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Full Version: What the F@%&?! And more feminist outrage...
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Oh fuck, it's outrageous that Ortho's BC pills have gotten even more expensive.

Nice that Plan B will be available to adults without a prescription, but how about us getting BC pills without an ongoing prescription? I feel like this is never going to happen in my reproductive lifetime.
"Manliness" *snort!*

"Women really love a guy that's selfish and always has to say he's right even when he's obviously wrong"

That sucks about birth control. My copay's already gone up from $10 to $20 since last year.
I got harassed on the street yesterday...while holding my son. WHEN DOES IT FUCKING END? I don't need him to hear this shit, and I can't cuss the fuckers out like I normally do.

Don't they have mothers? Would they like someone to say that to them? WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Mansfield piece is astonishing. Try these on for size:

""One has only to think of Jane Austen to be assured that women have a sense of humor, distributed in lesser quantities to lesser brains." "

'Mansfield actually asserts that a woman can resist rape only with the aid of "a certain ladylike modesty enabling her to take offense at unwanted encroachment"! '
that's fucked bustygirl. it's sad, but i love walking around with my boyfriend, cause i still get those nasty leering looks, but at least it's not as bad. sucks boyfriend gets so mad when guys are looking at me all grodily.

i'm impressed that you usually cuss them out, i always am just like huh? and then try to give a dirty look or something, but i'm not too quick with the comebacks.
Grrr.. bustygirl that sucks! You think people would be respectful since you were w/ your child.

Some guy actually had the nerve to say I was probably bitchy today b/c it was mine time of the month!

I haven't heard childish crap like that in years. mad.gif It still ticks me off!! Yes, I am woman and I sometimes get snippy so I must be menstral!!! That must be it. GRRRRRRR.......
Oh, for crying out loud
QUOTE(ginger_kitty @ Sep 5 2006, 10:14 PM) *

Grrr.. bustygirl that sucks! You think people would be respectful since you were w/ your child.

Some guy actually had the nerve to say I was probably bitchy today b/c it was mine time of the month!

I haven't heard childish crap like that in years. mad.gif It still ticks me off!! Yes, I am woman and I sometimes get snippy so I must be menstral!!! That must be it. GRRRRRRR.......

Next time someone says something like that you can retort with "I'm just bitchy when I have to deal with assholes." biggrin.gif
I realized later that I put this in the wrong thread, I meant to put it in cobs.

xexyz - unfortunately, I don't think America is too far behind China in their draconian images of women's rights. We like to think we're very civilized, but frankly, I don't see much of that once summer makes layers impossible.
a WORLD of no! Jesus Christ on a cracker.

Dating Daddy

Geez, that sounds horribly creepy.

So I was having lunch in my car the other day listening to the radio (yes I take my lunch in my car) when a coworker who was parked next to me stopped to chat. He asked what I was listening to and asked if I had ever heard of a particular radio station on AM. I said I hadn't and he went on to tell me about it.

There was a particular female radio host he had heard the day previous. According to him he would hate to be the show's host's husband, "if she even has one." That he would have to be the "most fem. guy ever." He also said he thinks the host needs to get her testicles trimmed. blink.gif This is the same guy who said that Hilary Clinton should not be president on the grounds that a female president is ok but she should be more feminine. He feels that H.Clinton is too aggressive for a woman and that it's unbecoming. Had he said he didn't like her politics, that'd be one thing. The radio show host is obnoxious, I'll give him that much, but even still....

I mean, what do you say to that? The guy is actually a nice guy and despite what it sounds, he's fairly open minded. I can say that he's the most open minded religous person (Mormon) I've met yet. If he was a stranger, sure I could go off on him, but this is a fellow I respect and work with. How do you even respond to that? I just kind of smiled and said that he had just sold the show to me and I'd have to check it out.
the more i respect someone the more likely i am to tell them what i really think. call me crazy but that's just the way i am. why save the real me for strangers? seems like a waste...
didja see this?
madrid bans the stick chics. wow.
Thank you for posting that, Pepper. Makes me feel a lot better. Especially after the "zaftig" comments on Project Runway last month. dry.gif

The whole feel of that "dating daddy" piece is creepy. I agree that it's important for fathers to spend quality time with their daughters, but the whole idea of turning it into a "date", complete with holding out chairs for the little girl ... what?! And that line about affirming your daughter's femininity? Color me confused. Granted, I would have loved it if my dad had spent more time with me when I was growing up, but does it have to mimic a date? And what about mothers and sons? Should they have mock-dates, too?
"Dating Daddy" is additionally revolting because it's about Daddy spending time with daughter in order to encourage her to pick a man who treats her right when she grows up. Like choosing a man is the be all and end all of feminine interest, even in a toddler.

