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Full Version: Boys are dumb.
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Boys are dumb when they're all into you, and you start making plans to go out and do stuff and then suddenly dissappear off the face of the earth. Epecially when it was him who suggested getting together in the first place.

Boys are dumb when they start wanting to be like thier friend who just happens to be a twunt (boys are dumb when they think it's ok to show thier friend a picture of some girl's ass when thier friend is sitting next to thier friend's gf).
boys are dumb when they secretly keep an eye on you from a distance by monitoring your posts on certain message boards, hoping to find things you haven't told them, when they know that all they have to do is ask you.

boys are dumb when they keep secrets from you but fail to tell other people that they're secrets, so you find out anyway, quite innocently.
Boys are dumb because even when you say, really specifically, that you want to have a date with them (meaning one on one time), they say something like that's great maybe we can meet up here and later walk up to the bar where all our friends hang out.

It's not what I think of when I think date (dumbass).
boys are dumb when they ask what you are doing for the weekend - give you their number - tell you to call them between certain hours. and when you call them you get the machine - when your friend calls not more then 5 minutes later - they pick up immediately.
boys are dumb because they dont know what they are missing.
boys are dumb when they tell you (down the road when you are talking about "what happened?") that the reason they backed out of what seemed like a thing that was otherwise going well is that for them, things that are good have always been super easy and when you freaked out a couple of times that meant to them it wasn't easy anymore, so that's why they pulled away. (of course, without telling you why) This after you had an established friendship and some time under your belt when everything was going very easily and you think that that would mean that you would be cut some slack.
Boys are dumb when they don't wonder why their previously highly sexed partner isn't all that into it anymore.

Girls are dumb when they put all the responsibility of maintaining a shared sex life on someone else.
boys are dumb when they abuse their (already sick) bodies for years with physical and mental stress, working 2 or more jobs at a time, hardly sleeping, eating either obscene amounts of junk food or nothing at all, drinking heavily, doing coke, popping caffeine pills like candy, and not seeing the doctor about their numerous health complaints or doing anything to reduce the stress in their lives, and when they start shitting blood they blame it on a sandwich you made them yesterday.
epinephrine: holy crap. damn tragic artists, i swear.
boys are dumb when, after a nasty drama shitstorm following a sexual encounter that shouldn't have happened, they don't speak to you for over a month...and then they booty call you again. and boys are dumb when, after being politely turned down for said booty call and reminded of the reasons, they don't return your calls and you don't speak for over a month. and boys are really fucking dumb when, after another month of silence, they drink a dozen beers and decide to call you up looking for some action.

girl, your sandwiches must be addictive or something.

boys are dumb when they beat around the bush instead of, uh, oh my dirty, dirty mind. hee hee.
ahem, ok boys are dumb when they don't just take that pretty much open invitation to just lean in and plant one on ya, when they know you'd at least let them if not actually be really into it. duh, like what are you waiting for already guy? get a mmmooooovvvee on before i mmmooovvveee on. geez.
"boys are dumb when they beat around the bush instead of, uh, oh my dirty, dirty mind. hee hee. " Why pepper, you naughty, naughty girl;-).
*two brownie points for pepper*:-)

Boys are so dumb when they suck in their stomachs everytime they see a bikini, all the while thinking their gf's dont notice.
girls are dumb when they have a man who loves them but they are afraid to commit jessika foo.
thefedupex, although I suspect you are a stalker troll, there IS a girls are dumb thread already. This is for dumb things the males of the species do. Including posting slightly creepy messages in feminist forums without first getting to know the community.

Please prove me wrong by introducing yourself in the newbies thread
Damn, Lucizoe, you beat me by a minute. I am constantly reminded why you are le shit. I bow before you in your infinite glory.

Boys are dumb when they don't take the time to find the 'girls are dumb' thread & post their ex-girl bitching in 'boys are dumb' instead. Jackass.
Oh, lord. Boys are dumb. Just dumb. Dumb dumb dumb.

I accept the genuflection and respond in kind, with a courtly bow a la Marie Antoinette - minus the superiority complex, natch
don't assume.

Girls are just as dumb and sometimes dumber than guys.

I chose to write here where my ex might read it.
by the way, lucizoe-

I apologize if you believe that I just rushed in and posted here- I have been reading for a few days, and didn't think I was posting a creepy message here.

