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Maybe this is obvious, but could you finish him up with a big, wet handjob? I do this sometimes and it seems more intense for some guys than anything else. But the lube makes all the difference!
thank you all sooooooo much! it's all great advice and i will take alot of it into consideration. i have thought about the having sex and then letting him cum in my mouth thing, my only fear would be that it would throw off his rhythm too much. i really like the idea of mutual masturbation and i think it's something i'm definetly going to try. he loves watching me, and while i've never thought about watching him, i suspect it will really turn me on. i really appreciate all the candor!

he and i have talked about it before, in fact, i picked a fight over it, but like i say, this is my own insecurity issue and has nothing to do with the way he feels about me and our sex life. he appears and communicates that he is completely satisfied. and i also think, like mr.pugs said, he just prefers having sex to getting a blow job, every man is different i suppose. thanks again, y'all. sr. monkey and i are currently in an LDR until he finishes school this spring, but i'm heading up there in a month to visit. i'm going to make a little notecard with all these ideas and i'll check back in and let you know if anything worked. thank you thank you thank you!!
Something else that just occurred to me: do you engage in/does he enjoy titty-fucking? (pardon the vernacular)

If you lay on your back, perhaps use some lube between your breasts and let him thrust between, that may give him a feeling similar enough to vaginal intercourse, and when he gets close to orgasm, you could lift your head and he could move forward a bit, and you could receive your just dessert (as it were rolleyes.gif )

Best of luck next month!
yeah, the thing is, to quote Peaches, 'i'm only AA, but i'm thinkin' XXX,' it's a good idea northpole, but i don't think i'm anatomically capable. thanks though!
So I gave head to a small (penised) guy today, and I actually liked it.

Things were much easier. I wasn't drooling everywhere (makes me feel unattractive and uncomfortable), I could deep throat him easily, and I wasn't afraid I was gonna hurt him with my teeth. Oh, and it was much easier to suck on an upstroke 'cause my mouth wasn't so full.

It was awesome.
I like giving head to guys with small(er) dicks, too! It seems to be a nice treat since my regular guy is big, and I've mostly done it with guys who were pretty big as well.
It certainly allows for easier deep throating. I know some men with larger cocks like the gagging sound.
yeah, what is that? i mean, yay for you, you're huge enough to choke me but... you like that?

then again, the more i think about it the hotter it seems.

god, i'm sick.
pepper, no you're not! I life the fact that I can take cock that deep! The gag I'll throw in for added effect.
It is hot and not sick! I try not to think too much about stuff like that and just enjoy it. The main thing I don't like about gagging is that it makes my nose start running and eyes start tearing, and that kinda distracts me. I think all the sex sounds are hot, but I definitely used to be weirded out or embarrassed by them when I was younger, so I understand that, too.
oh, ha ha! i was half joking. i'm a dirty old lady, really i am!
hey ladies! i just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU so much for all the great advice. we've tried the mutual masturbation thing which was totally hot and i was able to finally have my man cum in my mouth. we also tried just plain having sex until he was just about to cum and then pulling out and putting it in my mouth. worked like a charm! i have to say, it's made me feel alot more confident. maybe one day, with practice and determination, i'll be able to give him a blow job from start to finish, but it isn't a big worry for me anymore. thanks again!!
DJ, so glad things worked out well for the both of you!
ha! if only... check the very bottom of the page. there is a disclaimer. it's all fiction.

guess we'll just have to do it purely for the pleasure tongue.gif
falljackets - didn't see that. laugh.gif oh, well, it's still funny and like you said fun. smile.gif
i'm just going to pretend that it's true. and the reverse for dudes? a little lip service reduces the risk of prostate cancer? why not!
i have been waking mr. hotbuns up in the morning by giving him blow jobs. SO nice to have a cock in my mouth, getting harder and harder, and then even harder still when he wakes up and realizes just where his cock IS.

some time in the middle of the night last night, i woke to someone fucking me.....and promptly came, hard. before i could move, he was at my head, his still hard cock in my mouth, his fingers in my dripping cunt, thumb rolling my clit against my pelvis.

he would push his dick into my mouth, in and out a few times, down my throat...and then fuck me with his hand. cock in mouth, cock out, hand in cunt, hand out, cock in mouth.... i came twice more just realizing what was going on before he exploded in my mouth, all of that wonderful, creamy white cum pumping into me, leaking out and oozing down my lips.

i'm about to cum again just writing this post.
Tesao, I've missed your posts.
omg tes, it's like you're shouting your head off in here!
dude, where ya been? r u making up for lost time with extra large font? cool!
G-damn that was hot, tesao. I'm glad I tiptoed over here.
obrigada, erinjane! i've missed posting!

