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QUOTE(Moonpieluv @ Jul 26 2007, 03:58 PM) *
See, I have problems making myself after a heavy night of drinking or a meal that's tearing up my stomach with pain... I gotta stick my damn hand down my mouth! I wonder what that means?

Moonpieluv - I never had a very strong gag reflex either. I can't usually make myself throw up when I've had a long night of drinking. I usually just have to suffer through the spins dry.gif ! It sucks during those long drunk nights but it's great during long oral sesssions.
You guys are all so cute! Thanks for the advice. I will keep practicing! I don't mind too much when the gag happens, and it doesn't seem to bother my boy either. I just pull back a little and keep on going. I just think it seems so hot to be able to take the whole dick in there. I like the way it looks to see girls doing it, too.
I 'gave head' to a guy for the first time in my life back in January. I have to say it wasn't entirely unpleasant, but it certainly wasn't the best thing I'd ever put in my mouth. tongue.gif The boy was kind enough the first time (knowing it was my first time) to warn me before he came. I pulled back just in time, and replaced my mouth with my hand. It seemed to work okay, I suppose. The second time was a -bit- better, but swallowing involved a ton of inner dialogue; mostly my telling myself that -they- would die pretty quickly after being swallowed.

Afterward, I refused to kiss him for awhile. Of course, he just laughed and kissed me anyway.

I didn't gag -giving- head, but I nearly gagged when I thought about the actual... sperm. It still makes me all nervous-y. Heh.

i love to go down on Mr. Pug but I hate the taste of his cum. I swallow every time but it takes "a ton of inner dialogue" on my part as well. Even now when I taste it I shiver to myself with ewwwww ness. I try to have him way back in my throat when he comes so it doesn't hit my taste buds. We never kiss afterwards either way (me down on him or him down on me). I don't particularly like the way I taste either so we just don't kiss until we rinse our mouths out. Sometimes I just have a nervous stomach so I finish him off with my hand. He never minds. It's always very surprising to me when I watch porn and the girls on there seem to love cum. I'm all like, "Damn girl, you go. More power to you." Not for me. You might never like it but you'll get used to it if that's what you want. Good luck!! smile.gif
I haven't swallowed cum in a loooong time and I have never really enjoyed the taste. It's just like....drinking a weird wine or something. Okay, that's a bad example but I'm sure y'all know what I mean!

Pugs, I guess the way I wrote that was kinda funny. Luckily, as I've mentioned in the BDSM thread I'm going to be visiting a friend who promises to teach me how to give good head. I think he'll be able to do it because he sucks cock as well. I will report back!
Candy -

I have a gay friend who tried to give me some tricks to try on Mr. Pug and I did but Mr. Pug didn't like any of them. My gay friend hasn't had many partners so I think a lot of his "tricks" sound good in his mind but he hasn't gotten to try them on anyone yet so they aren't proven.

I stick to good old communication. I try something then Mr. Pug lets me know yes or no that he likes it.

I had the best oral sex experience this weekend. I went down on Mr. Pug on the couch while watching a movie and it's was fucking great.

Also, last night while he was sleeping I jerked him off and right when he came I woke up him and he was all, "What the fuck are you doing? OMG!!!" *giggle* It was kinda cool and funny at the same time.

Well I'm off to clean the kitchen. Have fun everyone.
Well, the thing about my friend is that he's bi so he's gotten head from guys and girls. For some reason it seems that girls from New Jersey and most guys in general give better head than the average person (according to him at least). Communication is great, and very key, but I've always wanted to just go down on a guy and just have him be completely engulfed in the pleasure I'm giving.

I have to say the one thing that really makes me enjoy giving oral is when I get positive feedback as it's happening.
I got pointers on giving head from one of my best friends, who is openly gay and has been since he was in high school. He's WAY into giving and getting head, and loves to give his girl friends tips on what works for him... I have to say, I've always really enjoyed giving head, but since I've implemented his pointers, I have been told by every guy I've given a BJ to (which is a grand total of about 4 in the last year and a half..) that it's been one of the best, if not THE best head they've ever had. In turn, that's made me more confident about what I'm doing, which I'm sure helps as well.

Getting confident about my head-giving ability also has given me the confidence to experiment here and there on top of my repetoire of techniques that I know work. So it's been all good. oh, and I am really bad at deep-throating, I can go pretty far, but defintely not super far for a long time.

one of the best pointers he's given me is to press your tounge towards the top of your mouth as you take in his penis. He said that makes it feel a lot tighter and good. (try it with your finger. if you put your finger in your mouth with your tounge just flopping around it's a LOT different than if you're pushing your tounge upwards at the same time as you're taking your finger in) It seems like such a simple thing, but it's not anything I'd ever done before, and guys go nuts for it. Also he is an advocate of lots of spit to make things nice and lubed. I'll have to think on what other pointers he's given me that no one has already posted.
My practice may be starting to pay off. Yesterday my boy was all impressed with how far I could take him into my mouth. He said something like that was the best I had ever done. I hadn't told him that I was working on it, so that was nice to hear. His dick wasn't super hard, though, and he is over 8 inches when it is. I still can't do it for long, either. I'm gonna try pressing my tongue up like zoya mentioned. That is a good idea that I don't think I've ever actually done.

