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Full Version: What the F@%&?! And more feminist outrage...
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Way to go, Indian officials! Why not submit traumatized victims of rape to an additional assault! Better make sure she isn't using the rape claim to disguise her lack of maidenhead for a would be suitor that may or may not throw acid in her face for shits & giggles!

Okay, this is just weird: OBGYN BRANDS woman's uterus AFTER hysterectomy. WTF? Why brand medical waste with the patient's name? Why? It's going into a biohazard bag to be disposed of. And how did he manage to burn her while he did it & HOW was it a "friendly gesture"? Weirdo.

And just a reminder for a debate had some months back . . . Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger? Was never charged with ANYTHING & the only sanction he received from the NFL was a six month game suspension that has since been whittled to four.

Rave Gang Rape videoed/photographed by various people on phones, put on internet. Of course, NOBODY is coming forward to help this young woman because, hey, it's technically child porn. Let the girl be victimized over & over again as long as you cover your own ass!

As far as I am concerned, every single person that recorded this without trying to help is just as guilty as the rapists. They deserve jail time & their pictures in newspapers & online so the world can see what pieces of shit they are.
I stumbled upon this article on Campaign Sexism & it's fallout the other day & found it very interesting. It certainly raised some questions within me.

I am not crazy about the idea that all female candidates deserve my support just because a blow to a female candidate is a blow to all woman-kind, especially with the example the article used, Christine O'Donnell. While I disagree with the misogyny/sexism aimed at O'Donnell, I do still think she's a crackpot & there is no way I'd vote for her if I were from Delaware, woman or not.

There was also this piece on Jez about how feminists do not have to defend O'Donnell.

And in other feminist political news, Hillary Clinton wore a butterfly hairclip to the UN & the world imploded. dry.gif

I swear if it's not one thing . . .
OOOOOPS! I almost forgot about this story about Teresa Lewis' execution. This is another one that has had media hopping, mostly because of Teresa's IQ being barely above the limit restriction. Feminist media has been particularly in a frenzy because the men involved that actually carried out the murder only received life sentences while the woman that plotted it received the death penalty.

Personally, I am against the death penalty: it's not a crime deterrent & with the appeals process, it is VERY VERY VERY EXPENSIVE.

On a positive note, About fucking time! We shall see.
Texas cheerleader penalized for not cheering for athlete that sexually assaulted her.

Police chief, sole police officer, former district court judge & alleged child rapist.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Sep 15 2010, 12:25 AM) *
Okay, this is just weird: OBGYN BRANDS woman's uterus AFTER hysterectomy. WTF? Why brand medical waste with the patient's name? Why? It's going into a biohazard bag to be disposed of. And how did he manage to burn her while he did it & HOW was it a "friendly gesture"? Weirdo.

Actually, I recently learned that after you have a hysterectomy, or a baby...the hospital usually sends the placenta, uterus, misc. medical waste to the pharm. companies so they can make hormones with it. Since it's medical waste, they don't have to ask our permission for this. This idea really disturbs me. Then if you ASK for your fucking placenta to put it into your compost or bury it in your garden, they act like you're going to eat it. Sometimes hospital staff will even freak out and call in the social worker to "talk" to you.
Bride Stealing, seriously, still a problem in Chechnya. I was aware that this happened, I mean, the whole wedding thing is steeped in weird historical anti-woman trappings, but just up & kidnapping a woman? Then negotiating with her family & an imam to keep her? WTF?
Some follow up on the Texas cheerleader that refused to cheer one of the boys that sexually assaulted her.
HO. LEE. FUCK! Woman suing doctor for removing her genitals. A little more digging led to information saying that she had a small, pre-cancerous lesion on one side of her vulva. A FULL vulvectomy? Is pretty much a LAST CHANCE scenario kind of operation when a woman has cancer, FMG, HPV, etc. You do not remove the whole of a woman's outer genitals INCLUDING her clitoris for a mere lesion. A couple articles claim that the doctor told a nurse that the woman no longer needed her clitoris as she was 58 & her husband was deceased. Y'know, because she's old & since her hubby is dead she would no longer be interested in any kind of sexual pleasure. Great googly moogly!
God, when will that generation, the ones who think that a woman's genitals are only for baby-making, die off already?!
God, that's terrifying. Thanks for your many postings, ap. I miss a lot of this stuff.
Consenting to some BCP/erotic asphyxiation is one thing, but this is kinda hairy:

The Supreme Court of Canada on Monday will consider whether an Ottawa woman, who had admittedly kinky sex with her longtime partner, was a victim of sexual assault when he sodomized her against her will while she was passed out, even though she had agreed to asphyxiation.

