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oh god, it's another "writer".....
watch me vomit into the pocket of my greatcoat.
uh, do i have to?

at least be constructive, culture, aim at lara!
QUOTE(larabuckerton @ Jan 21 2009, 02:22 PM) *

Now I can begin to suck. Watch me closely. I take a cock from the right pocket of my greatcoat, suck it, stop sucking it, put it in the left pocket of my greatcoat, the one empty (of cocks). I take a second cock from the right pocket of my greatcoat, suck it put it in the left pocket of my greatcoat. And so on until the right pocket of my greatcoat is empty (apart from its usual and casual contents) and the six cocks I have just sucked, one after the other, are all in the left pocket of my greatcoat. Pausing then, and concentrating, so as not to make a balls of it, I transfer to the right pocket of my greatcoat, in which there are no cocks left, the five cocks in the right pocket of my trousers, which I replace by the five cocks in the left pocket of my trousers, which I replace by the six cocks in the left pocket of my greatcoat. At this stage then the left pocket of my greatcoat is again empty of cocks, while the right pocket of my greatcoat is again supplied, and in the right way, that is to say with other cocks than those I have just sucked. These other cocks I then begin to suck, one after the other, and to transfer as I go along to the left pocket of my greatcoat, being absolutely certain, as far as one can be in an affair of this kind, that I am not sucking the same cocks as a moment before, but others. And when the right pocket of my greatcoat is again empty (of cocks), and the five I have just sucked are all without exception in the left pocket of my greatcoat, then I proceed to the same redistribution as a moment before, or a similar redistribution, that is to say I transfer to the right pocket of my greatcoat, now again available, the five cocks in the right pocket of my trousers, which I replace by the six cocks in the left pocket of my trousers, which I replace by the five cocks in the left pocket of my greatcoat. And there I am ready to begin again. Do I have to go on? There was something more than a principle I abandoned, when I abandoned the equal distribution, it was a bodily need. But to suck the cocks in the way I have described, not haphazard, but with method, was also I think a bodily need. Here then were two incompatible bodily needs, at loggerheads. Such things happen. But deep down I didn't give a tinker's curse about being off my balance, dragged to the right hand and the left, backwards and forewards. And deep down it was all the same to me whether I sucked a different cock each time or always the same cock, until the end of time. For they all tasted exactly the same. And if I had collected sixteen, it was not in order to ballast myself in such and such a way, or to suck them turn about, but simply to have a little store, so as never to be without. But deep down I didn't give a fiddler's curse about being without, when they were all gone they would be all gone, I wouldn't be any the worse off, or hardly any. And the solution to which I rallied in the end was to throw away all the cocks but one, which I kept now in one pocket, now in another, and which of course I soon lost, or threw away, or gave away, or swallowed ...

tongue.gif xxx

PS: I'm new here obv.!!

Ha ha! Is that Beckett? I have SO been there, Lara. At last, a post I CAN'T understand!
I'm pretty new to giving head and I was hoping for a bit of advice. I was wondering how to go about stimulating a guy's prostate while going down on him. I don't want to just stick my finger in there and be more bothersome than anything. So for someone who has no experience in this arena, any advice would be helpful! laugh.gif
dayglow, I'd ask him how he felt about finger stimulation. That's my route. the one I do it to regularly has no complaints.
pink, I had one guy who often wanted me to press down really hard on his taint area. I don't know if that actually stimulated it or what but he seemed to love it.
that's a nice area to lick, too.
Yeah, my ex (!) liked to have the taint area massaged and pressed while I was going down on him. I would definitely check in with a guy before just shoving your finger in his ass. smile.gif Some guys love it, and others are not into it at all. For starting out, you can wet your finger with some spit or lube and just gently stroke the outside of his asshole, work your finger in a little bit, and see how he responds, etc., etc.
Pressing on that area with a vibrator seems to also be a favored technique.
Thanks for all the advice!
I'm pretty sure he's into it, the issue was more I didn't want to go about it stupidly. But hey, if you don't try I guess you never figure it out.
I know with the guy I play with anally, that I brought up ass play outside the bedroom, he said he'dthink about it, then it was given to me as birthday gift. I started slow, asked him if he wanted it, I just started to play with himlightly, didn't penetrate him until he was comfortable, and then I did use lots of lube, and one finger. When we got into oral play, I was lying between his legs and was licking and playing with his balls, then made my way down to his taint, he was the one who actually lifted his legs up so I could rim him. It progressed as his pace and damn if he didn't have an amazing intense orgasm when I was done.

it was nice because I was able to allocate so much time to this particular experience.