"A WORLD of no" is just about the right outrage level.
wtf! Reading it made me feel queasy.

Sure a father should spend time with his kids but he should do so because they are his children not because of some horrible simulated incest "date" - which would totally give little girls the wrong message about parental approval and love.
a world of NO indeed... that scares me. I guess it links into the whole chastity ball-thing (again, no no no no no) but it is just creepy. Even the language used in the article is creepy. Waay to oedipal for me. *shudder*. I has the potential to confuse these girls as well - talk about mixed messages.

I'm gonna go hide away until I can think of something more intelligent that "urgh".

Now that I like, pepper.
I don't think there is anything in the whole "daddy dating" thing that simulates incest except the title. As a few have already said there is nothing wrong with encouraging fathers to spend time with their daughters. And I agree that having a father who is active and loving in a girl's life will hel her make healthier choices down the road when it comes to dating and love. What bothers me is that when it is given a "catchy" name it seems to be something that is more trendy than an actual good idea and common sense.
creepy in the presentation. the idea itself, of spending time together, is fine. why it has to be like a date though? ugh. are they allowed to do something fun like beach volleyball or is it just things a girl would do on an actual date like ice cream and drive in movies? double ugh.
I agree. I think it is good to develop a relationship with your dad early on in life, because you know he's the first male figure in your life. But, a date is just too fucking creepy.
Mmm...Spending time with your dad is great, but please don't call it a date.

Hey, Pepper, thanks for posting the article on Madrid models.
I live in Madrid, and most of the girls and women here are very slim. I guess there must be a lot of extreme dieting for the government to take that stance.
Mind you, it's so bloody hot, I can't be bothered to eat sometimes.
I think it is the way it's presented more than anything. I don't think anyone would deny the value of fathers spending time with thier children - daughters or sons. The emphasis does seem to be on the "date" activities (like ice-cream) but maybe that's because they're percieved as the sort of activities girls do (because only boys play football...) rather than dating actvities. I think it does also create an expectation of how fathers and daughters should interact - I don't know about you, but I'd rather beat my dad at table tennis than be forced to be on my best "daddy's little princess" behaviour in an ice-cream parlour.
I find this whole trend of parents becoming involved in their kid's sex-lives rather icky. (ie Silver Ring Thing etc.)

But the 'daddy dating' is farcical. I think the best thing you can do for your daughter is bring her up to be confident and have enough self-worth to not feel pressured into ANYTHING she might not want to do.
Fathers should certainly not try to mould their little girls' expectations of men, but just be the best dad they can.
What makes a father believe his idea of 'the right guy' for his daughter is correct?

i wrote about that daddy dating thing in my blog (that i havent updated in forever) awhile ago bc i read that same article. G-ROSS.
One of the things that really bugs me about the article, as i think others mentioned, is that it has to be in the date setting. That pisses me off because it assumes that the daughter is a hetero girly girl. I have a great relationship with my dad and he never took me on any 'dates'. We both like going grocery shopping together, he was my soccer coach for a few years, we like biking together, or going out for breakfast and things like that. But even when I was younger it was like a "father-daughter" friend thing, not like a "date" thing.
I feel like it makes all these assumptions about both parties involved.
Sorry to be off-topic but I'm outraged by this article:

Woman's arm severed in murder attempt.

WHY would someone do this to another human being? a stranger?
indeed bunnyb. But was I the only person to be creeped out by one of the victim's family saying (apropos her being a prostitute) "maybe this is the wakeup call she needs?"

wtf?? i mean really??
I know, sheesh, that was insensitive. Yup, no intervention for you deary, let's just have a punter try to murder you for kicks and sever your arm instead.
With a family like that for support, no wonder she became a prostitute. Problem kids aren't born in a vacuum.

what the FUCKING HELL IS THIS?!?!!!!

of all the self indulgent, useless, wasteful, polluting, resource wasting, oh ugh gasp *sputter* farking maude damn. uh. they actually RACE their super decked out cars, the cost of which could feed a multitude of villages, across two continents, through countries where people have NOTHING. nothing.
they drive their over priveliged arses, spewing gas fumes, through countries where the people have nothing.
oh sweet jeebus, save me now.
gah. fucking ignorant asshats.

this would be why pepper does not watch TV. that thing is going straight back into the closet.
scares the living fuck out of me.

padded bras. for six year olds. they're freaking six, they do not have breasts - hell, they're not going to have breasts for at least another five years - and they don't need to pad thier non-existant chests in order to look sexy for... six year old boys?! so wrong. screamingly wrong.

the comments on the article put it better than i can.
QUOTE(viajera @ Sep 12 2006, 12:32 PM) *
But was I the only person to be creeped out by one of the victim's family saying (apropos her being a prostitute) "maybe this is the wakeup call she needs?"