Firstly, I think that it's quite telling that this woman waited to use the breach of trust as a chit in her bid to get custody of their kid. Then she recanted?! And now it's become a HUGE clusterfuck of privacy issues, consent, etc, etc. The whole thing is just plain fucked up.

Secondly, I don't like the idea of the courts dictating what one can/cannot do in one's own bedroom, I can't understand how this has gotten that far. She only gave permission for the choking, not a toy up the tushie. Violation is violation, but where does one draw the line? Common sense, to me anyways, says that you don't stick anything up anybody's nether regions awake OR asleep without a prior conversation & express permission. Period. Kissing/amorously touching an asleep partner isn't the same as involuntary object rape while being voluntarily choked out. Had this been me, I can say I would most certainly have been REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY PISSED & ended my association with the person in question, but I would NOT have gotten the authorities involved. Especially as a ploy to discredit the father of my child during a custody dispute.

This reminds me of an old Dan Savage article (I tried to find it in his archives, but I just kept getting distracted!) about a woman with a somnophiliac boyfriend. When the woman was awake, she consented to being fucked in her sleep to please her partner. But once she'd fall asleep & he'd try to do the deed, her body would cower away from him/she'd mewl in her sleep. This, of course, turned him off. I can't remember what his response was, but it got him a flurry of mail from people crying rape. I know this is somewhat fuzzier than the article above, but it's the same territory. She consented to sleep fucking, but once asleep her body said hell no.

I know I've mentioned it elsewhere that I find somnophilia to be a disturbing fetish, lesser than say, drugged/passed out/Andrew Luster style date rape, but still icky. I'm generally creeped out by things that remove consent & are basically about violating somebody that is vulnerable. "Sleep creep" porn is just awful on so many levels. I know the "models" are only pretending to be a sleep, but the idea of some guy sneaking into my bedroom at night to fondle & eventually fuck my unconscious form gives me nightmares. Especially when I consider what kind of sick place somebody has to come from (Not necessarily a somnophile) to want to have sex with somebody that cannot participate. All kinds of control issues not to mention a likely disregard for women as people & not just a series of fuckable holes.

This shit makes my head hurt. I've poked this post with a stick several times, so I'd make sure to refresh should anybody want to respond.
Wow, that case is a total nightmare and I have no idea what I'd make of it. This is why sex games need to be negotiated beforehand. I disagree with the women's groups that consenting to sex while unconcious would set back the women's movement 20 years but I agree that consent can be removed at any time & that should be respected. Had the couple agreed previously that all sex acts would be negotiated? Did they both understand that a planned safe word would be useless if one partner was unconcious? Ugh, this is making my head hurt, too.
Also, Afghan women self-immolating to avoid grim futures.

Slideshow of burned Afghan women. This is pretty horrific, if you are even a little sensitive, DO NOT LOOK.
I read the article. Terrible! Their fate is their family. Glad that isn't the case in my life, although it is not to compare to their situation. The horror of not being able to decide for your own. I can't imagine what they have been put trough before they made the dicision to set themselves on fire.
It needs a whole shifting of culture to prevent this from happening in the future. I wonder how many decades it would take. Or should I say ages?
So, today I learn "polyisoprene" IS SYNTHETIC LATEX. There are 3 "latex free" condoms on the market. Several online sources state that most "latex allergies" are actually allergies to proteins in plant-durrived latex. Polyisoprene is a polymer created in a lab & does not contain proteins found in plant latex.

Durex (Bare)& Lifestyles (SKYN....[eeeew]) both make theirs out of polyisoprene. Trojan Supra is Polyurethane which sounds ok until you read the box. Supras are lubed with "water based" lube --- or, sugary yeast food.

1 - Making a product for hyper-sensitive people out of essentially the same compound they have a reaction to and not labeling it as such is reprehensible. Be honest and clear. I read the stinking box word for word & there was NO mention anywhere of polyisoprene's similarity to latex.

2 - Water based lube is the most readily available lube available. Most drugstores & grocery stores carry it. It also causes extreme yeast infections & discomfort. I feel passionately that this stuff SHOULD NOT be on the market. I am so sure most people who buy it don't realize what they are getting. I'm sure this stuff causes tons of unreported infections - are people who buy lube at a grocery store instead of a specialty shop going to feel comfortable speaking with a doctor about their oozing inflamed genitals? Unless it gets real bad, I don't think so. I feel like women are being ripped off & their health is being harmed.