If googling my exes favorite screenname and finding her bust posts is stalking, and makes me a troll for posting, then forgive me. There is a lot more to me than that, and my intentions are purely out of an undying love that I still have for her despite a rocky past.
So you assume she'll only read 'Boys are dumb'? You're dumber than I thought. You're obviously bitter about shit (Why else would you pick such a cranky name?) & trying to get a rise out of her. "Wahwahwah! You refused the gift of my supreme love!" Maybe she's too young, maybe she has issues, maybe you're a total freak & she got out while the gettin' was good. Do you think she'll be hurt because you cry-babied on Bust about her? She's gonna laugh at you. If you wanted her back, you done gone & fucked up, son. No woman in the world wants a guy that feels the need to retaliate on such a small, petty level after a break-up. "Oooooh, I called you out in cyberspace!" That shit is WEAK.

92.9% percent of humanity is completely dumb. Gender has nothing to do with it. You can have a pussy or a cock, stupidity is an equal opportunity occupation.

Dude. Move the fuck on. Maybe she sucks, maybe she doesn't; she just doesn't want you're offering. It happens, yo. Suck it up, buttercup. That which does not kill you makes you stronger, unless you're a weenie about it.

you live up to your name.

She wrote something BELOW, I posted up here ABOVE- like sesame street, get it?

Boy are you an unpleasant person.

You are wrong on all counts and simply want to pick a fight with me, I won't adress a pointless item from your last post.

have a nice day.
Yeah. Yeah, I fuckin' do. I OWN my name. I'm straight fuckin' strychnine on fools & I ain't got a problem with it. Fuck the meek.

Oooooh! You're a wit, aren't you! Colour me impressed by your Sesame Street ref. Tell me, are you Bert or Ernie? Doin' the bwhabwha, pigeon!

Boy, you suck at punctuation, caps, etc. Passion overtake you?

I'm not unpleasant, just honest. You chose to air your grievances in a public forum to get ex-girlyfriend's attention, for cod knows what reason. It certainly isn't going to get her back. You had to expect some commentary from outsiders to the relationship. Duh. You want a cookie? A pat on the head? Perhaps a cuddle?

I'm not trying to pick a fight & I don't think I'm wrong at all. In fact, I think I hit the nail right on the head. She has commitment issues & you don't. I don't doubt that she cared for you a great deal, but she wasn't ready to make that kind of investment. She said no. That's her choice. It SUCKS that it bit you in the ass, but I don't understand the point of posting for a dead horse when said dead horse has kicked you to the curb. When shit is over, it hurts. It sucks. It's miserable. *NOBODY* likes it. Acting out doesn't help the situation any. I completely understand that you were offering her the biggest, bestest present in the world & she said no because she was too whatever to accept it. Commitment issues plague the human species. Fear is normal, natural & often bones us when something good is presented. It takes a lot to put yourself out there. You did, she didn't. It's not your fault. Your pain is completely understandable.

But bringing your drama here? Isn't. Passive aggressive much?
My apologies to everyone for this lengthy post, but I feel I must post it.

Boys are dumb when they think their stalking behaviour doesn't really count as stalking because they're in love, so it's "different."

Boys are dumb when they think they can exhibit deranged behaviour towards an ex-girlfriend in a feminist forum and somehow not be taken to task for it by the feminists.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stalking is a legal term for repeated harassment or other forms of invasion of a person's privacy in a manner that causes fear to its target. Statutes vary between jurisdiction but may include such acts as:

* repeated following;
* unwanted contact (by letter or other means of communication);
* observing a person's actions closely for an extended period of time; or
* contacting family members, friends, or associates of a target inappropriately;


Many stalking cases come out of previous relationships, and are conducted by people who are otherwise considered "normal". A sizable minority of stalking cases, typically the more severe and lengthy ones, are sometimes done out of a pathological obsession or derangement. Stalking is often a form of psychological abuse.

Stalking may involve the intent to acquire private information or objects. Common victims of stalking include:

* ex-husbands/wives
* ex-boyfriends/girlfriends (somebody stalking an ex-lover whom they want back, or even a present lover of an ex-lover, or other cases of unrequited love)
* people in highly visible or social professions, such as teachers, counsellors, doctors and celebrities (a fan stalking a celebrity, or public figure)
* prominent dissidents, political or otherwise
* whistleblowers, activists, revenge for hire

Mullen et al (2000) identify six types of stalkers:

Rejection stalkers: pursue their victims in order to reverse, correct or avenge a rejection (e.g. divorce, separation, termination).

Resentful stalkers: pursue a vendetta because of a sense of grievance against the victims - motivated mainly by the desire to frighten and distress the victim.

