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Full Version: Who's Up for Going Down? The Oral Sex Thread
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Sorry Maimy, I should have stated that clearer; I was wonder if it is more enjoyable for the giver.
I guess CultureHandy's response covers that, then. *Grin*

kog3100 offered to shave for me in the past, but I've never seen it done on a guy, so can't really address what a full shaving would do or not do from my perspective - either visually or from a strictly practical standpoint. It's not something I've ever "wanted", per se. But I wouldn't object, either. (The trim Culture suggests is probably enough for me, and I do deep throat.)

My advice is, if you want your partner to try it, suggest it as a part of y'all's play. Then you can both see how you like it, AND how it works for you both.
I have a problem. I love going down on my boyfriend--something about hearing him moan and gasp that just tickles me to no end--but when he goes down on me, I get self concious and I never let him finish. This is becoming frustrating for both of us so uh any advice? And as for the triming/cutting/etc of the male anatomy, a simple question: would you rather have pubes or stubble rug burn? heh.
In my experience, as with Maimy, I do enjoy deep throating. It depends, I prefer that I man has shaved his balls completely, but then right at the base, I enjoy a little bit of hair, the equivelant of a landing strip. My partner shaved completely and it just didn't do it for me. Just a bit is perfect for me.

Sweetdreams, there is nothing gross about vaginas, i love them, your partner wouldn't be licking snatch if he was grossed out about it. Just sit/lie back and enjoy, he, as do most men, gets off listing to you get off, just as you do from him.
Hey ladies!
I'm new here, it's nice to meet you all.
Anyway, I started dating my boyfriend like 4 months ago and everything is awesome between us. The sex is great, but for some reason every time I give him head I really hate doing it. It's really weird, I know I've never been like the olympic gold medalist in sucking dick, but the problem is that every other guy I've done it to has busted. My boyfriend tells me not to feel bad, because he never gets off from just head, but I feel like why want head (or in my case, give head) if you're not gonna get off. The fact he doesn't cum makes me not even want to do it.
Any suggestions?
Hi bemylightx, nice to meecha! I don't think you should worry about it. Generally, head is head. It feels good, guys are gonna want it regardless if they cum. In my experience, guys have a harder time on their backs, so you may want to experiment with position. If he doesn't cum, it is still great foreplay, it gets a guy wired, and ready, so just have fun with it.

Hope this helps

Mr. Raskel takes fooorrreeeevvveeeerrrr to come sometimes if he's laying down during oral. If he's kneeling over me or if he's standing up makes a huge difference. But as skc1 said, they're into it regardless.
hey folks. So, I'm hanging with a new guy and he's never gone down on a girl--never!! While this freaks me out to no end (considering he's 30 and has been engaged before), I really like him a lot and am not prepared for it to end with him just yet. What I find weird is, he (of course) has no trouble at all with me going down on him. Naturally, I don't have any trouble with it either, but I gotta admit, it's frustrating as all get-out. I have no idea how to "convince him" to go down on me, and I've never been in this kind of situation--where I feel like my sexual needs are less important than his or something.

I know this must make him sound like a total creep but does anyone have any advice on this at all? Appreciated, ladies.
Wait. So the reason he's never gone down is because he doesn't WANT to? Oh, don't waste your time. Psh.

(yes, I am being cavalier. But really, now.)
StorminMad, make this a deal-breaker. Because ... it is. Laziness (Peterbilt, I'm with you!) and lack of interest in what he KNOWS you desire (you have told him this, yes?) illustrates a perfect lack of sexual reciprocity.

How can that possibly be okay?

I won't say DTMFA out of hand, but you should never, ever, ever have to CONVINCE someone you're in a sexual relationship with that your sexual satisfaction is worthwhile. Tell him, in a completely unerotic moment, without emotional edges, that cunnilingus is a non-negotiable requirement. Simple as that.

Dan Savage says oral is standard-issue fare, not a special or "extra" feature. It's coin of the realm, kids. Everyone gets it if the so desire. Everyone gives it, because they desire their partner's satisfaction. No questions asked.
I think at this point that no oral reciprication for me would be a deal breaker. It's one of my favourite things and I love knowing that my partner likes to do it.

I was with a guy a few months ago who would do it for...I kid you not...21 seconds. I counted the second (and last) time he did it. It's a real turn off for me when I know someone doesn't want to be doing it and doesn't make any kind of effort even after I went at it for about 20-25 minutes.

