to control your emotions you are grounded from posting on THAT website. You can’t change people like that so don’t try. Why do you have to be so opinionated? Grow up.

Dear me,

You don't like to fail, it's not something you're used to and that you like very much so don't do it again. In order to do that you need to get your shit together. Take your fucking life back NOW.

Love ya but you piss me off,

bunnyb xx
Dear C.

Are you an absolute FUCKING MORON?????? How can you make such an enormous mistake? How can you give someone with NO fiscal responsibility something BLANK???? How on earth can you be permanent????


Dear co-worker,

instead of writing upset, stressed out e-mails to our boss about me not sending you the stuff
you need to proof-read before deadline, could you perhaps check your head (and my deadline)?

The e-mail about the task said "put the files in the work folder on the ftp". So I did.
Well before deadline. One mistake is nothing really, we all make mistakes, but last time you
sent the same kind of stressed out, upset e-mails to me & our boss saying I had "missed"
some files and "not all work being done yet". Did you check my deadline before you began
crying wolf all over the office? I had about 12 hrs to deadline at the time!

When I calmly sent you an e-mail saying something along the lines of "chill, I'm on my way",
you waited about 20 minutes before sending me yet ANOTHER stressed out e-mail saying I had "missed"
this or that, stuff I was about to do before my deadline - and may I repeat this - 12 hrs ahead.

Co-worker, I think you are a nice person and generally easy to work with, but what is this new shit
about me "not being on time"? Please read your mail a little more carefully so I don't have to deal with
our boss & a handful of other people at work when it's supposed to be MY DAY OFF, ok? Thanks.

hold your breath, chica~
like the song goes, i'm so glad that trouble don't last always. close your eyes, then open-- weeks later, months later, you will, whatever happens, be stronger, just keep progressing. this- turbulance, these choppy waves are nothing, inconsequential, in your sky, in your ocean, just keep your head up, stay aloft. there is always the dip before your wings push you higher.

blue. don't look down.

just around the corner, or on the horizon. it doesn't matter as long as you keep moving towards it. you saw it yesterday, remember? a morning sky with streaks of brilliant orange above the city. such a warm color. it reflected off the wall, the windows, the cars. it tinted the buildings, and so much else-- if you bother to look. so bother. don't let that charlie brown cloud swallow you whole. look for that tint, that little hint, and don't let go.

--NOW--push down, go up,

exhale, chica~
remember, like the song goes, trouble don't last always.
please be kind and extra gentle tomorrow when I go back for you to re- build my tooth. please be able to re- build it and tell me for sure it won't hurt anymore bc the 3 part root canal + the hurt that's been continuing and don't tell me that instead of re-building it you'll have to do something awful else before you can do that. this has now been a year in the making to get to this point.
and please don't let it cost us a lot, bc my cat's been to the vet and isn't done yet and my flute is in the shop and our house is in danger of the one corner collapsing and we have company coming soon and the neighbor kids I promised to pay to help me w/ the yard and have I mentioned my cat is in a cast & our house might collapse?
just tell me your cheesey jokes and tease me about my anaconda jaw and patch me up w/ good drugs and we're cool, dig?

counting on you~
your 4:15

that is beautiful, really and trully beautiful, there is always the dip before your wings push you higher.
I am so floored by that and think you are lovely, outside as well as in. ((((((hugs to you avia))))))
job god/dess: wtf?! what the hell was that? if you're trying to prove that i am incapable of holding down a job, thanks. that has to be the occupational equivelent of a nice sharp kick in the balls with steel toed boots. next time, can we just skip the whole thing? i mean, why bother? are you just a sadist? here i am jumping thru hoops and meeting their metrics and for what? so they can fire me anyways? why fucking bother? you must be a sadist. the job interview, the environment. i have to hand it to you. i really thought i was gonna stay there for a while. i worked hard to stay there and then like water torture, slowly, you turned it into a very personal torment. the two supervisors with conflicting instructions. the sympathetic "artistic" hr guy. i loved the floor supervisor--one week i'm doing good, my metrics are fine, the next week, i get called in to a meeting about my metrics. and on and on one day up, the next day down, and all and all i'm busting my ass to make the metrics, and i do. i didn't think i could, but i did-- and i still get fired. thanks. i loved the whole thing about the other supervisor asking me if i want to change my schedule to work weekends, the other one telling me i did a good job only to tell me they are letting me go 2 hours later. what the fuck? yeah alright. it is pretty fucked up. the only places you let hire me are disfunctional, schizo clusterfucks. how seattle. i can't tell you to your face, but i can plot, plan and stab you in the back. did ja notice i was smiling the entire time? completely seattle.