Intimacy seekers: The intimacy seeker seeks to establish an intimate, loving relationship with their victim. To them, the victim is a long sought-after soul mate, and they were meant to be together. Also, they may have the delusion that the victim is in love with them--usually called erotomania.

Eroto-manic stalker: This stalker believes that the victim is in love with them. The erotomaniac reinterprets what their victim says and does to support the delusion, and is convinced that the imagined romance will eventually become a permanent union. They often target a celebrity or a person of a higher social status.

Incompetent suitor: despite poor social/courting skills, possess a sense of entitlement to an intimate relationship with those who have attracted their amorous interest.

Predatory stalker: spy on the victim in to prepare and plan an attack - usually sexual – on the victim.


So, YES, thefedupex, you ARE A stalker. Get help.
i hope you emailed that to him.
Again, my apologies to my fellow busties. I just have to do this one more thing regarding thefedupex.

So, thefedupex, let's break it down:

If googling my exes favorite screenname and finding her bust posts is stalking,

Yes, yes it is. Trust me on this one; I've worked with abuse victims for a living for over ten years now.

and makes me a troll for posting,

Yes, yes it does. It's also known as harassment. Possibly criminal harassment, depending on the local laws.

then forgive me.

No, no we won't. I mean, how could you possibly expect to engage in harassing behaviour and then be forgiven for it just by saying it's not really what we think it is? Of course it is. It's your behaviour in the Lounge that we're measuring, not whatever dark secrets you keep inside. Nobody is going to accept a lame ass apology by someone who goes on in his next few words to demonstrate how clearly he DOESN'T mean it.

There is a lot more to me than that,

Unfortunately for you, this is the only side of yourself you've chosen to show us.

and my intentions are purely out of an undying love

That's not love, that's OBSESSION. Unhealthy obsession.

that I still have for her despite a rocky past.

She is done with the relationship. For whatever reason. Doesn't matter why - although with every post you make, we're all getting a clearer picture as to the "why." Regardless, that's her shit, not yours. Whether you like it or accept it or not, you have no control over her feelings and thoughts. Time for you to move on. Apparently you can't, though, so that makes you a guy with a huge problem.

MOVE THE FUCK ON, MAN. For god's sake. If you can't do it on your own, then consider getting some counselling or finding a support group. I mean that sincerely - I'm not trying to jam you up. If you can't get over her enough to stop harassing her online (or in any other manner), you really need to get some help.
Auralpoisin, I take back what I said about you- you were somewhat unpleasant to me, but your last post showed a lot more depth, and less assumptions and name calling. Actually your interpretation this time was closer to reality.

This girl put me through hell. And all the while peppered my wounds with words like "I love you", maintaining contact, making plans with me, asking me for money, and more importantly breaking my heart.

I certainly did not come here to be abused, so ms doodlebug- save your breath, you claim to be a counselor and have automatically turned me in to the bad guy abuser, You are like one of those child therapists who insist that all your patients have been molested regardless of the case.

I have wrote the moderator to delete my posts and membership.

Thanks a lot for being such a great bunch of assholes.

Now go ahead doodlebug and pick apart every word I've wrote if it makes you feel powerful- I could care less about you and your opinions.
So, FedEx, you *are* aware deleting your profile (and with that, your registration) can be done by clicking 'Edit profile', logging in and then following the link 'Delete profile'. I know, it's rocket science.

As much as I want to assure you this post isn't a hint, it is.
Oh, boo.fucking.hoo. My heart is breaking for you. Seriously...can you hear it? It's like, ripping in two.

"Poor me poor me! I kept getting played by this girl and I lapped it up like a fucking poodle instead of growing a pair! Now the feminists are being mean about me exhibiting blatantly stalkerish behavior in a feminist safe space. I'm so amazed that the eeebil wimmins aren't tending to my wounds and taking my side! I'm not creepy at all!"

oh, and -

"Thanks a lot for being such a great bunch of assholes."

You're welcome! Buh-bye!
I didn't turn you into the bad guy abuser, thefedupex. I said *I* worked with abuse victims. However, my words seem to have touched a nerve. Please skip over the word "abuse" (only because you seem to be stuck there) and re-read the rest of my last post. I stand by every word.

You are obsessed with a woman whom you say treated you like dirt. Your obsession has driven you into some unhealthy and possibly criminal behaviours, including stalking and harassing your ex online. Yes, regardless of what happened during the relationship, this IS what you are doing now, whether you can admit it or not.