Have you mentioned it to him yet, that you'd like him to do it? Or are you just still trying to figure out how to ask him? If you've already asked and he's said he's not into it, I would definatly reconsider where it's going. One of my favourite things is to make my partner happy, and I don't think it's too much to want the same in return.
And nobody knows cunnilingus like, uh, Dan Savage.
oh, i had the boy-who-did-not-like-the-taste-or-smell-of-pussy as a lover. omg, i didn't realize at the time how emotionally damaging it would be for me to expose myself to such a monster. it took me ForEver to get over feeling like my stuff was gross. how he expected me to enjoy sex with him at all, wow.
NEVER again. that's all i gots ta say.

except for butt out alligator. yer being a jerk again. that post was about oral sex of which i'm mr savage has had and given PLENTY.
I will chime in on the "deal breaker." I love oral so much (and I like to give as much as I like to receive... but baby, I'd better be receivin') if it is not a big part of the sexual repertoire, and my partner was not willing to learn to excel at it, I would seriously have to re-think where we were going. It is that important to me.

I hope that isn't really shallow, but seriously, it is a total deal breaker for me.
pepper and zoya - i totally agree. oral is a part of your sex life, and if the guy is not into it (or vice versa) that's a sign that it's not going to work out.
i dated a guy who did not like going down - but yet he'd have sex whilst i was on my cycle - his reasoning was that his penis was for 'gross things' like sex and peeing and coming....but his
yeah, we broke up immediately after. but to repeat what you wrote - yes it's emotionally hard. it's how you SMELL. it's important that your partner enjoy your scent, and relish in it.
I was afraid you all were going to say that because, honestly, had someone asked me the same question a month ago I would have been all about saying DTMFA. I've said a million times in the past that going down is a non-negotiable, but now that I am in the situation I am at a complete loss because besides this ONE (hugely important, crucial) thing, the guy is marvelous.

A little more detail: when I talked to him about it--which was when we first started seeing one another--he said he had never done it because he's never "felt comfortable enough to." I specifically asked then if that was because he thought the pussy was gross to which he responded that no, he did not. He just has never felt compelled. He has mentioned his Catholic guilt in relation to his feelings about sex before and I wonder if it's that too.

Also, I have herpes. He mentioned something about that too, even though he has never been scared of having intercourse because of it and so I think it may be just another excuse. I dunno *sigh*--I am at such a loss. And geez, I think I'd rather him not do it at all than do it for 21 seconds and be all grossed out.
Pepper, love - George isn't being a jerk. That was a joke, and I took it as such. Dan is homosexual, so, no, I'd say his firsthand experience with cunnilingus is pretty close to nil (fellatio, on the other hand ...).

That said, the advice stands. And I say that as someone for whom (well, until kog3100 came along) oral isn't the be-all by a fairly long shot. Even if it's not something you "need", any restriction is bad news, and outright refusal of something you know your partner wants is just unacceptable.

Stormin, if this guy is so marvelous - and if it's only been a month - then try to work it out, try to communicate. But you know your standards, and his excuses seeming valid don't change your actual needs. The name of the game is MEETING each other's needs. If he CAN'T, that'd be one thing. If he WON'T ... well, you know what Dan says. Seems most of us agree.

Never being compelled by someone else's demand? No problem. But never being compelled by someone else's NEED (especially when they are meeting yours)? No dice.

Good luck with this, and keep us posted.
Though I respect and agree with a lot of the opinions y'all have given, I've got a dissenting perspective to offer.

I love cunnilingus, but a big part (maybe even a majority?) of the pleasure comes from the giver's enthusiasm. If I had to convince or negotiate to get my partner down there, it would take a lot of the fun out of oral. So then, if I don't want to talk him into it, and my partner doesn't jump to get to it on his own, that leaves two options: 1. break up, or 2. go without oral sex. If everything else is great with the guy, and he can satisfy me sexually in other ways, I'd probably just opt to go without oral sex... especially if it's a comfort issue on his end, not a juvenile "vaginas are gross" attitude. I agree with maimy's statement that "the name of the game is meeting each others' needs". The question is, for you personally, is oral sex a *need*? (Maybe it is. I'm just saying for me, it probably isn't.)