ok. i get it. i'm not employable. i don't fit in. it's not like it's news. i just wish you'd stop fucking with me.

Dear you,

I get it. Thanks. You could have just said something, it'd be fair enough and you never have to lay eyes on me again. Now I just feel like an asshole. Which was maybe the point.

I'm happy for you and still wish you well. Guess I burned my fingers a little bit on this one.


Dear myself,

This is silly. If anything, you've been reminded of what you have and how truly deep and profound that is. Did you do anything wrong? I don't know. I don't think so but I have a bad taste in my mouth.

There are bigger things going on. Be good to yourself, get your work done and you'll be fine. Take it easy.

Love, Me

Dear other you,

You are awesome and pretty smart too. Thank you.

I love you,
thanks for not charging me for today and being so cautious, but I REALLY wanted the tooth fixed once and for all. I appreciate your care and for referring me to someone so good but enough ey.
your 4:15

dr.p :
I'm coming back to you.. 3rd time WILL be the charm right?
you're a nice guy, but seriously, not That nice. fix it or yank it already please, dentures are starting to look mighty fine and hey- I could skip the second time around braces! biggrin.gif
see you monday~
your 12:30

- haven't we already had this talk a few times before?
way not cool. so not-cool it might as well be the equator of uncoolness.
really now. let's stop hurting and get fixed so we can go back to enjoying hard foods again bc haven't you had enough time off by now?
I should at least be thinner for all the suffering..
brain above your place
Dear Right Knee,

I understand that you don’t like steps. I understand that sometimes I’m excited and take them too quickly. I understand that I sleep in funny positions and that I hyperextend you sometimes. Hey, you’re pissed. You’ve made your point. The swelling and pain are very clear and severe. We go through this every six months or so. The only problem this time is that I’m without health insurance to take care of you. So Advil, ice and Mr. Ace Bandage are going to have to be sufficient. Maybe since you have so much time on your hands that you can bother me all day you might think about taking freckleface’s sore tooth out for a date. I’m sure you both have lots to chat about. Talking sadism over spaghetti and meatballs sounds lovely.

What do you think Freckle?

Yours truly,

oh lmp-

totally and thankyou! (so sweet! tongue.gif )

I'm so sorry you are having that trouble and I hope it gets better SOON! (did you hear that knee? I'm talkin' to YOU!)


and thank you. freckle, for the avi comment. youre sweet.
I'm not one to say what I don't feel, so you're very welcome.

dear sis -

that letter you wrote to the paper, the one they published today, is amazing. It took a lot of guts to write that letter - but what's even better is that I know you didn't even stop to think about that. You just wrote it off the cuff, straight from the heart, without even thinking twice about it. I love that you don't give a fuck what anyone thinks, but you just called it like you see it, and how you see it is so right on. I know usually you and I are people who see these kinds of situations from the very liberal angle - but in this case, you're right - the extreme liberals are taking it too far - and it takes balls to be someone who cares about the actual events and situation at hand more than the platform, and how you "should" act or think according to that platform.

Bravo for you. You rule. I'm proud to be your sister, and I'm glad you're mine.

dear zoya -

everything is ok. everything is as it should be. take care of your stuff, that's all you can do - you've had so many blessings, the abundance is everywhere. it's amazing. it will continue. Don't sweat it. Just trust it. It will be. it is.

Dear self,

Don't be afraid of where things are going! Just take things as they come.


