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"Certain it wouldn't be good everyday" ... ?

I'd be kind of irked with kog3100 if he felt that way about getting oral every day, actually. Objectification, schmobjectification, I love a taste of that man, and he loves the same with me. It's not a "requirement" for either one us to get off or anything ... But to think it'd be too much, to indulge (either way) every day?

Perish the thought.

*Also loves givin' AND gettin'*
tesao... wow. gasp. sputter.

you've got me wishing I was a man.

I used to love to give head to a man but then I got lazy. (girls, believe it or not, once, in ONE DAY, i gave my ex bf 11 blowjobs. I don't know how that happened, I had my period and I was horny so I just decided to make him enjoy the day.)
Jesus Christ, tes. I won't be standing up at my desk any time soon.
i only like it if the guy is vocal about how much he likes it. guys who are too quiet during anything sexual freak me out. 11!!! thats insane. that would hurt my jaw i think.

i do however have to admit that i only give BJ's to guys i am dating and never have during a random hookup bc i feel so objectified and gross. i mean i have really sorta battled with myself about BJ's and how i feel as a feminist but realized that if you are with the person and they care about you then it doesnt induce that feeling at all.
Holy crap. I had sex about fourteen times the day my dad died (we all have our ways of coping, please don't presume to judge mine; I do it enough myself), but I'm not sure I could live up to that count on oral! Bravo, really!
even though you probably didnt mean for that to sound humorous, it did and you made me laugh out loud maimy. no disrespect for your father of course, your wording was just classic. i wouldnt judge something like that ever:)
can you say Four. Hour. Blow. Job? well, i couldn't either, not after i did it at least. severe lock jaw, not to mention the hamburger that was left of my skin (and his too, ooh). it was his first e trip and the stuff i picked up ended up being so dirty, he Freaked when he couldn't get it up, totally thought it was broken, no amount of reassuring would suffice. he came three times but never got hard, he was a mess. when we finally came down my face was totally raw, lips twice the size as normal, his penis was totally raw too. what a catastrophe.
good thing i LOVE to suck cock. random act or not, don't matter. i love it. there has hardly been an encounter without it. i don't even really care if i get off, that i can do myself. the cock sucking requires a willing (or unwilling, heh) partner, preferably one who makes Noise. the silent treatment doesn't sit well with me either. i like to Hear how helpless i'm making him. it's a supreme position of power. my favourite. mmm.
QUOTE(maimy @ Aug 22 2006, 07:49 PM) *

Holy crap. I had sex about fourteen times the day my dad died (we all have our ways of coping, please don't presume to judge mine; I do it enough myself), but I'm not sure I could live up to that count on oral! Bravo, really!

LOL thanks! Needless to say, that was my first and last time doing that.
Fortunately my bf/boytoy/whatever for the last year doesn't like bjs too much so I don't have to worry about that wink.gif
Heh, katiebelle2882 - believe me when I tell you, this has provided a very morbid brand of comic relief for me and my partner in the crime more than once over the past three and a half years ... No disrespect taken; thank you!

Pepper, I wouldn't be able to say it either! Hee. I need to email you - it's been too long, and this post makes me want to grin and hug you. *Grinning*
yah, i'll hug you girl. i'll hug you alright. heh.

sigh, me and sex and drugs just don't mix girls. i fell into a g-hole just last year, you think i'da learned by now eh? i had to keep stopping the fuck fest to go throw up, for like 4 hours. it was a ridiculous scene no joke. i'm in my thirties and i Should really know better but tremendously good sex makes me stupid. gah
(Sorry to be a little off-topic, but I wanted to comment on sex and death: Maimy, I can relate, as can the author of a really awesome short story/ personal reflection called "The Bone Garden of Desire" that we read in a creative writing class. I highly recommend it.)
Aw, thank you, Octinoxate. I did a quick search and couldn't find it - can you name the author? I've actually toyed with a similar story myself, called "Eleven" (was working on an opener not long before this came up here, actually) - because that's where we lost count ...