On the taste of come, I love come, and I love getting it all over me, swallowing it, etc. I think the taste is definitely weird, but the whole idea of it is just really sexy to me. I have to admit, though, if there's a whole lot, it squicks me a little. I usually am pretty into licking it off him if it's on his stomach or whatever, but the other day I went down on him and then jerked him off, and he came a lot. Some of it went into my mouth which was cool, but there was this big pool of it on his stomach, and it was a little much for me to handle, so I just wiped it up. I also love kissing after oral on me or him. I think we've talked about that in this thread before. Most guys I've been with haven't been real into making out after they come in my mouth. If I find one that it, it's a nice little treat. Also love going down on a guy right after he's been in my pussy. Mmmm.
has anyone tried any of the spunk-tastes-like-what-you-eat tricks? i've heard that too much red meat makes it taste bad, but drinking pineapple juice makes it taste great? pugs? anyone a relationship.... can you be my clinical trials? i'd really like to know if this is just a urban myth....
GT, I've heard that too, and I think it would kind of make sense. I've heard that red meat makes it a bit bitter whereas fruits (especially pineapple) make it sweeter and I think it makes sense because they have natural sugar in them.
Like I said, my gay friend hasn't had a lot of experience so I don't think he in particular knows what he's talking about. The pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth things sounds great. I'm going to try that. As far as what they eat making their cum taste different, i'd love to do a search of it on google or something but i'm not on my computer. i'm down with trying it out. mr. pug's cum makes me ugggghhh! it tastes terrible. he loves pineapple juice so i'm willing to make him drink a big glass full every day to test it out. i have heard that too much broccolli can make it taste bad and Mr. Pug eats a lot of it. when I see him loading it on his plate i'm like, "Hope you aren't expecting anything babe." he just laughs. i don't know, even though i think it tastes bad i still can't get enough of going down on him. MMMmmmmmm makes me excited just thinking of it.

Last night he "cut me off" *giggle* told me I wasn't allowed to touch his cock or anything but yet he was playing with my nipples and sticking fingers down my throat and talking dirty to me. When he sticks his fingers way down my throat he's always like, "HOW DO YOU DO THAT????" He got me so fired up just telling me no that I actually ripped his boxers trying to get to him. He was laughing so hard and acting like he was upset that I ripped his "favorite" boxers. LOL it was fun and silly.
I don't know about the food thing, and I've sucked a lot of cock. I have noticed, however, that when a man drinks booze, his cum tastes alright. The key is not to have it hit you in the back of the throat, and make sure there is lots of spit. I like swallowing so I've not other suggestions.

Tricks of the trade, suck your cheeks in, gives you killer suction. When I have a guys cock in my mouth I roll my tongue and fold it (you know making a tongue taco) around his cock.

I honestly don't know what else to say, previous partners and I have tried to deconstruct, but all I've heard is I don't know what you do, but it's amazing. So, with that said, I'll have to think about how I give head.
The usual items on the Things To *Avoid* for Yummier Come list:

>> Cigarettes
>> Beer
>> Meat
>> Asparagus
>> Coffee

The usual Home Remedies for Tasty Spooge:

>> Pineapple (fruit or juice)
>> Celery
>> Drinking water rather than soda, coffee, etc.

These are also recommended lists for women, though the lion's share of conversations I've seen about this (and they're in the archives of this thread too) tend to discuss the jizz rather than the juice ...
Found this

Make Cum Taste Better
I've felt like, for a long while, that I've been building up this bad relationship karma. I always thought that it was just that I was going to get hurt really bad or something. But I think I've finally figured it out.

I've been dating this really great guy. Seriously-he's very much a picture of everything that I could ever want. Except for we've i've been having sexual issues. Dammit. I don't have these types of issues EVER! I can't explain it.

The crux of the problem is that my O seems to be MIA. And I think it's largely due to the fact that he won't go down on me. I mean, once or twice he started to, just barely, and then stopped. And we've had a lot of sex - but he never fully did the deed. I am, admittedly, spoiled in that department. I don't remember the last time I had sex without some type of oral involved. So maybe that's why I'm so dependent on it now?

So the answer has to be to just talk to him about it? I'm a talker. I can handle that. But he's a very shy guy. He's warming up. But I just haven't found the right way to approach it, refer to it, talk about it... without feeling like I'm demanding it or something. I don't want to be like "that guy" who is pissy becuase his GF won't give him a blow job, only a girl. Do you know what I mean? Ugh.