eileen, muito thank you. welcome to the bust boards!

pepper!!! *flings self at pretty lady* how ARE you??? i AM shouting my head off over here! heh.

i live in africa now (for job reasons), mr. hotbuns stayed in the USA (for job reasons). every time we get together we act like sex-starved fiends. (ok, we ARE sex-starved fiends)

i'm here for the tday holiday, leave for africa on monday pm. 7 hour time difference and loads of work make it difficult to pop in here.... sad.gif

but so fun to be here, even if just for a bit!
I'm sure that this has been covered before somewhere, but does anyone have any good tips for going down on a girl? My boyfriend went down on me for the first time today, and it was nice-ish, but really didn't amount to much. It was very...soft.
Warning, this is kinda gross.

Yeah. So I was going down on my boy the other night. I've been working on taking him deeper down my throat, and while I still gag a lot, it's been fine. So the other night he was kinda shoving his dick down my throat, and we were both getting really into it, and then I definitely puked in my mouth. Thankfully it was not a huge amount. I sat up really quick and grabbed some Kleenex and dealt with it, and then I felt all weird and embarrassed. It was a bummer, cause he had been moaning really loudly and was all turned on. He kept asking me what was wrong, and then we laughed about it a bunch when I finally told him. Lesson learned: don't practice deep throating right after eating soup.
My boyfriend came in my mouth tonight, and I get so grossed out by the taste of cum. I want to at least be able play it off instead of running off to the bathroom spit. I am hoping that I acquire a taste for it.
dayglow, I just about spit water onto my computer screen when I read that! That last line was hysterical!

Nelly, I know in one of the threads we dicussed what was good to make cum tase okay, pineapple!

It also helps if you get a lot of spit in your mouth than swallow it all!
culturehandy, that just seems like a lot of work, to try and get the boy to eat more pineapple. but thanks for the suggestion, i may go out of my way to get him to eat more of it.

but the thing is, cum is like.........looks like.........feels like.........SNOT! And that's just hard to swallow!
I've noticed that there are a lot of different textures of cum. Although I love to swallow, I do have more difficulty with the very thick kind it sounds like your boy has. There's been a couple of occasions where I wanted to lick the cum off the dude's stomach or something, but it was just so thick and viscous that I got a little grossed out!
The guy I'm with now is the only guy who's cum I've actually not minded. It doesn't really taste like anything and it pretty watery, which is fine by me. My previous long term boyfriend had horrible tasting cum. It was bitter and blagh, I assume from all the coffee he used to drink.
dayglowpink, yeah, i think you are right. my boy's IS very thick and white, and it just makes me gag, goddess bless it though. i was watching some porn earlier today and this guy's cum was clear and watery and it looked like it'd be pretty easy to swallow.
Mr Pugs
How much action is your boy getting nelly? I know personally, the more frequently I cum, the more watered down it is. LMP knows when I haven't been doing anything alone and we haven't done anything together by the consistancy. That was really gross now that I went back and read Hope it helps....
Hey Mr. Pugs, are probably right about the frequency bit, lately it's been kinda irregular, when I give him oral pleasure he usually doesn't cum so I can't really say, but I do remember having sex three or more times in one day and by the third or fourth time it was noticeably more clear. Sorry if I grossed ya out...but I sure feel better b/c now I know it's not just me. tongue.gif
Mr Pugs
You didn't gross me out, I grossed myself

I don't know what his libido is like, but if you could have him cum everyday or every other day (you don't have to do it, he can handle this on his own) then see what it's like. We know all too well that life gets in the way of regular portions, there's always something keeping us from doing it as much as we like.

Mr Pugs
I'm a little late in joining the convo, but I have a theory. I think cum consistency has something to do with hydration. I know that when my boy is dehydrated, his cum gets kinda...chunky (sorry if that's tmi). There is also a noticeable difference from when he has been drinking coke/coffee/beer all day as opposed to water/fruit juice. If he's well hydrated, it's much thinner and clearer.
I'm not saying that frequency isn't also responsible, I just think that hydration is a big factor too.
I have now noticed (I was going to say, come to notice, but that's just a poor choice of words!) that it totally depends on the guy and the day. I've given, uhhhh, a few blow jobs in my day, and it really does depend on the guy. granted there are things in the diet that can change the taste, I'm not sure about consistency.

as for after fucking a few times in an eveing, and cum becoming more watery, could it be because of the lack of actual sperm in the semen? I could be waaaaaaaaaaaaay of base here. I don't want to get into sexually based theories using evolution, but the first time you fuck you want to get the most bang for your buck, so would the male body not just have a ton of sperm that's waiting to be used? Every time after, it's mostly the motions, and the body has exhausted, not all, but most of the sperm? and if lack of sperm is what makes semen watery or clumpy that would make sense.