Dear doctor of my boyfriend,
do a good job tomorrow, be nice, but above all do a thorough investigation, so much depends on you now.
I am so nervous about this, it could really damage our relationship if you're not understanding and open and willing to help him.
You sounded like a nice person when he described you, please be that understanding,
helpful doctor that he needs so much after all these years of shitty medical care
and feelings of being in a hopeless situation.

Dearest darling boyfriend,
please don't freak out tomorrow, (and please PLEASE don't miss your appointment!!)
or become shy or quiet or in any way avoid speaking your mind about this,
it is too important, it is so very very important that you are firm and clear about
what you want and what you need now. You promised! You NEED this change.

You don't have to be perfect or always strong, but I want you off the heavy meds,
and to be honest, I don't know if I can take it if nothing changes after this meeting.
I want a good life for both of us, and a good life can't include heavy and bad,
INCORRECT medication. It just can't.

I am so very tired now. I'm going to sleep. Please let me wake up to good news.

Dear.. I don't know, WHOEVER

I can't believe it. He actually missed the appointment. Well aware of how extremely important it is.
I am so fucking disappointed right now that I can't even express it. I don't want to see him before
he sets up another appointment AND KEEPS IT. I think I'm going to explode.


I don't know what's wrong with me. It's been a year and a fucking half. I guess I just love you so much that I couldn't get over you in a million years. I could handle being friends with hopes of getting back together (my hopes). I could handle it by telling myself that you just needed to be independant and do your own thing, like you said, and that I needed to let you do that because I want what's good for you.

Maybe this is what's best for you. She seems really nice. And I'm crazy sometimes. I want to say that I just want you to be happy, and it's true, but I also want you in my arms, in my bed, in my kitchen. Waiting up for me at night.

please stop torturing me.
my heart can't take it.
Dear life,

Can you please leave me alone and let me go about work and being positive for other people? I thought I was feeling good again and then I lose the head over a 10 minute conversation. I can't deal with most little things without getting really irritatable right now, so I will remove myself from situations where I can and just get on with my work. If you can just let me do this all will be cool.

Thanks in advance, much appreciated, me

Dear dad,

I'm sorry. I'll be more upbeat in future.

Love, me

Dear you-know-who,

I intend to simply ignore any commmunications from you requesting (inevitably at the last minute) any assistance from me this week. If I must I will help out at the event but I am apprehensive lest you make me look stupid. I work hard and see no need to be undermined by your neuroses and inadequacies.

We have had a good working relationship previously. Let's not fuck it up okay?

So here's a suggestion: leave me alone this week. Totally. In fact, leave me alone until you have news for me. I have put in my (unpaid) time and contributed my considerable skills to this institution already, so let it go.

freckleface -

Are we linked or what?

Dear Dreams,

I need to rest and how can I when I running around in your craziness all the time. Please, no dreams tonight so that I can sleep in peace.


P.S. Leave my dad alone too. He needs to rest as well.
I am totally starting to think maybe indeed we are, which would be Terrific if things for one of us suddenly starting going Fantastically. - what do you think? we'll both start using mental Jem Hologram Power to turn our shared tides back to High?
hope your knee is better sweetie~

dr P:
fix it or pull it, ok not really bc it's a molar and I need it for chewing, so please be nice.
and don't let the P stand for Pain? sad.gif
scared and anxious,

Dear Therapist,
don't be an ass today, and I promise I won't freak out on you.
I think that's a fair agreement.


Thank you freckleface! I hope the dentist is nice to you & your tooth.

Dear Mom,

We're all coming to see you this weekend. And I suspect that you know why. It's time to move out of your house. The county has informed us that you are no longer safe, there.

You said to me the other day on the phone, "I hope I'm not in trouble."

You're gonna think you ARE in trouble, when we arrive. You're not, of course, but it'll feel that way to you.

M. says we have to convince you to move. I don't think we'll be able to get you to see that it's for the best. We've waited too long already. We tried to keep you in the house as long as we could...but I think that was a mistake.

A couple years ago, you might have transitioned to the change pretty well. I'm not so sure you'll be able to, now.

I wish there were a pill you could take, legally, to end it. I know you're feeling trapped in your mind. I wish I could free you. I wish I could turn back time and do whatever it takes to make Alzheimers not come.