3 - I think reactions to these products are grossly underreported. I'm sure many women are ashamed to talk about such reactions. The medical establishment does not help. When visiting a physician after having an allergic reaction, they demanded I get full STD screening (all of which came back negative), tried to insinuate the increased white blood cell count (caused by my copper IUD) might be indicating an infection, sent me off with a treatment for a yeast infection (which I didn't have). After dealing with such discomfort who wants to spend more time thinking about it by trying to get a hold of someone at the company.

I'm generally a pretty calm person but I feel really angry & betrayed by physicians who clearly think someone low income and unmarried is a dirty whore. And by companies that create products that are so bad for peoples bodies.
Fucking hell yeah, sister! I honestly feel that we are still in some sort of repressed dark age when it comes to safe contraceptives.

I remember a friend of mine who could not tolerate birth control pills...but she was very fertile...she used several methods of BC at once, (and she used them religiously) but still repeatedly became pregnant.

It was years before she made the connection that her BC caused her to have yeast infections...and the yeast infection creams caused her condoms and BC creams to be less effective. I'm sure her doctors saw her as some lazy slut who just kept having abortions out of carelessness.

Another scary thing: we assume that pharmaceuticals and lab products have excellent quality control and that each of our pills in a perscription is identical in chemical structure. But when an independent company tested pharm products...they found some products were worthless and some genuine. This is actually part of the reason that "the sponge" was taken off the market. The factory had contaminated the sponges with bacteria-laden water.
Children killed, mutilated and tortured for being "witches".

This is actually starting to happen more and more to adults and children all over the world, like some sort of epidemic. Very young children have had nails pounded into their skulls, lye poured on their faces and some have been buried alive...somtimes by their own mothers.

So, did you know that all you non-virgins out there are like "candy that has been spit out" and "used toothbrushes" and an old dried up rose that has lost it's beauty?

This may be going on in a public school abstinence-only proggram near YOU. (Funded by your tax dollars).
koffee, I was going to post that exact link!

Also, don't forget that those of us who engaged in premarital sex are the equivalent of people's spit collected in a cup and why would anyone want to drink from that cup, ever?

Our tax dollars at work!
Why can't they teach girls the benefits of orgasms...or that the clitoris has 8000 nerve endings specifically for sexual pleasure? Why don't they bring up MASTURBATION if they want kids to avoid sex? Oh, wait...Joycelyn Elders tried that right before Bill Clinton fired her from the White House.
Dr. Oz. Sometimes I really want to like this dude, and then he does this kind of thing.
Another update on the cheerleader that refused to cheer her assailant: They are taking it all the way to the US Supreme Court
I am posting this in most of the threads here because this is a serious issue that does need attention.
Please everyone click the link and sign the petition.

"Corrective Rape" is a term used to describe when a male rapes a lesbian with the aim of 'turning' her heterosexual! This heinous crime is prolific in South Africa, especially in the "townships". Most of the victims are tortured, grievously assaulted and sometimes murdered! The South African government and justice system are failing the victims of Corrective Rape by letting the perpetrators out on ridiculously low bail, and taking literally years to bring the court-cases to a conclusion. In the meantime the victims have to live with seeing and being taunted and threatened by their rapists every day, as do those who help the victims!

In the last 10 years:
*31 lesbian women have been murdered because of their sexuality
*More than 10 lesbians a week are raped or gang raped in Cape Town alone
*150 women are raped every day in South Africa
*For every 25 men accused of rape in South Africa, 24 walk free

This is very serious and people of the world need to come together and stop this injustice from continuing to happen.
So this isn't really outrage, I just thought it was interesting/weird how many women's logos were eerily the same.
Man that posed as an undercover officer to commit sex assault serves as own counsel, victim is essentially raped all over again on stand. This guy? Is a REAL asshole. Take the time to watch the video.

Damn, but I do miss the olden days when I actually wasn't talking to myself for the most part. I know a lot of people complained that the feminist talk around here waned long before the GBE, but I keep trying. I'd suggest it elsewhere, but it seems just as sleepy as these parts.
aural, that is just sick. i don't see how the judicial system can possibly sanction such horrific behavior. i can't even imagine what that poor woman is going through. i just can't imagine. i couldn't even watch the video.