Also, I can understand being in his shoes and not being totally comfortable with giving oral sex. And I wouldn't want to be in a sexual relationship in which either I or my partner were doing anything we weren't completely comfortable with. I would hope that any boyfriend I'd have wouldn't dump me if I weren't going down on him. (And I wonder how peoples' input on stormin's post might change if the genders were reversed, and her boyfriend wanted her to go down on him though she wasn't comfortable with it. Would we say that she should just get over him, because he can and should justifiably dump her for it?)
i'm generally pretty repulsed by dick and sucking it, as an abstract notion. but when i'm with a guy, and i'm otherwise attracted to him, and i want him to be happy and come his head off, suddenly my distaste for dick isn't so much an issue.

so i don't get it vice versa. i mean, if you really are into my body, and you really want me to get off, you will at least contemplate the notion of going down on me. maybe i will let you off the hook. i have to say that a lack of oral is not an all out deal breaker for me. if the guy seems otherwise not a douchebag we will work something out. but again, my lack of interest in having your penis in my mouth isn't getting in the way of your incredible orgasms, so why should your lack of interest in getting up close and personal with my girlie bits get in the way of mine?
Octinoxate, I did leave the caveat in there that for me oral isn't so much the point. Stormin's post had me under the impression it IS that important to her, so that was the issue I meant to address.

As it happens, I do know of a woman who won't go down on a guy. I find that pretty selfish, considering I know her to be happy to be on the receiving end. On her part, it's something of an "ick" factor, which she's never attempted to get past. Frankly, that's immature to my thinking (and she's past 40 and otherwise widely-enough experienced with life and people).

BklynHermit's example is the standard I would expect of someone who cares about a sexual relationship - it goes to the enthusiasm you mention! (As an aside, I owe Bklyn an apology; I misspelled your name several days back somewhere - something I find highly disrepsectful; so I am sorry, Bklyn!)

If oral isn't someone's "coin of the realm", then it can certainly be taken off the table, obviously. But maybe another act IS important - so that can become a standard issue deal-breaker. For me, kissing has been a deal-breaker. For some, anal might be. It's not the specific act (though oral is so common, that's Dan Savage's reasonable-enough reference point) - the bottom line boils down to reciprocity ... and enthusiasm, yes!
I'm glad to hear some other points of view in here. And I agree that nobody should be doing anything where they feel they're doing it out of duty, obligation, or anything other than the mutual enjoyment of secks.

If it's important to you, maybe you can grow into it with good communication. If you can't work it out, I guess you know how to weigh how it figures in your relationship.

I spoke in fairly black & white shorthand earlier because personally, I really enjoy head, getting and giving. If someone doesn't enjoy giving, I find that conversely, they have a hard time enjoying getting it from me. To me, head is an important form of intimacy and comfort with your partner. Besides that it's just the hott.

So for me, it's not so much a matter of the basic level of service you should expect when you enter the restaurant. Everybody's entitled to their own sexual tastes. It's just that it's important for my sexual compatibility to be with partners who share an enthusiasm for oral. I find it colors the rest of the relationship, and vice versa.
eh, maimy, no worries. i'm not even sure i remember when/where that happened... i do remember somebody mispelling my name a few days back, but they(you?) misspelled it interestingly, so all was right with the world. i think it was 'blyken'? i laughed my head off and moved on. no hard feelings.
ok maimy, i'll take your word on georg-a-gator.

while i certainly don't *need* my lover to go down on me i DO need to feel sexually desirable to him, that he enjoys my body and is turned on by it and by turning me on. if a partner doesn't want to give me pleasure in a way that doesn't directly gratify him at the same time, well... it's a little self serving, no? i don't get anything out of giving him head other than the satisfaction of blowing his mind and that is a huge turn on for me. i do expect my partner to feel the same way about pleasuring me. if that isn't realistic for him i can either change my mind about what i need or move on. personally, i'd move on. i think it's indicative of a general attitude.

now, if this partner of yours is just unsure about how to proceed but otherwise interested in learning how i'd say there's great potential there. perhaps he tried in the past and didn't get a favourable response and it's kept him from wanting to try again. who knows what his story is. if he wants to try it with you, if there's interest there and you're willing to give him a guided tour Go For It! you just might show each other the time of your lives.

as for how this conversation would go if the genders were reversed.. i know that i require WAY more stimulation (in general) than any man i've ever been with so i'd say that, yes, i DO need foreplay to get going while he may not. that may be sexist but oh well, in my case it's true. a blow job (or equivalent) is mostly icing on the sex cake for a man but a key ingredient for a woman.
I agree with Peterbilt; it's not so much about what your partner "should" do, but whether or not you ideally should have this person as your partner, given what they do do.