It's here. It's knocking at your basement door.

I am dreading this weekend, Mom. I know you're going to feel betrayed by us, your children. And I don't know what's going to happen to your house.

Know that this is a temporary state...and that I wish you didn't have to go through it.



Dear lips,

What's going on with the gross scaly skin. You are supposed to be soft and kissable. Exfoliating here I come.


Dear D.

Wow, you are amazing. Thanks for being patient and letting me tear up in front of you on Saturday, most would be uncomfortahble. Things feel right.


Dear Therapist,
thanks for not being an ass today. I think that went pretty well,
considering you and I can't agree on much, except that I'd like to
change certain aspects of my life/how I view them.
You're not a bad person, it's just that you and I are so incredibly different.
I don't think you will grow to understand me during these 15 sessions,
but that's alright. I have other people who do. I'm just worried that you
might not be able to help me. But it's still early, we'll see.

Dear Boyfriend,
I'm still disappointed in you. I don't even want to talk right now.
You infuriate me when you avoid everything that's messy or unpleasant
in the slightest, you're so emotionally lazy! Stick your toe in the water,
yes it will be cold but I promise it won't kill you and you'll feel better
afterwards. If I can do it, you can. We're no different from each other,
I'm not stronger or more fit to carry other people's burdens, you just
assume so because you avoid all work yourself, emotionally & physically.
It's not cute. Stop doing it, or I'll leave.

I still love you though. So stop.

Dear you know who,
I thought we were over all the childish bullshit, but here you go again acting all stupid and immature. I wish I didn't care, but I do. You make me so angry sometimes, but I can't resist you. I wish we could just admit that we love each other and be through with it, but then I know that wouldn't work either. So many contradictions. I do love you, though, and it makes me feel crazy. Then I think about not talking to you anymore, and that makes me feel worse. I want to be there for you. Try to relax a little bit, and let me.
((treehugger)) ~*~*~strength vibes~*~*~*

dear BFF-
you never make me mad, and i love that, and i'm not now, but really, it wasn't your place to tell that person the intimate details of my personal choices.

and besides, some of it's not even accurate anymore.

i actually kinda like it here.

ok. sometimes. but that's more than i did before.


dear week,
thank you for not ass raping me today. i'm still recovering from the lube-less bristles-first broom stick rogering you gave me last week.

((((((((treehugger)))))))) gentle hugs for this really hard time.

steroids start tomorrow, so let's groove w/ this and make it work out right, deal?
we can do it!

dr p: thanks for being the cool endodontist that you are, and trying this alternative treatment so I don't have to go back under the knife. however, when you asked (thoughtfully I thought) if I had been under any "additional" Stress, and we both laughed about it, what would you have done had I burst into tears and really told the truth? superfically I am ok but deep down, when I let it, I am a mess. just look at my nails.
I shoulda hit you up for prescription drugs for anxiety.
your 12:20

I'm really sorry you heard me swear at frecklette tonight. damnit frecklette! Hang Up The PHONE!!
thankyou for calling and giving me the chance to explain, even though I know you Really called to chew me out for it. ( & then Didn't.) no washing my mouth out w/ivory?
I love you,
prodigal daughter




why do you have to be so cheesy? i really want to like you, but you try so hard to be funny. i don't want to work that hard. i just want you to be you, and all this other rah-de-rah, well-- it's boring. yeah i know you are attracted to me. that's cool and all but i think i just like dating people who aren't trying. i don't need or want to be impressed. i just want a connection. but then again, i suppose i ought to be happy. i don't know how i feel about dating a boy, and i don't want to fall for you, and you are making that suprizingly easy. so.....i guess thanks!