Or maybe I'm totally wrong and it has to do with fluid intake through the day. Or it's just like how some women don't get that wet?
special k
hmmm, doesn't sound that crazy. And when I remember back to good old biology, cum is just DNA/protein milkshake, which will probably solidify and go opaque when it's heated. A bit like eggwhites. So maybe its just been a bit too warm down there...or maybe that's really wrong.

My ex drank loads of coffee and beer and he was definitely on the grosser side. Now I kinda remember.. (turns into nerd) it was something like this experiment

scroll to the bottom and voila, cum in a test tube. I remember when I saw it in class. Hope I wasn't the only one thinking what I was thinking.

Sorry to bring the thread to such a clinical level. Everyone should drink more water and enjoy more cock!
special k, what you said really makes a lot of sense, i really think his is just a really thick dna/protein milkshake, PERIOD b/c he drinks tons of water, he doesn't drink coffee, he eats more fruits than I do, etc. He does drink beer though...but not enough to override all the good stuff he puts in his body. oh, and, mr. pugs he is totally a regular self-pleasurer, sooooooooooo.......... I guess I should get used to it. happy.gif
Okay so Mr. Pug and I were having sex today and he pulled out to come on my chest and it had been a while so it kinda of had some velocity behind it and he got me right in the face, more specifically in the EYE!! Fuck did that hurt. At first it was no big deal. I tried to sort of wipe it away with my hand then I got in the shower. Mr. Pug joined me and told me that my eye was kinda red. It just felt very dry. I rinsed it well with cold water. After our shower we laid down in bed and my eye began to burn and sting and I swear it felt as though it was swelling. It was so bad I had to get up and rinse again. Eventually, I got frustrated and just sat at the computer surfing the internet. It was watering pretty badly. I just kept blotting it with a tissue. Eventually it stopped and the redness went down and now it's perfectly normal again. He felt so bad about it. He kept apologizing all night. I told him it was an accident and not to fret. I'm going to cover my face next time with the blanket. laugh.gif He got my eye, mouth, nose, hair, pillows, chest, and stomach. It had to have been some sort of record. laugh.gif It was quite an experience. Just wanted to share. Goodnight!!
Dang, there are few things worse than nut in your eye. Painful!
I got cum in my eye once, wasn't peasant, but it certainly wasn't the experience that pugs described!!
LMP- that happened to me one afternoon before we had dinner plans with friends. So I looked like I had swollen red eye disease. When my friends asked what was wrong I didn't know what to say, so I said "allergies". Getting it in your eye sucks very badly, but it also sucks to get it up your nose, and both at once is just terrible (speaking from unfortunate experience)!
yes i've heard up the nose is painful as well. next time it's going to be like Gallagher up in our bedroom, plastic protective sheet and all.
Crin, I'm curious as to how you got cum up your nose. You weren't playing Angry Dragon were you???
lol, not on purpose! (ch- I had to look that up on urban dictionary!)
Sometimes when my boy is about to cum he swells just enough that my mouth gets literally stuck on him because I can't open it any more. If this happens and I get stuck at the wrong angle, depending on velocity cum goes up and out of my nose rather than conveniently down my throat. I've learned to be careful.

LMP-hahaha Gallagher preparations, who needs a sledgehammer when you've got a man?
I was going to post a link to that, but I figured if one was curious they could look it up.

Gaa, cum out of nose, is it the same sensation of having water come out your nose? I could imagine it feels rather horrible, and not something I'd like to experience myself.
My friend's boyfriend came on her face and it got right under her nose and then she breathed in kinda sharply and it went up her nose and she said it was very painful. Is there some kind of acid-like ingredient to come that causes the burning sensation?
I think getting anything up your nose is rather painful. Think of the sensation of water up your nose, which is neutral. It's a horrible feeling!
I don't know if any of you have ever swam in the ocean, but the sensation is more similar to getting salt water forced up your nose. It's harsher and, well, saltier (also slimier-ew) than pure water. I have no idea what diabolical ingredient in spooge makes it feel that way.
I was curious so I looked it up....

The principle ingredients are: Fructose sugar, Water, Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Citric acid, Enzymes, Protein, Phosphate, bicarbonate buffers (bases) and Zinc...

I guess it's the citric acid that does it. And apparently, semen has 15 calories per serving.

Interesting read...

I'm such a dork.. looking up the ingredients in sperm tongue.gif
bumped for snow white
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