I had to stop around the 5-minute mark to cool down. I agree with damona. How is this possible?
Edit: I finally watched the rest of the video and read the remainder of the article. It's such a slippery slope, since we're all innocent until proven guilty and we have the right to face our accuser in a court of law. But this man failed EPICALLY to present a case, and his reward is possibly another trial? And honestly, why you'd want to represent yourself when being faced with LIFE IN PRISON is beyond me. Durrrr...

The judicial system is a cold, cold thing. I don't know if it saw something like this coming. The only thing I can think of is to have a counselor tending to her every second she is not on the stand to minimize the triggering.

"I've never impersonated a police officer" even though you've got a trial for allegedly impersonating an officer and beating the pants off someone. You're tampering with witnesses on this case, too. Yeah, enjoy jail. Inmates hate rapists.
let's hope the prosecutor points out to the jury/judge how flawed the victim's testimony could be while facing her attacker. the attacker's decision to represent himself is screwing his case, hopefully.
haven't watched the video yet. I'm still trying to get my head around the idea that it's legal for alleged rapist representing himself in court and doing his own cross-examinations.
Sixth Amendment: "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence."

Deplorable, yes, but still legal. This is why I say watch the video. The two newscasters discuss & you can hear the guy get reprimanded for his dickery.

Honestly, I think he's angling for a mistrial in the hopes that the woman will not want to take the stand to be raped for a third time & he'll get a walk.
I wasn't sure where to put this one....

Ugh. I am not the biggest fan of Jennifer Aniston, but, I am tired of the media's assault on her choice to be single and child-free. The article in People magazine has her saying "I'm really happy! Really!" I get that People magazine tends to focus towards more conservative, traditional, mainstream people, BUT, I'm really tired of reading articles more about her personal life rather than her career (as unexciting as her choices in film are). It saddens me that in 2011 we are still have difficulties with a woman's choice to live her life differently. Also, as I think of this some more, I wonder why Cameron Diaz hasn't received as such similar treatment in the press about her choice to be single and child-free.
I think that there are a couple reasons she gets targeted. She dared to be in a long term relationship with THE symbol of male sexuality of the 90's and 2000's. and she lost that relationship to Angelina Jolie, who is baby-obsessed and now they have a whole litter of children. This kind of speaks to a lot of possible female fears about fertility and life choices. Maybe if she had been willing to have so many children, and not focused on her "career" as a well-paid actress on Friends, she could have kept the hottest wealthiest man of the decade?

Or maybe Brad Pitt just left her for a woman with bigger tits. But I think it's Angelina's baby-craziness, compared to Aniston's lack of family, that makes the media focus this way. Because no matter what, we're still defining them both based on the man they were/are with.
What the ever-living motherfuck? Imprisoned child rapist sends birthday cards to victims from prison; authorities can do nothing because he's NOT a registered sex offender.

CBS's Lara Logan was beaten/sexually assaulted during Egypt protests.

I'd comment on the Jennifer/Angie thing, but right now I'm so mad I could fucking spit.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Feb 15 2011, 12:14 PM) *
What the ever-living motherfuck? Imprisoned child rapist sends birthday cards to victims from prison; authorities can do nothing because he's NOT a registered sex offender.

That sounds ass backwards.

"McConnell is not on the sex offender registry because he was convicted prior to 2007, the year Tennessee law changed giving local jurisdictions the option to register sex offenders between conviction and sentencing."

"The reason for the registry is to let the public know where these sex offenders are living, and if they're in prison, everybody knows where they are," said TBI spokesperson Kristin Helm."

It is unfortunate that the sexual abuse survivors can still be tortured by their perpetrators. I felt ill reading what this dude wrote to his victim.

CBS's Lara Logan was beaten/sexually assaulted during Egypt protests.

I was speechless with this news.