tranny god/dess:

i guess your alter was due for an upgrade, and t was super sweet for getting a $75 brass sculpture. bless her something special. thanks btw for bringing her into my life. when i was dating her, i swear i thought you were fucking with me, but i so see that you knew what you were doing. she makes a fantastic friend, and our heart to hearts make me look at being trans differently, and that is so what i need, so thank you. tomorrow i'll get you some flowers, leaves, light bulbs, and maybe some fruit and choclate. the candle is already burning, and right now, i'm kinda happy. don't let my usual unemployement agoraphobia kick in, and please, please, please, please let the wednesday plan work. i deserve it don't i? oh, and can you find some more people who like my "tranny" paintings and not just my safe ones. hey, and since i'm asking, another job and a show would be awesome. i'll get that website up asap. oh. thanks for e. too. i don't think i'm gonna be dating him, but i apreciate the ego strokes, even if i don't particularlly buy what he's saying. the thought was great. even better cos it makes me happy that i'm not dating anyone. anyways, good lookin' out, and thanks for everything this last week. it should have been shitty, but it's been fun. you rock.
Dear Mr. P (former drafting instructor),

I’m sorry to say this but I’m glad you are gone. I’m sorry you had to have emergency surgery and that you are going to be out the rest of the semester but you were honestly such a bad teacher. I’m not going to feel guilty about loving the new guy.

See only God and I know the truth about how I’ve been dealing with your bullshit. I knew it was wrong but I was doing it anyway. So I spoke to God on Sunday night and promised I’d stop if he’d help me out in regards to your lame ass teaching style. And, guess what? He did help me. He sent me the substitute teacher of my dreams. This new sub taught me more in two hours then you have in six weeks. Then he announced that you weren’t coming back and that he’d be your permanent replacement. THANK YOU GOD!

Good luck with your post healing and adios amigo. Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

Dear S,

What I did yesterday is how you are supposed to inform someone when you are seeing someone. Unlike what you did with me. The difference between you and me? I have a fucking spine! I'm happy. Fuck off.

yeah CH!

You go girl!!


dear friend:

i don't appreciate your digs at my overprotective parenting. if we were true friends, and if you were intelligent and had some basic understanding of irony and sarcasm, i wouldn't mind so much. and your overbearing judging of j & j and their disintegrating marriage & how they're irreparably fucking up their kids? um, maybe you should muzzle, sweetie. someone with your freaky, inexplicable homelife, warped but amicable non-marriage (such as it is) and less-than-stellar oblivious parenting skills should be the LAST to throw stones.

and quit asking me what's wrong and begging for my confidence. i enjoy hanging with you every few months, we have fun, but that's the extent of our friendship. there are parts of you that are quirky and cool, but you're definitely "off" somehow. you'd be the last person on earth i'd tell my secrets to.

and you're the godawfullest emailer. gah.

pissily but with fondness,
(((((((mandi, you know you're one of the rockin'est mama's around)))))))))

((((((((((((((culturephonetongue.gif ))))))))))))))))

I know y'all are involuntarily being subjected to the noise and agony of my ministrations to my flute as of today. I am sorry. maybe I should buy a gross of ear plugs and leave them in each mail box? 4 years is a mighty long time to not be able to play and it takes a bit to get it back.
I will get better though, this I do sincerely Promise. it has been said I play like an angel and can almost sort of hypnotise people and I hope in time you come to enjoy my music as much as I do.
and if not?

Oh WELL ! I'm playin' anyway!!!! biggrin.gif this a joy my heart has been without too too long.
taking requests & settin' out a brandy snifter~
eccentric redhead in the 2-story

you're Fixed!!!
so joyfully were we reunited today!
we're going to make beautiful music together,
woman w/ a song in my heart and rust in my fingers

um, uh, sorry about the time-share weekend I just signed us up for.
I Know we can't afford to buy in, but but but it was Such a Great Price for the weekend, and with as much and as often as you are gone.. and it's your Parents (who I'm about to call) Fault we got the call in the first place so BLAME THEM.
not going to even tell you we can cancel.
I really really do love you,


Ha, freckle I totally forgot about that! (((freckle))) thanks for making me laugh. I totally needed that.

Deatr Boobs,

Stop hurting. It's irritating. Grrrrr.


Dear Self,

Just relax, k girl?


Dear Paul,

I am going to tell you off in limerick form!

You are an ASS
I thoughyou were such a gas
You are really a prick
Go suck your own dick
Because of your behaviour we are at an impass.