Any suggestions on how to bring it up?

This morning was really frustrating. He spent a lot of time kissing around the issue... but never doing it. I was about to scream. I think I might have missed my opportunity then... dry.gif

I don't know just what to say yummymum. I know that personally I cum much faster and easier from oral than anything else so I'm probably a bit dependent on it too. But what exactly are you guys doing during sex? I can't cum during intercourse without playing with my clit. Everything might feel good but if there's no clit action then I'm just not going to orgasm.

I don't really know how you could bring it up but I do think that talking about it is important. Also, how long have you two been together?

And one more thing, don't worry about being like the guy who's pissy about his gf not going down. I think it's ridiculous the way some people treat sex. Sex is very important (imo) to having a healthy relationship and I think that having bad sex or no sex can really ruin things.
yummymum, candycane is giving you really good advice!

we probably do need some more information, as candycane asked: how long have you been together? how intimate are you (i don't mean sexually, here -- i mean, how easy is it for the two of you to discuss difficult issues)? don't worry about "complaining" that he won't go down on you! sex is supposed to feel good, and we are in it to make each other feel as good as they make us feel!

if you have trouble verbalizing, you might want to make it a "tit for tat" kind of game.... for example, take turns. you go down on him for a while, suck his cock. then ask him to return the favor. keep going back and forth, maybe try to do something different each time -- and then tell him it is his turn.

most of the lovers that i have had (both male and female) get REALLY turned on when they realize just how good they can make me feel. it makes them hot to know that they can do something that will make someone else cum. i bet your boy is no exception.

good luck! let us know how it goes!
I used to be very dependent on oral in order to cum. It was what I needed. Then we started to explore other areas of my body and now Mr. Pug rarely goes down on me. Sometimes he's really into it and I'm all about it but other times it just seems like he's not so into it and I just say whatever and let's get to the fucking. Sometimes Mr. Pug complains that I don't let him go down on me and that's usually when I fire back that when he does it seems like his heart isn't in it. Then he'll show me up and give me a mind blowing oral experience. We are strange I know. lol

communication is the key like tes and candy said. you guys have to talk about it. but timing is everything. I’m not good with the timing part. usually I get frustrated and keep it bottled up until it's like, "Shit, fuck, when are you going to fucking go down on me already? I've blown you everyday for the last month and nothing is being reciprocated?"

then he'll be like, "Well, shit every time I move down there you tell me you aren't in the mood for it."

Which I then respond to with, "Well I'm in the fucking mood now so eat me out already will ya?" He'll laugh and then later that night it'll happen and it's great. We are a hot mess I know.

don't listen to me on the timing issue is what I’m trying to say right?!?! blink.gif

but like candy and tes said talking is important.

candy - sex is very important imo as well. I hate when I hear people say that sex isn't the most important thing in the relationship. fuck that. it's not THE most important thing but it's ONE of the more important things. Jesus come on now. I can't imagine going back to once a month like we used to. three times a week is minimum for me now. Mr. Pug can't keep up sometimes. he's always complaining about being tired. I usually just tell him that he's young and to deal with it. laugh.gif

oh, and I can't cum at all without there being clit action. I wish I could do the whole female ejaculation thing but (since I just watched shortbus last night) I think I have a clog LOL
I agree, communication is absolutely key. I'm very upfont. There was one man who said he didn't go down on women, so I straight up said then you aren't getting a blow job from me, and we probably aren't going to have sex. He's still trying.

Bring this up OUTSIDE the bedroom. never have any sort of sexual talk in ye olde bedroom or things will turn so sour.

I do not cum from oral sex, I have to have penetration. I've always been that way. Pugs, as for squirting and female ejaculation, I can't really help, because mine just happen. I stopped thinking about it and stopped trying and one time I came so hard that my partner and I *heard* the squirt. It was pretty neato. I also heart how you and the mister are.

Thank you for the advice, everyone. Especially CH- I needed to remember not to bring it up in the bedroom. You're totally right about that being a bad thing.

Ok here are some more details - I certainly cannot cum without some clit action either. And this is a problem for a couple of reasons. I mean, the equipment is really nice. So I know that it could be really good. But he is also very small waisted. He's tall, but thin. So it makes it harder to stimulate the clit during penetration simply because there's not as much rubbing. Does that make sense? Believe me, I've tried. Hell, I thought that surely with me on top I could accomplish it. But that's not true with him. I'm not sure that I can say that I always cum from oral. But it just makes it so much easier to cum during sex if I get that first.

