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I went down on my man the other day for the first time and he said that no no one had ever done that to him before... he's 35... I'm shocked blink.gif
my boy and i are really into teabagging! the balls *eta: don't* get enough attention in porn. balls are very sensual and sensitive, and because of this i like teabagging more than sucking dick. don't get me wrong, i like sucking dick too, but only my boyfriend's dick, i've never sucked random dick and never will! his balls are hott, and when i make out with them and my wand, i cum so hard! that. is. all.

also, my first love from highschool used to giggle like a little school girl when i juggled his balls in my hand.

i love the balls!
Not long ago I was going down on my husband and... burped. blink.gif Accidentally of course. But still. Burped. On his unit.

We both started laughing. I couldn't finish.

That is all.
Babybird, was it a loud burp????

Someone told a story about how they had soup before they went down on their man and I think it came back up. I just remember the soup part. Makes me chuckle.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jun 4 2008, 08:47 PM) *
Babybird, was it a loud burp????

No... just enough to where he was like "Ohhh yeah... uh, did you just burp?". rolleyes.gif

The soup thing was me! That was so gross. I hope it never happens again.
QUOTE(dayglowpink @ Jun 7 2008, 09:10 PM) *
The soup thing was me! That was so gross. I hope it never happens again.

The same thing happened to me, except it was after having an iced cappuccino. Bleh. Most embarassing moment ever sad.gif
Hey all, question... anyone else having this problem? Apparently, my man has no idea what he's doing when it comes to kissing the rose. He rarely goes down on me and when he does, swear to all that's sacred he only hangs around for about 30 seconds vaguely flicks his tongue around (apparently trying to find my clit), then gives up and ends up mounting up thinking he's done some wonderfully great thing for me.

blink.gif WTF? blink.gif

Honestly!!! I don't really know what to do, I've tried telling him how much I like it, and while he may agree when I do tell him that yeah he'll do it more and for longer, he never does. I make it as pleasant as possible for him, hell I never really suggest it to him unless I've just gotten out of the shower or at least freshened up, so he has no reason to complain. And for the love of god, men...



I guess I'm just frustrated... the rare times he does go down on me make me think the guy grew up watching too much porn, cause he seems to be making a big show of using his tongue in big licking/flitting motions, while I never really feel much of anything. Sometimes I wish he'd just dive in face first and go exploring rather than just dart around on the edge like an uncomitted suicidal standing on the ledge realizing how high up he is... okay got carried away in the analogy, maybe it's me that wants to jump off a building! I want to tell him that my clit isn't the only part that enjoys stimulation, but I'm pretty sure if i mention the word 'labia' he'll get squeamish...

What can I do to convince him he needs to go spelunking?
QUOTE(shara @ Jun 12 2008, 11:57 AM) *
What can I do to convince him he needs to go spelunking?

shara....have him read this article

it's one of the best training manuals for this I've ever read (and makes it sound like lots of fun!)
Ugh. I'm pregnant, and my sense of smell is really enhanced, as is my sense of taste!!! Not to mention my gag reflex. But I decided to go down on my boy anyway, and it lasted about five minutes before I puked!!! It was humiliating!!! I didn't even make it to the bathroom, I puked into my hand and it sprayed all over my face in this disgusting explosion! I don't know what to do because he loves oral, but I am having a really hard time doing it. It was never an issue before I got pregnant, and I'm barely halfway through.
QUOTE(nakedmolerat @ Jun 12 2008, 01:43 PM) *
\I didn't even make it to the bathroom, I puked into my hand and it sprayed all over my face in this disgusting explosion!

i'm so sorry but that line made me bust out laughing. sex is awkward and weird when you think about the mechanics of it, so i say anything your body does during a session is just par for the course. don't be humiliated; own it. so you puked. you're pregnant. your body gets a pass for whatever it does.

it reminds me of that SNL skit with Amy Pohler, where she was the one-legged lady trying out to be a model: "Yeah, I farted. Jealous?"

eta: GKK- that link is hawt. that guide should be printed out, xeroxed a few thousand times, and thrown off the rooftops of college campus buildings and other institutions where those skills are sorely lacking
Shara, I'd have a converstaion with him about the lack thereof. The manual is fantasitc!!!!

nakedmolerat, I just got a visual of that, and I'm also sorry, that seems like something you could both laugh about. When you're ready. Have you talked to the man yet?? Just tell him what you told us!
Thanks for the advice ladies! I'll have to check out the manual when I'm not at work, I opened it without thinking right as my boss was walking by and he almost saw that lovely pic on the top of the article, thanks god he doesn't really pay that much attention. Lawl!