"She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers"

Is it ok if I say that I think it is awesome that a group of women were key in helping her?
regarding the attach on Lara Logan, i just read this article from the guardian:

however, this part of the article kind of pissed me off:

"The attack on Lara Logan highlights the fact that there needs to be gender-specific protection and training of journalists. At the moment, female and male journalists have the same training. The truth is that female journalists need to be taught about different cultures and the ways in which men behave in those cultures. They need to know about gender-specific expectations in different countries, from what they wear to how they interact with those they met."

while i would generally agree that being aware of culture differences with respect to gender is essential for any person working abroad, i don't like the implication of this statement. the responsibility always lies with the women. we're the ones who have to be educated, we're the ones who have to protect ourselves. we're the ones who have to change our style of dress, our demeanor, or our behavior. it ultimately echos the hollow words of Schlusserl, 'too bad, so sad,' rape victim, you brought it on yourself. it sends the message that men don't have to change or learn anything. sorry, i'm not a cultural relativist in the slightest. if 83-98% of women are being verbally abused, flashed, groped, or assaulted on your streets, there is something seriously wrong with the fucking culture.
Hey dj, I know what you mean. I am a cultural relativist when it comes to everything but women's rights and minority rights, and I think we need a sturdier line where cultural relativism ends and basic human rights should begin. But I am also a realist, in that if journalists (or tourists, or scholars, or businesspeople) are visiting different countries, they have to know that they are not in their home country and they just can't act the same as back home, whether it's right or not. Women especially can get in trouble in such countries simply by not understanding that being American/Canadian will not protect them from discrimination and harassment that local women also experience. Sometimes, and in certain locations, you will want a male escort, and you will want to have your arms and legs covered so as not to stand out, end of story. The world should change, but it's not gonna just for you.

Even then, she was following the rules and doing everything right! She was fully covered and escorted! Doing everything right couldn't protect her. However, I have my doubts that similar things wouldn't happen in a similar situation in America or Canada, to any woman. Men in large mobs are always dangerous and more violent than men alone. And I hope this isn't blamed solely on Egyptian "culture." As with many Arab countries, things are changing and there are many different facets of political, religious, and cultural opinions and beliefs. We can only hope that the current political situation will lead to change for the better.

You're right though, the wording of the article makes it sound like women should just adapt to whatever gender roles are expected of them in foreign countries not matter what those roles might be. So not OK. That woman wasn't attacked because of what she was wearing or doing, she was attacked because she was in a place where a lot of men think it's OK to do that to a woman who isn't at home following the guidance and protection of her family/husband. So no OK.
QUOTE(stargazer @ Feb 12 2011, 12:08 PM) *
I wasn't sure where to put this one....

Ugh. I am not the biggest fan of Jennifer Aniston, but, I am tired of the media's assault on her choice to be single and child-free. The article in People magazine has her saying "I'm really happy! Really!" I get that People magazine tends to focus towards more conservative, traditional, mainstream people, BUT, I'm really tired of reading articles more about her personal life rather than her career (as unexciting as her choices in film are). It saddens me that in 2011 we are still have difficulties with a woman's choice to live her life differently. Also, as I think of this some more, I wonder why Cameron Diaz hasn't received as such similar treatment in the press about her choice to be single and child-free.

I feel a little silly reading this as I have that issue sitting on my coffee table now. I can't remember the last time I bought it. In my defense, it has an interview with Liam Neeson as well. tongue.gif

I've read the other comments below, as weel, I just don't think I can comment on Lara Logan. Her whole situation has taken up so much head-space this week, I've had trouble sleeping.
i totally agree angie. i didn't mean for that to come off as if i were white-washing the issue and blaming it all on Egyptian culture. you are totally right, it could happen anywhere with any group of men. that is what makes it so unsettling. what is it about our human nature that propels us to do something like that? why do these themes reoccur in so many different cultures?

i always think people should be culturally aware when they are working abroad. thinking that coming from a Western society will somehow exempt you from harassment is naive and foolhardy. you have to respect people's boundaries, you have to be smart, you have to protect yourself. i also think that Logan knew what she was getting into. she'd spent time in Egyptian prison and been deported just a week before the attack. she obviously had a very strong commitment to delivering this story.

i'd like to add as well, the feminism is not the same from country to country. if i were a feminist from Sudan or Saudi Arabia, i might very well be put off or offended by a western woman pushing her idea of gender equality on me. it's all too reminiscent of the white man's burden. that being said, i do hope that his tumultuous time in Egypt will allow for progression when it comes to human rights in general.
Aggravated sexual assault. Y'think?! Jebus, WTF?! I've always been offended by the whole "prison rape is okay if the guy really deserves it" line of thinking that seems pervasive in our culture; jokes about being "Bubba's" cellie bitch have always rankled, but, uh, yeah, I hope this guy gets passed the fuck around like a pipe at a Ratdog show.