It's clear that you need help moving past this. Stop finger-pointing, face yourself, and get some treatment.

And by the way, counselling is part of my job, but the bulk of what I do is legal advocacy. So yeah, I actually DO know what I'm talking about, Mr. Clinging Apocalypse.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk someone which may be a computer crime or harassment. This term is used interchangeably with online harassment and online abuse.

A cyberstalker does not present a direct physical threat to a victim, but follows the victim's online activity to gather information and make threats or other forms of verbal intimidation. The anonymity of online interaction reduces the chance of identification and makes cyberstalking more common than physical stalking. Although cyberstalking might seem relatively harmless, it can cause victims psychological and emotional harm, and occasionally leads to actual stalking.

Cyberstalkers target and harass their victims via websites, chat rooms, discussion forums, open publishing websites (e.g. blogs and Indymedia) and email. The availability of free email and website space, as well as the anonymity provided by these chatrooms and forums, have contributed to the increase of cyberstalking as a form of harassment. Also contributing is that cyberstalking is as easy as doing a Google search for someone's alias, real name, or email address.

Boys are dumb and creepy when they think their ex is going to feel flattered by their cyber stalker-y.

Thanks to maude he has deleted his profile.
i pm'ed jessikafessika cause i have a feeling thats who the "ex" is. what a creepy loser.
Boys are dumb when they won't let go.

Boys are dumb when they refuse to feel the hurt, go to therapy, grow, and move on.

Boys are dumb when they need therapy and won't go.

Boys are dumb and creepy when they are out and out mean for no reason.
boys are dumb when they make plans to come down, hang out and fuck, and then after cancelling said plans, don't talk to you for two days until you talk to them.

And then proceed to tell you how they got it on with the hot cage dancers at at party.

Little fuckhead didn't even bother saying goodnight.

i hear you hummingbird.

boys are dumb when they fuck AT LEAST two other people behind your back then LIE to your face about it, then can't figure out why you hate them now and get mad when you tell then that you're going to hate them for a long time.
My boy is dumb because he got a job working with nothing but young dumb guys and he becomes one.

Boys are dumb when they think that strong women can't be vunerable.
Boys are dumb when they obssess over silly boy hobbies and forget about you.

Boys are dumb when they confide in you, and you in them, and then they go and tell it all (and more) to their dumb guy friends.

Boys are dumb when they boast just to impress you with dumb stories, when you know clear well that they are full of it.

Boys are dumb when they make you feel uncomfortable in a place where dumb boys frequent, just because you don't have a penis.

Boys are dumb when they get macho with other dumb boys, especially in your presence, because they are dumb enough to think that that merits your admiration.

Boys are dumb when they ignore you for other dumb boy activities, when you're lying on the bed in sexy lingerie, clearly willing to give that dumb boy the night of his life.
Boys are dumb when they think their life is more important than yours and so cart you around and monopolize all your time and then the weekend's over and you realize you have no clean socks and your cat has no place to piss because you haven't been home in forty eight hours.

Boys are dumb when they say sorry for being dumb and then immediately afterwards say "come over!"
boys are dumb when they pretend like they know about make-up, like that numbnuts fucker in the busting tr*lls thread.
I'll have you know I was close with a girl or two who worked with make-up professionally, and yes, I picked up a few things. For example, Sally Hansen has some of the same colors of nail polish much cheaper that Loreal.
again, pepper with a _. don't stun us all with your awesome powers of creativity.
No one could possibly read a post, reply to it with over 200 characters, and post it in two seconds. The post times say it all. This is yet another reason why boys are DUMB.
Boys are dumb when they read your journal writing, snoop in your internet history and read your BUST posts, and then repeatedly lie about it before finally getting cornered into coming clean.

Boys are also dumb when, in the midst of a conversation about what a bad idea it was to read personal documents and then lie about it, they GO BACK ON YOUR COMPUTER AND EMAIL THEMSELVES FILES while you're in the bathroom.
Boys are dumb when you go to a festival and get crappy acid, and you're both in a bad mood about it, then 2 days after you get back someone gives them acid that actually does something and they don't call you or save you any AND it's your day off!
(seconds=minutes* for my last post)

Boys are dumb when they are your boyfriend's friend and insist on showing you every nude photo of 'internet babes' they get off on because you've once told them that you are very open-minded sexually. Boys are also dumb when they pretend that showing said photos was upon your request. Reality check, boys: some girls just don't get anything out of seeing other girls nekkid.
*bump* for AP.
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