Yeah, Vice has great guide for lots of sex related things - there's one to teach sucking cock too, and other fun stuff.....

My favourite line is about halfway through the article.....something about your tongue being the bad cop, and the clit is the mf who killed your partner......kills me every time, yet when I think about it, I'm like, yep.....that's how you do it......!
bump for queen bull, who loves the power she feels when she gives her guy head.

there are a LOT of us out there, queen bull! welcome!
Queen Bull
QUOTE(tesao @ Aug 16 2008, 01:53 AM) *
bump for queen bull, who loves the power she feels when she gives her guy head.

there are a LOT of us out there, queen bull! welcome!

hooray! happy.gif ty!
i've posted this before at least twice, but since i'm trying to get this thread going again, i think it may be time to post it again.

this is my paeon to going down on a dick.


i'm visual. i want to look at this beautiful cock in front of me. i want to see it all.

i'm tactile, i want to touch it. feel the softness of the skin while the shaft is hardening, comparing the differing sensations. i massage and rub, using lots of lube.

this marvel of your malehood is hard for ME. i made it hard, i make it jump at my touch. i watch your balls crawl, making more semen to engorge you, to make you harder, to make that lovely jizz that will be mine. i cup my warm, moist hand over your dick, slooooooooowly. and apply gentle pressure. i look up at you, and you are smiling. i begin to knead your cock, faintly, barely pressing, in a squeezing motion. it hardens imperceptibly more. i press your hardness against you with my palm, and rock it from side to side. i cup your balls.

i continue fondling, kneading, caressing. loooong strokes up the shaft, short circular ones around the tip.

i work my way down, slowly, it doesn't need to be hurried. light strokes with my hands. light kisses, blinks of my eyelashes. over your balls.

i keep going. that spot between your dick and your asshole is sooooo sensitive. your taint. i love this part! you didn't expect this. i want you to know that all of you is a turn on to me. i keep kissing, massaging as i go. i slip my hand backwards to your ass and stroke your buttocks, each smooth round mound, massaging in circles, each one getting closer and closer to the center. i flick my tongue around your asshole. and quickly once or twice into it.

my pussy is soaking wet by this time. i sit up to adjust and let you know how turned on i am, i stick my fingers into my cunt and pull them out, tracing my dripping fingers around your mouth.

you see how your dick turns me on? i whisper. i'm wet for it, i'm wet for you. i know that you want to fuck me, you want to cum, because you are hard and throbbing. and i did that, i made you hard. you want ME.

now i really get to work. up until now i have mostly been using my lips, my tongue has only touched the most sensitive spots. now my tongue will get a workout. first i bow down before your cock, and grasp it at the base. i rub it over my face, my cheeks, my lips, my breasts. i make sure that you see how much pleasure this gives me. i smile, that salacious cat ate the canary grin, and look you straight in the eyes while i caress you and moan with the pleasure of it.

i look down at your rod, and shiver when i see a glistening bead of pre-cum begin to ooze its' way out of the slit in the tip. i cannot keep my hand away from it. it is sticky with desire, and shows me that more will follow. a ring around the now dark purple head with my finger. i can no longer contain myself. my tongue flicks your head, your shaft, your base. your balls. back up the shaft. i put my tongue in that hole, and nudge it open, to get every drop, to savour the taste of your pre-cum.

i flick and gently lick the sweet spot at the underside of your pulsing head. i use my tongue to give pressing strokes all up and down the shaft. i eat you the way i would an ice cream cone, giving you looooong, slow licks, sometimes with a twist to make sure i get it all.

you buck, but i am not quite ready for you to cum yet. i stop my mouth momentarily, and squeeze your dick firmly at the base with my fingers. i know this drives you crazy, it is like you are on the verge of cumming, you are sure you will cum, but somehow you don't.