We've known each other since April, dating since May. We are very intimate in some ways. Conversation about important topics are pretty free. But like I said before... he's kind of a shy guy. And the sex talk just isn't very broad yet. I mean, its gotten better. So maybe it will be easier to bring up in the future? Or I could just get totally drunk tonight and get it over with. LOL

But you're right. I shouldn't feel bad about bringing it up. Believe me, he's getting his. I've went down on him plenty of times thinking that he might recipocate. That's usually how it works, right? Nope. It's so frustrating, because its just on the edge of being so fucking amazing!



Well, I think it's good that at least you want to talk about it. I can definitely get a bit pissy at times so I know that if I was with a guy like that I might just stop going down on him and see how he likes it. But really that's not the best thing to do.

Like I said, I don't know how I would bring it up just as long as you don't do it when you're both about to have sex. Definitely talk about it outside of the bedroom.

Also, as for the clit stimulation thing I rarely get it just from the guy's body, I always have to reach down and rub myself or sometimes he'll rub it for me. I love it.
Hi, newbie here. I have so many questions in spite of my age. I'm 36 and have had numerous men eat me out, most of that was eons ago, but one was recent. I am confused about the whole thing of women cumming because when I was in school (70's and 80's), we didn't learn about that. We didn't have a 'sex ed' class - only part of science class that covered the reproductive system. We learned about males 'ejaculating' sperm, but no mention of anything of the sort from females. All I knew is that females don't produce the sperm, so nobody figured that we cum, right?
So I am clueless (please bear with me, I assure you I'm not a troll) - how do I know if I cum? Especially if a man eats me, how do I know whether that wetness is from my cum or only his saliva? If a man fingers me and then it becomes wet, does that mean I came?
Also, I find it wierd that when I get eaten out and it's not 69, I get bored. But OTOH, if the guy neglects to eat it, I get pissed off. Am I the only woman on Earth who gets bored when receiving it? It baffles me because men talk about eating it like they'd be doing me some huge favor, but I've 'been there, done that' so nothing impresses me much (now I have that Shania Twain song in my head biggrin.gif ). Is that possibly because I used to get around too much?
About my last partner - it was a brief fling - he had this annoying habit of asking me if I came when he was inside me and about finished. I spoke to him about it, and asked if his ex came, and he said she did. I asked how he could tell and he said it was because of her reaction. I dumped him (for other reasons) and we no longer speak to each other, so I never had a chance to ask him just what he meant by that 'reaction', and was wondering if anyone here could clue me in. I would like to understand all this! blink.gif Thanks.
let's go back to deep-throating and how to practice that.....

maimstress had mentioned something about my technique of hanging my head backwards off of the bed, and letting him fuck my throat.....

something about the position WORKS like a charm, don't ask me how.

plus, it is an amazingly HOT view from there. all balls and cock and beyond that the look in his eyes as he buries his hard dick in your throat.....
Tes -- agreed -- that position works really well.

The trouble with penises and throats is that in most of the "standard" positions, they face the wrong way. When he's hard, his cock points UP, and your throat points DOWN. Think about sword swallowers -- they never point the sword towards the back of their throat -- they lean their heads back so their mouth and throat are a straight line -- just like the sword! The key is to get everything facing the same direction -- head hanging off the bed, him standing you kneeling (cause he can lean forward and angle a bit) (~swoon~), 69, etc. If anyone has more position ideas, I'd love to hear 'em. Be careful kneeling, though -- I've noticed I can take him really deeply, but for some reason, it seems really easy for him to choke me that way! Not in a bad way, just he gets carried away and thrusts a little too hard and I can't breathe for a second.

As far as ~getting~ oral, I'm kind of with Pugs -- I frankly used to like it a lot more, but lately I really like the rougher, harder stimulation afforded by calloused fingers.
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Aug 3 2007, 12:25 PM) *
Also, as for the clit stimulation thing I rarely get it just from the guy's body, I always have to reach down and rub myself or sometimes he'll rub it for me. I love it.

Candy - I'm the same way babe. I need my fingers or his rubbing my little lady.

QUOTE(32d @ Aug 4 2007, 03:32 AM) *
Am I the only woman on Earth who gets bored when receiving it?

I get bored sometimes but that's because I get irritated waiting to go down on him or I want to hurry up and get to the fucking. Sometimes him going down on me is just too time consuming. Although the last time he went down on me he pinched my inner thighs and I almost came right then and there.

QUOTE(phobia @ Aug 5 2007, 12:00 PM) *
As far as ~getting~ oral, I'm kind of with Pugs -- I frankly used to like it a lot more, but lately I really like the rougher, harder stimulation afforded by calloused fingers.

Yes, the calloused fingers of my man *shiver* turn me on sooooo much. If oral is getting a little boring for me I just tell him to fuck me with those thick fingers of his while he's eating me out and I'm coming within minutes.