I'll take my friendship ball and go play with those who really want me.


aunt agonist
fuck you. fuck you and your self important whining. i never held you back. if i did, you would be doing everything you wanted to do now, instead of finding an insta girlfriend to replace me. stumbled into it??pfft. you NEEDED a momma, and you booted me out so you found her. she's helping you work through your issues with our relationship?! really?? is that really the best way to start a new one? ask your therapist about 'transferrance' fuck face. also- do ya really think that this girl is gonna be unbiased??

you were fucking careless with my feelings and i will never forgive you for how much this hurts. i am gonna grow and i am gonna fucking be everything you never thought i could b/c i don't have your dead weight to worry about anymore. do i still love you? yes. is it absolutely infuriating that i can't stop being in love with your stupid childish ass? absofuckinglutely. but i do. i love you. but i will still never allow myself to tell you that again. you lost your chance pal. and while you're acting like it dosen't bother you now- i can't and don't believe that you really don't. you knew i had trust issues with you because of your past actions and you apparently let me work my fucking ass off at building trust with you and the whole time you were slowly withdrawing. that's fucked up. i can't believe you let me get comfortable in the relationship if you knew that you weren't. if you had issues with me you should have said so!! i blame myself for loving you so much that i blinded myself to your multiple weaknesses (i clearly have weaknesses too), but i figured if i made everything MY issue than i could find a way to work it out. well i love myself too much to do that again. this wasn't my fault. the only thing that was my fault was being so closed to everyone else, and so open with you. i built you up and made you into this demigod in my eyes - but you were just a scared little boy. if i had seen you for that before it might not have hurt so bad. i was stupid, but you were awful to me. you're still being horrible. i think you are a douche bag and while i don't want to speak to you again or be friends- i still want- one day, for you to come back and actually apologize and mean it. and then i can explain in less heated terms why i can't be friends with you again. it's too much energy for not enough return. i felt like loving you was more important than breathing, but why???? what was so great about some guy who can't get his shit together, acts like he's the strong one and blames me for all of his shortcomings???? you have the potential to be amazing. i hope you reach it, but i can't be there to watch you do this to yourself and continue blaming everyone else. so fuck you. call me when you get a clue and i'll tell you to fuck off in kinder words.

dear me,
you are not gonna be over this right away. no one is. even if he's acting like it, it's just because he's a freakazoid and has no concept of how emotions work. get your shit together though and start doing pragmatic stuff. get a therapist. dance a lot. make some money. eventually you'll have more and more moments where you forget his stupid faux concerned face. just stop thinking about him. it dosen't matter anymore and you are far too good for that.
i love you,
letter writers:
I had a scary shake me dream last night and am a bit addled in my being right now. (it was actually a really beautiful dream, sweet, loving, I'm just having a hard time taking it at face-value.)
can y'all send me out some hugs? y'all know the mr is away, and most of you realise to where..
and also, does anyone know of any good Dream Interpetation sites? I looked at one but found absolutely nothing.
sorry for whining,

Here is the dream interpretation site that I love. I usually type my dream out on the computer so that I can make sense of it. Then I highlight key objects or feelings. Then I go to Dreammoods and use the dream dictionary to look them all up. The funny thing is that almost everything I look up the interpretation is linked or similar in some way or another.

*hugs, hugs and more hugs*

I hate when dreams do that to me. The dream about my grandfather had me messed up for almost a week.
Dear Little Sis,

Don't fret sweetie pie. I know how upset and hurt you are. I felt the same way when I got fired from Wachovia. It’s completely bullshit. No way would you steal money. I understand that someone dropped a dollar on the floor behind the register and you were busy with customers and on your way to the bathroom so you shoved it in your pocket right quick with every intention of giving it back to the cashier it belonged too. You made a mistake but you are human honey. We all know you’re honest. Fuck that security guard and your manager. It was a dollar and not a penny more and you gave it right to him when he asked for it. Why would you steal $80 when you know there are cameras everywhere? They threatened to have a female security guard pat you down and you told them to bring it on and they backed down. You asked to see the surveillance tape they said no. You asked to have the registers balanced they said no. They just asked for you badge and told you to leave the building. They are pussies and just looking for a good reason to let people go. Go pick up your check next week and tell Sears to go suck a dick. It was just a part time job to get you through school. At least it wasn’t like me with Wachovia. That was my career, our benefits and half our income gone in a heart beat because on the day I switched desks with my manager I came up $2,000 short in my cash box. Coincidence? I think not. It’s funny how it was $2,000 even, which is a strap of twenties, fifties or hundreds. They wouldn’t check the surveillance tape for me either. They waited like 48 hours to audit the other tellers on the line. Human resources wouldn’t talk to me. It was a nightmare. I was devastated for weeks. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Keep your chin up and again FUCK SEARS & WACHOVIA! THEY CAN BOTH GO SUCK A DICK.