In other news, I haven't wanted to say too much, for fear of jinxing it, but kog3100 should be home during the first or second week of October. At long last! I promise to come post relevant things about sex when he's refreshed my memory about it ...
that's the best kind of news there is. i hope you don't come in here at all, i hope you're WAY too busy to even think about us. for a teeny little while at least tongue.gif
Haha - I'll let y'all know when we come up for air ...
Maimy (and whoever else is interested), here's a link to a site that has the article/story on it. It looks like you can read it for free if you sign up for a 30-day-free-trial membership. If they have some hidden charges or clauses, you can either buy the story for 2.95, or at least now you have the author and can look for it somewhere else. Enjoy!
Has anyone tried this Oral Sex Gel. I'm curious if it makes oral more fun and tasty ;-)
where IS everyone? has the kog come to the maimstress early?

and they just haven't come up for air yet???

just back from vacation (a week ago) and was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to have a cock in my mouth again. every damn day, too! SIGH.

let me just say that drinking Madeira pre-oral makes for really yummy cum.

i love my job here, i do. but DAMN, i miss Mr. HB!!!
madeira eh? i'll have to try that....but maybe i'll stick with port...mmmmm

i have one of those ergonomic chairs which i convince to let me keep since its great for oral portions. puts me at the perfect height for him..... laugh.gif

needless to say, its now one of his favorites.

yay for tes getting to see mr.hotbuns! woo.....and maimy...who knows when she'll come up for air.... rolleyes.gif
Excellent portions from new boy. The boy definately knows what he's doing.
Evil grin.... Never been with a man in a LONG time that loved the act of it so much.

Maimy you there??
A while ago I complained of jaw aching when giving oral and someone suggested TMJ in here. First of all, thanks to whoever it was, because I have a horrible, painful case, which has gotten really bad in the last 3 months.

Second of all, oral sex is totally out for now(well, for me as the giver). Very depressing. In February it was bearable for about 5 minutes, but now it's excrutiating after about 30 seconds, so I don't even bother. They're taking out my wisdom teeth this month to see if it helps and starting to wear a mouth guard.

Anywho, that's why I have not been able to contribute to this thread. But I read hoping that one day I will once again be able to use the tips I get. tongue.gif

Not sure if this is what you're talking about. I bought this stuff called "Good Head" to use on Mr. Pug. I got the mint flavor. Tastes a lot like toothpaste. He didn't think it did much. He said it gets cool. I prefer using nothing and just getting comfortable by kneeling on my tempurpedic pillow. I am weriod I know but I love to go down on my man. It turns me on something fierce. My man likes to go down on me as well but sometimes I can tell his heart just isn't in it. Other times it's mind blowing. My man however, doesn't care for head. He says I'm great at it but he just prefers sex personally. Alittle frustrating for me cause I like to do it so and he always wants me to stop so we can move on to sex. Sometimes he'll just let me finish cause he knows I like to do it. We've never really used any products on me just on him. We are going to buy a liberator for christmas so that we can get in more comfortable positions. I'm excited about that. Check it out here Kinda expensive but I hear it's worth it. Hope this was helpful.
1) Erin, Madame Le WalkingBitch went through that a few years back; if I get the chance, I'll ask her to stick her nose in here some time soon if she has any advice.

2) Aww, y'all are making me all goopy (and in a good way, to be sure!). kog3100 has not come home yet, but there is hope. We MAY have our Big Reunion Date on Friday the 13th. I've had the dress and shoes for an age now, and I chose a restaurant a couple of weeks back. The 13th may need confirming, but I will letcha know.


As everyone has observed, after his return, I intend to be rawther busy.