Tesao - so this position you and maimy are talking about is girl lying on her back with head hanging off edge of bed while guy kinda stands over her type of thing? We haven't tried this. Usually I'm on hands and knees getting fucked in the face. We should really try what you and maimy are talking about.
32d, welcome ... and what a tall order of things to discuss! Taking your post in good faith, I'll take some time to respond at least partially. I'm 39, so am familiar with the noneducation of those times (thank goodness for college and girlfriends - and, later, for BUST). But if you are for real, do some familiarizing with the lounge at large (this will show good faith best), and do some detailed reading around the other sex threads; it seems as if almost any of the conversations might have useful info for you.

Now then, not to get too pedantic and Sex Ed 101, but it seems as if a lot of communication has passed you right on by. It happens, I know, so that's no value judgment. But wow; the assurance you're not a troll indicates some awareness of the net, but the UNawareness you're claiming seems out of place beside it. So, as you are obviously aware, there may be some reservation in responding to you. But I'm willing to bite, if only to exercise my keyboard.

In any case. Some basics, for a start.

Vaginal lubrication is a natural physical response to sexual arousal. "I'm so wet" is generally a compliment to whomever has gotten one to be so - it means they're turning you on, and your body is responding by literally making way for entry; when you get slick, penetration and copulation (and almost any other sexual behavior) are vastly easier. Of course, like so many things our bodies are supposed to do naturally, it isn't always exactly as it should be - hence the major market for lubricant products, like everything from KY jelly to Wet to Astroglide and a million others of varying price and effectiveness (and flavor). So if a man fingers you and you get wet, it means there was some enjoyment, but if you'd had an orgasm, you would probably know it.

Orgasm itself is another one of those things which isn't always as magical as we're led to expect. It requires work, self-education, and body awareness. It requires some thought - what feels good? What feels REALLY good? What feels like your body might tip over into "amazing" territory? Push in the directions which cause - and sustain - these feelings. Many people will tell you that masturbation is absolutely required to take charge of your own pleasure, and I can understand the mindset - but, having also grown up in the 70s/80s, and simply never having learned, I can tell you that there's no shame in NOT jilling off, and it's still possible to become plenty orgasmic. The great thing about masturbation is that you have a "partner" with absolute trust, with whom you don't even have to communicate verbally, and who is willing to do anything it takes to reach whatever goal you may have with your body. Fortunately, there are also thousands of sources of information out there to help, if you're of a researching bent (BUST happens to be great), and there are even the occasional human partners worth taking for a spin.

As you can read right in this thread, the clitoris is a nerve center - literally. If you need to, look it up (Wikipedia is also a good resource here). This is why, so often, women come more easily from oral sex than from hetero penetration - because the clit is external, if a man doesn't know how to stimulate it while he's in your vagina, there's little reason to expect orgasm. Find your clit, befriend it, and insist upon anyone you invite anywhere near it do the same. "Ask for it by name" as they say - play with it, lick it, rub it, squeeze it. Find out what gets you going, and go there - and tell any partner to do the same.

And finally ... a guy asking if you came probably senses you didn't. He wants reassurance, yeah, and that may seem needy - but he also wants you to *have* that pleasure, which is only a good thing. So focus on it. Don't be afraid to. If you didn't come (and you must know, you probably never have) - don't be *afraid* to say so; it's not a shameful thing, just an opportunity. Tell whoever you're with you just don't really know how to orgasm, but that you are trying to learn. Even those of us who don't have your questions have a hard time, so don't present it to anyone - or feel, for your own part- that anorgasmia is a "problem". It's something to work on - and work, in this context, can be an unparalleled joy.

That said, if you find someone squeamish about the prospect, or judgmental of your relative innocence in this, don't waste time trying to make it work with them. Communication is the most important thing, so you have to do this "work" with someone capable of getting past the opening scenes.

And KEEP learing, on your own. Read Savage Love for an extremely pragmatic, smart eyeful every week ( Ask questions of those you trust, in life or the anonymity of the net. Pay attention to your physical self, even beyond the specifically sexual. Don't be afraid to give yourself attention, or time, or pleasure.

And feel welcome to come back. Like cultivating anything, cultivating a forum where you can feel safe asking questions can be worth the investment.

Good luck.
QUOTE(maimy @ Aug 6 2007, 10:35 PM) *
Find your clit, befriend it, and insist upon anyone you invite anywhere near it do the same. "Ask for it by name" as they say - play with it, lick it, rub it, squeeze it. Find out what gets you going, and go there - and tell any partner to do the same.

I heart maimy!!!

I personal prefer suck it (my clit that is).