i slip my lips over you once more, and slide back down to the base of your dick. i cannot keep the groan of desire from escaping my lips. oh, gods, i whisper. you are beautiful.

i open my mouth wider, and engulf one whole ball, keeping my lips over my teeth, but massaging all the
while with my wet, hot mouth. sometimes i try for both balls at once, but tonight i leave one and suck the other ball into my mouth separately, to prolong the delicious agony.

using my hands as guides, i once more go back to your exquisite taint. i lick you with the flat of my tongue, applying pressure. your hips are up and pushing into my face. i reach back further, and flick my tongue around your asshole. and quickly once or twice into it. deep into it.

your hips are thrusting, pushing your cock against me and my lips. i decide that it is time to stop teasing you, you are ready to be in my mouth. i lean down, raise your cock slightly with the hand that i have been teasing you with, and take your entire cock into my mouth. no licking, no teasing, just one long slide into my hot, wet mouth. the contrast between the cold air and my warm mouth make you shudder.

i hold still a moment, with your dick completely encased inside my mouth. then i come slowly back up the length of you. i take a deep breath and hold it in, so that i can deep throat you. you slip down into my throat. i hold you down, so that i can control the motion of your long, hard dick. i move up and down, you slide in and out of my mouth, in and out. on each exhale i moan, so that you vibrate in my mouth. you gain headroom with each thrust. it feels as though you are fucking all the way through me, and this thought turns me on even more. my fingers trip down to your balls, caressing that magical spot once again. i grab your butt with both hands, still drinking you in. my hand moves oh so slightly and slides down into your crack. i finger your asshole. it is like pressing a magic button.

i am so aroused by now that my clit throbs in time with you. i know that you have lost control and the notion is so hot i know i will cum soon as well. my fingers slip down to my own crotch, and start to work against my clit.

i know i am about to get my reward. your moans grow louder, your breathing harsher. you grab my shoulders and hold tight, and shoot your load down my throat. i swallow against you, i feel the muscles in your cock spasm as you climax. you tell me i'm there i'm there, i'm going to cum! i smile around you. i know that already! i luxuriate in every spurt, draining every last drop of your hot cum. i love your cum. i want it. i want it in me, on me, all over me. i slip over the edge on the second spasm, screaming my pleasure at the notion of yours.

we collapse, gasping for air. your cock slides slowly out of me. i lean over to lap the last drops from your slit. mmmmmmm. you reach down and gently pull me up to your side and i lay my head on your shoulder. your lips meet mine, and your tongue parts them so that you too can taste the saltiness of your own desire. i shiver, and cuddle close, my hand lightly covering your still pulsing dick.
Tes, I really do think we are sex twins. I LOVE sucking cock so much. I get off sucking cock, my pussy gets just so dripping wet from sucking cock. I cannot express my live for sucking dick enough.

I could do it for hours.
um, CH, i think we ALL know your love of cock by your avatar. wink.gif
*My boyfriend gave me head last night so many times, I mean until the sun came up this morning! My clitoprincess is still sore*
I love that he worships the cilt like he does. Mmmmm.
Queen Bull
oh thank god for men who know what they are doing when they go down on you.

first he surprises me, by even heading south...

then proceeded to surprise me for the next two or so hours.



mmm oral portions last night from and for dancerboy.....

He gives me face like a pro, and I love that he waits and makes me beg to stick his fingers up inside me. After giving me a nice juicy orgasm, I reciprocated.

Like every man I've been with, he can't get enough of the way I give head - how deep I can take it, how much suction I work, and yum! he tastes good.

I love the look of awe men get on their faces when I suck their cock - it turns me on like crazy.
Ahh busties you are all so lucky! i havent' got head since i broke up with my ex months ago:'( THis guy I was kind of hooking up with, we went out for such a short amount of time that he never had the chance to go down on me! i gave him bjs though, goddamn it IS true that the older the men are, the more time they can go without cumming. He told me that it usually takes him an hour during sex to come and that when hes getting a bj it takes him an hour too but he generally concentrates really hard in order to come earlier. Are there actually girls that enjoy giving blowjobs for an hour straight? not me, my jaw start hurting and my neck too! and sex for an hour is good as long as the guy is good, if not its a waste of time (and this is exactly what I told him haha)
Queen Bull
QUOTE(dani1983 @ Aug 25 2008, 11:19 PM) *
Are there actually girls that enjoy giving blowjobs for an hour straight?