*So happy for Tes for days and days of cock-in-mouth yumminess*
Does anyone have any tips for going down on a girl? I've just had my first experience with a girl and I can't wait to see her again but I really want to drive her wild. Help!

something that Mr. Pug and I worked out was that I put my hands on his head and when I want him to move right I nudge him right and so forth and so on. Harder, softer, down, up, left, right. This eliminates the having to SAY what you want. I just move him alittle when and where I want. All I can say is take your time, if your heart and mind are in it then your mouth will be too. I personally, love when Mr. Pug goes down on me so it's like pizza. Even when it's bad it's still pretty good. laugh.gif
heeeeeeeeeeeello, maimy!!! friday the 13th, hmmmm? i LIKE it!!

where do i need to go for you to tell me what the dress and shoes look like? and -- enquiring minds want to know! -- what are you wearing UNDER the dress?

re: going down on a woman. i think that everyone is different, and likes different things. some women LOVE direct pressure to their clits, and it just annoys me. what turns me on is knowing that someone is excited, wants to pleasure me, and is getting off on it. especially that they are getting off on it.

love my pugs has some really good advice. the other thing that you might want to do is ask. i know that you probably want to blow her off her feet (sorry! rolleyes.gif ), but really.....what it is about is making her happy.

pugs, that furniture is something i have been wanting to try for FOREVER!!! you must share what you think about it! and thanks for sharing the site. those throes look awesome, i may need to invest in one! may help me save face (again, sorry! biggrin.gif ) with my maid, who will have to deal with the sheets when mr. hotbuns comes to spend time with me in december........

gods, i just LOVE having a cock in my mouth. thank everything i know that mr. hotbuns loves it as much as i do. HE gets off on the fact that i can come without him doing a thing except getting off on my sucking him off. i wouldn't want to exist on head alone, but mmmmmmmmmmmmm. waking up in the middle of the night, and being able to get what you want by burrowing under the sheets? yes! i don't think that we spent a single night without me doing that at LEAST once.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, it was one of the very first things that we did. we walked into the room, i opened the sliding door to the terrace, we walked out there arms around each other...sat down at the table there, opened a bottle of bubbly, toasted each other......he disappeared. i turned around and he was naked and hard and eye level.....and i didn't need to be told what he wanted next.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. maimy, i know how you feel! hang in there, it's worth it -- and you deserve what you've got comin to you!!
Tes, m'dear, PM me on that one. I won't post here, as he lurks, and though time has been at a premium and I doubt he's been in lately, I'm taking no chances ...

Sex has always been a subject of great interest to me and I also wish to become a sexologist in the future, but one thing I would like to know and that is for a woman who is in her first time as far as the sexual act is concerned which is the most appropriate form of sex that she should perform, oral, vaginal or the anal? Or does all of them give her equal pleasure?
Um, maybe I misunderstood the question, but: every woman is different. There is no "appropriate" or "inappropriate" sex act for women in general, whether it's her first time being sexually active or not. It's all about what she likes and what she's comfortable with. If you poke around the boards here, you'll see the great variation that there is among different women's sexual likes and dislikes.

The only thing that's "inappropriate" as far as I'm concerned is any act that both parties aren't consenting to and comfortable with.

I just popped my head in here and have to tell you other than 5-10 minutes max, I still can't give oral. Especially when my jaw literally did a lockdown about 3 years ago and it was like that scene out of the bad Cameron Diaz flick "Sweetest Thing" I think, (you know except without a thousand people around singing whilst I had MM's cock in my mouth.) lol

After a max time of about 15 minutes I have to stop, or else I am in significant pain for 2 or 3 WEEKS. Yep not days, weeks. I get the clicking jaw, need to wear a night grind guard, hellacious pain if I try longer than that. BUT I will say take some Ibuprophen about 1/2 hour 45 minutes before you guys play let's get it on hummer style... dig?

I don't even try it now. It's really far too painful after a minute. I can't keep my mouth open at the dentist, and sometimes even brushing my teeth hurts. I have another appointment on Monday (third this month) to start trying to treat the problem.

But for now, me giving oral is a no go. sad.gif
sounds like before i had my wisdom teeth out. sometimes i couldn't open or fully close my mouth at all. everything was out, eating, drinking, Sleeping, everything. very painful.
Unfortunatly we've ruled out the wisdom teeth as the cause of the problem. While the bottom ones DO have to come out, they aren't causing the TMD. I was so excited a couple of weeks ago because they thought that was it, but alas, no luck. In fact, the dentist won't take out the wisdom teeth and till the TMD is treated because he thinks I'll get lockjaw from having my mouth open so long.

They told me to expect to be there at least an hour on Monday so I'm hoping that means I'll get a few different treatments to try out.