Good luck!!
I am once again high on the caffeine.

I found this odd little gadget, The Blowguard. I remember these things from sports, I thought they needed a custom fit, but whatevs. Somehow I think any tricks I've learned over the years would be rendered moot, but you never know. I wouldn't use the included lube, though.
How weird would it feel to have that thing vibrating your teeth if the vibrator part is on it...?
I can't imagine it would be any worse than using my Sonic toothbrush.
ok, I have a teethguard for sleeping in... not that I have - or would - ever give a blow job with it in, but I would think that the top edge of the thing would scrape on the penis. which would feel worse than teeth. In fact, I would think that it would feel like the penis was being scraped by a straight razor or something. a vibrating one, at that.

Actually zoya, you're right. I wear one too and unless it would have to be very rounded. But I don't think I would want to fit a penis and my nightguard in my mouth.
Well, in the one review I read & trusted, the um, blower had a very small mouth & he wasn't wild about it because it made him gag. He did note it made him drool a lot & that was good, what with the gagging. The blowee, was pleased, "the mouthguard created a sensation of extra pressure—like biting, but without teeth—that was quite pleasant."
Here is another review of the blow guard. Funny, I just read it today and then saw this here.
I've been reading through the archives, but I am still wondering--What do you wish you knew before the first time you went down on a guy? I have never been down on a guy before, but want to provide oral satisfaction to e-man, cod knows he deserves it. What two or three things should I have in mind? If I try to be too ambitious, I know I'll forget everything and it will be a disaster.
1) Absolutely no teeth. Cover your teeth with your lips and use them to put pressure on the penis.

2) The vein in the bottom of the penis and the head are very sensitive. Playing with those a lot go a long way.

3) Don't start off just sucking up and down. Tease him a little.

4) Swirl your tongue on the head a bunch when you get into a rhythm.
Period, I recommend working your way down there at a pace that's relaxed for you, then just spend some time exploring what it's like to feel those parts of him on your face, kissing them, tounging them. Notice what it's like to have him in your mouth, and the speeds and depths you are comfortable with. Doing this will give you the time to notice his reactions to what you're doing, and give you time to enjoy the experience (or you may discover it's not something you can get into). Then you can work on finding the rhythm that works for you and him, and along the way you'll remember what you've read here and incorporate whatever seems appropriate, because you're relaxed/excited by the response you've already gotten.

Also, if he isn't responsive, don't be afraid to ask what you could do that would get him going. I'm no stranger to oral, and I just did all of the above with my new boyfriend. It's fun to do with any new guy, because they're all different!
the one bit of advice I wish I'd been given before I went down on a guy:

pretend it's an ice cream cone. A really sloppy, super yummy one of your very favourite flavour, that you want to savor, and yet attack at the same time.

The shaft is the cone. The head, the ice cream.

now go for it.

There's some thing's I've learned over time, one being that different guys like different things, but overall, I think the greatest preference is for slow, gentle teasing, slowly working up to greater friction and speed, but not getting too intense until right at the very end. Once you've gotten used to it, you can have fun getting him close to cumming then slowing down and teasing again, which is even more fun, but the basic pattern is the same.

The most important thing is how you approach it. You're exploring and having fun, not performing a task. If you keep that in mind, it will be more fun for both of you. Honestly, it's about the best thing ever, it's fun and also very sexy to be able to experience a hard cock that close-up. Also, despite the stereotypes, suction isn't too important - I've completed a lot of blowjobs with no sucking at all. The thing guys really like (so I have been told) is the warmth of your mouth and the softness of lips and tongue. You can bring your tongue into it no matter what else you're doing. They also really, really love being able to watch. If he is sitting on a chair and you kneel between his legs, that give you a comfortable position, and gives him a great view.
Lots of great advice here.