The *only* justification I can see for a family member saying something like that *among the family* is if it's a situation where they're at their wits' end with a self-destructive person - like when an addict has exhausted every person in their life and the family cuts them off for sheer self-preservation - but IMO you *don't ever* say that in public, for gods' sake, no matter how bad it is. All she should hear from the people who love her is support and comfort.
Oh yuck, mornington. I saw that too and was seriously grossed out by it. Little girls do not need to feel ashamed of their bodies, nor do they need fricking bras, especially padded ones. That is so wrong on so many levels. mad.gif
BRAS FOR SIX-YEAR-OLDS? Padded bras, at that?

Fucking capitalism. Anything to make a buck.

That's totally outrageous, Mornington.
theres this video on CNN that is about how a dying 17 is having Make-A-Wish foundation pay for her wedding. because its what shes "always dreamed about". now, its horrible the girl is going to die so young, but honestly, instead of having a dream of like going somewhere awesome or doing something else, no she has make a wish pay for a wedding. I dont know, i just kind of think its sad that that is a dying persons wish at only 17.
that is pretty sad. then again, at that age perhaps she's still wrapped up in the whole cinderella fantasy. it is one of rescue from death against what looks like impossible odds after all...
erinjane-such a great point-spending time with dad doesn't have to mean doing "girly" things. my dad coached soccer, taught me how to run fast, taught me and my sis how to play ball, skating, etc. It's called "spending time with your children." hee, can't believe they have to come up with a whole program to get parents to spend time with their kids....

ah, bras for 6 year olds. soon child porn will be legal-fucking scary.
yeah i mean, its really so sad that shes going to die, but i think its equally as sad that a dying wish for a woman should mean getting married when you are so young. when you love someone, that never dies, whether its made legal or not (ahem lesbians and gays). you know a male in a similar position would never have made that choice. chalk it up to socialization, its not her fault.

this shit's really on my mind lately.
this fella just moved in to a town close by.
this is fucking sick-cindy crawfords FIVE year old daughter is modeling bikinis- cause you know, 5 year olds need bikinis. check out these pictures-ewwwww-nice topless picture....she's fucking 5!!!!
well is it really so surprising coming from a woman who's only worth has ever been her physical appearance? really?
still gross but hardly unexpected.
'scuse me while i go throw up.
yep, exactly. it's sad. i'd think someone who'd been in the modeling world would want to protect her kids from being seen as only a body,but i guess cindy is really THAT clueless.
eh whatever. shes a much smarter model than most of them. not to mention business woman. personally, i wouldnt put my 5 year old in a bikini but i dont really think its THAT big of a deal. i mean is this the first time you have seen a little girls bikini?
i don't think it's appropriate for 5 year old to do topless modeling shoots, no.

When I first heard this, I wasn't terribly disturbed. Afterall, when I was 5 I ran around without a top on when my family went to the lake. But then I looked at those photos. That pose where she is coyly looking over her shoulder with that back-tattoo thing ... Highly inappropriate. What mother in her right mind would allow her child to be sexualized in that way?
Exactly-it's not that it's bad or dirty for kids to not wear shirts, or clothes for that matter! lots of kids just like to be naked, and that should be fine. it's when they are SEXUALIZED that it's wrong. it's called child pornography, and it's supposed to be illegal. ha. i wonder if there were little boys in those ads that were posing in their speedos (yeah right-more like trunks) and being "sexy" by pulling down the front of the speedo a bit-how would THAT be seen?

anyone remember those sick ass guess ads in the 80's? it was a topless little girl-maybe 8-10 years old, sitting on sick ass old george's lap. my mom wouldn't buy guess jeans becasue of that (and the price).

so, is that supposed to be a tattoo on her lower back? (known as the "tramp stamp.")
tramp stamp. gah...

"What mother in her right mind would allow her child to be sexualized in that way?"
one who's mother (or someone else) did it to her when she was young? so very sad either way.

naked is fine, naked is just fine. sexy prepubescent is so not fine i'm gagging over here. so terribly, horribly wrong.

yeah i dont like the topless one. if she was just running around topless on the beach thats one thing, but the whole over the shoulder thing is weird. string bikinis for young kids is weird too, but not necessarily wrong. just not for me. she is going to be an gorgeous as her mother though sadly though, she will most likely be curvy like her mom too and considered "fat" or something ridiculous like that.
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