I recommend if you do decide to masturbate in order to explore yourself to try a toy. A small toy. A simple toy. A pocket rocket for example. Even better...a waterproof pocket rocket. I would love to give you a link to one that I like but MOTHERFUCKING TOYS IN BABELAND IS SO FUCKING SLOW!!! IS TOYS IN BABELAND LIKE THIS FOR ANYONE ELSE. EVERYTIME I GET ON THIS FUCKING SITE IT'S LIKE THIS. PISSES ME OFF TO NO END! *rant over* Sorry!!! Anyway you can play with it in the shower. I have many toys and some are complicated. This is the smallest, most inexpensive, most uncomplicated toy I have and boy if it doesn't make me come within five minutes. It's my favorite little gadget. Mr. Pug loves it too because it's like pop, pop, pop when he uses it on me. They are really a lot of fun. Especially if you are home alone with time on your hands.

Good luck!!!! Have fun!!!! is a pocket rocket but it's not the one I have that I love. I can't pull that one up. This is probably just as good however it's not waterproof.
[font="Arial Black"][/font][/color]

[color="#FF00FF"]Hey I would like to address BV or Bacterial Infections....this is a common problem with all of us women, if we havent had one yet, trust assure, you will! Your lucky if one treatment kicks it to the curb forever...most women will pull their hair out over this!!! All these ways the DOctor will tell you how to prevent it from sex with different ppl, protected sex, and no douching. WELL DONT DOUCHE NO MATTER how disgusting the smell!!! Never a good idea! Also what does sex matter when they say its not sexually transmitted and your man should NOT be treated for it, although you can transfer it woman to woman.....hmmm....Have any of you logically came to the conclusion that ORAL SEX may be the culprit?!?! Spit has bad bacteria in it that when mixed with your good bacteria can eat it, therefore producing BV...also women who give their men blow jobs before you have sex with them...same thing!!! I know its a part of four play, but the only thing you can do would be to continue regular 4 play, and then quickly have him lead you to the shower for a rinse off and minor wash. Then have your sex. ALso be careful about un- washed dildos and fingers as well, yours and his. Also no foods in bed, or scented lubricants. Tampons could possibly play a big part, dreadfully as I do say.
Forensiclogic welcome to the Lounge. With that said, this is a thread about oral sex. There is a BV thread. The BV thread can be found here.
Thanks for the replies, Pugs and Maimy.

I have been lurking on the sex threads every now and then, and with my last partner still on my mind so soon after dumping him, some oral sex questions were on my mind, so I decided to post. I still haven't checked out the other topics, but will soon. It's just that the sex stuff seems to catch attention easier, I guess. wink.gif

It's far easier getting feedback anonymously. Unlike Maimy and some others perhaps, I didn't go to college and never was able to discuss this stuff with female friends. All the women I've been acquainted with act uptight about the subject, at least around me. If I ever go to gentlemen's clubs, I flirt w/certain women and tip and buy lap dances, so perhaps some of them may be a bit more laid back about discussing those topics. I know they're only there to earn $, but I've had good luck picking up the same sex in those places (but just 1st & 2nd base, not all the way), although I've only gone once in a blue moon. Maybe if I buy them a drink I could try to pick their brains about these subjects. The sex articles in Cosmo and other mags kind of confuse me because they use the bigger more scientific words, instead of say, the Penthouse forums, which I have little trouble understanding, cuz it's in plainer English.

The last partner was the only one who was able to make me get wet w/his finger. I don't even know how to do it myself. I've tried, but don't know his secret. It only took him a few seconds, even if it was bone dry to start. That's saying alot because I'm not all that into getting fingered. For screwing, I always have to use K-Y (or flavored brands, to kill 2 birds w/1 stone wink.gif ) The lubrication on the rubbers is insufficient! We weren't together long enough to have a chance to do 69, but I never get bored w/that cuz I'm too busy sucking at the same time. I have no problem sucking as long as I'm attracted to the guy & his dick is fresh and clean and he treats me well enough to deserve the BJ.

About the clit, although mine is visible enough for any man to find easily, I guess I don't cum even when they lick it. I mean even if they pay special attention to it, nothing special happens.
I told that last guy that I can't cum, and that he didn't bother to "make" me cum anyway. But I felt like asking him, "What -- If I said I came, would you fuck off about it and not nag me anymore?" or "Why? If I came, would I get some kind of prize? Would it make you declare your undying love for me? rolleyes.gif " If the clit isn't touched during intercourse, I still don't get why men would expect us to cum just from that part. Or perhaps some of them are pretty clueless themselves even if it's not their 1st time?

Well, it's pretty obvious that I'm not quite over that relationship as I keep mentioning him, so the next threads I'll check out will be the ones related to breakups. dry.gif
Thanks for the link on Savage Love site too, Maimy. I see that column in one of our free local papers, but they put mostly gay male questions in there. I found more relevant Q&A on that site.