The one thing I wish I'd known earlier on is that it is not necessary to deep throat his cock. You can try it during a future bj session if you want to, but don't worry about it for now. Guys are most sensitive at the head of the penis, so although it's good to tease the shaft, it isn't as necessary as you might think.

Remember that when you're giving a blow job, you don't have to do all of the work with your mouth. Get your hands involved. Cup his balls in your hand or stroke his shaft with one hand while you use your mouth to play with the head of his penis. If your mouth or jaw starts to hurt, just take a break and work with your hands for a bit.

Don't worry if you can't make him come. With some practice and a few tips from him, it'll happen eventually.
I wish I'd realised that it's very, very much ok to start down there and then move onto other things, especially while you're getting the hang of it. I go down a lot, but it's often as part of foreplay rather than a full blowjob.

Also, depending on the guy, gentle ball-sucking while stroking the shaft.
Whe i first starting giving head, im guessing because of the huge emphasis within porn on deep throating, i serisouly thought i had to fukin choke myself for a guy to get off on a blow job. But i have learned that is totally not the case and have been given damn good feedback on my skills yo.

I find one way to avoid having to take way too much cock in your mouth at once is to wrap a few fingers and thumb around the shaft and rest your lips around so they touch your fingers. Then when your move your lips up and down the shaft you can move your fingers in the same motion, making it feel like your taking in much more than you actually are. Apparently it feels like your taking him in really deep, but you actually at a far more comfortable level. It really works well.
And as previously said, moving your tongue over the head and particularly in a circular motion around the ridge joining onto the shaft is an awesome move. And also. Eye contact totally gets guys off. feels very naughty!
Thanks for all the great advice! I went down a few times last night, but always as part of the foreplay. We discussed a bit in between. Luckily, e-man is understanding of my situation, a 30 year-old who has primarily dated women in the past, and was kind throughout. Afterwards when we were talking, he mentioned again that he loves being in bed with me. When I mentioned the learning curve, he pointed out that he thinks that is not of much importance, the sex is great because of who he is doing it with. It actually was quite a lot of fun, even if I stopped from laughing a couple times due to the funny noises--he's used to it by now. There's usually a good amount of laughter involved when we're in bed together.

Again, thanks busties! I'll try to incorporate a few more tips the next time... smile.gif
Yay period monster! Hope you had lots of fun! Believe me, enthusiasm is so much more important than experience when it comes to these things. It doesn't matter how "good" you are, if a girl looks bored while going down, the guy won't be happy!

We had some fun this weekend ourselves, out in the countryside for a party and snuck away for a quick blowjob in the bushes. It was just like high school smile.gif
Even though I have decided to stop posting about the sex, I wanted to report back on this one thing. Successful oral on e-man last night, to completion. I even swallowed. Much fun was had by all.
I know I'm a bit late to the party but I totally agree with angie about enthusiasm when giving head. If a girl seems bored or like she's just doing it because she has to then the guy probably isn't going to enjoy it.

When I'm with cc_boy I'm pretty aggressive and I like to grab his butt to pull him closer to me (our favourite position is me sitting on the bed while he stands in front of me) and I just really go at it. A lot of the time I look up at him and I guess I look pretty happy because it just gets him even more excited. Of course, I know there's a whole debate about whether or not to look at a guy while you do it. Some guys love it, others say it's creepy so I don't know.
Y'know most of the guys I've been with seem to like making good eye contact during. I've never had anybody tell me to look away, anyways. I do it because I enjoy watching a guy's face contort when I do something that makes him really happy.
Hmm, I didn't know there was a contingency of guys who don't like being looked up at while getting blown. I always assumed the vast majority of them liked it. I think it looks somewhat weird (like when I see video of it), but I go with it, since I know my guy likes it. It still makes me slightly self-conscious at times, though. I like seeing his face, too, but sometimes when I'm focused on what I'm doing, I just kind of look down or close my eyes.
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