oh yes, there are lots of us. lol. just ask tes. her paeon to going down is great. its a bit further down the page... smile.gif
QUOTE(Queen Bull @ Aug 25 2008, 11:36 PM) *
oh yes, there are lots of us. lol. just ask tes. her paeon to going down is great. its a bit further down the page... smile.gif

DAMN that made me get all hot and bothered lol! nice story!
Queen Bull
QUOTE(dani1983 @ Aug 26 2008, 08:38 PM) *
DAMN that made me get all hot and bothered lol! nice story!

I KNOW RIGHT! shes amazing. smile.gif
Well, I for one LOVE going down on a woman. Someone mentioned (and had that a word?) the power felt by from giving head to a guy. Well, I find it pretty powerful to be on the giving end as well. I think it's all about the desire to please. I really get off having a pair of thighs tighten around my head, or feeling her fingers run through my hair. I will say that I've had several women mention that they haven't had head in a while (in addition to the comments made in this thread) and can only say the guys don't know what they're missing!

I loved Tes' rendition as well, though I don't think I could last an hour under such conditions. I find the sight of a someone going down on me to be very sexy as well, and being a visual person I only get that much more excited watching. Hell, I was HOT just reading it!
Tesao....damn I don't think I can wait until I get ahold of my man tonight. Everytime I pull his jeans off (he goes commando) I gasp at what is waiting for me.....well gasp and say a little prayer ;>) Truly one of my favourite things to do is go down on my man!
QUOTE(neurotic.nelly @ Aug 16 2008, 07:48 PM) *

OMG!! my clit is now upgraded to a clitoprincess

thanks neurotic nelly!!! i love it laugh.gif

QUOTE(boobiebeads @ Aug 27 2008, 01:42 PM) *
Tesao....damn I don't think I can wait until I get ahold of my man tonight. Everytime I pull his jeans off (he goes commando) I gasp at what is waiting for me.....well gasp and say a little prayer ;>) Truly one of my favourite things to do is go down on my man!

boobiebeads - i get turned on just feeling Mr. Pug's jeans on my hands and lips. sometimes they are annoying cause they don't give and if he's sitting it's not always easy access but still. i love jeans. BLUE JEANS!! i love the sound of his zipper coming down and i like having to really tug on them and the way they kinda drop after they slid off his ass. i love reaching around and grabbing his ass, two handfulls, and driving him deeper into my throat. i love his boxers although they too get on my nerves. i want everything out of the way fast cause i want him in my mouth. going down on Mr. Pugs is also my favorite thing to do. sadly, i have a cold sore right now and i'm not doing that at the moment.
Ok, I am a little embarressed to be posting this question here considering I feel that the thread is written by women who have won awards for oral sex (and I mean that in the best possible way biggrin.gif) but I have a question and this is the place for it.

I have never given a complete blow job to a man w/o a condom. Now I am in a relationship where it would be safe to do so and I have had oral fun with him but I always stop before he has an orgasm. I just don't know what to do when he cums. I am worried that I will gag or react in some way that makes him think I am grossed out. I guess I do have some "gross out" issues but I want to get past them. My boyfriend is great at oral sex and I really want to reciprocate. He has given me no pressure but I know he wants me to do it.

So, what the hell do I do if I gag or something when he comes in my mouth? It seems like many women here love the sensation so how do I get past my aversion to it? I keep reminding myself that it is a part of him and I love him so I need to just let go and have fun.

Help please. Thanks.
Firstly, have you talked to him about why you don't finish? If he knows you've never swallowed before that eases the pressure on you both when the time comes. If he's a good guy, I expect he'll be patient with you. And goodness knows, it takes practice & that's a bonus to you both. More blowjobs for him, time for getting over the squicky-ness for you.

I have a very sensitive gag reflex. I finished manually for a long time because I was afraid I'd hurl. But thanks to a very patient man & some practice, I got over it.
Kitten, I think there are a few ways this could go. You could talk to him about it and let him know you've always been safe and don't know about swallowing. Outside the bedroom, of course.