I wish I could get into toys like most people, but so far have seemed more comfortable w/my mattress and frilly lingerie for alone time, although I find that boring. I don't care to penetrate myself. I tried an external vibe once (a little heart w/legholes), but it made my clit so numb that when I had to pee, it took forever to start my urine. Has anyone tried the vibrating panties? Are they quiet or BUZZY?
Hey 32d, glad we could be of help, we have a whole thread dedicated to the joys of masturbation, you may want to read through that to see what you can find. That thread is here! There's lots of information on masturbation you would definately find useful! Best of luck!

And you should never use flavoured lube (or condoms for that matter) for sex, it can cause a nasty infection. I recommend Oh My! It's a hemp based lube and I've got no complaints. Never given me any grief. I found that KY left me feeling a littel yeasty.
32d I was going to give you a long reply to your message but I think maybe you might just want to check out as much of the Let's Talk About Sex thread as you can. Anything that catches your eye just go back and read previous posts. Take time and really take it all in. Otherwise we will just be repeating things we've already said.

For example, before I got my nipples pierced I went back and read the entire body piercings thread just to find out things I didn't know and then I asked my questions that I didn't feel had been answered yet.

This is also how I got into the Dominant/submissive lifestyle I'm in now, which saved my relationship (thanks GT and other Flogging busties), by spending time in the BDSM thread and reading back into the archives. I really doesn't take that long and you'll find that you get excited and want to keep reading.

Good luck.
Right, well, aren't I glad I found my soulmate, then? Anyway -- lovemypugs, how did the pineapple juice cocktails work out for Mr. Pugs?
Hello all! New to the boards, specifically this thread, but I wanted to stop in and share.
I gave the guy I'm seeing head for the first time a few days ago. He is used to dating the barbie doll fake type of girl and I am assuming that none of them have gotten down and dirty with him. When I was done, his legs wouldn't stop shaking and he breathed out a "Damn!" He had never gotten off from oral sex before! What a lovely treat to give a guy the best blowjob of his life. smile.gif
why am i in here? huh.gif
i still have a post-pregnancy zero interest in anything sexy, le sigh.

i have finally moved into a new apartment (sniff sniff, bye bye summer cottage. well, full time anyhow) and finally have internet so i'm tooling around catching up. this thread was mentioned in the troll thread and i just read what pugs said about the head-hanging-over-edge-of-bed position and now i know why i'm in here. girl, may i suggest that you do NOT attempt a full on face-fucking episiode in that position unless you are VERY proficient at relaxing and deep throating. in that case go for it and FILM it dude 'cause that's awesome! if not take it slow and easy. it takes some getting used to and can be downright painful if you get jabbed at the wrong angle.

i remember sex. used to be so much fun. i've got a lapful of fat little baby girl right now though so i gotta go laugh.gif
I must say that the pineapple is making quite a difference. I wouldn't say it tastes sweeter but it just doesn't have much of a taste at all. At least it's not as strong and sour as it used to be. We went to the grocery store and bought pineapple juice and also chunk pineapple in pineapple juice in cans and put everything in the fridge. He was just eating a bit every day. I think it made quite a difference after about 24 hours of being in his system. I think the cans of pineapple can get expensive if bought regularly so I'm gonna just buy whole pineapples and cut them down myself. Mr. Pug has been eatting a lot of fruit lately and I think it's all making a difference. Just eating more fruit in general. Great video for slicing your own pineapple so you don't have to pay more for canned. Anyone else try slipping pineapple to their mate yet?

Mr. Pug would like to add that he thinks it helps (taste wise) being rammed all the way down my throat when he cums. laugh.gif just bypass the taste buds altogether
come to think of it, poetcrush eats pineapple on a regular basis. one time i was so surprised at how sweet it tasted I commented on it right there and usually i am a moaner not a commenter.

"Hey. That's pretty sweet"

I was confused about it as it was Sweet! (well, for cum, anyways)

So, thanks Pugs for your trial run, I'm gonna back you up on this one.

and i gotta get the nicknames i'm using for this guy straight-- he's been poetcrush, ghostfriend, etc. i only have one boy right now.

keep up the suggestions for head.... it seems like a long time ago that i gave much of it out. wink.gif

pepper: i remember sex too and it used to be fun also and that's why i have a lapful of baby girl fat, or fat baby girl, right now as well ;)

now that i've read a few posts i remember how it was like going down on the mister so, once i get this lap fat out of the way there may be one very happy daddy. boy it's been a while. thanx to all of you!!
Since we're on the sex discussion...ever wonder what your man says after it's all over? Afterall, men have their gossip streaks as well. It's not as black and white as you might think. One guy tells all in an article that reveals what the male species talks about:
QUOTE(adriana @ Aug 20 2007, 10:14 PM) *
Since we're on the sex discussion...ever wonder what your man says after it's all over? Afterall, men have their gossip streaks as well. It's not as black and white as you might think. One guy tells all in an article that reveals what the male species talks about:

Most articles I've seen that are supposedly written about how guys think/act are such complete and utter bullshit that I now just have to read them for some comedic relief.