I love you,

Your Big Sis

LMP, is there a labour board or Employment Standards type thing where your sister is?

(((LMPs sis)))

ch & gt -

We live in Delaware. I know I called my previous employer, who I remained friends with, when I was fired from Wachovia and he told me that in Delaware they can pretty much fire you for any reason. I called a lawyer after I got fired and it was very expensive just to go in and speak with her. Deep down I just didn't want to deal with it. I wanted and needed to move on. I wasn't in any kind of union or anything. In all honesty I guess I just didn't really know what to do. I came up short and they put me on one week paid leave while they investigated and then they called me when the week was up and said they never found the money so I was terminated. I think it's the same kind of situation with my sister except there is no leave because it's retail. All this happened to me two weeks before Christmas. It was a bad time and I still get very depressed when I think about it. I'm glad it was just a part time job for her and not a career. She'll be able to move on and find something better.
oh, i know about 'right to fire' states. washington is one too. that's why when i got fired last week, i felt like you did.--i just wanted to forget it, pretend like it never happened. it's fucked up. but if they are using that as a way of firing lots of people or certain people say women or people of color, etc or if they have doing it to deny people benefits-- and it sounds like they are doing something funky. then that's something else if i'm not mistaken.
It's the same thing in the provine I live in. But we have something called Employment Standards and the Labour Board which goes and investigates things like this.

I had a job where I was accused of stealing, so my mother and I went there, and my mom said "fine, you think that she is stealing, then let me dial the number of the police for you". They backed down, but I still left that shitty job.
lmp, thanks for that site link. it had better info than the other sites I had already found, but still nothing concrete bc it is all so very personal to interpretation.

and tell your sister that SEARS SUCKS ASS and the loss is TOTALLY Theirs.

I worked retail for them years and years ago, at a store just outside "the Tower" (chicago's Sears) and we had a helicopter landing pad on our roof and everything, bc ours was a Test Store, so they'd do all these bizzare things to try out & the bigwigs would fly in & out all the time & the employee's were always on High Alert to fall at their feet and tell them how wonderful and smart they were to think this shit up.
and the whole time we were doing that and busting ass to make more money for them, after they put you through more detailed profiling and testing than some government jobs I know, I couldn't even qualify for one of their credit cards.
using and abusing employee's isn't just a sales technique to them, it's a way of life.

she oughta go apply at Belk or Penny's; they hate them. tell her to explain what had happened and how she was railroaded out and how much the job had meant to her.
and then give her a great big HUGE hug from me please.

(((((((lmp's sister))))))))

thanks for the love everyone,
still holding my breath though....

Dear Employers worldwide,
don't be asses.

Dear Co-Worker,
you're still giving me the bitch treatment. Why?
What did I ever do to you, except hand in good translations on time?
What happened to the nice, friendly e-mails? Suddenly they turned into
short, snarky messages, and if I say so, somewhat silly corrections.
Like when I don't translate acronyms like "ftp (file transfer protocol)",
because I'm thinking the reader, who's supposedly a computer geek
in this particular case, must be very well aware of what ftp means.
It would be very long parentheses if I should translate well-known
acronyms every time they appear in a stupid market research.

We translate market researchs here, did you notice? Not that I want to
do a crap job just because I run Satan's errands, but you know. Market researchs.
The next time I translate a book, I'll translate every Anglo-Saxon acronym
as if my life depended on it, but until then, can we chill on the control-freakism?


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