And more info is coming to light about Lara Logan. It seems she was stripped naked, beaten with a flagpole, & "aggressively pinched leaving parts of her body 'covered in red marks' that doctors originally thought were bite marks."
Some update on the Springfield, MO sex trafficking case of a developmentally disabled woman used as a sex slave for seven years. Link to original story below.

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Sep 10 2010, 10:53 PM) *
If you are at all sensitive or prone to triggers, DO NOT READ. THIS IS SOME SICK FUCKING SHIT! Insane Sicko (And FRIENDS!) Commit Atrocity After Atrocity On Challenged Victim For SEVEN Years. There is a special place in hell for these sons of bitches.
Jesus Christ, aural.

Got another link for the update? I got "page not found."
The link should work now, Anarch.

There's also this article, which leads to another article that addresses some victim blaming.

On a different note, legally recorded prison calls being used to convict perpetrators of domestic violence.

That domestic violence article is terrifying. Can you imagine, being attacked (by someone who is supposed to love you, no less) and then even when the man is in prison you're not safe, not free from hearing from him and being threatened by him? No wonder these women don't testify.

And what kind of idiots say these things when they're told they're being recorded? They must have so much confidence in their emotional abuse and control that they just think they can do anything to get their way.
Thanks, aural. Fuckin' people who can't tell the difference between real BDSM, which correctly practiced is all about communication and respect, and shit like this.

I'm really glad to read about these domestic violence perps convicting themselves with their own words.

Rapist gets no jail time because victims was so "inviting"
Anarch, that happened in my city and I'm surprised at how positive the public response has been. The day the story broke it was front page news and by noon a rally had been organized outside the law courts and by the end of the day a judicial review was called. They're beginning their investigation soon. I was just saying to my partner this morning that I was really surprised and happy with how much of an immediate backlash there was, even from folks who I thought would agree with what the judge said.
ketto, that's really encouraging. I did notice where it happened, and wondered if there'd be any local Bustie insights. Thank cod for signs of progress.
Thanks, Aural, ofr the update. I read about that case a couple of months ago. I have no words. I could say that people are animals, but that's insulting to animals.

I don't know if this goes here, but i've been noticing this thing; it all began with that 'settling for mr good enough' BS. I read a not very brightly written article in the NYT about how women stay single for so long and this is because they have 'unreasonable expectations' of how their future husband should be. And that there are so many women men won't have to settle.
Then i read this Slate article:

Shame on Slate for publishing an article written by a guy with such an obvious conservative agenda (marrying young is good, according to this guy). Anecdotal evidence and quoting from a study published in 1982 does not good research make.
But what fascinated me was what people said in the comments section. Apart from the 'feminists ruined men' adage, i got the feeling that there are people who really think that when there's more casual sex between men and women (marriage and heterosexual sex are the only subject; nothing is said about same sex couple or polyamorous relationships or commitment without getting hitched) men will not settle becuase sex is readily avalable. The author says that women outnumber men and that sex has devalued because of that (and the fact that women have sex more readily). Anyway, the article is a whole lot of mumbo jumbo, and i'm not sure if i want to put y'all through that.

My question is; is marriage really still that important in the U.S? I don't have any numbers to back up my claims, but i find the whole 'why get the cow when you can get the milk for free' thing absolutely ludicrous. Having sex with someone just because you want to and meeting someone you start to feel deeply for are two different things, and i can't shake the feeling that consumerism has become so important that everything gets measured in terms of value and sale. Commenters on slate state that women should hold out for sex, so that men have to work for it.

I don't really have a point; it's just that i really don't see this development (if it is one, and not just another bogus tred) here in Europe.

I'm curious if you Busties have a sensible take on this.

*sigh* Disappointing that he's only been removed from cases of a sexual nature. There's still quite a push to get a further review and have him removed but we'll see.
The Disposable Woman popped up today in the NYT & made some interesting points on the whole Sheen drama.

I am ashamed to admit it, but I have been one of the people sitting back & laughing at the insanity instead of asking questions about Sheen & his track record of domestic abuse/violence towards women.

I have wondered about the scarlet Ps the women he has been with, his "goddesses", have been branded with. It's like, whatever, they're whores anyway. Like somehow their choice of occupation makes them less worthy of our sympathy. True, a few of them have tried to make lemonade from lemons & taken more charge of exploiting themselves/the situation, but I do not think that makes them deserving of scorn.

I've also taken pause & wondered about where the fuck his daughters are gonna be in fifteen years/what kind of future this debacle is creating for them & the sterling example he's setting for his twin sons.
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