This one, is actually pretty right on.

I would like to add this one little thing though: The guys that are having the most/best sex are generally the ones talking about it the least, & vise versa.
I may or may not be in the right place... I've been looking though and I haven't found a lesbian oral sex thread. Maybe I haven't read far enough back in this one yet, but it seems to be mainly about oral sex with men - which is great for anyone interested in that, don't get me wrong. I was just wondering if there is a lesbian or general cunnilingus thread or if its all together here? thanks rolleyes.gif
hey all, it's my first time posting in this thread, but i've been looking back over the pages, trying to take in as much advice as i can. still, i was hoping to vent my problem and get some wisdom from y'all.

(sorry to skip over you, 1womanarmy1, i honestly don't know the answer to your question, off hand)

so my boyfriend of about a year and i are having amazing sex. it's pretty much the best sex of my life, which is saying alot (i still haven't finished tallying up in 'the list; thread). he gives great head and really loves doing it and i almost always cum from it. the problem is that can't return the favor. i love giving blow jobs and i love the feeling with a guy cums, but with my man now, it seems like he can't cum from a blow job. i know i'm not terrible at it, i've had alot of practice, but it just get worn out after 20 or 30min and i can't keep up the fast pace necessary to make him orgasm. it's really frustrating for me. he doesn't seem to care at all, he says things like, 'it feels great, i love it, i just haven't cum from a blow job since i was 18.' i know this is my issue, because he isn't really bothered by it, but it makes me feel 'less than.' he can so easily satisfy me and i can't return the favor. plus, sometimes when we've been having sex alot, i get too sore (he has a pretty big dick and i have a tiny vagina), and he's always willing to go down on me if i get all worked up, but there's nothing i can do for him! he always smiles and says things like, 'it's enough that your satisfied, that's my favorite part anyway.' i want to say, 'stop being so damn diplomatic and tell me how to make you cum!'

so, any tips for the man who takes a long time? i mean, tips on increasing my stamina or improving my technique. the shriveled up prude in me is almost embarassed to say this, but i really like it when guys cum in my mouth, i just love the way it feels and i've never experienced that with him. i love him so much and i just want to please him in every way possible.

so anyone who has got some good advice, i'm all ears, even if you've answered this question before if you could just direct me to where it is posted. thanks for listening!
why don't you get him to masturbate for you (which is hot as hell, in my book, anyway) until he almost comes, then go down on him and finish him off.....
1Woman -- I don't see why not. You're not the only lesbian bustie, I know that. Maybe drop a line on the community forum thread and see what others think?
Mr Pugs
I second zoya's reply, but also some men would rather have vaginal or something else than oral. I am the same way. It's not that it doesn't feel good, or I'm not enjoying every second of it, but I prefer the sensations of sex. I would think that he's the same way because it doesn't bother him at all that he can't cum from oral. Don't beat yourself up over it.
psst, monkey pants...
I agree a couple of the posts already made: I'm a guy who enjoys having a finger or two in my butt while receiving oral, and with some properly timed stimulation of my prostate, I'll cum as hard as when I was 18 (I'm, uh, a couple of years past that age now).

If he's not that worried about cumming from oral, don't think of it as any sort of lack of talent on your part. I totally understand the desire to please your partner, but it sounds like he (and you) are pretty happy with everything else, so enjoy that.

Unlike Mr. Pugs, though, I'm a guy who prefers oral (giving and receiving) over intercourse. I'm not sure what sort of hangup/guilt/whatever I've carried into my adulthood, but for me, oral just seems more intimate, and therefore more pleasing/desirable.

Zoya gave some great advice, too: watch him masturbate. Every guy likes certain things in order to get off, and you're obviously very good to keep him hard for 20-30 minutes, there may be something he likes specifically when he wants to shoot. For me, a constant speed (as opposed to changing speeds) is the way to build me up to climax. If you want me to last, though, change the speed. Also, I'm not a big fan of a woman moving her hand up and down in unison with her mouth: I'm obviously too used to my own pressure/grip and speed that any deviation from that won't push me over the edge.

(like I said, I must have issues! lol)

Have fun!

Have you tried with him above you, either him on all fours and you under, or him propping himself up on the bed-board /wall? This can sometimes help his orgasm along. (& I've heard this from others, as well.)

But then, if this hasn't happened since he was 18....

In my experience some men just cannot have an orgasm from oral sex. I know my ex could not.

Like mr. pugs said, don't take it personally. However, if this is something that turns you on and is something you like, have you tried talking to him about it? Outside the bedroom of course. He may feel weird about coming in a someone's mouth.

Zoya gave some good advice, what about you having sex, then when he feels he is about to come then he comes pulls out and comes in your mouth.

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