To me it's the same no matter what the genders are. In fact I always outline what I don't like in bed at the very beginning of a relationship, to give the person a fair chance of getting out of it. I'm not saying we should all be as crass and tasteless as moi, but it seems to me that it is realistic to negotiate these things.

My idea of oral is some sort of thing to do to "warm up" genitals (male or female), not a sex act in itself, so people who need to go the whole way with that shouldn't date me.
(Bklyn, yep, that was me.)

I have nothing of use to add to this very nice conversation. My apologies! :-)
I have the same situation as Raskel. Sex with my bf is great. I orgasm/cum very quick during intercourse and love it when he goes down on me.

But when i am sucking his dick, i am sucking constantly for 20-30mins on end, taking short breather breaks. But he doesn't ejaculate. Its been like this since we started dating. I give it to him while he drives, when we find a dark empty street mainly during bed and the bastard just doesn't cum.

I get frustrated and at times it turns me off from doing it anymore because he doesn't cum and I want him to. He said that he loves it and wants to cum whenever he feels his penis enters my mouth. He loves recieving it from me without question.

I really need help with technique to make my man cum when sucking him off. How do you girls make your man cum? Do you go at slow pace then speed it up or just suck violently .... I don't know. I really want him to blow. It would satisfy me more than him belive it or not. Please help me

thanks in advance
yes, please, same issue. tips are welcome for myohmy.
yes, please, same issue. tips are welcome for myohmy.
It would be impossible to offer just the right magic tip here without talking to MisterMy; have you done this? Does he know how frustrating it is for you not to be able to get him off this way? And do you know for certain he actually wants to come this way? Some guys do not - perhaps because they prefer other forms of sex for blowing their load, perhaps because a former girlfriend wouldn't swallow and they had to or preferred to control it, perhaps because their own masturbatory practices have habituated them to other kinds of stimulation, and you aren't including whatever gets him off.

But different things get us all off. There is NO single act in the world that can guarantee you will get MisterMy off, except the one HE alone can tell you. Some guys like a bit of anal fingering or other stimulation. Some like what may seem like rough treatment. Some like slow sensuality. Some like messy, wet, passionate sucking.

MOST men like variety - use your hands and your hair and your breath and your breasts. Kiss and lick and stop at exquisite moments, and swallow him whole at others.

MANY men like overt eroticism. Look him dead in the eye, talk dirty, acknowledge how nasty you are being, worship his cock with your attentions AND your breath, words, responses.

But, before any of this, you're going to have to talk with him. Find out what's "in the way" so to speak ... that's the only possible path to, ah, blowing past the obstacle.

Heh. Sorry.
i have found that i learned a lot about what a partner likes by kneeling with my back against a wall with him standing in front of me. that way he can have at it and i'm fairly immobile but get to observe his rythym and such. that or lying down while he pretty much fucks my face. it's hard not to get an idea of what he wants it to feel like in that position.
the best thing though is as Maimy says, talking about it and asking him to just out and tell you. i love instructions while we're in the middle of it. not only does it help me do what he likes, it turns me on no end to be bossed around like that. not everybody's bag, i know, but it works for me and then some.
Oh, directions DURING it - yeeessssssssss. Mmm! For me, that's not even being bossed around. But I can definitely say that two of the sexiest words I ever heard in my life were "lick it" (the "it" in question was being placed in prime licking position at just the right moment) ...

Communication can be sooo very good.
ooooooooo, maimstress! being given directions/orders to do ANYTHING during sex is soooooooooooo GOOD. tongue.gif

a tip for deep throating and a question:

1. lie on the bed (or a sofa or whatever) with your head hanging over the edge, neck bent, face up. ideally, this puts you at his crotch level. open your mouth. he can put his cock in and fuck your mouth without your having to do much of anything. i couldn't believe it the first time we tried it. and what an incredible view. oooooooooooo. *drips*

2. ok, we all know that drinking pineapple juice/eating pineapple makes your cum taste sweeter. anyone out there know anything that can make it change appearance? i really love white, creamy looking, thicker cum. sometimes it is more transparent. sometimes i swallow all of it without seeing it at all, (or it winds up somewhere else) but when i give head until he is just about to cum and then he pulls out and cums ON me, i prefer thicker, more visible cum. (esp if we are taking pictures) does anyone know how to do this??