I just want to constant pain to go away at this point.
I'm looking forward to going down on a woman for the first time. I also want to do the right thing. That means protecting both of us: safe sex.

Can anyone give any advice about introducing a dental dam into a hot situation? Has anyone have any stories (positive or negative)? Have you backed out when your lover insisted in using or not using one?

...or should I wait until our tests have come through?
beck, I'm afraid I don't have any useful input on that question, but I just want to say that I'm really glad you posted about this topic here. There's surprisingly little talk about safe sex and STDs in the sex thread--the conversation is mainly in "our bodies"--and I'm glad to see this aspect of things addressed here.

I'd be inclined to get the safe sex talk out of the way before things get hot and heavy, and then be sure to have the dam on hand in the moment, so it doesn't stop the momentum, you know?

BTW, just want to note (though I'm sure you already know this) that using the dam is the only way to stay protected from herpes, if your partner (or you) should have it. And it is possible to have it and not know it for a long time (just ask the ladies in the HPV/STDs thread). So it may or may not be worth it to use a dam even after the test results are back, depending on just how concerned you are about the chance of catching an STI. Just one more thing to consider...

Anyway, good luck and I wish you all the best in your first adventure with a woman!!
Hey everyone, nice forum.. great to see such open attitudes about human sexuality =)

I'm in a bit of a bind... My girlfriend lately has been complaining that I'm tickling her when I go down on her.. and not in a good, sexy way, in a way that makes her pull me up and prevents me from continuing..

I'm confused, as this used to be one of her favorite ways to get off ...

Anyone have any thoughts on what I might b doin thats so "tickley", and any advice for how to avoid it?
you are probably not putting enough pressure on her clit. and use your thumbs to massage the outside areas....

you should really be talking to her about this.

just my 2 cents.
ya, you might want to rub her "slightly" ruff with your finger tips to sorta dull the nerves so that your tongue isn't so "tickley". My man moved a funny way once i pelvic thrusted him in the chin. blink.gif I thought it was pretty funny. laugh.gif

She's tried explaining what's so tickley, but we were kind of at a loss...

I think some nice points already, ^_~

will letcha know when I can try em out

Thanks octinoxate for replying about dental dams:

QUOTE(_octinoxate @ Oct 23 2006, 12:10 AM) *

I'd be inclined to get the safe sex talk out of the way before things get hot and heavy, and then be sure to have the dam on hand in the moment, so it doesn't stop the momentum, you know?

I know that this board is about sharing, and criticising should be kept to a minimum, but I'm suprised that there are no other stories or tips about using dental dams.

Here's my positive spin of your response: I assume that most people use them with new partners, they have become Standard Operaing Procedure like condoms. That means that they are no big deal and single people carry them around with them wherever they carry their condoms. That means that they should be no big deal for me. about putting it this way: Any tips for making going down on a woman work well even when using a dental dam?
well, if i had anything to add...
hc, I wonder if you might possibly get more response in the "Sapphic sex" thread. (Maybe not, because that thread is pretty damn quiet, but it might be worth a shot.)

Hm. I also wonder if there are ways to actually make the dental dam *enhance* the action... any ways to get creative with it... (not having gone down on a woman at all, with or without a dam, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this one...)
Well, for me, um... I’ve had the same person going down on me for over ten years and we don't use anything so I'm clueless. I didn't even know what a dental dam was really until it was mentioned in here. huh.gif Mr. Pug knows more about some things then I do. I asked him what a dental dam was and he showed me one online and told me what it's for. I know I read that lube between the girl and the dam is supposed to help with sensation.