Second, all cum is different, so you could always blow him, then give him a handjob until he came, then you could give it a little lick after to see how it tastes.

One way to ensure you don't get too grossed out is to have a lot of your own saliva in your mouth, then swallow all. It doesn't last that long, the gagging can come from how the cum gets in your mouth, I found that sucking my cheeks in tight lets you control where the cum goes in your mouth.

good luck!
QUOTE(kittenb @ Sep 1 2008, 07:01 PM) *
So, what the hell do I do if I gag or something when he comes in my mouth? It seems like many women here love the sensation so how do I get past my aversion to it? I keep reminding myself that it is a part of him and I love him so I need to just let go and have fun.

Help please. Thanks.

Ask him to warn you before he comes.

All guys are different in terms of taste and texture, although I have to say, I do not enjoy cum that belongs to someone who smokes cigarettes.

Culture's tip about a lot of saliva is a good one.

I've found in my experience, guys get stop moving when they come, and if you stop moving to, and simply allow them to come in your mouth with minimal suction and a lot of saliva, it's good.

As build up, ask him to com in your mouth (but with it open). Most of it will get on your face, so make sure your hair is out of the way and close your eyes (otherwise it burns!)
that reminds me, when I got fucked this weekend past, I asked for him to cum on my face, I got it on my titties, and my face, and some in my eye. It was rather funny.
kitten, a lot of it for me is that it's usually obvious that the guy really likes it. like everyone else has said, definitely talk about it--from what i've read, you guys seem to have a really open and solid relationship--and let him know that it will be a first for you. i think also remembering that it's part of someone you love, like you said, will help a lot. it's part of someone you love, and that person will LOVE IT when you do it, and ultimately it's just a really sexy thing to do with someone you love, to take as much of that person into your body as you can.

if it's mostly the taste that's bugging you, have a glass of water at the ready after you swallow.
ooh, yes! a chaser always helps!
kitten, i'm sure there is some debate about swallowing vs. spitting cum. just cause you swallow doesn't mean you've officially completed oral sex. i'm not a big fan of swallowing. but, tis me. though, i do like when i guy comes on me on other parts of my body, but just not on my face. i agree with the others and talk with him about it.

i actually can feel sometimes when it's gonna happen sometimes. heh. maybe my mouth and tongue have some sixith sense. i'm totally joking here. guys ejaculate differently. i used one ex's cum just as a lubricate and kept stroking his dick at the same time.

dude, i think the fact that you are willing to post here and want to please the geek is a step in a good direction. let's us know how things go for you.
Unfortunatly my job has made me loose all interest in having him come on me anywhere else, especially the face. That we have talked about. Well, he has on my breasts but that wasn't a plan, it just happened.

Anyway, thanks for all the advice ladies. I'll keep you posted. cool.gif
i am sure that there is conversations somewhere in here about oral with a big guy. however, i'm not able to find it and really, like 20 pages of stuff is just so much to go through.

my gag reflex is pretty strong and i want to be able to give head to this guy i'm kinda dating. however, his cock is huge. for me. in fact the last time we were together he was going so hard there was a little blood. which kinda freaked him out a little but i just am really tight. ANYWAY!

i want to be able to give him oral but i am worried he's so big that i'm going to hurt him with my teeth or my gag reflex is going to kick in and result in my throwing up a bit. which i've read some posts and i don't want to do that...

what do i do!!??!?????
help please!
I've been there - as in so big that the term "baby arm" could seriously apply.

my advice: dont' try to take it all in (as if you could) use your hands for the shaft, concentrate your mouth / tounge on the head and kinda multitask on all that at once.

also, don't just suck, but do interesting stuff with your mouth all over the shaft, head, etc. pretend you're licking a bick ice cream cone or giving it big sloppy kisses all up and down the shaft... just have fun with your mouth and hands all over.

every now and then, go back to playing with / sucking as much as you can take in, use your hands on the rest of the shaft at the same time... but you don't have to only do that. head doesn't always have to be about taking all in and sucking it like a vacuum, specially with the big men...
thanks zoya smile.gif
i mean, i know those things, and i tried to do that and just concentrate on enjoying it. but honestly, haven't been together much and really didn't want to hurt the man.

he's so big... and beautiful and i really like the guy. so yeah. i probably won't get to see him for a couple weeks, but hoping...

i just know i've had enough experience that i shouldn't be worried, and i can get guys off and i've been told i'm good at it (they could've been just saying that or maybe it doesn't matter, any woman who goes down they're happy with her??) idk. but i don't want to hurt him but wanted to give more and felt like i was so worried...

will need to calm down about it obviously.

as well, fear deep throating... that gag reflex and all.
Yeah, baby's arm clutching a small plum territory here with my old man.