muito thank you!!!
hi, tes! *waves*

I always figured the consistency part of semen is influenced mostly by hydration (ie the more water he drinks, the more "transparent" it'll be). Sort of like (pardon the comparison) urine -- the more water you drink, the less cloudy and yellow it is.
*hugs the redhead tightly*

hello, darling!! i've got to admit, that makes sense. but it also probably means that i will never get him to have thick white creamy cum. he drinks ALMOST as much water as *i* do!!! laugh.gif
All I know is personally, my guy's cum is pretty salty and the saltiness makes me not look forward to going down on him... BUT, I still do! Because if I were to ask him to whip me, to lick me, to anything- I know he'd do it... and I should do the same thing for him. Besides, I do get lots of pleasure in seeing him squirm and get so riled up. smile.gif
I just wish I knew ways to make his cum taste different... besides the eating more pineapple thing I just read, what else?

Though also personally, the whole not going down on me thing, wouldnt be a deal breaker for me... well, unless he said he didnt want to do it for the icky factor... if my boyfriend only spent 21 seconds on me, I'd be the same vice versa and asked him how he liked it. haha. But if it's due to not being comfortable with it, then that's fine... I just wont go down on him either... I know, that probably sounds mean... but it's not like I live for sucking dick here, I mean c'mon... it doesnt taste like freakin ice cream! If he feels too uncomfortable to do it to me, then the same to him. hahaha.
LUCKILY, I've never had that problem, though I prefer mommy/daddy button penetration rather than oral anyhow. If it were something I definately liked a lot that he wasnt going to do... well, I guess it would be a deal breaker for me too. I do see the point. All in all, if you're in a relationship for the long-haul, everyone compromises... you're supposed to do things you're not crazy about to make your partner happy as he/she is supposed to do the same for you. smile.gif

Personally, no oral would be a deal-breaker for me. I love to suck dick because I love to give my partner pleasure, and see him throw his head back in powerless exctasy..but I would expect that he would want the same for me. You know, I've always been told that I, like my last partner put it, "know my way around a cock", so it hold a bit of pride in it. ..and I like being with boys who hold pride in how they can tongue a clit. My favorite lovers are the ones who cant wait to go down on me, like hungry beasts,..gah! A relationship with out oral would be seriously lacking something for me. I cant imagine it...
TheMasochistMuse, celery is also good for "flavor" ...
maimy: celery? really? now that surprised me!
Yepindeedy - celery!

I don't like it myself, but if the guy digs it, a stalk or two does do wonders.

The things you learn!
So...celery and pineapple can make a person taste good? I'd like to try that. I'm supposed to be taking part in my first orgy this weekend so I'd like to at least taste good for everyone.

I have a question. What are everyone's thoughts on deep-throating? I've never really done it before but to those who have, do you enjoy it? Any tips?
bella coola
Hi CCgirl. Sorry to be mom-like, but I hope that you know everyone at the orgy fairly well? As you're probably aware (unprotected) oral sex can spread quite a number of STIs as well as genital sex. Anyway

For deep throating I would *definetly* recommend using lube - it's quite distracting having to try and produce all of it yourself! I love deep throating because of the reaction it causes. I find if I just sort of focus on breathing and ah - moving in one direction it's ok. If you try to go too quicky (and he's not lubed up well enough) then there's much more potential for gagging, then there's trying to hide the gagging. Just take it easy!
It doesn't make the flavor at all celery-y, does it? Blech. I'm not a celery fan. Don't know if I could even force it down.
Angelle123, thank goodness, no (I fuckin' hate celery myself). It just neutralizes other flavors - garlic, smoke if he's a smoker, the bitterness beer may cause, that sort of thing.