With my clueless ness out of the way I can't really add anything to the conversation. I can say I have a lot of friends and I've never heard any of them mention using one or trying to introduce one. I've heard them talk about introducing toys and such but never a dental dam. I think my friends just don't go down on their girl until they "think" they know them well enough to just do it all natural. Now that I think about it they probably aren’t that smart. blink.gif

I would think introducing one would be like anything else such as toys or kinky stuff. Talk about it first together and have it ready to go so you don't interrupt the mood. smile.gif

Sorry I can’t add more but I’m just not experienced with them. unsure.gif
just popping in to start reading and revving myself up for oral action in approximately 9 days! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!

there *is* something good to be said about long distance relationships -- when they are working, every time you see each other is yet another honeymoon. i can NOT wait.

wish i could be of more help re the dental dams. it has been a very long time since i have used one. i think i only have practical advice:

they made me thirsty. you might want to keep a glass of water around.

they didn't taste all that great, you might want to add a little something to help with that. as long as it isn't going to change the chemical structure of the dam, you should be okay. maybe honey?

in general, if you are really into what you are doing, and are letting your partner know it, she will be just as turned on as you are. it is really HOT to know that the other person is getting off.

i agree with everyone else: talk to her about it sometime when it isn't even a possibility -- over coffee in public, say. then all of the difficult issues that might be embarrassing will be out of the way, and when it gets right down to it, you can get right down to it, too!

good luck! pop back in and let us know how it goes! then we will all be able to give better advice the next time that someone asks!
Oral sex to me is my favorite sexual pleasure to perform! I love the slow migration over a lovely woman's body with my mouth and tongue. The anticipation of tasting her wetness and the visual effect of parting the vagina and entering her with my tongue and tasting her sweet nectar! Then focusing on her swollen sensitive clit! Running circles around it with my well lubed talented tongue! I especially wait for the orgasms! Waiting in hopes my mouth will fill with her gushing cum! MMMmmm !Delicious
sweetdreams - Give into your boyfriends oral adventures on you. Close your eyes, relax, enjoy. My BF read about this technique called "Full-Body Dual Orgasm" in a sex book called "Recipes Better Sex". I had the most amazing O in my life. The technique gives you a simultaneous clitoral and g-spot 'O'. 'O'ooo my!
My only advice on using dams is stretch them as thin as you can without tearing them. They most likely won't tear unless you nibble on them. I have had been the recipient of good head with dams. Oh and another thing, get flavored dams and get dams, don't make one out of condoms unless you have nothing else. Dams are so much bigger and give you more playing room.

My big problem with oral sex is that my girlie tires out and then orgasm is delayed. In all truth I'd rather go down on her than have her go down on me (and I so agree with everything Erica4 said. It even turned me on a little!) But for once in my life I'd like to have mind-blowing cunnilingus on my end. Not that I am some sort of pussy eating superstar, but my philosophy is to keep going even if my jaw gets locked and my tongue cramps up.

*Waves to Tes!* I hope your oral excursions went well!
I get ticklish sometimes. Try gently but firmly nibbling, in long smooth strokes, or having her wear a sexy thong while you go down on her, so you can't touch her most sensitive areas until she signals you too. I have found these most useful.
Hey everyone,

Does anyone's taste change during oral sex, depending on level of arousal? My boyfriend says I start out with one "flavour" but that it changes as I get more into it. Anyone know what's up with this?

many thanks
princess evangeline
it's me, voodoo princess (for all of you who've been here a bit)
well, i thought i was going to have a great story to contribute here as i spent the whole day yesterday slyly planning an "oral ambush" on my fella. i was going to rush home, drag his clueless self to the bedroom, tear off his clothes and get busy..... i succeeded to the point of "getting busy" and immediately began choking on a pesky hair (head hair, not the other*)...... not very romantic, i know, so i stop, swipe my hair out the way and go back at it...... only to choke on hair again! ok, so this is killing the mood and i'm getting pissy, so i stop again and begin to earnestly dig about in my mouth for the rogue, offending hair..... nothing there! i glance down and see this hair that i am after, wrapped about my fellas naughty bits...... there it is, this long, beautiful, platinum blonde hair which i immediately grab, hold to the light and ask, "who's is this" BECAUSE, as it turns out, I HAVE BLACK HAIR! and before you ask, NO there is NOT anyone in our household or even our immediate circle of mates that has platinum blonde hair!
so, my fella says "i don't know whose that is, probably got there cause i'm wearing shorts"
Um, ok? since when did wearing shortpants lead to platinum blonde hairs becoming entangled round ones naughty bits???????? this line of reasoning is beyond me.
i'm soooooo grossed out!
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