Not everybody can deepthroat, it is in fact, an art. One I've never managed, because I have a wicked gag reflex, too. Nothing sexy about hurl unless you're with a Max Hardcore kind of guy & I doubt you are because they're pigs.

Zoya gave you excellent advice in using your hand on the shaft & concentrating on the upper few inches with your mouth. Variation is key. Sometimes I clutch the shaft in direct correlation with my mouth, sometimes I use just my fingers to gently tease. If the vein on the underside is prominet, tease it with your fingertips with varying pressure.

My advice is to pay special attention to the frenulum, that place just beneath the head of his cock. It's crazy sensitive. Alternate your actions bewteen hard & soft licking. Also, a lot of guys dig it if you use your tongue on the slit. If you don't mind the taste of precum, go for it.

I think the best compliments I've ever gotten after giving head have been that I don't forget that the whole area is an erogenous zone. The balls are important, too & should not be left out. Suck one ball into to your mouth at a time & play with it. When they're good & wet, softly blow across them. (You can do that with the shaft/head as well for an additional thrill.) I like to rake my nails gently on the insides of a guy's thighs, it's cool to watch their stomach muscles quiver. You can also tease a guy's prostate by reaching underneath his balls & pressing just behind on his perineum. I don't suggest going any further back without permission because some guys get wiggy about it.

All in all, in the words of that crazy little sex therapist Dr Ruth, "En-joy it!"
lol... i can talk about this from giving head, and having it done on me, which i think is a riot.

if you are interested in doing the deep throat thing, my suggestion is to talk to the boy and tell him about your plans. he'll be super flattered, and he'll like the extra attention. plus you can get feedback on what he likes. i know guys are pretty easy, (cos they are), but all dicks aren't the same. personally, i do NOT like having my bawls licked, sucked or played with. it makes me crawl the walls in a very bad way. in a horrible way. me noooooo likey. but i do like having my happy button pushed right behind them. that makes cumming in particular very nice.

but back to the deep throat-- when learning to do it take your time, and remember to breathe thru your nose and relax your throat. don't force it. that's for later. take what you can comfortably and take a bit more when you feel able. think of this as a sort of long term project.

another thing with head, is enthusiasm. the more you get into it, like rubbing it on you, talking dirty, and pacing (like teasing him by going suuuuuuper slow), eye contact, and noise. with these things i always try to think of the 5 senses. enjoy all of them if you can. if you're turned on, that makes mr happy....well....happy.
I was just making suggestions, nothing was meant to be absolute.
i know you didn't but that's like a ...uh.... sore spot with me? i didn't mean it to come off like that. sorry i'm all in troll mode. hopefully it will wear off soon. my posts have all been supersnotty, and i can't seem to stop it. i just meant to say:

i jump whenever hands or mouths head towards my huevos.
thanks girls. smile.gif

he really is the biggest i've been with and not that size is the only thing that counts, but i mean... wow. the few times we've been together, i mean i just can't get over it. which i am gathering pleases him that i'm all impressed. but i REALLY AM. and a little intimidated.

input has helped though. will post again once i've seen him.. which is further away than i'd hoped. sad.gif stupid jobs and distance and crap. blah.

but thanks!!
uh yeah......please don't call me a guy. i know you don't know me from adam(ha ha), so it's ok, but it does make me bristle. just so you know, i'm a non-op transexual.

so sorry gt.
have edited my comments to adjust.

oh .... thank you, sage. wub.gif it was just one of those fyi things. i know you didn't mean any harm. all the same thank you so much...
well honestly. i can't imagine being rude and not apologizing. smile.gif
not that kind of person...

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