The one key to deep throating is relaxation. The more you are able to release tension from your neck, your jaw, and the back of your throat (the muscles you use to swallow), the better. Of course, you'll want some tension and motion in your tongue and lips most likely - heh - but the rest should be as, well, loose as possible. This reduces the gag reflex significantly, and can also increase a guy's access/depth very nicely too. It's difficult to get that balance of relaxation/technique, the combination of letting go and still "doing stuff" ... but, oooohh is practice fun for all.
i've said this many many times, but here i go again...i adore deep throating. for me, lube is a turn off. it tastes nasty, and i generally want to taste his cum.

easiest position for deep throating (but not for the untrusting or untrustworthy): lie on the bed. hang your head over the edge, face up. have him insert himself into your mouth. let him lead. breathe in and out with his thrusting. your epiglottis will thank you, and so will the rest of you. rolleyes.gif i generally have a hand on each of his ass cheeks, and a pre-arranged hand signal in case my breathing fails. he can't do this for too long or he will lose it completely, and (as he likes to say) he doesn't want to do that too early, because then i won't get off as much. he goes on for as much as hours (less if i've woken him up by sucking him in his sleep) before he lets himself cum.

i really SHOULD keep the "how to posts" that i have written in the sex threads. i think that i DO have the bit i wrote about worshiping a cock.....hmmm.

*pops out of thread to go see if she can track it down*

*pops back in*

FOUND IT!!!! this is my paeon to going down on a dick.


i'm visual. i want to look at this beautiful cock in front of me. i want to see it all.

i'm tactile, i want to touch it. feel the softness of the skin while the shaft is hardening, comparing the differing sensations. i massage and rub, using lots of lube.

this marvel of your malehood is hard for ME. i made it hard, i make it jump at my touch. i watch your balls crawl, making more semen to engorge you, to make you harder, to make that lovely jizz that will be mine. i cup my warm, moist hand over your dick, slooooooooowly. and apply gentle pressure. i look up at you, and you are smiling. i begin to knead your cock, faintly, barely pressing, in a squeezing motion. it hardens imperceptibly more. i press your hardness against you with my palm, and rock it from side to side. i cup your balls.

i continue fondling, kneading, caressing. loooong strokes up the shaft, short circular ones around the tip.

i work my way down, slowly, it doesn't need to be hurried. light strokes with my hands. light kisses, blinks of my eyelashes. over your balls.

i keep going. that spot between your dick and your asshole is sooooo sensitive. your taint. i love this part! you didn't expect this. i want you to know that all of you is a turn on to me. i keep kissing, massaging as i go. i slip my hand backwards to your ass and stroke your buttocks, each smooth round mound, massaging in circles, each one getting closer and closer to the center. i flick my tongue around your asshole. and quickly once or twice into it.

my pussy is soaking wet by this time. i sit up to adjust and let you know how turned on i am, i stick my fingers into my cunt and pull them out, tracing my dripping fingers around your mouth.

you see how your dick turns me on? i whisper. i'm wet for it, i'm wet for you. i know that you want to fuck me, you want to cum, because you are hard and throbbing. and i did that, i made you hard. you want ME.

now i really get to work. up until now i have mostly been using my lips, my tongue has only touched the most sensitive spots. now my tongue will get a workout. first i bow down before your cock, and grasp it at the base. i rub it over my face, my cheeks, my lips, my breasts. i make sure that you see how much pleasure this gives me. i smile, that salacious cat ate the canary grin, and look you straight in the eyes while i caress you and moan with the pleasure of it.

i look down at your rod, and shiver when i see a glistening bead of pre-cum begin to ooze its' way out of the slit in the tip. i cannot keep my hand away from it. it is sticky with desire, and shows me that more will follow. a ring around the now dark purple head with my finger. i can no longer contain myself. my tongue flicks your head, your shaft, your base. your balls. back up the shaft. i put my tongue in that hole, and nudge it open, to get every drop, to savour the taste of your pre-cum.

i flick and gently lick the sweet spot at the underside of your pulsing head. i use my tongue to give pressing strokes all up and down the shaft. i eat you the way i would an ice cream cone, giving you looooong, slow licks, sometimes with a twist to make sure i get it all.

you buck, but i am not quite ready for you to cum yet. i stop my mouth momentarily, and squeeze your dick firmly at the base with my fingers. i know this drives you crazy, it is like you are on the verge of cumming, you are sure you will cum, but somehow you don't.

i slip my lips over you once more, and slide back down to the base of your dick. i cannot keep the groan of desire from escaping my lips. oh, gods, i whisper. you are beautiful.

i open my mouth wider, and engulf one whole ball, keeping my lips over my teeth, but massaging all the
while with my wet, hot mouth. sometimes i try for both balls at once, but tonight i leave one and suck the other ball into my mouth separately, to prolong the delicious agony.

using my hands as guides, i once more go back to your exquisite taint. i lick you with the flat of my tongue, applying pressure. your hips are up and pushing into my face. i reach back further, and flick my tongue around your asshole. and quickly once or twice into it. deep into it.

your hips are thrusting, pushing your cock against me and my lips. i decide that it is time to stop teasing you, you are ready to be in my mouth. i lean down, raise your cock slightly with the hand that i have been teasing you with, and take your entire cock into my mouth. no licking, no teasing, just one long slide into my hot, wet mouth. the contrast between the cold air and my warm mouth make you shudder.

i hold still a moment, with your dick completely encased inside my mouth. then i come slowly back up the length of you. i take a deep breath and hold it in, so that i can deep throat you. you slip down into my throat. i hold you down, so that i can control the motion of your long, hard dick. i move up and down, you slide in and out of my mouth, in and out. on each exhale i moan, so that you vibrate in my mouth. you gain headroom with each thrust. it feels as though you are fucking all the way through me, and this thought turns me on even more. my fingers trip down to your balls, caressing that magical spot once again. i grab your butt with both hands, still drinking you in. my hand moves oh so slightly and slides down into your crack. i finger your asshole. it is like pressing a magic button.

i am so aroused by now that my clit throbs in time with you. i know that you have lost control and the notion is so hot i know i will cum soon as well. my fingers slip down to my own crotch, and start to work against my clit.

i know i am about to get my reward. your moans grow louder, your breathing harsher. you grab my shoulders and hold tight, and shoot your load down my throat. i swallow against you, i feel the muscles in your cock spasm as you climax. you tell me i'm there i'm there, i'm going to cum! i smile around you. i know that already! i luxuriate in every spurt, draining every last drop of your hot cum. i love your cum. i want it. i want it in me, on me, all over me. i slip over the edge on the second spasm, screaming my pleasure at the notion of yours.

we collapse, gasping for air. your cock slides slowly out of me. i lean over to lap the last drops from your slit. mmmmmmm. you reach down and gently pull me up to your side and i lay my head on your shoulder. your lips meet mine, and your tongue parts them so that you too can taste the saltiness of your own desire. i shiver, and cuddle close, my hand lightly covering your still pulsing dick.
Oh sweet creamy Jesus, would one of you please pass me a cigarette now?!
ha ha, the backwards-head-over-the-edge-of-the-bed-so-as-to-deep-throat thang resurfaces. love that.

oh, Tes, she is a dirty girl, la la la. *happy hum*
[font=Arial][size=2]holy ass. this is the craziest forum ever....

i just subscribed to this magazine, so i figured i'd give the forum a go... and holy shmoly.

ya'll are nutty lol


anyway, on the topic, i'm not so great at oral sex as everyone else here haha..

i gag a lot, so my husband and i just stopped hahaha. woops.
QUOTE(tesao @ Aug 13 2006, 06:29 PM) *

easiest position for deep throating (but not for the untrusting or untrustworthy): lie on the bed. hang your head over the edge, face up. have him insert himself into your mouth.

1)i cup your balls.

2)i slip my hand backwards to your ass and stroke your buttocks, each smooth round mound, massaging in circles, each one getting closer and closer to the center.

3)i flick my tongue around your asshole. and quickly once or twice into it.

Numbers added by me!

Here is the male perspective!
At the risk of saying too much:

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes

While I have never had a woman lie on the bed. with her head over the edge, face up, I must agree with your other points!

I think that what some men do not like to admit is that one reason a bj is so good is that it makes you the object of desire. While I am certain that it wouldn't be good everyday, please turn the tables on me once in a while and objectify me!

Show me that you love my body, cup my balls, slide that tounge in and garb squeeze an slap my ass!

I think I said too much...
*passes cigarette over to raisin*

anytime, grrrl friend. rolleyes.gif

jack, nice to hear a man's perspective. thank you.

in case you hadn't notice, i REALLY REALLY love giving head. i love cock, i love balls, i love that they move, that they get hard, that they cum.....and that *I* am capable of *doing* that to a man. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

all it really takes, i think, is to like it and to WANT it.

obrigada, pepper! i love it too! amazing how many times i've posted that, isn't it?????

ps. in case any of you care, i actually DID write that for someone. smile.gif i'm a dirty girl, but DAMN, am i a lucky one!!!
Tes I agree fully about oneself being so capable of doing that to a man. I must say that I love love love to give head. I find it fulfilling. Just the reaction of when I do it, how I do it. Damn, now I want to give a man head.
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